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The young woman sat at the mahogany writing desk, trying not to lose focus while her memory started to play a movie of the night before. She began to feel something... stirring inside her belly. A delicious, electric, tingling feeling. Her body responding to the remembered touches, but with less force than the raging inferno she had felt. A sigh escaped her full lips. How surreal it all seemed now, like an incredibly lucid fantasy, in the light of day. As if the awakening she had experienced the night before belonged only in the shadows of night. Her short, dark purple hair was out of control again. The amount of times Jessica had run her hands threw it uncountable since she'd sat down over an hour ago. She moaned as she rose from her swivel seat, surrendering to the inability to do her work.

Jessica walked into her ensuite turning on the shower. She looked into her olive green eyes in the bathroom mirror, examining her slightly chiselled chin and jaw. She imagined her lover of the previous night behind her. What would she have done to her tonight, the vibrantly red haired woman. With her light green eyes, that held veins of gold, coursing brightly. As bright as her smile, like sunshine in a field of daisies.

(Oh God, not random poetics...)

Steam filled the room, the shower was hot and ready and so was Jessica, she could feel her pussy moistening at the thought of seeing her again. Of feeling that supple, hourglass body naked against her. Their breasts pressed together as their tongues roamed each other. (This is crazy, get a grip Jessica)

Her muscle back singlet came over strong, muscled shoulders, revealing a toned, but not really muscled, stomach and pert breasts.

(I could call her, text her maybe...)

She pulled her skinny jeans off over strong, toned legs. She picked up her phone...

(No its too soon)

She put it back down and jumped into her shower. Adjusting the taps for maximum heat, she just needed a good shower. The hot water felt good as it washed the day down the drain. Not that there had been anything wrong with the day. She'd just spent it in a haze.

(She did say call anytime)

Jessica reached for her loofah, lathering herself liberally.

(I wonder if she's thinking the same, to call or not to call?)

Her fingers began idly tracing her breasts, Jessica shook her head.

(Nope its too soon.)

But her sex cried out for her to arrive at a more fulfilling conclusion to that thought. The woman had driven her crazy, right out of her senses.

Jessica's lips ached for those kisses, long and slow. Yet deep and thrilling. Igniting the slow fire that had built such intensity, Jessica could feel her in the shower with her now.

The woman's hands encircling her wrists. Forcefully pushing her back into the shower wall. She could feel the woman kissing her as she followed. Could feel the soft, beautiful skin under her fingertips. Jessica's mouth felt her Temptresses nipple stiffen, the nub growing hard as she sucked on it. Tracing slow circles around it with her tongue. Jessica could hear her groaning softly, could feel her fingers as they found Jessica's core, hot and wet and ready for her. Jessica felt the woman's clit beneath her fingers, swirling it round lightly, moaning they sunk closer to the shower floor. Jessica felt the woman bite down on her throat, hard. So hard. It felt so good, to have those teeth indented in her flesh. Holding onto her, as they thrust deeper into each other. Jessica moaned in pleasure, unable to contain her cries as they neared the peak. The cold bathtub rim solid against her back.

(More, please, just a lil harder... almost)

Suddenly a shattering, tingly feeling came over Jessica, like electricity being sent all over her body violently and the walls of her pussy spasmed in pure pleasure, still she cried out.

(More baby, more)

A second set of ripples started to spread. These, though, were more like hot, molten lava, obliterating all thought as it washed over and through her.

She blinked. Jessica was laying on the floor of her shower, propped against the side of the bathtub rim. Dazed, she looked around her and found herself alone.

(I could have sworn...) Jessica rose and stretched out.

(How long was I in there?)

Her hands were shrivelled and prune looking. Her knees were wobbly still, but she slowly set about getting out of the shower. Just as she stepped out and wrapped her towel around herself

Jessica heard her ring tone. Almost slipping over she answered.

"Oh... Hi..." Jessica smiled, "Funny, I was just thinking about you, too. Yeah I'm free... Ok, yep. See you soon."

Jessica hung up, grinning widely as she walked into her bedroom.

"Now what to wear? Before she rips it off with her teeth."

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