tagGroup SexTemptress Ch. 02

Temptress Ch. 02


After what happened with Father McGowan I didn't return to finish my penance. In fact I stopped going to church all together. My parents were furious and I began to rebel. The tension eased slightly when Father McGowan convinced my parents to let me be.

"Let her find her own way," he told them, "she will return when the time is right."

I laughed when my mother told me what he had said. I was eighteen and just beginning to go wild. Breaking free of my religious beliefs made me worse and I thought I was all grown up.

Hanging around with new friends I began drinking on weekends and openly smoking, the attention from the boys made me start appreciating my blossoming figure as I had curves in all the right places. My breasts were firm and round and I started wearing clothes to show off my cleavage.

Despite these changes in my personality my grades remained high as I spent week nights studying, making sure I had everything completed so I could party on the weekends. I passed out of school with all the relevant grades to get into the university I had chosen and looked forward to a summer of fun.

To celebrate finishing school some of my girl friends had planned on going to a rave. It was being held in a super nightclub in town by a world famous promoter (whose name is still famous so will remain anonymous).

I had on a little red dress which was probably the most revealing thing I had ever worn up to that point in my life. Its low cut design showed off my cleavage and its tight fit hugged my slender figure perfectly. With the hem being so short I decided to get ready at my friends house to avoid my parents.

My hair was long and flowing and I put on a little make-up which showed off my lips. My friends commented on how good I looked and I must admit to feeling very good about myself.

Once we arrived in the city by train we met the boys in the city centre and headed for a couple of drinks first. The boys were amazed by my dress and were all over me buying me drinks before we all sensed the jealousy from the other girls. Thankfully it didn't spill over into any bitchiness.

After a few drinks and shots we took the short walk to the club and I was excited by the size of the place. I had been to smaller nightclubs near home but this was huge, housing two thousand people, and tonight it was jammed packed with an A-List line up of dance DJs.

Once inside the club the boys approached each of us girls separately. Kevin approached me making everything look natural before he passed me a small white tablet.

"Get this inside you, Sophie, before anyone sees." He said closing my hand around it.

"What is it?" I asked, pulling my hand to my side so it didn't look like I was holding anything.

"It's a pill." He smiled.

"What the hell!" I shrieked.

"You'll be fine, I'll look after you. Just get it down you, were all taking them." He said no big deal.

I looked at the girls and watched in amazement as they each put something into their mouths before swallowing a gulp of water. Not wanting to feel left out I copied and swallowed my first ecstasy tablet.

We all carried on as normal until about thirty minutes after taking the pill. I felt my jaw start to ache and my insides felt as if they were on the start of a rollercoaster. I looked at everybody else and they were smiling, feeling the same affects no doubt. I felt a rush and my heart was suddenly beating faster than ever. It felt good and I started smiling as I felt the need to tell somebody how good I was feeling.

"Here, chew this." Kevin said, putting a chewing gum in my hand. "Trust me your going to need it."

The rush kept growing and growing until I thought my head was going to explode. The girls grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor where we remained for hours.

Eventually I ran out of water and left the girls to go top up. Standing at the bar I suddenly felt a pair of large hands on my shoulders, massaging me slightly. Turning to see who it was, I discovered some random guy smiling his head off before he asked if he could buy me a drink.

It was only a bottle of water, but being on ecstasy I think we chatted more than we ever would have had he bought me a proper drink. I was in such a happy zone, tapping my foot and shaking my bum as we chatted, that I totally forgot about my friends when he led me over to a large booth and introduced me to all of his friends.

There were a group of about six or seven guys sat around a large table and they had all sorts of drinks flowing. As I spoke to some of them I could see they had clearly been using more than alcohol. Some of the guys stood up and told me to sit, being the only female I should have a seat, one of them joked.

To be honest I didn't realise how much I needed it until I actually sat down and felt how much my feet were aching. I lit a cigarette and as if in a world of my own I chatted as if I knew everyone.

A few rounds of shots arrived and despite Kevin's earlier advice on not mixing ecstasy with alcohol I knocked a couple of free vodkas back. Sandwiched between the guys I felt a hand on top of mine. I looked to the guy on my left whose hand it was but he continued in his deep conversation with the guy to his left. He wasn't even looking at me.

As his fingertips gently caressed the top of my hand I felt another hand on my right leg, gently smoothing the top of my thigh. Everybody seemed to be in conversation with one another but I suddenly felt as though I wasn't there. It felt as if I was sunk back in the half crescent sofa seats, looking in from the outside. I tried to make conversation but I couldn't speak. I felt tired.

The two hands continued stroking me and it felt nice, I enjoyed the sensual tingling it caused throughout my body as I closed my eyes unable to keep them open anymore. My body felt as if it was sinking deeper into the soft fabric and then I felt a hand on each thigh.

I concentrated on the tingling sensation in my legs, enjoying the gentle softness of their touch. Then I realised my dress was slowly being pulled up to the very top of my thighs, until it couldn't go any higher. I felt fingers between my legs, touching me over my panties before my legs were pulled apart.

As I sat there I forget who or what was touching me. Each touch was exciting as the sensation filtered through my body. I enjoyed the feeling as my blood flowed and warmed my insides. I felt myself getting wetter as the two hands started yanking down my panties. Within seconds I felt them hanging around my ankles where they remained.

My legs were pulled apart again and I felt something heavy between my legs, like a palm of a hand rubbing against my swollen lips. I was really feeling it as it got faster and heavier, the sensation drove me wild.

I felt lips on mine and I managed to kiss back before my head was turned and I felt someone different kissing me. Then a hand clamped firmly over my dress held my breast, ever so gently at first before it started massaging roughly, squeezing and groping. A second hand was quickly holding my other breast and the sensation was becoming too much.

Sitting there felt as if I had two animals devouring me. I couldn't work out who was doing what as I felt hands pulling down my dress and exposing my breasts and another hand working between my legs. Every now and again I would sense some commotion before the groping resumed. Each time it felt like new hands and lips were on me, but the pleasure remained the same.

My nipples were stiff and I could feel how wet I was as all different shapes and sizes of fingers were being inserted inside of me. I tried to open my eyes but then the hand between my legs started really fucking me. Sliding in and out and I began to pant and buck my hips.

I was about to climax when finally my eyes opened. I was shocked when I remembered where I was. The hands immediately left my body and the boys I had been sat with quickly started moving away from the table. Ashamed and embarrassed I quickly rearranged my dress and pulled up my panties.

I tried to find my friends but I was starting to feel really dehydrated and I needed to get some fresh air. I checked my phone but I had no signal so I left the club and looked for a taxi cab.

Outside the club as I waited for a cab I got talking to three guys who lived in the same town as me. I didn't know them and they were slightly older. We waited for about half an hour and I was starting to get very cold. When a cab did eventually arrive, the guys offered to share a cab as we were all heading in the same direction.

They seemed nice and genuine and I couldn't stand being cold any longer so I jumped in the back with two of them as the third one sat in the front with the driver.

The guys were lovely and although I knew they were flirting and getting a good look at my body I felt safe with them. I was starting to feel scatty and they knew I had taken ecstasy so when they suggested I go back to theirs to freshen up before I went home I agreed. I knew my mother would probably be waiting up for me, so perhaps a coffee or two wouldn't hurt. I couldn't face stumbling in like this and risk facing her.

When we finally arrived at Jakes house (the guy in the front) I felt a lot warmer having had the taxi heaters on full blast. Kieran and Andy helped me out of the back and we went inside the house.

Jake quickly made me some strong coffee while I sat in the lounge with the other two. My head was starting to bang a little so I ignored the Andy's childishness when he put the porn channel on.

Looking back its strange how I never felt threatened by these guys. I put myself in a very dangerous situation.

Jake returned with the coffee and a glass of cold water and he sat down next to me. He laughed at Andy for putting on the porn, and told me to ignore him. I smiled as I felt reassured.

We all chatted for a while before I began drifting off to sleep. Andy was laughing saying I must have had a good night. If only he knew. By now I felt like shit and just wanted my bed. Jake led me into his bedroom and told me to rest while he called me a cab. I thanked him and closed my eyes whilst I waited for the taxi to arrive.

I don't know how long I had been lying down but after a while I started to feel slightly sick as I seemed to be rocking back and forth. Something felt wrong and as I struggled to open my eyes I felt a pain inside me.

I felt very weak almost lifeless as my body continued to rock. Eventually I managed to open my eyes and after a few moments I could just make out what was going on around me. I lifted my head slightly and saw a hand playing with my breasts, only then did I feel the squeezing and groping. I looked to the side and saw the hand belonged to Andy and he smiled as I looked sheepishly at him. I quickly realised he was naked with his cock in his hand and was wanking.

Looking around the room I saw Jake standing at the bottom of the bed. He too seemed to be rocking back and forth and his face was all screwed up with an angry expression. As I tried to work out what on earth was happening the rocking suddenly stopped and Jake started grunting and swearing.

He backed away and I realised he was also naked with his cock erect. Confused I tried to speak but no words came out and I soon realised where Jake had been when Kieran stepped in between my legs and I saw his hard cock.

Kieran took his place between my legs and I felt a sharp pain as my body began to rock once more. I knew I was having sex; these guys were taking turns in fucking me.

It strangely felt good as I slowly woke up and tried to get a grip of myself. Andy's hands suddenly disappeared from my breasts only to be replaced by Kieran's as he grabbed hold of them and used them to pull my body down onto his cock. I could feel him really deep inside me before Andy stood up and shot cum all over my chest. It erupted like a fountain spraying sticky white stuff all over my breasts and it made my skin tingle as it burned slightly.

The pain between my legs had now gone, replaced instead by a warm, prickly feeling that felt good and very, very wet. Finally the rocking stopped again and I watched Kieran this time as he grunted and squeezed my breasts hard.

When he backed away I saw his cock was hard with something long and sticky dangling from the end. I felt another sensation, one that reminded me of my time with Father McGowan. I felt something oozing out of me and I knew it was sperm. I knew Jake and Kieran had ejaculated inside me.

The guys left the room and I fell back to sleep. Sometime later I woke again and I knew straight away what was happening. I managed to get up onto my elbows and find Andy holding my legs up in the air while he bucked into me. I felt sore and very wet before he grunted and fired his sperm inside me.

When I woke in the morning I was alone under the bed covers. Silently I climbed out of bed and got dressed. I checked my phone and saw lots of missed calls and texts from my friends. I felt terrible as the nights memories came flooding back. But I didn't have time to dwell on it, I had to get home.

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