tagMatureTemptress Ch. 03

Temptress Ch. 03


I didn't tell anyone about what happened to me that night. I felt ashamed and violated, but somewhere inside of me I also felt turned on by it.

A couple of weeks later I went to Spain with my friend Sally. The holiday had been planned ten months previous, before after everything that had happened to me I was thinking about pulling out.

I hadn't really been hanging around with Sally since I met my new group of friends, she hated the fact I was smoking and dressing differently. She even accused me of trying to be "cool" to impress my new friends.

After my experience with ecstasy I decided I had been an idiot. I was losing my good, sensible friends and swapping them for party going ones who used drugs, and I was hurting my parents.

In the end I decided to go with Sally and her parents to Spain, and when I got back I promised to have a chat with my own parents and apologise for my behaviour over the past few months and try to change my ways before it was too late.

The resort was lovely, a short walk to the beach and nearby cafes, restaurants and bars. Our hotel room was spacious with a walk in shower and separate bath. We had a sea view balcony and thankfully Sally's parents were on the other side of the hotel with a pool view balcony.

Having arrived mid-morning, Sally dragged us all down to the pool but I was more interested in sunbathing. It was the same most days to be honest. Each morning we would meet for breakfast and then go to the pool, each afternoon we would go to the beach or visit the local shops.

On the second week things started to change. I had noticed Sally's dad looking at me ever since we had arrived, especially when I was around the pool. He would peek over his book or newspaper, watching me as I got in and out of the water. I knew he was also watching me through his dark glasses when I applied fresh lotion to my body.

Sally and her mother didn't seem to notice so I began to make excuses to get away, saying I left something in the room or that I needed a cigarette. That always seemed to work as none of them smoked.

On one particular occasion I was out on the balcony in just my bikini having a cigarette when I decided to go topless. Nobody could see me from the other balconies and I would hear Sally if she came in. With the sun blasting onto the balcony I finished my cigarette and went back inside to get my lotion. And that's when everything changed.

Standing close to the balcony doors was Sally's dad, and he was watching me. I shrieked in terror when I spotted him and he just smiled as if it was perfectly alright for him to be standing there.

"You left the door ajar." He smiled.

I stood there in just my bikini bottoms frozen with shock with him in front of me grinning. He was a tall man, rather intimidating and he looked scary even in just his shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops as he kept touching me with his eyes. I didn't know what to say.

Suddenly he stepped closer and reached out with his hand. I watched as his hand made the short journey to my right breast before I closed my eyes in shame, or maybe fear; I couldn't be sure which as he cupped the round flesh and started caressing it.

My eyes remained shut when he shuffled closer towards me and cupped the left one. He now had both of my young firm breasts in his large hands as he caressed and groped me.

"Well haven't you grown up, Sophie." He breathed heavily.

I kept my eyes closed tight, too scared to even look at him as I strangely felt myself becoming aroused by his touch.

"Yes you have." He moaned, squeezing my breasts a little harder. "I've noticed you, walking about in your bikini with your sexy young body on show, flaunting your curvy charms and teasing us men. There is a word for young girls like you, Sophie. Do you know what it is?"

"No." I murmured, opening my eyes briefly.

"Temptress, that's what you are, Sophie, a young and dangerously seductive woman. And the best part is you don't even know it, do you?" He chuckled.

I shrugged my shoulders displaying more of my naivety. Then in one swift motion I was on the bed with him on top of me. I tried to protest, but as I opened my mouth he kissed me, forcing his tongue inside. He must have pulled his shorts down as I could feel his hard cock rubbing against the inside of my bare thigh and I felt a sudden rush of mixed emotions running through my mind.

"Don't be shy, Sophie," he hissed, "I know you want it."

I was shaking with fear and excitement, but I think the fear was more out of the fact that he was my friend's father as I wondered if he was expecting me to have sex with him.

"Take your bikini bottoms off." He grunted, his hands still groping my breasts as he kissed my neck and rubbed himself between my legs. Then I noticed something. As he rubbed his cock against the inside of my thigh he was leaking and smearing his pre-come onto my leg.

"Did you hear what I said, Sophie? Take them off." He continued, but again I didn't answer.

"I bet you've had plenty of cocks inside you, haven't you? He said. "Why don't you take off the rest of your bikini and hold mine, go on. Guide it inside your hot little box."

I admit I was frightened. I don't know what of because despite what was happening I didn't feel in danger, it's so difficult to explain my feelings at that time as I was actually enjoying what he was doing and saying to me. So why was I feeling frightened? I think the fear was arousing me somehow along with the physical side.

He took my hand and without any resistance guided it towards his stiff cock. It wasn't long but it was thick and having my hand wrapped around it made me very horny.

I loved the way he was groping me, encouraging me to stroke him harder as he started sucking on one of my nipples. It was different to the other experiences I had had, and all thoughts of Sally vanished along with my inhibitions. He feasted on my breasts and I played with him for a while before he pulled his head away to look at my bust again.

"Sophie," he said, "you have amazing tits."

I watched his big hands massaging my breasts as he positioned himself right between my spread legs, his cock touching my pussy through my bikini bottoms. He pushed his head towards mine and we kissed. His hands held my breasts as we kissed passionately and I could feel his cock rubbing harder against my moist bikini bottoms.

Despite these crazy feelings I didn't want sex, not here, not with Sally's dad, on her bed. I knew she could walk in at any moment, but it seemed like it was about to happen, and not for the first or second time in my life, I felt powerless to stop it.

He went back to sucking my nipples with his cock still rubbing against my pussy. I could feel it rubbing against my clit, teasing me as I felt something amazing building within me. I knew what it was but it felt so different, so good and I didn't want it to end. But I knew it had to before we ended up getting caught.

"Sally." I muttered, "She might come in and catch us."

My breathing was becoming ragged as I lay under him, completely at his mercy. All he had to do was pull my bikini bottoms aside and he would be inside me. My pussy was throbbing and seeping juice as the pressure of his hard cock pressed against me, making me open, wanting him inside.

Then, with his cock so close to being inside me, he grunted and buried his head into my neck as he rubbed wildly between my legs. I felt his warm cum soaking into my bikini bottoms and through the material onto my shaven pussy as he ejaculated.

I felt part relived he was finished but also part frustrated as for the first time I actually felt like I needed a cock inside me.

"You are so beautiful and sexy, Sophie." He complimented, as he climbed off me and pulled up his shorts.

"We need to get back to the pool." I said, finally finding some words.

Ignoring my response he came to the side of me and slid his hand down inside my cum soaked bikini bottoms. I grunted as he slid a couple of fingers inside me and started to finger fuck me.

His cock remained stiff through his shorts and I thought maybe we were going to have sex after all, but then he stopped and pulled his hand away, leaving me further disappointed.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Sophie?" He asked, with a grin.

I didn't know what to say so instead I shrugged my shoulders. I felt confused, why couldn't sex be straight forward I thought. Is it always going to be this complicated?

I know I didn't fancy Sally's dad, I know I didn't really want to have sex with him. But his forcefulness had excited me. I went from being scared to being turned on and that in its self frightened me.

"I want to fuck you," he told me, "but not here, not now. Tomorrow the girls are going shopping for souvenirs. You are going to tell them you don't fancy it and then come to my room. We can have sex then. Ok?"

Again I shrugged my shoulders and gave a weak nod.

"You are so sexy, and I love your body." He said "Have you sucked cock before?"

"Yes." I said, remembering the one and only time with Father McGowan.

"Good, you can suck my cock before I fuck you." He beamed. "God I can't wait. See you down by the pool." He said, leaving the room.

I quickly jumped into the shower and got changed into a new bikini. But I couldn't face going down to the pool after what we had just done. I grabbed a book and went back onto the balcony for the afternoon, this time keeping my entire bikini on.

That evening we went out to dinner and Sally's dad acted as though nothing had happened. In fact he pretty much ignored me the entire evening. Bizarrely it made me furious rather than relived. I didn't even fancy him and being around his family kind of made me resent him for what he had done to me. But then being ignored also aroused me, in an angry way. And he called me the temptress!

The following morning, as planned, Sally and her mother went shopping in the local town for souvenirs whilst I made up some excuse to stay behind and made my way to the pool. I considered joining them in an act of defiance but quickly found myself turning the offer down when it came to the crunch, curious as to what might happen.

When I arrived at the sun loungers I found Sally's dad already there with a smug grin on his face. I politely smiled as I always did around older men, even if they made me feel uncomfortable, and then put my bag and towel down on the sun lounger next to his. I might have thought it odd had Sally and her mother been there but it seemed the right thing to do with just the two of us. He commented on my tan so far, telling me how beautifully brown my "soft skin" had gone. I smiled and sat down, genuinely thrilled by his compliment.

We chatted for a while before I remembered that my sun lotion was in Sally's bag and I had forgotten to take it out before she left for town. I let him know and he smiled before picking up his lotion and rising from his lounger. I stretched out my hand, thinking he was going to offer it to me, but instead he sat beside me and told me to remove my dress.

I looked around the pool, a little nervous, and found only a handful of early morning sun worshippers, none of which were too concerned with us. So, with nobody taking any notice I reached behind my neck and pulled the halter tie that was holding up my beach dress.

"Mmmmmmm," Sally's dad, moaned with his smug grin.

I turned on the lounger so my back was slightly to him and placed my dress in my bag. The red bikini I chose to wear hugged my body nicely and just as the day before and all the days since we had been here, he eyed me up and down, enjoying the view of my body in a hot little bikini.

To be honest I liked the way he looked at me. In fact I liked the way all men looked at me when I wore a bikini. I never felt self conscious about my body; I just lacked the confidence in how to show it off. But Sally's dad was slowly changing that, and I would one day look back and realise what an important part he played in my appetite for sex and getting what I wanted from men.

Without another word he eagerly rubbed the lotion into my back and I began to relax. He did not go too close to my breasts when he rubbed up and down the sides of my body so I was happy to let him continue in view of everybody around the pool.

Standing up he squirted some more lotion into his hands and then placed them on top of my shoulders, once again rubbing the oil into my skin. He sort of massaged my shoulders at first and that relaxed me further. As he rubbed and pressed into my shoulders I closed my eyes and rolled my head back slightly.

I felt his hands slowly and cheekily making their way down and over the front of my shoulders to the top of my chest. I was kind of expecting him to slip his big oily hands inside my bikini and grope me, and I guess I wanted him to, but remembering where we were I sat up and opened my eyes. He massaged my chest for a while, not going too close to my breasts before he moved to my arms and rubbed the remainder of the oil into my skin. When he finished he went off to the bar to get us some drinks and then the rest of the morning was much like the others.

After a few hours and drinks in the sun I began to feel the effects slightly and I think he noticed. At one point while we were chatting he put his hand on my thigh and smiled. Then he did it again, on my inner thigh, edging closer to my bikini.

I was so relaxed and tipsy I didn't care as I smiled back at him and watched his hand snaking ever closer to their target.

"I want to fuck you," he whispered, "let's go to my room."

I stumbled as I tried to stand and he caught me. Our faces were so close together I wanted him to kiss me. But instead he steadied me and told me to collect my things.

Once we were inside his hotel room I began to have second thoughts. The room was littered with his wife's belongings and I remembered it was also my friend's mother I was cheating on as well as betraying my friend. I went to say something but he smiled at me and slid his hand inside my dress and over my breast. He grunted as he groped me and I felt his cock harden in his shorts against my leg.

He groped me for a while, his excitement building all the time before I pulled the halter tie on my dress and let it fall to the floor. He grunted again as he pulled my bikini top off, exposing my breasts.

"I want that blowjob, Sophie." He smiled at me before making his way the bed and sitting on the end of it.

I smiled back at him, flattered he was so eager to have me please him. I knelt on the floor between his legs and pulled down his shorts as he quickly removed his t-shirt.

Raising my hands to his legs I ran my manicured fingernails gently along the tops of his thighs, teasing and tickling him as is cock flinched and throbbed in front of me.

"Oh yes, Sophie." He groaned. "You have the touch of an angel."

I smiled shyly without looking up at him and continued stroking my nails along his legs. When my hands eventually reached their target I took hold of his cock and held it for a few moments. I then looked up at him as I started to stroke him, his cock throbbing in my tiny hand.

He seemed to be really enjoying it which helped me relax and feel more confident. We looked into each other's eyes and I knew it was time. Leaning forwards slightly I licked his cock and slipped a hand inside my bikini bottoms.

With not much experience I did what I thought was right and began moving my head from side to side as I licked each side of his cock, before finally trying to take him deep into my mouth. I sucked hard on him as he moaned and gently ran his fingers through my long brown hair.

"Hmmm, you're a great little cock sucker." He said, spurring me on.

He cupped my breasts and held them as if they were fragile. It was the first time he had been gentle with me and I liked it. But it didn't last long and he was soon squeezing them in a less delicate way, that too felt nice a little rough but also arousing as I sucked his cock and fingered my wet pussy.

Sensing he was close to cumming I simply carried on, but he had other ideas and stood up, telling me to get onto the bed. I quickly did as I was told and closed my eyes in anticipation.

I was soaking wet, and embarrassed at how wet I was as he slowly pulled my bikini bottoms off and started kissing his way back up my legs. His big hands ran up and down my slender thighs, preparing me for him. My clit was throbbing like nothing before with excitement as he made his way up to my tummy and breasts, kissing and sucking.

I hoped he would go down on me but he didn't. Instead he grabbed hold of his cock and climbed between my legs. He rubbed it back and forth along my wetness, causing me to gasp and arch my back off the bed slightly. The feeling was so intense.

"Are you on the pill, Sophie?" He unromantically asked, placing his cock at my opening.

"Yes." I quivered, full of sexual energy.

As soon as the word left my lips he plunged his thick cock deep inside me, not stopping until he had buried himself completely inside my body. The force of his cock entering me filled me with so much pleasure that I could no longer contain myself and started bucking my hips. I had no idea if it was right or wrong but I did it anyway, as if my body knew what to do.

His hands were back on my breasts, groping and mauling them as I revelled in ecstasy beneath him. My hands grabbed the bed covers and I squeezed hard as he thrust into me wildly. He fucked me like this for a while before suddenly my body shuddered into an almighty climax.

I was still panting for air when he let go of my breasts and quickly flipped me over onto my front. My eyes were rolling around in my head and the sensations were just starting to fade when he lifted my arse up into the air and plunged his cock back inside me.

"Oh, fuck ... oh fuck ..." I kept moaning, my mind in a mess, but a good mess.

"Yeah, that's it, Sophie," he grunted, "I'm gonna fuck you good."

He slid in and out me gently, allowing me time to recover before getting faster and faster.

"Fuck yeah, you have a tight cunt!" He spat, bucking wildly into me.

Normally I hated that word, but hearing him use it in reference to me as we fucked sent me into over drive. I quickly slid a hand down between my legs and started rubbing my clit.

"Yeah, that's it, Sophie, cum for me you slut." He said.

"Oh yes," I panted "uhhhhhhhh fuck yeah." I couldn't believe what I was saying but everything felt so good and right.

My breasts were swinging wildly as he fucked me hard and deep, and my second climax was getting ever closer. Suddenly, he grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head backwards. The surprise pain rippled through me all the way down to my clit and erupted.

"Yes, take it, bitch!" He scolded.

Tugging harder on my hair with each thrust I felt my heart begin to race whilst my breathing became faster. All the muscles in my body began to tighten, my breasts seemed to swell and become sensitive with my nipples erect and aching. I knew my cheeks were flushed as I felt the heat rushing into them before it spread down my neck, into my breasts and then to the rest of my body. Fuck! What was happening to me I thought. Harder and deeper he continued to push until finally ... I felt my insides contracting with so much intensity I thought I would explode at any moment.

"Arghhhhhh fuck ... fuck ... fuck yeah!" He grunted behind me, and then I felt him inside me, just like all the others, but with much more force.

"Uhhhhhhhh yes ... yes ... uhhhhhhhh yes." I too groaned out in ecstasy, my own orgasm gripping me more violently the second time round as I pulsed around his cock unloading sperm inside my womb.

After that second orgasm my whole body was super sensitive and Sally's dad fucked me again as I lay there on cloud nine. I watched and enjoyed as my breasts bounced up and down as he fucked me like a wild animal. He wasn't as hard as the first time but he still felt big. He fucked me until he unloaded once more inside me and then fell forward on top of my sweaty, naked body.

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