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Tender Loving Care


We have a silent code at work and that is to never answer the phone during report. That is the time when staffing is most likely to call with the "I know you think you are going home but you can't speech" when no one else is available. The phone rings and my lapse in judgment is due to an expected Dr.'s call back on a patient.

"Fourth floor R.N." I answer.

"Good, Jen, it's you." I hear Mitzi's chirpy little voice on the other end. She runs our staffing office for the hospital. Her specialty is dealing with us nurses who feel 8 hours is enough time served.

"No, Mitzi, I will let you talk to someone else as...", I try to say quickly but fail. Mitzi is faster than any telemarketer around.

"Honey, you know who's up to bat for 5th floor?" she giggles into the phone. Of course she can taunt us because she knows there is a security door on the staffing office. I think I know why.

"Do you know it takes a really sick person to do your job?" I say sarcastically. Mitzi knows I am kidding...partly anyways.

"Actually , Jen, that is your job...taking care of sick people and there are two for you all night on 5th floor. I have to go the phones are ringing. Goodnight" she says as the phone is clicked over. Bitch! The thought of paging security and suckering them into letting me into the staffing office to retrieve an invisible purse comes to mind but not for long. The girls come in to relieve me for report.

I head up the stairs to 5th floor with the idea that this could be worse. Much worse. The whole floor could be full and I would be alone. I get report and settle into the desk. I get some charting out of the way and by then it is time for rounds. I get the vitals on the guy in 4A and note he is due for discharge to the nursing home for comfort measures only.

I continue on down the hall to the lady, Anne, in 2B. She is sleeping with Valium on board and will leave tomorrow via family who have a guest house ready to take care of her in. I check her vitals adjust her sheets and clip the call light to her side rail. I get ready to leave when a framed photo catches my eye.

I pick up the photo and see the family smiling after a long day of fun in the sun. There are uncles, aunts, grandmas, grandpas, cousins scattered and grandchildren sitting on the grass in front. I study each face left to right and it is then that I see him.

He is ruggedly beautiful. His smile could light up at least half of L.A. His dark hair and his dark eyes almost distract you from the fact his arm is around an equally amazing creature. She is exotic in her features. Great! Ken met Barbie. I know there must be some law against two beautiful people being together. Talk about cheating the less fortunate gene pools.

Their skin glows and must have just been kissed by Fiji or Bermuda before the photo was taken. Irregardless, I feel my mouth go dry. He must be a treat to look at everyday. I put the photo down and close her curtains. I turn off the television and think about him as I fill her water pitcher.

He is the guy in my fantasy opening the door to the cabin. I have just hiked three miles into the deep woods after splitting my canoe during a portage. I can't believe my eyes thinking he must be a mirage to my dehydrated soul. He takes the lead and gives me a smile that has me drying off in a towel absent of clothing by the fire in no time. My mountain man replenishes me with a warm drink from the antique wood stove.

He is quiet because everything about him talks to me in the silence. His accent soothes me, his eyes warm me and the touch of his hand seduces me into complete submission. He has asked for nothing and I will give him everything for that moment, his presence within me to never end.

The water splashes over the water pitcher and sprays out at my uniform. Great! Now that I am cooled off with reality I grab a towel and curse the faucet. My shirt is soaked and the fact is white isn't going to help matters any. Thank goodness it is 12 midnight and has 7 hours to dry.

I return the pitcher to the bedside and get ready to leave the room when I walk into a human wall. I would guess 6'2"-6'4". Incredible smell... a cross between Armani and roses. Roses? I look up and see a huge bouquet of multi-colored roses. Above them I see my mountain man. What? I must need my contacts rinsed. I blink and find a hand extending towards mine. I wrap mine as much as possible around the large fingers. The warmth spreads through my arm and up into my cheeks.

"Hi, I am Elijah, Anne's nephew. I just got back from London on business. How is she?" he says in a rugged voice that cuts the silence in the room like a jagged knife.

"No problem. She is doing great. Anne will be ready to be discharged tomorrow. Are going to be the one taking her home?" I ask letting go of his hand. I am still only able to see his eyes because there is a bouquet of roses in between us. I quickly count and there has to be at least 20 in there.

"Oh, sorry" he says as he backs into the hall bringing down the bouquet at the same time. In the light I now see him. He is breathtaking. It is him. The man in her photo. First thought is naturally that Barbie must be parking her pink corvette. Or did they bring his beachcomber jeep? I smile lightly at the idea of a pink corvette in underground parking. Now that you don't see everyday.

"Can I set these in her room if I am quiet?" he asks holding the bouquet out from him to get my attention.

"I am in your way. Go ahead. I will be out at the desk if you need something." I say attempting to pass around him.

"Actually, I do need your help if you don't mind." he steps back into the room blocking me.

"Do you have a phone I can use with a calling card? I read the signs about using the cell phone in the hospital." he in informs me.

"Sure, put the roses down and I will show you to our visitor's room. I bet you are tired after your flight. Your family is probably just waking up in London." I comment figuring that is who he is calling since I haven't seen Barbie claiming Ken by now.

"My family is probably still sleeping actually...at least Anne is." he says with a laugh.

"Oh, I am sorry. I saw the reunion photo on Anne's table and figured you and your wife were responsible for those adorable kids in the front." I reply.

"My wife? Oh, you mean the lady next to me? That is my twin sister, Elise." he says. "Beautiful isn't she?" he laughs and then clears his throat.

"Well, that reminds me not assume anything doesn't it?" I laugh.

We reach the room and I turn on the table lamp. There is a couch and a small table to the side. I hand him the phone book. Making eye contact with him gives me goose bumps.

"Just in case." I say as he grabs it.

"Do you mind staying a minute? I really would like to talk with you." he asks putting his hand out and touching my shoulder.

"Sure." I answer and sit on the couch while he picks up the phone and dials. After a few seconds he realizes there will be no answer.

"So, what can I help you with?" I ask looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

"Will my Aunt need anything to be more comfortable when she leaves the hospital?" he asks settling into the couch.

"Everything is taken care of and hospice will be there every step of the way with you after discharge." I inform him and pat his knee as I slide up to the edge of the couch to stand.

"Another thing I would like to know is since you were so polite to ask about my family ...how about yours?" he smiles and puts his left hand over my right one on his knee.

"Uh..."I stumble with my words looking at my hand covered by his.

He notices what I am looking at and pulls his hand back and apologizes blaming it on the European influences he has been accustomed to over the years doing business in other countries. I assure him no harm was done and I watch him start to wiggle out of his jacket.

His dress shirt glows against his face. Then it happens. Our eyes lock completely on one another's. Why did he have to look into my eyes? My ears are turning red I know it. I can feel my face blushing. The energy his eyes project is intense. My chest feels cool drafts of air from the fan that blows back and forth in the corner. Just then I remember my wet shirt! I look down and my skin is dark and the outline of my bra is completely obvious along with my nipples that are standing straight out. I look up in panic and he is looking at my chest then darts his eyes back to mine.

I realize this one of those defining moments. I can use my creativity and slide out to check an invisible call light or I can bet on never seeing him again and make light of it. Which do I pick?

"This is the new look for night nursing uniforms. The wet t-shirt look. Do you like it?" I finish and I can't believe I said it!

His eyes blink and he starts laughing. Thankfully this gorgeous man has a sense of humor.

"As for family...I have a cat that waits for me at home and that is it." I answer his question.

"I will let you rest...you have a long day ahead of you getting Anne back home." I say as I stand up and walk to the cabinet to get him a pillow and blanket.

"It was nice to meet you, Elijah. Good luck tomorrow and tell London hello for me." I finish as I hand him the pillow and blanket. I brush past his knee and think of the fantasy I am leaving behind in the room as I walk towards the door. I get ready to turn the knob when the door doesn't open.

I look up and see his hand is about a foot above my head keeping it shut. He is quick and silent I think to myself. He also must have something on his mind that we haven't talked about.

"Don't turn around. I am going to ask you something only once. I feel you. I look into your eyes and see more than I do anywhere else. If you feel the same way don't leave." I stand frozen at the door. I can't believe what I am hearing. Great! I meet the man of my dreams and I am in a hospital and I am working. Figures.

"Just my luck.." I say and slide my hand slowly up the door and lean my head against it. I stand there pondering what I am going to do when I feel the clip in my hair open and my curls spill out over my shoulders. I hear it tossed onto the table in a corner.

Elijah slides his right hand up my back very slowly while leaning his right hand on the wall and door. His hand makes it's way to the nape of my neck and his fingers tilt my face to the side to face him. He is so hot I close my eyes afraid I am going to melt right there.

He kisses my forehead softly then my cheek and neck. I am feeling dizzy. The effect of his lips brushing against my neck are over whelming. He nibbles my earlobe then softly dances his tongue inside my ear. I am getting wet and it is almost too late to turn back now. Elijah whispers something in French with warm exhales and I softly moan.

"Elijah, I..." I say with a dry mouth.

"I want you more than I have wanted anyone in a very long time." he whispers in my ear.

"I am working. I can't. Really. I want to so bad." I say feebly. With that his mouth is over mine as his hand holds my neck. He tastes just as I had imagined. Delicious. I can't refuse. My body won't let me. I feel weak standing there and that's when I feel him slip his hand from my neck and down my ass as he bends down. He picks me up and locks the door with his left hand. All I can smell is his cologne in his hair and I wrap my arms around him. He brings me to the counter of the kitchenette and sits me down on it. I am face to face with him and I am speechless.

"Please, I..." I stumble on the words as his mouth covers mine and invades it's depths. His hands move from my hips up the inside of my shirt and make their way to my breasts. I think of his lips and teeth around them as he pinches and squeezes them.

"Oh, God." I say softly. With that he pulls my shirt over my head and tosses it to the floor. He wraps his hands around my back and puts his face between my tits sucking and nibbling as he un fastens the back of my bra. I run my fingers through his hair and pull his mouth to suck one then the other. He rolls my nipples between his teeth and tongue like little beads. His hands slide down my back into the elastic of my scrub pants. His left hand slides under my bare ass and he lifts me up while the right pulls off my panties and scrubs with no effort at all.

Again I am sitting on the counter looking at him as he slips off my shoes. Then my socks. My pants are then yanked from my legs with one quick sweep of his hand. He lifts my right leg and kisses the sole of my foot and trails his tongue up my shin and inside my knee. His shirt is unbuttoned with his left hand as he makes his way up to my thighs.

I move my hands through his hair, down his neck and pull the shirt down over his shoulders. That is tossed into the growing pile of clothing. He pulls my hips forward and cradles my neck back having me lay across the cold hard counter. He slides his shoulders under my knees and with one hand on my stomach and the other under my ass he pulls my cunt to his mouth quickly.

Wasting no time his tongue dives into my pussy sucking at me with his lips. The tip of his tongue is working my clit in deliberate strokes like my well used fingertips. I crunch forward trying to shove him away but he pulls me onto his face harder with each attempt I make. My hands and hips betray me and grind and squeeze him into me. I can't hold out much more and begin moaning deep and soft. My hands reach out for something to hold onto for leverage and I grab the support beam for the cabinets above me. I feel the vibrating in his moaning massage my clit. His tongue dives deep into my soaked pussy and I imagine it is a small cock fucking me with perfection. His left hand pulls up at the hood over my clit and he starts sucking the little bud furiously. With that I arch my back and his right hand plunges three fingers into my cunt fast and hard. In and out. I let go of the support beam and grab his head as my hips bang against his mouth and fingers.

"Ahhh, I am going to cum! God, YES!" I cry out. My body writhes and jerks while I shudder in defeat against his face. My thighs hold his face prisoner in my finish. I am completely defenseless as he sucks the extra juice that could possibly be left.

"Mmmm Baby, you are the sweetest thing these lips have ever tasted." he moans as he pulls me up to sit. Our mouths lock and the taste of me mingles between us.

" You know what?" I say breaking the silence.

"What?" he answers kissing my neck and sliding his fingertips between my thighs.

"You may just be right but there would only be one thing sweeter yet..." I say with a playful smirk. Elijah looks up at me and smiles like a kid at Christmas looking under the tree.

I slide my hands down to his pants and take off his belt tossing it into the pile of our clothing. His cock pushes against the zipper as I free him. He slides his hands under my ass stepping out of his pants then slips off his shoes. This man is not only hot but he is coordinated. I wrap my legs around him and he carries me over to the couch.

I am in his lap and can feel the length of his hardness along my bottom pointing to the ceiling. I think to myself this is going to be one rough hard ride. I hold his face in my hands and search his eyes. So much energy...deep and dark. I want to harness it all. I kiss his cheek and chin. I suck my way playfully down his chest. Sliding off his lap and onto the floor I take him into my mouth. I stimulate his underside with sharp flicks of my tongue. His hands find their way into my hair wrapping strands in between his fingers. He leans his head back , slides his hips forward and closes his eyes.

"Oh yes, baby, that's it!" he moans as I take him in deep. He looks down and he watches me work him and his breathing quickens. I make slow deliberate strokes.

"God, you look so good sucking my cock." he purrs. I feel his hands pull my head down deeper on him. I suck hard and move faster. His legs are starting to tighten up. His cock starts to throb and his balls get hard and tight. I don't want him to cum yet so I slide my mouth off him and start to suck his balls. He holds my hair back wrapped in his left hand and his right brings my mouth back over him once again. This time I slide my middle finger down into my pussy for a little extra lubrication before bringing it up to his ass. I slide just the tip of my middle finger in slowly and he gasps.

"Oh, God, yes!" he cries out. His hands work my mouth faster on him. Now it is time. I start moaning deep so the vibrations are strong and take him down to the back of my throat. I shove my middle finger all the way in his ass and wiggle it as he lets out another cry while his body jerks sending shots of cum down my throat.

"Ahh, Yes!" he calls out and I slide off for a moment to swallow only to have his hands shove me back on him for more. Holding him like a candy cane I lick him clean and dry.

I slide back into his lap and kiss his lips individually with delicate sucking then both searching deep within him with my tongue. The taste of us combined is heaven.

"Now that is the sweetest thing I ever tasted." I say with a satisfied sigh.

"Yes, I agree...now how about after work you come home with me to give me a little more TLC?" he says with a grin.

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