tagRomanceTemptation's Kiss Ch. 09

Temptation's Kiss Ch. 09


Chapter 9:

"Will you let go of me!" Cassidy laughed and tried to pull out of Randon's arms, which were locked around her waist.

"Never!" he shouted and picked her up, swinging her around.

"You have to! Maria and Cora will be here any minute with Anna. I have to make sure that everything is set up right! You wouldn't want to come home from a three week hospital stay to a dirty house, now would you?"

"I guess not. The guys will be here any minute as well. Marcus brought a cake. His sister owns a bakery." Randon sighed and let go of Cass.

"Oh, how nice! I fixed some gumbo. Its Anna's favorite. I'm glad she agreed to having a small get together. She's been cooped up in a hospital room for a while. She's handled this whole experience incredibly. I know I wouldn't have been as strong as her throughout this entire ordeal."

Randon nodded and Cassidy looked around Anna's living room. The house Anna lived in was much too big for one person, but she had three golden retrievers that shared it with her. There was Molly, the playful puppy, Gordo, the lazy old grandpa, and Pete, the protective one. They were Anna's babies, and Cass had been given the job of looking after them while Anna had been in the hospital.

The living room was close to spotless, save for the few stray chew toys that Molly had drug out and around the room. She lay on the floor playing with a squeaky toy that was driving Cass just a little crazy. Gordo lay on one of the huge leather couches with his head resting on his paws. He was getting old, and it showed. Pete sat by the front door, alert and ready for anything to happen.

When the front door opened, he jumped up and growled until he caught scent of Anna. Cora and Mari walked in first, and Anna followed. She was being carried by a downright sinfully gorgeous man. Marcus.

Cass had only met him a few times, and while he was a player and had a temper, he could be very sweet. Anna looked a little bit uncomfortable. Her leg was still in a cast, and although the bruises and cuts had disappeared over the past few weeks, she still looked pale and fragile. The smile that she wore on her face didn't quite meet her eyes.

Behind Marcus and Anna were two of Randon's other friends, Logan and Joshua.

Joshua had his gaze locked on Cora. He'd been half in love with her since they'd met at the club, the same night she'd met Rand. Cora didn't seem to know it, and although she flirted with him when they were all out, she didn't really realize that he worshipped the ground she walked on. Cass remembered the way his eyes had lit up when he'd found out she'd broken up with Ryan. Again.

Logan was taken with Maria as well. Cass thought they'd make a great couple. And she knew for a fact that Maria thought he was a nice guy. It was only a matter of time, Cass decided, before they started dating.

Marcus and Anna, they were about as opposite as two people could be. They seemed to get along at the hospital. Marcus, Logan, and Joshua would come up to the hospital with Rand on Wednesdays to hang out with Cass, Mari, Cora, and Anna. Then they'd all, with the exception of Anna, head to Randon's club. It was like a ritual of some sort for the past three weeks. Tonight was a Wednesday, but instead of going clubbing, they were having a welcome home Anna party.

"You can put me down over there." Anna said and pointed to her couch. Marcus obliged and set her down. Immediately she was surrounded by three huge golden retrievers. "My babies!" she squealed excitedly. Pete was licking every inch of his owner, as if assuring himself that she was okay. Molly was licking her face and begging to be petted. Gordo had simply lain down beside her with his head on Anna's lap.

"Looks like you were missed Anna." Mari laughed.

"Those are some very nice dog's tidbit." Marcus said and scratched Molly behind the ears.

"Thank you. This here is Pete. The one you're petting is Molly, and the old guy here is Gordo. He's almost fourteen years old." She said proudly.

"Brooklyn would love these dogs. I just bought her a golden retriever puppy last week. She named him Buddy. Her face lit up like the fourth of July."

Cass smiled. Marcus seemed like a hardass most of the time, but when it came to his little girl, he was a big old teddy bear. It had shocked everyone to find out that he even had a kid, but the one time Cass had met the cute little girl, she'd found her to be a delight.

"I made gumbo." Cass said. "It's finished if anyone wants some."

"As if you had to ask?" Anna said and looked around.

"Would someone go get my crutches out of Mari's car?"

"I will. I have a cake I need to get out of mine anyways." Marcus said.

"I'll get your gumbo." Cora offered and left for the kitchen.

"I'll come help you." Joshua said and followed after her like a puppy.

Cass smiled and turned to face Randon. He was dressed in a pair of black pants and an army green button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His hair was in a wild disarray and he had about two days' worth of stubble covering his jaw. He looked incredibly sexy.

"You want some gumbo baby?" she asked him. She couldn't believe they'd been dating for a month. She couldn't remember being quite as happy as she was now. She knew she was falling in love with him, and she'd already fallen for his family. It was crazy, she knew, but she couldn't help it. When she was with him it was like nothing had ever been as important to her as being with him.

"I'll go fix us some. You've been on your feet all day. Go sit down." He ordered and gave her a soft pat on the butt as she turned to walk towards the couch.

Randon had already admitted to himself he loved Cassidy Jennings. There wasn't a doubt in his mind he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. But they'd only been dating for a month, so he was biding his time to tell her. He'd never met anyone like her. His family adored her, which was something to be said seeing as they usually hated his choice in women. He was happy with her.

He walked into the kitchen to see Cora on her butt on the floor laughed and Joshua with gumbo down the front of his white button down. His face was bloodshot and his expression was dumbfounded.

"What happened?" Randon laughed.

"I was trying to help." Joshua said.

"His help kind of backfired." Cora said through a fit of giggles.

Maria and Logan walked into the room and Mari gasped. "Cora! Are you alright?"

Randon laughed harder and Logan joined him.

"What in the world..." Cassidy walked into the kitchen and without a word turned on the ball of her foot to exit again. "Clean it up!" she shouted, but there was a smile in her voice.

"Dude, I have an extra shirt in the car. Come on." Randon told Joshua and slapped him on the back before leading him outside.

The rest of the night was filled with a bunch of laughing, and a very bad game of charades.

Marcus had been the first to leave, and shortly after him Cora went home; Joshua and Logan left together soon after that.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stay with her?" Cass asked Maria when she was getting ready to leave.

"I'll be fine with her. You've had a long day trying to get this whole party thing up and ready. Go home, have wild monkey sex with your boyfriend, get some sleep." Maria laughed and Cass shook her head.

After saying bye to everyone she pulled Randon out to the car.

"Baby, did I tell you how much I love that dress on you?" Randon asked as soon as they were seated in the car. Since they'd brought her car, she'd hopped in the driver's seat.

"Only a half million times." She laughed and tugged at the short hemline before backing out of Anna's driveway.

"And don't get me started on what you are wearing underneath it." Randon said and leaned over to kiss Cassidy's neck. His hand went to trail up one silky smooth thigh, before it brushed ever so softly over thin lace.

"Randon. Don't start with me right now. I'm driving." Cass groaned.

"Payback is a bitch." He whispered in her ear before biting down on her earlobe and pressing his fingers against her clit. Cass gripped the steering wheel so hard her knuckles turned white.

"Randon. That's not fair! We were in the middle of nowhere. This is dangerous." She cried out when his finger danced underneath the lace and two inserted themselves into her hot sheath.

"Live a little baby." He said soothingly, gently moving his fingers inside of her. "God, you are so wet for me." He groaned.

"Rand." She moaned. "Stop. I...I can't concentrate on the road." She cried.

"So pull over." He nipped at her ear again.

"We are not...." Randon moved his fingers against her g-spot and Cassidy whimpered.

"We are not what baby?"

Cassidy pulled over on the side of the road. There were only a few cars passing, but she didn't car. When the car came to a complete stop she attacked him. Within seconds she had his pants unzipped and his throbbing member in her hand. His fingers moved faster inside of her, and his thumb pressed roughly against her clit.

"God baby." He groaned as she ran her tongue down his neck. "I want your mouth on me."

"No room." She panted and crawled over the console in order to straddle him. "But you can have my..." she trailed off as he shoved her panties out of the way and pulled her down on his dick. Hard.

Cass fought the urge to scream and contented herself with biting down on his neck.

Half an hour later they got to her apartment and took a shower. Cass pulled on some underwear and one of Randon's t-shirts before falling into bed. Randon, who'd gotten used to staying at her house most nights, followed suit, and they drifted off to sleep.

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