tagRomanceTenant Rachel Wins Daughter's Man

Tenant Rachel Wins Daughter's Man


Rachel is a 45 year old widow whose college student daughter lives with her during the time she is not in school.

Rachel moved into a 3 bedroom unit in the complex after her lawyer husband died at 58 from lung cancer.

Between the medical bills and the crazy business deals he had made there was not much left of the life insurance or the estate. He was millions in debt.

She still thought and acted like she was rich but she was just hanging on. The reason she choose the complex is it had a pool, sauna and exercise room. She had all this before only it was private. The estate she had was the biggest and best in the area. They had set the standard for the rest to follow and now she was out. It had been a real come down.

Jennifer her daughter was a spoiled brat to say the least. She is 20 years old beautiful and very full of herself. The men were always falling all over her and she lived for the attention.

David had been dating Jennifer on and off for over a year but Jennifer treated him bad most of the time.

He was a tall well built young man of 26 working at a law office in the city.

Rachel had been at the pool and workout room for about an hour, swimming and working out as was her routine. She kept fit as she had all her life. She just had to do it now before and after work, which is something she had not had to do for some time. She worked in advertizing and worked from home and the office in the city. Today was a home day and she was at the pool after the children had left. She got out and was drying off when her daughter with David and several friends came in. Now Rachel is a good looking woman and was wearing a very nice two piece suit and the fellows all stopped and stared for a moment. Well Jennifer could not stand for her mother to be the center of attention and went to her mother.

"Oh mother a woman your age should not be out in a bathing suit like that, please"

Rachel was dumbfounded and then tears formed in her eyes and she grabbed her towel and walked out in a hurry. David was stunned and said "Jen you should not talk to you mother like that" Well Jennifer was not about to take any criticism from him "it's none of your business and she is my mother" and with that stormed off with the bevy of followers seeming to waddle after her. David almost followed but stopped and turned and ran after Rachel instead. She was headed down the corridor to her unit when David reached her and took her arm turning her around.

"I am sorry Mrs. Hanson" she said "oh David call me Rachel please and what are you sorry for"

"well Jen should not have said what she did like that, and well I think you look very good in that suit and believe me so did the other fellows" she, in a slightly quivering voice said " oh David thank you so much" and then she started to cry.

Not knowing just what to do David's reflex was to put his arms around her and pull her to him and he did.

She did not resist, instead she moved in tight with her head on his chest and hands holding his side and then slowly sliding around his back and then pulling him in close and tight. She started to cry harder, her body shaking. The towel she had put around her fell to the floor and so now she was only in the two piece suit snuggling up against David and holding on tight. She felt safe and wanted and she let go all the pent up emotion and cried hard. David was a little embarrassed but here was a woman needing to be held and consoled and he was a gentleman, well sort of. He started to notice her body against him, her breasts pressing into his belly and his hands against her bare back and the feel of her smooth soft skin, one hand at the small of her back just touching the top of the lower half and the other hand just below the strings of the top. Her legs were between his and he started to have some very disturbing thoughts.

David started thinking mmmmmmm she feels nice next to me, and her breasts feel good, I would like to hold them and kiss them and oh her legs, Dam you fool stop it she is your girlfriends mother, hell she is old enough to be your mother, ya but what a mother she is, she has a body any man would like to fuck, no make love to, she is better than just fucking. David's thoughts had started to give rise to a physical appearance, an erection, and he stopped the thoughts and shifted his body to keep his cock from rubbing on her.

She was sobbing softly now and the crying had stopped and then she started thinking and then she felt something and she thought I have to stop this I have to behave, I cannot stand here crying in this boys arms but mmmmmmm he is not a boy mmmm but a young man and he smells good and feels so nice, it's been to long since a man held me like this. She gave a little shiver and pulled him in tighter and snuggled her head into his chest. She was thinking , oh he feels good, nice arms and mmmmm the feel of my breasts in his belly is nice, she gave a little wiggle and rubbed her breast in his belly. Oh my what am I doing he is my daughter's boyfriend but she treats him like dirt, if he were mine I sure would treat him a lot different mmmmmmm boy would I treat him to something, oh stop it your old enough to be his mother"

David felt the wiggle that rubbed her breasts into his belly and thought ,oh man she feels good but what is she doing, the action had only made David's erection bigger.

Oh my what have we here David, is that an erection you have, and erection because your holding me? she moved her leg in tighter to his as he tried to move away and she could feel his very large erection. Oh my that is nice, I can still make the men stand up. She had stopped crying completely and a sly smile crossed her face. Why you naughty boy you, what do you want to do with me, oh stop it, grow up Rachel. With that she moved apart and looked up into his face, that sweet understanding face looking down at her and she could not resist.

She reached up, hand behind head and went to kiss his cheek, but instead her lips went to his lips and not just a little light kiss but a full pressing kiss.

David was taken back but her hand was on his neck and her lips were hard pressed to his, but then he move to her and his arms tightened around her more and pulled her in tight and the kiss deepened and then broke.

She did not know what happened and felt strange and upset " oh David I am sorry I don't know what made me do that"

David had a moment to think and he realized he knew full well what happened and why and he liked it. " Mrs. Hanson you have no reason to apologize and well I liked it"

"oh David what must you think of me?"

David took a moment to think and held her out at arms length and looked her up and down. "well Rachel I think I am a lucky man to have such a beautiful woman kiss me like that" and he looked deep into her eyes and smiled a smile that had a deep mystery to it. David had wanted to kiss her even deeper and harder, and he was now troubled with the feelings he was having.

With that Rachel actually blushed, well a little anyway. She was thinking, what a strange young man this was, he thought she was beautiful and it did not sound like just false flattery either there seemed to be a sincere feeling to it. Well maybe I am better looking than I think. She bent down picked up the towel and started to wrap it around her and stopped, no let him see me like this and she started to walk away.

David followed noticing the cute wiggle that had developed in her butt and he thought, nice ass lady, I would like to reach out and give that a pat and a squeeze. Whoa you idiot what are you thinking, hey man that is a nice ass is what I 'm thinking and yes I would like to see it naked. Okay Okay you have to stop this.

They reached her apartment and she went in turning and asking David "would you like to come in?"

"Oh no I have to catch up with Jen and the gang" and with that he turned and hurried off.

She walked into the apartment with all sorts of wild thoughts going through her head and mmmmmmm some very old feelings in her body. All of a sudden she has developed a itch, a tingle, a NEED in her crotch. Oh my, she thought as she walked into her bedroom and began to take off her suit. In her mind she fanaticized it was David taking off her suit as she slowly undid the top ties and let it fall and then cupping her breast, cupping each and then holding the nipples between fingers and rolling and pinching. AH, she moaned a little and then her hands moved down to the waist band and pushed it down lower and lower, watching herself in the mirror. The suit was on the floor and she stood looking in the mirror and thinking and then she touched her belly and let he hand move slowly down and play over the pubic bone and part the pubic hair as she had never shaved her vagina, vagina hell it's a pussy. She smiled and touched her pussy, sliding her fingers over the lips and gently parting them and allowing the middle finger to rub the wet sensitive area now exposed. The finger moved on what seemed its own power sought the little button of pleasure and there was a sudden inhaling of air as the sensation raced through her body. She had found that special spot. Oh god that feels good and it's been so long since I had a real man. She reached into the night stand and took out BOB the silver friend. She turned it on and applied it to her wet and waiting pussy. Standing in front of the mirror she pushed it up and down and then parted the lips and slipped it into the waiting cavern. OH yes fuck me David fuck me please. She lay down on the bed and started to work the vibrator faster and harder with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other and with the vibrator deep inside her she started to rub her clit and she moaned and shook.

She was writhing and bucking like a woman possessed and then she was moaning and calling out " David , David yes fuck me" and she had the wildest orgasm she had had in sometime. The vibrator lay on the bed next to her and she started to cry again. Oh god what am I going to do, this is never going to happen. Later she got up showered and looked at her self. Went out and had a glass of wine. This was a very strange day.

David had caught up the Jen and she had said nothing about how she treated her mother in fact she was cold to him. She was mad at him for sticking up for her mother against her.

She was actually flirting with another fellow in the group. David said good night as he had to work the next day.

A week later David stopped at the apartment for Jen. They had a date but she had just ignored it and gone out with some girl friends and a couple of other fellow. Jen had deliberately stood David up.

Rachel answered the door. "hello David, what are you doing here, I thought you had a date with Jen"

Slowly David realized what was happening and said "well I guess I have been stood up, I was suppose to meet her here at 2 to go to the lake"

"Oh David she left about an hour ago with a whole bunch of friends and I thought you were with them"

"No and I have the feeling she knew exactly what she was doing, I have the feeling Jen is through with me"

"Oh David I am sure she forgot" "No Mrs. Hanson your daughter knows exactly what she is doing, I have had it with her"

Rachel did know her daughter was a self centered spoiled brat but she was not going to admit it to David.

MMMMMMM he looks very sharp this afternoon. The open shirt and the tight shorts make her look closer at his body than she thought she should be looking.

"Oh David please don't be like that" she wanted to do something but what " come in and let's talk"

"Sure, besides I think your better company than your daughter" With that Rachel jerked and looked at him and he was looking at her with a whole different look than he should have had.

Rachel never seemed to be dressed "casual" as she was a lady top to bottom. She was wearing a designer blouse of a satin material with a rather deep neck line, light blue with a darker blue lace bra that was just barely visible and then had on white shorts with cuffs that came to mid thigh and the legs were open and sort of baggie. David did not fail to notice the blouse and the lace bra nor the tight fit of the shorts around the butt and the nice shape of the legs. Rachel always seemed to be done right from the hair & makeup to the feet.

David looked at her as she turned and walked into the apartment. MMMMMMMMMM nice ass lady.

There was a very seductive wiggle in her walk. Dam she is a very good looking woman.

For some reason she did not know, she was walking with a wiggle she had not used in some time. Oh this is crazy, he is not interested in you, but well it would be nice. Hehehehehehe she chuckled to herself.

"Would you like some ice tea?" David said "yes thank you" and went and sat on the sofa

He leaned back thinking, this is okay, the bitch daughter is gone and the mother is very nice and well hell she is very nice and if Jenn can not be like this then I well, hell the mother is nicer anyway. He could not make a lot of sense of what he was thinking but he was starting to have very strong feelings for Rachel.

She came into the room and bent over and set the tea down on the coffee table. In the process the blouse opened and the lace bra and the top of her breasts were showing. In fact the bra was one of those really small lacey ones and the aureole were visible and just a hint of nipple. David stared hard and deep at the sight and there was a pulse in his pants as his cock throbbed.

David thought, man what nice tits she has and the outfit is , big sigh, too much.

"you are looking very nice today and thank you for , well being so nice to me, Jenn I think has moved on to another man and well I am feeling a little angry, mad, upset and confused today"

Rachel had noticed David looking down her blouse and she had taken a little extra longer to straighten up just so he would get a good look. Oh my what am I doing, he is not interested in me, but only if he was oh if only.

"Well David I must apologize for Jenn sometimes she can be well what can I say she can be mean and I feel sorry for you, your such a nice man and she sure would be hard to find anyone as nice"

"Thank you Mrs. Hanson, sorry Rachel, but I think that Jenn is not the woman for me, I somehow think I need someone with a little more maturity, someone that understands feelings and relationships and well someone that has a better idea of what love is"

"My David you do want a lot of a woman but are you willing to also give?"

"Oh yes if I found the right woman I have a lot to give but well finding someone that well is kind and thinks of the other rather than just themselves, you know someone like you"

With that Rachel started and looked at David and smiled and was thinking, no he could not mean it like that.

"David I am flattered you think I am someone you could have feeling for, but I am much older and have more experience with life."

"Oh I know but well you are such a nice person and well you're a beautiful woman and the age is a plus not a negative thing for you, oh dear I hope I have not offended you"

"No, in fact you have made me feel all warm and well very warm for the first time in a long time"

As she had sat on the sofa next to him and had been holding his hand, David reached up with his hand and put it on back of her head and pulled her to him. His lips met hers and at first she hesitated and then moved to him and her hand came up to the back of his head. The kiss started out as a light exploratory kiss and then as her reluctance lessened the kiss grew in passion and pressure. He reached around with the other arm and grasped her shoulder and pulled her to him. The kiss deepened and he parted his lips and pushed his tongue out. There was a little resistance but only a little and then her lips parted and her tongue meet his and then the dam broke.

All the pent up emotions she had been holding back for months years even suddenly burst out.

Her arms went around his neck and his back and she pulled him to her with such force she fell back on the sofa and now he was on top of her. Her hips twisted and adjusted and he was laying on her kissing her so deep. He could feel her breast pressing into his chest and diaphragm and her hips under him moving. Oh god what is happening, oh hell this is good and she is great. I want her and I want her now but will she.

He started to kiss her ears and neck and then back along the jaw line to lips and they were locked into a kiss of passion again. His hand move to her side and the up up up and his thumb was under her breast and the hand moved over the top and he squeezed. There was a gasp from her as his hand close on her breast and she felt like she should do something but couldn't.

Oh yes David yes yes take me now, touch me kiss me take me please now ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

She was lost to his touch and she did not care anymore.

He felt a warm very warm feeling come over him, this was not just sex this was something more this woman was very special and he is going to treat it so. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM she feels so good and her breasts (tits) feel good. I want to suck on them I want to fuck, no make love, to her. David had fucked Jenn but somehow it did not feel like this, he had not made love to her. This is going to be special.

His hand moved slow as he was not sure what she wanted or would allow. The fingers moved across the chest and inside the blouse and caressed the bare flesh above the bra and the fingers then traced the line of the bra from the cleavage out to top and then down and back and up the other tit. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice soft smooth skin and the smell of her is something. She broke the kiss and moved to his ear.

"I want you David, I want you now" and then she kissed his ear and put her tongue in it and then bit it and kissed his neck below the ear and back out to his lips and with passion kissed him hard and deep.

David could not believe it. She wants me and she is going to get me, all of me.

His finger tracing the bra moved under the bra and down down down until it touched the nipple which was hard and very sensitive. As he gripped the nipple between thumb and forefinger and rolled it, she broke the kiss and threw her head back and moaned loan and long. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

She had moved her hips and now her legs were on the sofa apart and one at the back bent and the other with foot on floor. David was between her legs. He rolled his hip to rub against her mound. She broke the kiss and moaned with her head back. He kissed the neck and let his tongue tip move down the throat to base of neck and he bit her. She moaned louder and pulled his head to her " yes yes oh god yes oh David I want you"

He moved his head down kissing the top of her breasts exposed above the bra. She moved her hands down and unbuttoned her blouse exposing all to David. He kissed and then bit lightly and sucked. He reached up and undid the front hook of the bar and there they were. Oh god they look so good. He kissed every inch of her breasts very lightly and ran his tongue over them and traced it down to the nipple on each and kissed sucked in deep and as he did she moaned " Oh David oh it feels so good oh suck them harder please". Her hands on the back of his head moved around and pulled at his shirt. She worked at it and he helped and the shirt was off and she had shed the blouse and bra. He grabbed her and kissed her deep and hard and then moved back to her nipples. Her hips bucked up and down and up and wiggled and her legs wrapped around the back of his legs and she was humping. He was sucking her nipples in deep, his mouth was full. He now moved down from her wet breast to her belly licking and kissing and sucking all over, her hands on the back of his head just entwined in his hair and making soft meowing moaning sounds. His kisses went lower until he touched the top of her shorts. His tongue traced around the edge and she wiggled and bucked and moaned, "oh god that feels so good, yes touch me everywhere oh please". It had been a long time since a man had touched her body like this she had almost forgotten what the sensations were like what the thrill of the touch meant. "Oh please more now"

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