Temptation's Constant


"You want me to--"

"Carl..." Yvette giggled. "...You have to be worthy to be in my church. Only one man got cum in his eye today... I mean, why do you think that is, faggot?"

If a father putting his prick into his own daughter had been a shocker for Carl, it was nothing to the shock on his face in that moment.

"That's how you get in here." She said lowly and spread her legs for him.

Carl looked away from both of us as he realized there was the price. "Is there anything else I can do?"

"Yes..." Yvette smiled. "...You can wash me. This goddess is all fucked and dirty. I will let you put your hands on me to clean me... would you like that?"

He looked at her so gratefully. "If it would please you."

"Right now, that's all you can do to please me."

Yvette leaned up from my arm and looked at me.

"Can we use you and mom's shower?" Her voice reminded me of the first time she wanted to sleep at a friend's house.

"Who am I to deny you?" I asked.

She leaned in and kissed me slowly, fully. Adoringly.

Once the kiss was broken, she stood up and walked toward the stairs, still smoking her cigarette. Her naked hips swayed as she moved up one step at a time toward the master shower. The shower was actually very nice. Angela and I had spared no expense.

Carl scrambled behind her like an eager puppy.

I heard the shower start running and I stood up in my living room.

I picked up Yvette's clothes from the floor. I gathered Carl's things. I found the pamphlet crumbled on the floor. It's white words, "Salvation is easier than you think" were wet and sticky with an incestuous cocktail.

Whatever Carl would do with Yvette's challenge was up to him. But the entire scene had taught me something. It had shown me that my daughter was far more satisfying than any relationship with a church. Her mission was easy to understand and her rules were getting easier to follow with each passing day.

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