Temptation's Constant


"Look at my body..." Yvette whispered, her hands going to her hips. "...the breasts are nice, aren't they?"

"Miss... lots of things are beautiful in the eyes of God."

She stepped forward and used her feet to kick his shoes apart. My baby then leaned forward and grabbed the back of the couch with her hand. "I lost my virginity on this couch."

"How old were you?"

"Wait for my autobiography." She breathed, drawing her breasts to just under his chin. Her lips spread widely as his eyes shot down to her sweet and supple. I watched her knee move between his legs, tracing up his thigh, to barely touch his groin.

"You are absolute temptation..." Carl said above a whisper.

"Because I'm the girl you flip past on MTV?" Yvette sighed, lowering her lips to his ear. Her tone was lazy and seductive. "Because this is the body you glance over when you go to the mall?" She rested her weight onto the knee between his open legs. She squatted over him on the couch, pressing her tits into his chest. "Because you think you can have me?"

"Jesus loves you."

Yvette leaned back and exposed the naked underneath of both fleshy spheres. Her blue eyes locked with his and she cocked her head in consideration.

"Yeah..?" She asked with a husk: "...and how big's his cock?"

The whiskey bottle slipped from my hand. They didn't notice.

Beads of sweat had formed on Carl's red face. His expression was difficult to read. If Yvette was awakening a sexual servant in him, she was getting closer.

I watched my baby girl put her hands on the man's cheeks and she brought her face toward his. The pace of their heaving chests matched as their lips nearly touched.

"My daughter's younger than you..." Carl gasped.

Yvette exhaled slowly, her lips grazing his with a whisper, "and who else do you wanna fuck?"

The Sunday School teacher kissed my daughter. It was a loud and very desperate smacking sound. His approach was bestial, like a starving man. Yvette fed into the kiss and groaned when he forced his tongue into her mouth.

My own heartbeat quickened as my baby got her way. My dick was stirring.

She broke the kiss and pressed her forehead to his, their eyes locked.

"Forgive me..." Carl panted.

"Lift my top," Yvette assured as she leaned upward.

Smeared blue cotton already exposed most of her left tit. Her puffy nipple was already as excited as I'd ever seen it. Carl's hands shook as he hooked his fingers into the fabric.

"That's it..." Yvette hissed. "...that's a good little gentleman..."

He popped the right breast free and shoved the shirt toward her neck. Yvette's white breasts were obviously pious to him. I knew how he felt.

He immediately jerked forward to suck on one, but Yvette pushed him down. His look was confusion.

"Daddy?" Yvette spoke without looking at me. "Pour whiskey on them. On both of them."

I reached down for the bottle I'd dropped and unscrewed it. Upon my approach, Yvette opened her mouth for me and placed the cap to the whiskey there between her teeth. I splashed the hard alcohol over each tittie as charged. Liquid ran over her chest and dripped over her belly. Splotches doused her jeans and Carl's groin.

"Now take off your pants, Daddy."

I freed my cock for my baby mistress. It sprung upward and bobbed lightly.

Carl tried not to look, but glimpsed it. He looked down immediately.

"He's... big..." he muttered.

"Do you really think a small dick begat these..?"

Yvette raised his chin and guided him to her newly soused titties.

His eyes closed and he licked whiskey from one tit and then the other.

Yvette put one hand around Carl's head to hold him and the other grasped my cock. She turned to face it. "Now... where were we, daddy?"

Her tongue came out to lick the underside of its helmet.

I put my hand behind her head and held her hair as she wetted more and more of my cock with her very capable tongue. There was a lot of ground for her to cover. Every pore and every bit of stretched skin was massaged.

Carl's hands clenched her tits as he licked and swallowed the whiskey.

Yvette rested a hand on my cock and pushed Carl away again. His eyes were shut hard while his lips kissed and licked the air. My daughter looked between us before getting off of Carl's lap. Poor man's breath wouldn't protest, but his eyes said everything.

Ceremoniously, Yvette stood straight up and whipped her shirt off over her head. I could smell her sweaty hair when she stood in front of me. She reached between us with both hands and started to whack my crank. Shivers shot down through my legs to the backs of my ankles. Whiskey breath warmed my neck as she lightly pecked it.

Carl spoke up, "...what... what about..."

My baby laid her head against my chest and spoke down at Carl. She placed one hand on my naked ass and forced my dick to point at the ground between us.

"You're free to go." She breathed.

He sat there, dumbstruck. He looked up at us as her flawless skin pressed hard against me.

"But I don't want to." He said.

"If you stay here, it means you renounce everything you do on Sunday," Yvette turned to expose one breast toward him and she spit in her hand. With this newly lubricated palm, she returned to her handjob.

Her eyes narrowed down at the man. "This cock? This is the seed from which... well, you can see the result... and I'm going to take it inside of me... you're right... he is big... and I like having it in me... when I see it, it makes a knot in my pussy... and only this cock is big enough to untie it... so I make it hard, I make it wet... and I can't wait to cum all over it... and you know what else? I like it most when he seeds me. When it sprays all white and sticky. I feel it twitch. I feel it burn. And it makes me cum again and again... smell how wet I am, preacher... my hole wants him to..." She bit her upper lip for punctuation. "Can you think of anything more unholy?"

"It's abomination--"

"You can let yourself out," she turned back to me. "He let himself in, he can let himself out." Her lips closed around my bottom lip and then her teeth crashed into mine. This was the sloppiest and malicious French kiss I had ever experienced. I knew it was as much for Carl as it was for me. My hands went to her ass instinctively as she gnawed my lips and giggled into my face. My eyes closed as her tits stabbed into my chest.

I felt her hand grip my balls. Electricity lined the shaft of my fuck rod as she stroked more fervor from me.

All at once, she let go of my cock and twisted around. My hands grabbed her chest from behind. The jeans that shrouded her ass rolled against me with the expertise of a lap dancer. Maybe we both opened our eyes at the same time --I really can't be sure.

Carl was watching, frozen in his seat.

"You're still here?" Yvette smiled as I shoved her tits upward and together, driving her flesh toward their swollen nipples.


She stepped out of my grip, leaving my cock to bob on the ready.

"What does it mean?" Yvette asked and folded her arms across her flat, tanned belly.

"I... I don't..."

"Don't give me that bullshit. You know what it means!"

Carl couldn't look at her or me. She leaned toward him and grabbed his chin with her hand swiftly.

Now forced to look at her, he searched her eyes --maybe for his words.

But she announced them first:

"It means you would rather worship me." Carl was shoved back by her hand. Yvette looked down at him with a sinister, knowing glow. "Or go. Now. I'm giving you the choice. Heaven by your standards or Heaven by mine. But do so because it is what you wish!"

Carl looked up at her. I could see his belief system crumbling. There was even genuine fear in that face. I wondered briefly if I'd worn the same look when I had first penetrated Yvette. Of course, my choice had been loads easier as I was already a morally corrupt man. I watched as the preacher man dropped a few tears from his eyes and gazed at, what I was guessing, the most rocking bod he'd ever seen mostly naked.

"Kneel." Yvette's voice had no sense of irony as she took a step back from the couch.

Carl hesitated for only a second before he did as he was told. His tears had swollen into an outright cry as he knelt before Yvette. Her hands went to his hair and she stroked it. "I'll make this easier for you. Crawl to the door. Now. Or. Undo my pants."

She released him and waited.

The son of a bitch actually looked at the door a moment and then up at my daughter. He choked back his tears as he surrendered and hooked his fingers into Yvette's pants. I couldn't see her face, but I knew which smile she was giving him. I knew she had conquered more in that moment than she ever had before... she had conquered a soul. It was quite a feather in her cap, but I also knew that it would come with a price. Sex with Yvette always did.

It also occurred to me that Yvette was truly evil. And the thought of that made my cock even harder.

Carl's hands shook as he removed the pamphlet he'd given her just a little bit ago.

"Won't be needing that anymore," Yvette cooed. "Maybe I'll have you go door to door for me... bring me more like you... bring me your friends... bring me you wife... I like a big congregation, my sweet holy man..."

He audibly gulped as he dropped his crumpled pamphlet to the floor.

"We don't wear pants in this church." Yvette said lowly as he forced her pants open.

Carl stood up and shed his suit jacket. He then loosened his tie.

I took the liberty of forcing Yvette's jeans down over her faultless hips. As I pulled them all the way down, I knelt behind her. That perfect ninteen year-old ass was in front of my face --underlining the tramp stamp tattoo she'd had for years.

Yvette didn't look at me once. She only waited until she could step out of her jeans, now totally naked for our service to her.

Carl was naked now. He stepped out of his whitie-tighties. His prick wasn't very big. It appeared to be very hard, but not near the size of mine. I had never seen any other cock besides Zachary's, but I was guessing Carl's was below average.

"Daddy? Stand next to him." My baby commanded. I did as I was told, removing my own shirt.

Yvette put her hands on her hips and looked between our offerings. It looked like an apology was about to escape Carl's lips, but she silenced him with a hand over his lips.

"I'll have one of those Altoids now." Yvette said, sucking her bottom lip in.

Carl scrambled into his pants pockets, searching for the case. He couldn't open it fast enough. A few of those mints flew out as the top opened.

"I hope everything else with you isn't as... eager..." Yvette smirked as she reached into the box for two of the mints. She popped them into her mouth and watched both of us as she cracked them with her teeth. "Okay... Daddy? You're getting a blowjob... and you..."


"Carl... you're confessing something to me..." Yvette got on her knees before me and pointed my rigid member back at her sweet and curiously strong mouth. "...besides your daughter and your wife... who else do you want to fuck?"

Her breath stung my ramrod as her tongue came forward and lashed my cock. With no prelude, she slammed herself forward. I was deep-throated in an instant. I could feel bits of the broken candy stinging the tender skin. A surge like a burn sat behind my pole's head as it pulsed deep in her throat.

"...besides you?" Carl stammered.

"Besides her, knucklehead." I blurted, my hands going behind my daughter's head. I didn't like Carl.

"There's this girl at church... I always look for her. Nadia. I think she's from the Ukraine. She started coming to meet new people..."

Yvette's mouth pulled off of my cunt-sticker with a pop. "Describe her."

She lifted my prick upward and touched her tongue to my balls. I felt her tongue as it slithered up the underside of it. She teased and poked off track once or twice before she engulfed me again. My pup then dipped into the furthest point I could reach in her throat. My baby swallowed and I gasped.

"She's very pretty. Black hair. She has these dark eyes..."

Yvette slipped off of my shaft again and she continued to wank it. She looked up at Carl. "Why haven't you fucked her? Because you're married?"

"Yes! And... and she's married too!"

"Uh-huh." She rolled her eyes and turned toward Carl's less-than cannon. As she turned, she looked toward me and slapped her own ass.

I switched position as ordered and knelt behind my daughter's fantastic ass. I guided my hole puncher toward her glistening gash. Her chubby lips nudged apart as I guided into her from behind. I felt my sweet daughter give again and as she slipped all the way up. I groaned with satisfaction. And so did she.

Carl was silent now as Yvette touched his tiny tot. I watched her head bob as I gripped her ass cheeks. I spread them apart to gaze at her brown hole. I slid my dick all the way out only to poke her again and again. I put my thumb into my mouth because I knew one part of me had to try her ass.

Her new recruit had his eyes closed, concentrating on his own experience.

I stabbed my thumb into her ass and Yvette arched herself upward.

"Oh... father... you're such a dirty bird!" She leaned all the way up, forcing my prick into her further. My hand altered position as I wiggled my thumb. With a glance, I saw she was using a hand on Carl's penis to push herself up. Her lips smashed into mine as she fucked her hips faster to claim all of the cock and thumb that she could. As she Frenched me with her eyes closed I was thankful to taste mostly Altoid and not inferior dick. My other hand went down to her clit. "...oh my god... daddy... you've fucked before!"

I manipulated her diamond in time with my pulsating prick. I left the timing of the thumb up to her as she gasped higher and higher. "Oh my god... daddy... keep it... keep it..." I worked my wrist and my cock aggressively --showing off for poor Carl.

"Preacher man! Suck my titties!" Yvette cried out.

Carl fell to his knees and complied. I couldn't see what he was doing, but I could see Yvette's eyes closed. Her lips kissed the air over and over.

"Suck harder... you pussy! You fucking asshole! I'm not your wife! I'm not your stupid wife! Dumb bitch! She's such a dumb bitch!" Yvette barked, slapping the man's head. I watched his hands move to her chest.

I felt the walls of her twat grip my stick harder, conforming to every contour, dip, and vein. The grip intensified as layer upon layer of orgasm seemed imminent. I listened to my baby's breath as it rose and rose again... going higher and higher.

Her mouth dropped open and she emitted a high squeal. Her body quaked before me and I felt her clit anoint my fingers. I felt her pussy release to spill her heavenly elixir all over my dutiful seeder.

I kept ramming her harder and harder, through the climax.

Yvette gasped with each thrust, opening her eyes drunkenly. I watched her face flush before she turned toward Carl. Her hands pushed him away from her chest and she moaned, "...oh...oh...shit...daddy...you make a little girl proud..."

I brought my thumb out of her ass.

"I... I'm close..." I panted as I felt my sperm light up the inside of my cunt-stretcher.

She fell forward, catching herself with her hands. Her face was a foot above Carl's little boner.

"Preacher man..." Yvette panted. "...get under me... take a look at my father ramming my rag box... watch it... oh my god... you have to see it!"

Carl turned and got onto his back. With the skill of a break-dancer, he scrambled to watch me pound his priestess.

Yvette spread her legs more and raised herself up. I adjusted to make sure the dumb ass had a better view as I pounded her. I smoothed my hands over her back to grab her tits as I slapped into her from behind. I could feel Carl's breath on my balls as I gave him a show.

"Pinch my nipples, daddy... please!" Yvette cried out.

I did as she asked and yanked them downward, toward the plow. Her hips were eager as she rode the tide of her orgasm. Her pussy's folds clenched, shook, and insisted on its most basic need. My baby girl felt more open and hollow as it made room for what it was built for.

The piss-hole of my cock couldn't hold it anymore. I felt it sneeze hard into my daughter. Another eruption and my spunk kissed her deepest quarter. I shook again as I still fucked in a vain attempt to coat her entire cavern with my seed. Ropes of my white jizz blasted one after the other --each more powerful than the last.

My thumbs hooked into her nipple rings as she rotated her succulent cum catcher against me. She spat as she hissed, "...that's it...c'mon...make a me a mother... give me someone else to fuck one day... that's it... such a good boy... such a good boy..."

I gasped for breath. It felt like my cock would never go limp as another explosion of paste shot into her.

Yvette collapsed on top of Carl.

I was careful to keep my balls off his forehead.

"Carl... don't move..." Yvette panted, half-chuckling. "...we're not finished... mister... you're about to be ...blessed..." With that last word, Yvette laughed through her nose with a snort.

I slipped my sausage all the way out of her and fell back onto my ass. I worked to catch my breath. I stared at the top of Carl's head and my daughter's pristine thighs as they very nearly encased it. Her puffy, well-fucked pussy lips protruded outward and bubbled with my fuck butter right over his face. I knew what she was going to do.

"Oh... take this... your sacrament!" She clenched her eyes and moved her head to an unheard melody. Yvette was intoxicated by her own charisma and sexual ministry. It was truly majestic to behold her in that moment.

He knew it too, because he opened his mouth.

Yvette squeezed a load of my white cum from her pussy and it splashed Carl's smacking lips.

"...more..." Carl pleaded.

"More cream pie, my little bitch?" She half-moaned and half-chuckled. Another weight of sperm smacked him from her foamy twat.

After that, Yvette let her thighs fall, smearing her cunt and my seed into the man's nose and lips. I don't think the man had ever eaten pussy in his life, but he was eager to start. "That's it... suck my pussy... suck me..." another giggle. "Suck your goddess... what you don't get we'll wipe on the pamphlet..." That last remark made her laugh out loud.

I stood up and walked toward the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Yvette called after me.

"The cigarettes are up here." I said. The fact was true, but the other fact was that I wasn't going to stick around to watch Carl try to fuck a goddess with the little train that could. I found the cigarettes and brought the whole pack back down to the living room.

Yvette was on the couch, naked, with an expectant hand out. I placed one between her fingers and we both lit up.

Carl was sitting on the floor, also naked.

"After you're finished, miss..." Carl began.

"You're not fucking me, holy man..." Yvette said, smoke rolled from her lips toward her nose, "...at least not today."

I sat on the couch next to her. She curled up under my arm, her sweat-matted hair right under my nose. I reached an arm around her and rested my hand on her tit, lightly toying with her nipple ring.

"I don't..."

"I'll make it easy for you," Yvette grinned, playing with my nipple as she looked at him. "You want to come into the temple?"

Carl blinked and then nodded. His dick had disappeared between his legs. Out of sight.

"Fuck Nadia for me. That's your crusade." Yvette twisted her head imposingly. "If you take me as your goddess?"

Carl shook his head in protest, "I can't! She won't do it. She never would do it..."

"You don't need her permission," Yvette sneered before leaning into me again. "Do you get me?"

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