Chelsey beamed, knowing she had brought some happiness to her best friend.

After closing the garage door, as they entered the kitchen, Becky asked, "Want some dinner?"

"I think I'd like to shower first," Chelsey said.

"Good idea! Maybe I'll take one, too." They went back to their respective bedrooms to strip.

As Becky took off her bra, her fingers kneaded her full breasts and rubbed and pinched her hardening nipples. Sliding her panties down over her thighs, she was reminded of her earlier thought, wondering how this would feel if it were Chelsey stripping her. She shivered, running her hands up to her full breasts, kneading them again softly. One hand crept down to her bush and she pressed against her mound, stroking her fingers up through her slit, feeling its warmth and wetness.

Almost trance-like, Becky slowly walked into Chelsey's bathroom. Chelsey was already in the shower, her image distorted by the mottled glass. Becky could see her soaping herself, running soapy hands over her lovely, high, firm breasts. Becky looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her newly toned body. Not bad, she thought, not bad at all.

Chelsey noticed Becky standing outside her shower stall. "Mom," she gasped as the water played over her face, "Come on in. The water's fine!" as if inviting Becky to dive into their favorite swimming hole.

Becky slid the shower door aside enough for her to enter. Chelsey looked her mom up and down, admiringly. "Mom, you look great! Yeah, the right word is 'edible!'" Chelsey reached out with one hand and traced her fingertips down between her mom's still firm breasts. "Wow! You're in great shape," Chelsey crooned.

She hugged Becky to her, sliding her wet, soapy fingers down her back and stroking down over her buttocks, cupping her cheeks. To both of them, that action was highly erotic. Chelsey's eyes were glazed and Becky was breathing hard, their breasts rubbing against each other's, slippery with water and soap.

Becky moaned out loud. "Chelsey, you're so hot!" she said as she squirmed sensuously against her daughter's nubile body.

"Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mom!! I hope you don't mind my saying this, but," she hesitated for just a moment, "I want to make love to you," Chelsey said softly. "I need to make love to you."

Chelsey's hand cupped Becky's mound. Her middle finger snaked up between Becky's pussy lips, rubbing across her clit. Becky's knees wobbled.

Chelsey knelt down and spread Becky's thighs gently. Becky's hands rested on Chelsey's shoulders. Chelsey reached up and spread Becky's pussy lips while she licked broadly with her tongue up Becky's pussy, twirling the tip of her tongue around Becky's engorged clit.

"Oh, my darling, Chelsey. I want you, too. I want to make love to you, too. Let's rinse off and go to my bedroom."

After toweling off, Becky went to her bedroom. Chelsey was already there. The only light in the room came from two candles, softly glowing from the top of Becky's dresser. Chelsey's toys were spread on the lamp table, next to Becky's king-size bed. Chelsey led her mom over to the bed and gently pushed her down on her back, lying length-wise, with her head resting on one of her pillows. Chelsey lay down beside her, propped up on her left elbow.

Chelsey started to lean over her mom when Becky, seeing the motion, reached her left hand up and guided Chelsey's lips to hers. Her lips parted and her tongue snaked out to greet Chelsey's tongue as their mouths closed upon each other's. At first, only the tips of their tongues touched, but slowly they became more demanding and swirled about each other. Becky sucked on Chelsey's tongue, drawing it further into her warm, soft mouth. She sucked, then relaxed and then sucked again, as if Chelsey were fucking her mouth with her tongue. Chelsey responded by feathering her fingertips up over Becky's tight tummy to her firm breasts. Becky moaned loudly.

"Oh yes, my darling," Becky gasped. "Play with my breasts."

Becky, in turn, licked around Chelsey's lips and tongue while she began to circle Chelsey's right breast with the fingers of her left hand, ever narrowing her touch until she flicked, feather-light, over Chelsey's rigid nipple. "Oh, oh, oh, that feels so good," Chelsey moaned.

Becky softly pinched the nipple and then pulled the nipple between her thumb and three fingertips. Chelsey's body shuddered, electric flashes flowing from her nipple to her pussy. She squirmed at her mom's touch, breathing harder. Chelsey returned her mom's ministrations on her breasts by repeating them on Becky's breasts as if Chelsey were learning from her mom how to pleasure her, by mimicking her caresses.

Becky released Chelsey's tongue and pulled her up so she could lick her breasts. She slid her fingers down across Chelsey's mound, caressing in long strokes up and down over her slit, with delicate pressure from her middle finger, sliding it inside her lips as she stroked upward. At the same time, she was sucking gently on Chelsey's right nipple, pulling on it, softly nuzzling it with her teeth, teasing it. She kneaded Chelsey's left breast with her right hand and pulled on its nipple when she sucked on Chelsey's right nipple.

Chelsey screamed, shuddered and orgasmed. Her body stiffened and she ground her pussy into her mom's hand pressing it against her hip, bucking up and down. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned. "Oh, mommy, Oh Becky, that feels soooooo gooooood."

As Chelsey's body relaxed, she seemed to collapse onto Becky's body, but recovering quickly, she began to minister to Becky as Becky had done to her. "It's your turn now, my love," Chelsey murmured.

Chelsey licked in broad strokes around Becky's right breast, avoiding the nipple. Her right hand fingertips feathered down to Becky's pussy, stroking lightly over the soft hair, sliding her finger between the hot, wet lips as she stroked up. Becky's thighs spread wider, inviting Chelsey's fingers to enter her.

Chelsey felt such overwhelming tenderness for Becky, while at the same time she wanted to pleasure her as she'd never been pleasured before. She knew her boorish father could never have pleasured her mom as she intended to. She realized most men were not like her father, but he was who Becky had and she had been faithful to the end. Chelsey wanted to show her mom what sincere, true love, passionate love, was really like.

Her fingers, moving slowly and softly up between her mom's pussy lips, slid easily on her juicy, swollen flesh. Chelsey's lips closed tenderly over the nipple of her mom's right breast, her tongue swirling around the jutting, soft cylinder. Becky gasped and arched her back, then thrust up her hips as Chelsey's fingers dipped into her vaginal opening, twisting gently.

"Oh God, my sweet darling," Becky moaned. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" she screamed in orgasm as Chelsey's fingers found Becky's swollen, sensitive clit.

Chelsey placed her palm flat over her mom's clit and pressed down. Becky thrust her hips up and writhed on Chelsey's hand, grinding her sex into her daughter's hand. Chelsey continued to suck on Becky's right nipple, suckling like a hungry infant, her eyes glazed over with lust. Becky's hands were holding Chelsey's head tenderly to her breast.

Chelsey was so happy. She had pleased her mom, made her feel wanted; bringing her to feel the intensity of her daughter's passionate love for her. She lifted her head from Becky's breast and sought her mouth. She softly placed her lips over Becky's lips and gently swept her tongue over them and then backed away slightly as Becky came down off her orgasmic high. Becky's chest stopped heaving and she smiled dreamily at Chelsey.

"Oh my sweet, darling Chelsey. I love you so much, more than I've ever loved any other or ever will. You make me so happy."

This was exactly what Chelsey wanted to hear. She knew now that she, too, would never love another more than she loved Becky. Their love for each other transcended any artificial boundaries demanded by society; they no longer countenanced any barriers between them - such no longer existed.

They lay in each other's arms for some while, reveling in the touch of each other, tenderly squeezing each other from time to time to remind each other of the intense pleasure they both recently experienced, at the hands of each other. But sooner or later, Mother Nature was bound to interdict.

"I've gotta pee," Chelsey murmured.

"Yeah, me too," said Becky, sitting up. "And say, I'm hungry. Shall we get some dinner?"

Chelsey was immediately fully alert. "Food; did somebody say something about food!" she exclaimed.

They got up off the bed and went to their separate bathrooms to handle their respective needs. Becky called out, "Hey, Chels, let's not bother to get dressed. I'd like to look at your body. It would make our meal more erotic, don't you think?"

"Yeah, that sounds just great to me. I haven't seen enough of your sexy body either."

They microwaved a couple of Hungry Man frozen dinners. Well, they both were hungry after their earlier activities...

With no cleanup or dishes to wash, mom and daughter headed back upstairs to the master bedroom. "Guess I won't be sleeping in my room any more," Chelsey grinned.

"You sure won't, unless I'm with you," Becky smiled warmly. They wrapped their arms around each other and hugged, rubbing their bodies against each other.

Becky guided Chelsey to the middle of the huge bed and told her to just lie still on her back with her arms and legs spread. Becky then reached over to the lamp table and retrieved a tube of KY jelly. This was the new formula which created a warming sensation as it was applied. She spread a bit on each of Chelsey's nipples and on her clit. Chelsey shivered with each touch, but then began to moan softly as the lubricant created the intended effect. Becky spread Chelsey's thighs wider and pulled her knees up so that Chelsey was fully exposed to her hands. She spread some of the KY on her index finger and tenderly probed Chelsey's rosebud, swirling her finger tip around the sphincter and then slowly inserting it into Chelsey.

Chelsey moaned louder and said, "Oh mom, yes, please love me there."

Becky finger-fucked Chelsey's asshole very tenderly for a few minutes, waiting for that sign that Chelsey was comfortable with her finger in her there. Then, satisfied with the signs, Becky removed her finger and taking the vibrating butt plug, smeared some of the jelly on it and ever so slowly inserted it into Chelsey's asshole. When Chelsey's sphincter closed over the plug and only the outer part of the plug which tended to prevent its full insertion could be seen, Becky turned the switch, sending sensuous vibrations coursing through Chelsey's luscious body.

Becky reached back to the lamp table, picked up the dildo, smeared jelly on it and slowly and tenderly inserted it about four inches into Chelsey. Chelsey reached down and pushed it in another two inches, thrusting her hips up against it.

"That's the way I like it," she said softly.

Now Becky reached back again and grasped the vibrator. Turning it on 'low', she played it around Chelsey's nipples and slowly drew it down across Chelsey's tummy, going slowly back and forth over Chelsey's pubic hair, ever narrowing the width of her stroke until the tip of the vibrator was pointed directly at Chelsey's clit.

Chelsey's breathing was ragged and her chest heaved her back arching. Her body writhed on the bed, seemingly centered on her pussy. Becky touched Chelsey's clit with the vibrator and shifted the switch to 'high'. Chelsey screamed with unbridled passion and lust. Her arms and legs thrashed up and down as if she were doing the dolphin kick on her back. She orgasmed, squirting for the first time, gushing her pussy juices out around the dildo embedded in her, soaking the bedcovers. Becky hadn't anticipated this and expected she'd have to change the bed before they went to sleep. Fortunately, the mattress cover had a plastic top on it.

It took quite some time for Chelsey to recover from the extreme intensity of her orgasm. Becky knelt next to her daughter, tenderly stroking her body across her shoulders, down her arms to her finger tips and down her legs to the ends of her toes. A dreamy smile spread slowly across Chelsey's lips. She sighed deeply, her body relaxed under her mom's caresses. Her eyes opened languidly and focused slowly on Becky.

"Oh, mom. That was the most wonderful experience of my life," she breathed.

Her arms reached for Becky and they embraced softly, tenderly, rejoicing in the feel of each other. They lay entwined and drifted off to sleep, Becky thinking vaguely she could change the bed later. They both awakened before dawn, felt for each other, hugged again and drifted back to sleep. Chelsey awakened first to bright sunshine floating through the gauze-like inner curtains. She looked over at Becky, lying on her back, her breasts slowly rising and falling and her lips softly moving with her exhale.

Chelsey adored her mom. She looked so peaceful at that moment, almost child-like. She knew she and her mom had established a totally new relationship with each other over the past hours and that it was a good thing, a loving thing, a sustaining thing. Whether she ever married a man and had children or not, she knew her mom would always be her first and greatest love.

Becky stirred softly as the light became brighter. She opened her eyes to see her loving daughter looking adoringly at her. Becky smiled and reached her arms to Chelsey. They hugged each other again, stretching their bodies out fully and tenderly rubbing against each other.

"Chelsey, my dearest heart," Becky murmured. She thought separating from Chelsey, when she went back to school this time, would be a lot harder.

Both women got up and showered together, washing each other softly, in no hurry, tenderly showing their adoration for each other with their hands and fingers. They toweled each other off and each got dressed on the assumption that they would go out of the house for something that day. Both women found their nipples were tender and sensitive from the previous night's play as they slipped their bras on.

After a breakfast of cold cereal, Becky asked, "Chelse. Is there anything special you want to do today or any place special you want to go?"

"Mom, is the store still in business where you got my 'secret' toys? she asked.

"Yes, honey. It's the Valley Adult Book Store, over on Bricklin Avenue. Why do you ask?"

"Would they be open today?"

"Oh, I'm sure they would. Want to go there?"

"Yeah. I have something I want to get if they have it."

"What's that?" Becky asked.

"Oh, you'll find out," Chelsey responded, with a coy expression on her face.

They washed their cereal bowls out and left them in the rack to dry. Then piling into Becky's car, they drove the six miles to the adult book store. Chelsey had never been in such a place and her eyes were bugging out at all the many different exciting sights before her. She wasn't in the store more than five minutes before she realized she was soaking wet. She knew what she wanted, but she hadn't seen it yet, at least nothing like what her room mate had described.

As they approached the rack where the various dildos were displayed, Chelsey suddenly spotted it. It was a contraption which had a kind of wide belt-like form with a section which descended from the belt in front and looped down and back up to the belt in the back. Projecting from the front was a dildo or something like it. Yeah, that was it - she remembered her room mate had called it a "strap-on" and that it was used by a woman to pretend she was a man so she could fuck a woman. Since she knew her mom had enjoyed being fucked by her father, she thought she might enjoy being fucked by her daughter.

Hesitantly, Chelsey touched her mom's arm. She pointed to the strap-on and said, "That's what I was looking for. Could we get it?" she asked softly.

Becky looked at the contraption. It was made for special interchangeable dildos. One obtained a series of dildos of varying sizes and shapes, so that the most pleasurable arrangement could be found for the particular activity engaged in. All the dildos were life-like, all looked like cocks of different lengths and girths and textures.

Becky said, "Yes, my darling. We need to select the particular dildos we want though, so we're sure to have what we want when we want it. Why don't you find the ones which you think you want to be put in you - both holes - and I'll do the same? Oh, also check to see if they have any vibrating ones."

Becky quickly went through the available selections and chose the ones she wanted, handing them to Chelsey. "Dear, there's something else I want to get. I'll be right back."

Becky wanted to get one of those things which looked like a series of eggs strung together and which vibrated. She found what she wanted over on the next aisle. Coming back to Chelsey, she asked, "Found what you want, honey?"

"Yeah!" Chelsey said, excitedly. "They're really neat!"

"OK, let's check out and head for home."

"Oh," Chelsey said. "Can we get a DVD which shows us how to use these things?"

"I don't know, but I'll ask."

Becky tapped Chelsey on the shoulder. Chelsey was rapt in the seemingly unlimited number of sexual and sensual articles to be found there. "The clerk said we'd have to buy a dozen different DVDs to see all the ways a strap-on can be used. There's no single one that they have which gives specific lessons for its use. So, we'll just have to experiment," she giggled.

Back in their cozy house, both women expressed the need to go to the bathroom and then get something to eat. Neither had realized how long they had spent looking and choosing at the adult store. They both were very wet with the thoughts their imaginations had pushed to the surface while they gazed about in that store full of toys. Today was Saturday and Chelsey would be returning to school the next day. Becky realized this would be their last lunch together for some while, so she suggested they whip up some BLTs, Chelsey's favorite lunch. Chelsey squealed with delight.

When their meal was fully devoured and everything cleaned up, Chelsey took Becky gently by the arm and led her to the master bedroom. There, she slowly and tenderly stripped her mom, running her fingertips softly over newly exposed skin as she proceeded to reveal her. Becky stood still, with her eyes closed, as her daughter made love to her with this ritual of exposure, stripping away any inhibition in the way of their complete joy in each other. She guided her mom to the center of the bed, again, lying on her back. She then very quickly stripped naked herself.

Preliminary to their use of the strap-on, Chelsey wanted to have Becky extremely well aroused and lubricated. To her, that meant her mom had to have had an intense orgasm, similar to that which Becky had brought about in her the night before. The various dildos they'd obtained at the store were spread out on the chair next to the bed. Chelsey noted that her mom had selected larger ones than she had, longer and thicker. She selected the largest and ran her fingers over it. It seemed huge to her until she realized that she, as a baby, had come out through that same canal in which this would be tenderly inserted.

OK, she thought. She pulled her mom's knees up and spread her legs. She was going to try a different technique to getting her off than Becky had done to her. Remembering the bliss of her room mate's tongue on her pussy, she knelt between Becky's thighs, got down on her tummy and with her hands on Becky's hips, pulled her mouth to Becky's pussy.

With her hands under Becky's bottom, Chelsey had access to her from her asshole to her clit. She inhaled the sweet aroma of her mom's sex, enjoying it thoroughly. She started licking Becky's slit, with short gentle strokes, moving from the bottom of her slit, slowly upward. She nibbled at the outer lips and sucked gently on the inner lips as she ascended to her hood, protecting that super-sensitive nub, the center of her sex. Chelsey did not touch it. She circled it with her tongue but did not touch it. She went back down to the bottom of her slit and slowly went back up, doing what she'd done before.

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