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"The Ten Suggestions" for Submissives from a Submissive in Service

First, let me offer my apologies to the authors of the original Decalogue (as well as to those who translated it into its many different versions for the different faiths that have embraced it). The idea for this story was engendered by the words of a character in a novel that I recently read, "The Ten Commandments are NOT the 'Ten Suggestions'!" I am sure that I have read or heard that expression before (perhaps it is not quite a cliché, but I suspect it is far from a new concept). When I read that phrase with the background of nearly having completed a rather tumultuous and deeply instructive three years of submissive service, it resonated with me as having a special meaning for those of us who are submissives in service (or those submissives who hope some day to be so).

The fact is, when one is a serving submissive, the relationship with the Dominant one is serving is similar to that of a person of faith's relationship to the Deity that person worships. There are differences since, of course, even the wisest, most erudite, and well-spoken Dominant retains the foibles and failings of humanity. However, submissive service does require the submissive to invest faith, trust, and devotion in that human Dominant. The submissive turns to the Dominant for guidance, direction, and correction in order to improve submissive service, and to grow in understanding, not only of submissive service, but of the submissive's self. As a submissive needs to serve, the submissive also needs to accept the Dominant as the source of the fullest expression of the submissive self that may have been denied in the past. A submissive whose nature has been twisted into a weapon used against the submissive in the past may have more difficulty trusting the Dominant being served simply because the submissive has learned not to trust in his or her own choices. The difficulty in trusting, the problems with relinquishing control, and the challenges of being with oneself as well as with the Dominant one is serving often are very similar to crises of faith that are experienced by persons in spiritual quandary.

Of course there are rules that provide a framework for submissive service. Equally of course, there are wide variations in those rules, from one Dominant to another. Some Dominants feel the need to exert their control by demonstrating their physical power over submissives, whilst other Dominants merely use their vast knowledge of the inner workings of the submissives' minds and hearts to control with a word or even just a look. Some submissives need to be humiliated and embarrassed; hopefully, those submissives (eventually) find Dominants to serve who enjoy providing those things. Other submissives expand their self-knowledge during submissive service to come to understand that physical pain provides them with an element of sexual excitement that is unavailable to them through any other means. Again, there are Dominants who not only enjoy providing that physical pain, but who reciprocate the edgy sexual excitement that the pain calls forth from their submissives.

Although every submissive's service will be unique due to the individual needs, talents, and desires of both the submissive and the Dominant being served, there still is a basic framework that supports the dynamic of a submissive in service to a Dominant. It is that framework that, to me, easily can be summarized by reflecting back to a much more universal and basic set of rules - The Ten Commandments.

With hopes that these "Ten Suggestions for Submissives" are received in the spirit in which they are offered - with open-mindedness and good humor - I humbly offer them for your consideration (and, if you are a submissive, possible guidance):

1.The Dominant whom you serve is a god to you.

2.No one is more important to you than the Dominant whom you serve.

3.Always address and refer to the Dominant whom you serve with proper respect.

4.Observe rituals established by the Dominant whom you serve.

5.Honor the Dominant you serve as the source of your submissive service.

6.Do not deny the expression of your submissive self, or you will kill the

spark of uniqueness that makes you a submissive.

7.Respect the commitment to the Dominant whom you serve; it is inviolate.

8.Being honest with the Dominant whom you serve is the foundation of submissive service.

9.All desire shall be directed to the Dominant whom you serve.

10.All that you have belongs to the Dominant whom you serve; therefore, you need covet nothing, since you acquire nothing, and the Dominant whom you serve will supply all that you need.

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