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Tempting Toby


"I've tried that before." Erica pointed at a picture in magazine spread out on the table in front of them. "Oh, the things Justin could do with his cock." She rested her hand on her cheek and let out a heartfelt sigh. "It's too bad the rest of him was such a prick, too."

Jayne tilted her head sideways to better examine the different positions suggested by the women's magazine as sure fire ways to spice up your sex life. "I did that to Malcolm once when we were first married. " Jayne let loose a low throaty laugh. "He was so loud when he came that the landlord was pounding on the door to make sure everything was alright."

Erica giggled. "This from the same man who blew off that romantic weekend you planned for back to back tee times at Pebble Beach."

"The very." Jayne confirmed dryly. "That super stud that I married sold his sex drive for a better golf game."

Erica shook her head sadly. "You know, those men out there just don't know what they're passing up." She patted her perfectly styled hair and primped playfully. "I am 115 pounds of beautiful, buxom blonde eager to be pleased and pampered."

Jayne smiled and straightened her back a bit, thrusting forward her two smaller, but still firm assets. She might be a forty-two year old mother of two, but you would never know it by looking at her well-toned body. "The problem with the men out there is they don't know how to appreciate a bounty such as this."

"Pardon me, Ms. Fischer."

Jayne turned in her seat and found Toby the resident techno-geek trying not to look at the magazine splayed in front of them on the table. The poor dear always looked so uncomfortable around her and rarely made eye contact. She thought maybe there might be some beautiful baby blues behind those glasses.

She bit back a smile at his obvious discomfort and gave him a mischievous wink. "So, what do you think, Toby? Would you appreciate my bounty?"

Toby blushed and stepped slightly away from the table. "I, uhm, well, I think you're very competent at your job and, uhm…" He trailed off uncertainly and looked overly-interested in the folder in his hands.

Erica, never one to miss an opportunity to flirt batted her eyelashes and gave the poor man a full-wattage smile. "I'm so glad you're here, Toby. We need a man's opinion. What do you think about this position?" She tapped a perfect red nail on a particularly suggestive photo. "Jayne says it's too complicated but I think it would be a lot of fun for a guy with the right sized package."

Toby slid his finger under his collar and tugged almost comically. "Uhm, well, I really wouldn't know."

Erica smiled brightly at Jayne. "I think our Toby's been holding out on us. If he doesn't have a problem with this he must have a good sized—"

"Your computer is fixed, Ms. Fischer." Toby suddenly blurted before turning on his heel and beating a path out of the cafeteria.

"You are so cruel." Jayne scolded laughingly, closing up the magazine before it got them in any trouble.

"But he's so easy to tease." Erica responded, downing the last of her coffee. "Although, do you ever wonder about Toby?"

"What do you mean?" Jayne asked carefully.

"Well, for example, did you ever notice what a really nice butt he has?" Erica raised her eyebrows suggestively. "I came in one morning and found him bent over my phone bank and thought maybe he was an early birthday present."

Jayne stood and smoothed her blue skirt into place. "I've noticed his hands. They're long and tapered, strong." She had also noticed that Toby had slid his file folder in front of a nice bulge in his pants, but there was no way she was going to feed Erica's ego with that information.

"His hands?" Erica asked in dismay, standing up and following Jayne to the ladies room.

"You have much to learn, young grasshopper." Jayne teased as she pushed open the door. "Not only do I want a man who can make love to me with his cock and his mouth, but I want a man who will also make love to me with his hands."

Erica scoffed at the idea. "And you think Toby—shy, quiet, afraid of his own shadow Toby—could do that?"

Jayne nodded, feeling defensive for the wallflower technician. "Yes, I do. I suspect there's a tiger in that techie."

"Ha!" Erica applied pink lipstick to her full mouth. "I'll bet you he's still a virgin."

"Somehow I highly doubt that." Jayne debated, gently patting some compressed powder on her nose. She wasn't exactly sure why she knew that, maybe it was women's intuition, but there was no way that some woman hadn't made a man of that sweet morsel.

Erica dropper her tube of lipstick into her purse and turned to Jayne excitedly. "Let's find out."

"Pardon me?"

"I'll bet you that Toby is still uncharted territory, ripe for the picking. You think he's hidden hot stuff." Erica leaned her hip against the sink and looked at Jayne challengingly. "Let's find out who's right."

"You're proposing that we seduce Toby?" Jayne said in surprise.

"Winner finds out whether or not our delicious little computer tech know how to burn up the sheets." Erica returned her gaze to the mirror fluffed her blonde hair. "Unless you don't think you're up to it."

"Don't you think it's a little calculated to wager on which of us will have sex with him?"

"Men do it all the time." Erica returned, undaunted by Jayne's concerns. "We are empowered, sexual beings of the new millennium. Toby will be satisfied once we're through with him. One of us will, hopefully, be satisfied as well. What could be wrong with it?"

Jayne thought perhaps Erica was oversimplifying matters a bit, but she didn't want to burst her bubble. "And what does the winner get?"
"Spa day at Mario Tricoci for both of us." Erica suggested. "Loser pays, winner tells all the gory details."

Jayne groaned. Erica certainly knew all of her weaknesses. "Only on one condition."

"Name it." Erica said enthusiastically.

"In order for either of us to win, the sex has to take place on the premises." Jayne decided that if she was going to have a little work place liaison it ought to be in the work place, fulfilling a longstanding fantasy of hers.

"Here?" The blonde asked in horror. "You can't be serious."

"I'm perfectly serious." Jayne responded coolly. "Unless you're not up to it."
Erica laughed brightly and headed toward the door. "You are on, Hunney. And may the best woman win."

Toby was in the 'Bat Cave' as someone had once referred to it, replacing a fried mother board. It never failed to amaze him how the people in this office abused their computers. He shuddered to think how much soda and coffee he had cleaned from keyboards, how much top soil he had cleaned out of monitors, jammed disc drives and other such atrocities he had seen in his time here. If they treated their cars the way they treated their computers it was a wonder they ever made it to work at all.

"Toby, do you have a minute?"

Toby looked up and found the object of many of his sexual fantasies standing in the doorway. "What can I do for you Ms. Fischer?" He stuttered, dropping the screwdriver in his hand with a resounding clatter.

"You could start with calling me Jayne." She urged, stepping into the room. "By calling me Ms. Fischer I feel like one of your parent's bridge playing cronies."

He really didn't want to call her by her first name. It was far too intimate for his liking. "My parents don't play bridge." Toby stated uncomfortably, pushing his glasses up.

She chuckled and moved into the room, perching on the desk in front of him, putting her perfect breasts at eye level. "I wanted to apologize about the incident in the cafeteria earlier." Jayne crossed her legs and her skirt hitched up, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of lace on her thigh high stockings. "I would hope that a little bit of inappropriate teasing won't hurt our friendship."

Toby's tongue was thick in his mouth as he tried to form a coherent sentence. "Uhm, no problem Ms. Fischer."

"Ah-ah-ah." She waggled a finger at him and leaned forward so they were mere inches apart. "I thought you were going to call me Jayne." Was it his imagination or was her blouse unbuttoned lower than it had been earlier today?

Toby smiled tentatively and looked up into her eyes instead of drooling over the mounds spilling out in front of him. "Sorry…Jayne."

She reached out and brushed a stray lock of hair off of his forehead. "Now that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Not as hard as his cock throbbing painfully in his lap. "Nope." He croaked awkwardly.

Her finger slid down his cheek and under Toby's chin, gently holding him in place when he would have turned away. "You know, you really have very beautiful blue eyes behind those glasses."

Her silky fingers against his skin felt entirely too good. "I, ah, thanks."

"And a nice full mouth perfect for kissing." Jayne trailed her thumb over his lower lip and his mouth sagged open at the blatantly erotic gesture. If she kept this up he was going to cum right there in his pants. "I bet you're quite a hit with the ladies."

Toby shook his head, swallowing hard when she ran that marauding thumb slowly over his teeth. Jayne leaned closer, allowing him an unobstructed view of her breasts. He couldn't help but notice the rapid rise and fall of her chest and the hardened nipples staining at her blouse. Could this actually be turning her on as well? Experimentally his tongue caressed her thumb, savoring the taste of her creamy flesh. Her pupils dilated when he sucked that slender digit deep into his mouth, eliciting a small moan from her full red mouth.

With his free hand Toby reached out and lightly flicked his thumb over her nipple, teasing Jayne in much the same way she had teased him. Her back arched to offer him better access and he cupped the firm mound fully in his hand. Whisper soft he caressed the underside of her breast, his palm rubbing against her rock-like nipple. Slowly Toby stood up and closed the distance between them, determined to replace her thumb with the sweet pink tongue sliding over her lip, when the phone rang and jolted them rudely back into reality.

"Tech Support." He muttered shortly into the phone.

"Oh, dear…I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time?" Erica the curvaceous receptionist practically cooed into the phone.

Toby shook his head to clear his thoughts. "No. No problem at all. What can I do for you?" Why was it now that the two women who were generally the headliners in his wet dreams had suddenly taken root in his reality? He wasn't sure that his aching cock could take too much more of this torture today.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Toby. I know you're busy, but my computer doesn't seem to be working and I need to finish a few letters for Mr. Hopkins before the end of the day."

Toby sighed heavily. Last time he had been working on her computer he had been treated to an up close view of the most incredible set of legs ever to walk the face of this earth. "I'll be up in ten minutes." He promised, hoping that would be enough time for his lower extremities to return to normal before facing the beautiful blonde.

He turned back to apologize to Jayne for the rude interruption and he found the office empty behind him. It was probably a good thing because he had no idea what to say to her anyway. Toby wasn't even all that sure it had even happened. Maybe he had fallen asleep and dreamt the whole incredible experience.

Ten minutes later Toby was, as promised, in the front office and squeezed into the small receptionist's cubical with Erica standing too close and batting her big blue eyes up at him innocently. "I just can't imagine what could have gone wrong." She went on almost melodramatically. "I was typing and the computer just sort of went dark."

"I'll take a look and see if I can figure out what's going on." Toby replied, eager to crawl under her desk and away from the press of her warm body brushing up against his. He would have to be sure to check later and see if there was a full moon or the planets were misaligned or something because this just did not happen to him.

He pulled the hard drive out of its cubby and inspected it for loose cables or misdirected switches and found everything to be in place. Tugging gently on the pack of cables lying against the far wall Toby inadvertently knocked the receptionist's purse over, spilling its contents all over the floor. He looked up with an apology on his lips but found that her attention was focused on the customer now standing at the reception desk.

With a resigned sigh Toby started gathering the blonde's belongings and shoving them haphazardly into the small bag. His hand wrapped around a small wisp of damp red silk. He glanced down curiously and was staggered to find a mouthwatering thong in his hand. Erica was still talking to the disembodied voice on the other side of the wall so he leaned forward and took a quick, furtive sniff at the moist fabric in his hand. There was no mistaking the musky odor that clung to the delicate fabric.

She finished with the client and Toby quickly shoved the remainder of her things into her purse, his mind now preoccupied with just what she was now wearing under her short red skirt. The phone rang and Erica returned to her seat to work the phone bank. He tried to focus on the job at hand, but instead he found himself staring at her sexy gams, wondering if he could catch enough of a glimpse up her skirt to find out if she was a true blonde.

His fingers fumbled over a frayed piece of cable and he shined the pen light in his mouth onto the spot in question. If he didn't know better Toby would have sworn the broken monitor cable looked a little too smooth to have been an accidental break, but he had no way to be sure. Why in the world would Erica intentionally do something like that, especially such an obvious maneuver? As he moved to slide out from under the desk Erica spun around and gave him an unobstructed view of her bare pussy. His cock painfully acknowledged that she most assuredly was a real blonde.

Toby allowed himself to linger for one more moment, the penlight spotlighting her beautifully trimmed pussy, before pulling himself out from under the desk. "Your, uhm, monitor cable is broken. I'll g-g-get you a new one and have you wet, er, up and running in no time."

Erica leaned into him so that her nipples brushed against his arm and laid a quick kiss on his cheek. "You are such a sweetheart."

'If I was a sweetheart I wouldn't have been thinking of spreading your legs wider and sucking your pussy until you came a few dozen times.' Toby thought to himself as he headed back to the supply room to get a new monitor cable. He was definitely going to need a long cold shower after work today.

Jayne knew full well that Toby was on his way to her office with a new printer. The old one had had the incredibly good timing to break down this morning as she was printing off monthly reports. Her 'Tiger Techie', as she had taken to thinking of him as, had managed to sneak in and diagnose the problem while she was at lunch, but Jayne wasn't going to let him make a return visit to her lair without another attempt at seducing him.

Toby had been pointedly avoiding her since the incident in his office two days ago. If she had had any lingering doubts about his level of experience, the way he teased her nipples to aching awareness left no doubt in her mind. Now all she had to do was manage to get to the goods before Erica could.

She heard him talking to her assistant outside of the office and quickly set her plan into action.

"Excuse me, Ms. Fis—, uhm, Jayne…I've got you're new printer here for you." Toby pushed open the door and Found Jayne with her leg up on her desk, carefully refastening the garter to her stocking. He fumbled with the printer in his arms, almost dumping the whole thing onto the floor. "If this is a bad time I can come back later."

Jayne lowered her leg and slowly patted her skirt back into place. "No, not at all Toby. I always have problems with this garter. Don't suppose you know how to fix garters as well?"

Toby shook his head, his eyes glued to some point on the wall behind her. "No ma'am. I'm sorry but I really should get this set up. I have several—"

"Ma'am? Isn't that a step back for us, Hunney?" Jayne questioned playfully, striding across the room to pull him in and close the door firmly. She slid the lock into place so no one would walk in at an in-opportune moment.

Toby gulped audibly and allowed himself to be led across the room to the printer stand. Jayne leaned against the desktop and silently watched him work. Erica was definitely right about his having a nice ass. In fact, from where she was sitting he had a nice everything. Once he had the cables hooked up and the old printer cleared away he turned around and looked at the computer behind her on the desk. "I'll need to initialize the new hardware onto your computer."

Jayne crossed her feet at the ankles, showing no intention of moving anytime soon. "Do I frighten you Toby?" She asked softly.

He squirmed uncomfortably, his blue eyes search for an escape route. "The company policy on fraternization between employees is very clear."

"Looked it up, did you?" Jayne smiled victoriously.

Glancing desperately at her computer again he sputtered, "If I could just get to your computer—"

"Would it surprise you to know that I want you, Toby?" Jayne questioned, a little surprised herself by the statement. But what she was feeling between her legs right now was definitely more than just a passing interest. "When I left Monday after our little 'encounter' in your office I was so aroused I went home fucked myself with my vibrator, thinking about what how good your fingers felt on my nipples."

Toby's breathing grew shallow and he moved a step closer. "I went home and, uhm, did myself too." He admitted, his hands flexing uncertainly at his sides.

Jayne's hands moved to her blouse and she slowly popped the buttons out of the holes. "I kept wondering what your mouth would feel like on my breast. Would you nibble or bite? Long, slow licks or little cat-like ones?"

He stepped in front of her and pushed away her blouse, gently tracing his fingers over her cream colored lace bra toward the front closure. "Yes." Toby opened the simple clasp like a pro and freed her breasts into his hands.

Jayne gasped in surprise when he lifted her up onto the desktop before lowering his head and claiming her breast in his mouth. His tongue swirled around the areola, slowly working his way to the granite-like nipple and sucking it into his mouth, gently biting down with his teeth. She braced herself on the desktop with her arms and threw her head back, moaning low in her throat when his tongue wrapped around her nipple.

Toby easily switched his attentions to her other breast and she could feel the moisture pooling between her thighs. Jayne shimmied her butt to the edge of the desk, hoping to run into something hot and hard of his. She could feel his rigid length behind his khaki Dockers and was about to grind eagerly against him when there was a sharp knock at the door.

"Ms. Fischer, Mr. Anders would like to meet with you in his office." Her assistant announced through the locked door.

Jayne cursed her bad luck as Toby backed away from her. "When?" She asked loudly over her shoulder.

"Five minutes." Her assistant returned.

She let out a ragged breath and pulled her bra together. "Talk about rotten timing."

Toby shook his head, his back to her. "That never should have happened."

Jayne re-buttoned her blouse and adjusted her skirt before moving to stand in front of him. "You're right. Next time there won't be any interruptions." She promised, dropping a brief kiss on his cheek before pulling away and heading toward the door of her office.

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