Temptation's Contrast


I could feel my sap as it burned in the head of my fat baby maker. The pisshole burned with the need to release, shoot, or spill. I felt a heat between Yvette's teeth. I could tell she'd broken the skin of my earlobe. She'd gnawed damage into my ear. I heard her inhale sharply through her nose as she writhed over me. She invited my cum again. "Oh... daddy... you're gonna shoot it now... aintcha... aintcha... do it... give me seed... oh daddy... you're gonna... I can tell... go on and spray it in me... pack it inside your little girl's pussy... you're fucked... oh daddy, you're so fucked... show me how fucked you are..."

I didn't disappoint her.

My hands went to her belly and below. I forced her pubic bone against me as my cunt stretcher exploded inside of her. I shuddered beneath the weight of my daughter there on the shower floor. One hand went to her bleeding tit and I gripped it hard. I held her against me with all of the force I could muster. I pressed her tight against me as I spent rope after rope of pearl scum on the walls of her aching womb. I felt her arm wrapped tightly around my head as she pulled me tighter and tighter. I quaked quietly beneath her until my orgasm subsided.

With us both out of breath, the water washed our blood to shower floor.

She kissed my cheek and stood up from the floor. The bloody wound of her fat, right tit caught my attention. She saw me looking at the nipple ring that had been yanked so hard. My daughter took ahold of the gold metal and gave it a swift tug.

Yvette tore her nipple ring out and grimaced in pain. More blood spilled from her. She gasped down at me. There was even more blood now right below her nipple. She cast the golden ring down at me and it struck my chest.

"See ya, dad." She said and pointed her finger at me like she shot me. She then pushed the shower door open and ran out. Her soaked polo shirt was still on the bathroom floor. I heard her wet, bare feet as they skipped across the bathroom floor. My heart jumped and I climbed to my knees.

She was already gone.

I picked her nipple ring up off of the shower floor and examined it. There was blood on it. The shower rinsed the blood away. The blood on her white polo shirt however was another problem. I wrung the shirt out and turned off the water. There as I dripped, I wondered what her game was. If she wanted Angela to see us fucking, she could have just announced herself.

Angela obviously hadn't seen her run out topless, because I would have heard something.

As I handled her nipple ring, I marveled at how much pain her breast must be in. I thought the least I could do was offer her some medical tape and disinfectant. I dried off and dressed in my pajama pants and top.

I went to her closed door and knocked.

There was no reply, so I spoke up. "Are you alright?"

"What the fuck do you think? My tit's bleeding." She said from behind the door.

"I brought some. I mean I have bandages."


I opened her door.

My daughter stood in front of her bed completely naked and still wet. She held her arms crossed beneath her chest and a cigarette burned in her hand. She stared at me with those glassy blue eyes, but didn't invite me in. Her posture was all manner of authority. Smoke crawled up her arm. The blood still streaked her right tit.

"I can just leave it on your dresser..."

"Sounds good," she said and lifted her chin to blow smoke at the ceiling.

I went to the dresser and set the gear down. I hesitated at that moment because I wanted to beg her to change her mind. I wanted to make a new arrangement with her.

"Is there something else?" Yvette asked.

"Yeah. I was hoping we could talk."

"You have my nipple ring, don't you, pervert?"

I set her nipple ring on her dresser.

"No. Put it on." She said and brought her cigarette to her lips.

"Put it on... you?"

"No, jack ass, put it on you. First, you put one of your balls through it and then force the other one behind it." She walked toward me and I could smell her smoke go up my nose. "Then you squeeze, smash, and pull your cock through it."

"Yvette, I'm not..."

She stood inches from me with a hateful frown on her face.

"Not my little bitch anymore? Fine. Then leave it."

She turned her back to me. I looked at the ring on the dresser and weighed what she'd asked of me. I had never really pondered the size of her nipple rings before that moment. The hoops weren't small by any means, but they weren't all that large either. I picked up her nipple ring and reached into my pajama pants.

Yvette kept her back to me as she smoked. I stared at her from behind. Her solid form reflected every drop of my lust. Her damp skin and wet hair enticed the hell out of me. I touched my hand over my cock and I took hold of it as I stared at her.

I did as she instructed. The first testicle went into the hoop fairly easily, but the second one took some doing. The hoop had no give. It wasn't flexible in anyway when I folded my cock to force it through. It hurt. My flaccid man meat felt thick in my fingers as her golden ring squeezed it. Finally I had all but the head through and with just a little more will, I had her nipple ring wrapped squarely around my cock and balls.

This had the effect of lifting my cock inside of my pajama pants. I had a light, very obvious lift to my cock and balls. "There," I said to Yvette's back. She turned to face me.

Yvette's mouth parted a little bit when she glanced down my bulging pajama pants. My baby girl ashed on the floor. Then her eyes went up to mine. "Now get the hell out of my room."

I did as she asked.

Angela watched one of her soap operas on the couch below.

I walked down the stairs. The pain of Yvette's nipple ring around my balls was now a distant echo. I was much more aware of the weight of my cock as it bobbed up and down in front of me. I walked passed Angela toward the kitchen. I needed to eat something, even though every last nerve in me was shot up.

In the kitchen, I looked for bread to make a bit of toast; confident that it was food I could hold down. I opened the pantry door and looked on the shelves. There were lots of things to eat there, but I didn't see any bread.

"Angela!" I called out. "Are we out of bread?"

As soon as my voice left my lips, I looked down. Yvette's nipple ring had given me a full on, proud erection. It squeezed the erection tight at the root and gave me an overall feeling of being de-sensitized to its power. It had grown so hard and I hadn't noticed.

I took a step back to close the pantry door.

Yvette stood on the other side of the door. Her blonde hair was still wet from the shower; it was clipped up to expose her cheeks and long neck. She had on a little green top with spaghetti straps and blue jeans. I glimpsed her black bra beneath the green cotton. She smirked down at my erection from nowhere. Before I could speak, she walked before me and opened the pantry door again.

She turned to face me as she stood in front of the pantry shelves. Her hands went to my erection. She felt it through my pajama pants. She put both dainty hands on my incredibly pained hardon.

I took a step back, but she pulled me back toward her by my cock and squatted before me. She pulled the crotch of my pants down and dodged the head of my cock when it burst out. It was red, flushed with blood. The ring had trapped the blood reserved for arousal and held it firm. It was possible that I was bigger and harder than I had been my whole life. Her eyes went up to me as she set the engorged helmet of my fuck meat on her tongue.

My hand went to the door of the pantry.

"I think so." Angela said from the doorway to the kitchen.

I jumped and looked at my wife. I felt Yvette's hands as they guided my dick back to her lips. They wrapped around the head again. I could feel her teeth graze my pisshole lightly.

From Angela's perspective, the pantry door hid my daughter from view. It appeared to her that I just stood there numbly looking at the shelves.

"Geez, Kyle... what's gotten into you? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Yvette's fingers tickled my balls. I felt saliva drip over the length of my cock as my daughter silently drooled on its length. Her hands rubbed her spit over the length and she coaxed the end back into her warm mouth.

"I... maybe I need fresh air?" I said. My eyes were still locked on Angela as Yvette took more of my length into her mouth. I could feel her familiar deep-throat maneuver engage. My cock penetrated her throat. I could feel breath from her nose on the exposed root of my meat.

"Well if you're going to the store, we need vegetables and fruit."

"Yeah, ok...ay." I nearly gasped my sexual anxiety. It took everything to not break eye contact with my wife.

Yvette made a swallowing noise as she forced more of my long pacifier further into her throat. The sound was loud enough for anyone to notice. I glanced down at her. Yvette's lips were stretched wide around my prick, but her eyes were laughing. She reached up to her spaghetti green straps and slipped them over her shoulders. The green top fell and exposed her tits all the way to her hard nipples that sat above her black bra.

"What was that sound?" Angela asked and took a step toward me.

My hand went to my stomach and I shrugged.

"My stomach, I think. I really wanted some toast."

"I'm sure there's something, Kyle. Bagels?"

Angela stood on the other side of the pantry door. She was inches from Yvette now. I pretended to look for bagels, but I looked down at Yvette. She released my erection from her mouth and throat. Her eyes were locked on mine. She treated me to her most knowing, most evil smirk and drooled on her heavy tits. She peeled her bra down and exposed her masterful chest to me. My daughter then raised herself up a little and laid my cock between her bountiful orbs. Her balance was perfect. She squeezed her tits around my offering and moved herself up and down slowly. My silky rod stretched and pulled against her soft skin. It felt amazing. I wanted to cry out in absolute ecstasy, but I just looked back at Angela.

"No bagels."

Out of the corner of my eye, Yvette rocked my cock between her tits. I could barely make out the bandage on a portion of her right globe.

"Maybe they're behind something. I could look." She offered.

"Naw. Go back to your soap. I'll go to the store."

Angela shrugged and gave me a "suit yourself" expression. She turned back for the kitchen door. I was relieved that she hadn't looked into the pantry. She would have seen Yvette with her big tits wrapped around my cock. She would have seen our daughter drool more saliva on my fat cock head. Her tits were pressed so tightly together --everything was so tight and wet. My heart pounded in my chest.

"What vegetables do we need?" I asked.

"Salad stuff," Angela said over her shoulder. "Don't know what happened to the cucumber I had." My wife grinned at me. "Yvette probably stole it to do god knows what with it."

I grinned back at my wife as my fuck stick drooled pre-cum between Yvette's tightly held breasts as she continued to titty-fuck me.

"I'm glad she's going to church. Maybe they'll make sense out of her," Angela smiled.

My daughter let my cock out of her tits. She slowly stood up in front of me.

"I think she's a good person at heart, Kyle."

Yvette rolled her eyes at Angela's words as she quietly opened her pants. Her bandaged tit laid out inches from my heart. I glanced down and saw she had green panties on.

"Yeah," I said back to Angela. "I like to think she's not totally evil."

I looked back at Yvette on the other side of the door. She slipped her jeans and panties down over her hips. I realized that she planned to fuck me there in the kitchen with my wife only feet away. I shook my head at her and made a pleading look. My daughter only grinned at me and sucked her lips in. She nodded and mocked my pleading look with her blue eyes.

"So you know these friends of hers? Carl and... what was the woman's name?"

Yvette turned her back to me and bent over. One hand went to the shelves in front of her. The other reached between her legs and she guided my engorged, drooling cum slinger into her comfortable hole. She was as wet as ever, totally getting off on Angela being in the kitchen with us.

"Na... dia..." I gulped, still looking at Angela as Yvette's pussy slipped over my full length. Her nipple ring lifted my balls to meet her quim. She looked over her shoulder at me and used two hands on the shelf in front of her for balance. My daughter's jaw went slack as I filled her.

"I like that name."

"She seemed nice," I said, not really having a conversation anymore.

"Where did you meet them?"

"Last night," I said as Yvette moved forward. I felt my cock leave her sweet, hot pole hugger. My cock glistened in the cool air of the kitchen. My veins were hard and bulging. She rested with only the head between her lips. Her lips made that perfect 'o' at me. She then slipped back down to get the full ride again.

"Not when, silly, where?"

"Yvette had me drive her to meet them at an apartment."

"Ah, well... don't stand there all day, sick-o." Angela joked and left the kitchen.

My heart leapt with relief and I looked back at my daughter.

She scooted herself forward, completely off of my cock. She then stood up straight and lifts her panties and pants back up. My head bubbled up with anger at her and I grabbed her belly from behind to pull her close. She forced my hands into her opened pants. Her panties were sopping wet. She giggled.

"You are unbelievable." I grumbled.

"Is that the best you can say?" She gasped at my wounded ear and forced my fingers into her sloppy folds. I felt two fingers from each hand enter her ravenous sex pot. She turned to face me with a deadpan expression that said what did I do?

"Is this your plan? You want to torture me with sex now? You want Angela to catch us? Is that my punishment?" She only cooed and pinched her thighs tightly to my hands. Her pussy saturated my fingers. Her wet slickness kneaded my fingertips, knuckles, and my palms.

"You... want to know..." She breathed. "But I think you want to cum even more... don'tcha?" She grabbed my wrists and slipped my hands out of her pants. "C'mon again... daddy... put the baby maker in me again... fuck me on the kitchen floor... why don'tcha... why don'tcha... huh?"

I gripped her pants and panties and yanked them down.

She was right. I had to put cum inside of her. I needed to shoot my baby paint all over her pussy walls. My cock was hard and urgent with its needs. I had to have my daughter again. She gasped as I exposed her naked, shaved pussy to the pantry. I grabbed her arms and twisted her with force. The two of us fell to the floor.

Her tits slapped into the linoleum. She groaned and I gripped her wrists and held them together behind her back. I used my other hand to point my dick at her raised pussy. Wet, puffy, and inviting, her snatch was wide, willing, and very hungry.

I slammed into her from behind. My balls knocked her clit and she held back a shout. Her nipple ring had my cock hard and hungry. Her tits, flat belly, and wet blonde hair had aroused me to no end. My fat plumb of a head wiped pre-cum all over her insides like a home sick runny nose. "That's it..." my daughter hissed into the floor. "...you want mom to see us, don'tcha... you want her to see what really... really gets you off, huh... that it's me."

I twisted her wrists and she raised her chin up.

"Make me pregnant then... we'll tell her tog...ether... how only my pussy gets you this hard... how only my pussy can take all... all... of your cum..." She slammed her hips up and into me. Full throttle, my daughter had dropped the hammer. I was going to cum in her again, for the second time that morning. And I couldn't wait to.

In the seconds that followed, I pictured briefly my daughter's flat belly swelling with my own grandchild. I saw her breasts growing large with milk for the baby. I imagined my darling Yvette straddling my lap to feed me her sweet drink from one tit and then the other. I hoped in those seconds that the baby might starve to death and that only I could drink from my daughter's tit milk long enough to make her pregnant again.

I saw my wife, Angela, sad and broken as Yvette pissed in her mouth while she gave me a hand job. My wife's face as Yvette sucked me off in front of her.

The images both propelled and sickened me.

"Make you pregnant?" I grunted. "I want to... I want your tits fat... I want to lick and suck them... and I want to drink from your chest..."

"I think it takes a lot of fuck butter to get me pregnant, bitch..." She panted. Her hips rose and fell beneath me in an intoxicating rhythm. "Do you have... have enough... daddy... to make me a mommy...?"

My daughter fell flat to the floor and my wet fuck knob bounced into the air above her ripe ass. Yvette then turned over and her tits fell back. She put first one and then the other ankle on each of my shoulders and touched my cock again. She pointed my heavy, cum-filled end back at her trembling, greedy cum-sucking cunt.

"...it'll take a ton, daddy..."

My breath got caught in my throat as I penetrated her again. On my knees in front of my daughter, I gave it to her again. My cockhead couldn't take any more of her slick nectar. I couldn't stand any more of her pitch-perfect friction. I kept pounding in her ferociously as shot after shot of hot baby splatter whipped the walls of her gorgeous, full dripping quim. She trembled in the grip of my hands and faced me almost apologetically. The apology evaporated and was replaced with the ecstasy of her climax. I could see she was holding back the urge to shout.

I fell back, out of her pussy and stood up with haste. I smacked my cock as I returned it to my pajama pants. I looked down at Yvette. She only had the green top on. Her creamy, tanned thighs were wide open and smelly sex honey pot dripped our mutual butter. She reached down and dipped her fingers in it. She stared up at me and put those fingers in her mouth.

"Get off the floor, Yvette."

"Think I'll be here awhile, daddy... you fucked me into the ground." She slurped more of the sap from her fingers before she reached between her legs for another sample.

"Yeah, but..." I tried to reason with my eyes. "Angela..."

"You didn't seem to be worried about that before..."

"Please." I gathered up her discarded pants and panties.

"I like 'please.'" Yvette said and stood up. She took her clothes and slipped them on. She neglected to button the jeans. "I just hope you're not thinking we're friends or anything..."

I grabbed her arms so hard that her tits shook.

She raised her chin and giggled at an inside joke. She then struggled her arms free of my grasp. Her tanned skin reflected my handgrips.

She pinched my cheek like one might a child.

I frowned at her, "I'm taking this dammed ring off my cock and balls."

"I don't care what you do." She reached up and tugged my damaged earlobe. The pain caused me to smack her wounded tit. She inhaled sharply through her nose and slapped me across the face.

She moved passed me and strode out the kitchen door with her pants still popped open. I couldn't help but watch her magnificent ass in her tight jeans. She was obviously toying with me. I had no idea what was coming and she had no intention of tipping her hand. The seed of a very dark thought entered my mind. I was enjoying the game.

I walked into the living room. My erection was still solid but totally spent. When I saw Angela, I pretended to scratch myself so that she wouldn't notice that her big little mister was all stirred up.

"Did Yvette tell you where she was going?" Angela said to the television.

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