tagRomanceTemptation's Kiss Ch. 06

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 06


Cassidy shivered as Randon grabbed her hand and practically dragged her out of the museum, saying a quick goodbye to his family. Her heart rate was probably dangerously high. She wanted him, like she'd never wanted a man before. She couldn't explain it. She felt as if she would die if she didn't have him and soon. The feeling was somehow more than physical. It was far more powerful than the lust she'd felt before for other men. She didn't think it was love, surely not after only a few days, but it was something strong and potent. And terrifyingly exciting.

Within twenty minutes they were pulling up at a huge apartment complex. They had yet to say one word to each other, but the silence was not awkward. It was rather nice.

Without a word, Cassidy followed him up to his apartment; of course he had the top floor penthouse. She barely had time to look around when the door closed and she found herself pushed back against the door. Hands went to her hips and lips came down upon hers so fast she couldn't stifle the gasp that escaped. Then she was kissing him back, wrapping her arms around his neck, burying her hands into his hair to pull him closer. Tongue tangled with tongue and sent tiny pinpricks of excitement down Cassidy's spine.

Randon pulled back and looked into her eyes. He could drown in their stormy depths. "Please tell me now if you really want this. I don't know if ill be able to stop myself if we take it any further. I'm aching desperately to be inside you. I need to be inside you more than I need my next breath." He told her and his lips went to placing feather light kisses on her neck. She was helpless to say anything. His arms were wrapped tightly around her, and it made her feel safe and wanted.

"Where's your room?" she asked him, and watched his eyes light up.

He pulled her down a hallway and into a huge bedroom. It was dark, but she could clearly see the huge king sized bed that was the focal point. It was a work of art, not a bed. Dark oak and wrought iron headboard. It looked as if it should belong to sleeping beauty herself.

"Oh my God!" Cassidy gasped as images of what could be done in that bed filled her mind.

Two arms wrapped around her and pulled her back against a very lean and hard body.

"Do you like it?" Randon asked, nibbling on her ear.

"Oh yes." She said and turned to him. "It's very nice. On another note, I feel as if you are wearing too many clothes."

Cassidy slid the black jacket off his shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Her fingers went to the top button on his shirt, and she quickly had it off and in a pile on the floor with the discarded jacket. When her hand went to the button of his slacks he grabbed them causing her to sigh in disappointment.

"Easy killer." He chuckled and leaned in for a long drugging kiss. His hand found the zipper of her gown and pulled it down so that the dress floated to the floor leaving her standing before him in nothing but a pair of black lacy thongs, a matching strapless bra, and a pair of black heels. He took a step back and studied her. Her hair tumbled over her shoulders and down her back, making her look like a gypsy. Her eyes were clouded with desire and her lips were swollen from his. She looked so gorgeous that it almost hurt to look at her at all.

His gaze traveled lower to the tops of two milky white breasts that practically spilled over the top of her bra, and even lower to her long and incredibly sexy legs.

"You are so beautiful." He told her, and was shocked to hear his voice shake with the statement.

Cassidy looked down, and felt the blush heat her face. "Thank you. Will you come here now?" she asked, her own voice a little shaky, and held her arms out to him.

Randon complied, going to her and running his hands down her sides, cupping her ass in his hands and bringing her against him, heat to heat. His lips traced a trail down her neck and shoulders to the top of her breasts.

His hands made quick work of the clasps on her bra. When it was off, his lips trailed lower, and he sucked one already hard nipple into his mouth.

Cassidy moaned and let her head fall back. The feel of Randon's mouth and tongue and teeth, nipping, sucking, on her breasts was causing her knees to go weak. Her hand tangled themselves in his hair, pulling him closer as she arched against him. When she felt as if she were about to collapse, he stopped picked her up, and laid her in the middle of the bed.

He sat at her feet, brought her legs up one at a time, taking off her heels and kissing her ankles and dropping the shoes to the floor. He placed feather light kisses up her the inside of her right leg, the inside of her thigh and when he got closed to her lace clad heat, he started to kiss his way up her left leg.

Cass lay drugged and growing sleepy as Randon kissed his way up her legs. It was a nice feeling. But she wanted, needed, more.

"Randon." She moaned.

"Cass?" he chuckled.

Before she could say anymore, his mouth went strait to her lace cover mound and pressed against her throbbing clit. She cried out at the sudden shock. His fingers went to the waist band of the thongs and he lifted his head while he pulled them down before descending once again to press his mouth against her heat.

"Oh my God." Cassidy groaned as her body went slack and her hands griped the soft fabric of his bedspread.

"No, my name is Randon baby." Randon said and then ran his tongue across her clit. She cried out and he did it again and again until she was writhing, desperate for the release that seemed so near. His tongue dipped into as his hands gripped her hips hard to keep her from moving. Cass came with a sudden intensity that was so startling that she could barely do anything but scream and clutch at the bedspread. Her eyes drifted closed as he used his mouth to bring her down slowly from the mind numbing climax.

When her breathing returned to normal, Randon crawled off the bed and quickly disposed of his shoes, pants, and boxers before grabbing a condom from a drawer beside his bed and crawling back to straddle Cassidy. Her eyes were half closed and looked to be drugged with pleasure. Her arms were slung weakly to her sides. She looked as if she would fall asleep at any given moment.

"Don't you dare pass out on me." he leaned down to growl in her ear before taking her mouth in a slightly bruising kiss.

He tore the wrapper off the condom and rolled it down his impossibly hard shaft before placing himself at her entrance.

"Cassidy, look at me baby. I want to see you when I slide into you." He whispered in her ear.

Cassidy looked up and into his eyes. She saw gentleness, passion, and heat all wrapped into one.

Randon pushed inside her and groaned when he bottomed out. Cassidy gasped at the feel of him stretching her so deliciously. His forehead came down to rest against hers as he slowly began to move in and out of her amazingly tight and hot body. He didn't know just how long he could last inside of her.

His hands gripped hers above her head, and Cassidy arched her hips to meet his slow and deep thrusts.

"Harder." She moaned and tightened her hold on his hands.

Randon complied and began to move harder and faster, building up a rhythm that had Cassidy short of breath and crying out in pure pleasure.

Fire burned in Randon's veins and his lips sought out hers. Tongues joined and bodies moved together in a timeless dance. Randon felt his climax quickly approaching and he brought one of Cassidy's hands down to wear their bodies were joined. Her fingertips brushed him as he thrust hard and deep. Her own fingers danced across that united point and then she rubbed against her clit.

Without warning she came again. This time lights exploded and she screamed for all she was worth.

It wasn't long before Randon's climax followed and buried his face in her neck as he shouted his own release.

They lay there for moments afterward. Neither said a word. Randon rolled off of Cass and she curled into his side. The quiet was companionable, as if words weren't needed to convey what had happened.

"Well." Cassidy sighed as her fingertips danced across his chest.

"Well." Randon agreed with a quiet chuckle.

"I like your bed." Cassidy told him.

"Really? After that I'm thinking about having it bronzed."

"Not a bad idea. It might be a bit uncomfortable to sleep on after that though." Cassidy said with a smile.


Cass yawned and lifted her head to pull her hair out from under her. The dark strands curled across Randon's shoulders and his pillow.

Randon couldn't help but think about how right she looked and felt in his arms, in his bed. He couldn't help but think of how he already wanted her again. How he needed her again, and it'd been merely minutes since he was inside her.

When she yawned again, Randon kissed the top of her head. "Go to sleep baby." he told her and held her close. Moments later she was passed out and he was happily drifting off himself.

Cassidy woke up to the sound of an alarm clock blasting in her ear. Groggily she reached for it to slap the snooze but all her hand came in contact with was a warm body. Her eyes shot open and she froze for a moment until she realized where she was. Then her face broke out into a grin.

"Damn alarm." Randon growled and hit the snooze himself.

The big red numbers on the digital clock beside the bed stated that it was nearly eight o'clock in the morning.

"Oh my God I have to get home! I have to get to the shop!" Cassidy said and jumped out of bed.

"Baby, the joy of being your own boss is you make your own hours." Randon told her and lazily stretched before propping up on one elbow to watch her. Some time during the night, she'd found one of his old ratty t-shirts and had shrugged it on. The hem of the grey top reached the tops of her thighs revealing very nice and very tempting bare legs. Her hair curled in a wild disarray around her body and her makeup with slightly smudged. She'd never looked more beautiful.

"Well, I still need to get home, shower, and get dressed. It'll be after ten before I get to the shop at this rate." Cassidy moaned and ran a hand through her hair.

"I have a shower that works perfectly fine. We can shower together if you'd like." Rand told her with a wicked smile.

Cassidy narrowed her eyes at him, and crossed her arms across her chest. "Rain check. Can you take me home though?"

Randon sighed and agreed.

By ten fifteen Cassidy had gotten home, showered, dressed in a bright canary yellow sundress, and gotten the shop opened. She congratulated herself on a job well done.

Randon had tempted her to near madness with his kisses before leaving her at home that morning. She was still buzzing with pleasure from the night before. She felt sensational.

The shop phone rang and she jumped to answer it.

"Hello this is Jennings, Cassidy speaking."

"Cass, oh thank God you are all right! I've been calling your house all night! I stopped by last night and no one was there and I haven't been able to reach you and it's been horrible."

"Calm down Mari. I was with Randon. Was it urgent?" Cass asked.

"Oh my goodness Cass, did you sleep with him?" Mari asked her voice full of shock and excitement.

"Yes Maria. I slept with him." Cassidy told her friend with a small smile, and was grateful no one had come into the shop yet.

She poured over the details of her night with Mari for half an hour before her first customer came in. From then on out her day was busy and customer after customer came in and left. Her head was spinning by closing time. She wanted to get home and take a nice long bubbly bath and drink a class of red wine.

By the time she got home, the bubble bath and wine fantasy had evolved into a quick shower before crawling into bed before passing out.

She took a shower, which relieved the tense muscles in her neck and shoulders, then changed into a pair of grey shorts and a bright red t-shirt. Her hair was still wet, when she climbed into bed and drifted off into dream world.

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