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This story is the first in a series of events that have actually taken place over the last two years. Although names are fictitious to protect the ‘not-so-innocent’, places and events are factual. I have put ‘pen to paper’ for three reasons: i) to preserve the images and memories in our minds; ii) to share the images with you. Had I not experienced these events first hand, I would not have believed what is written, and probably treated these words as fiction; and iii) what has happened over that last couple of years has injected even more excitement into our sex lives – so much so, that even as I trace back over the images and transpose to text, I have to periodically stop and relieve myself – with the help if my lovely wife, Tanya, of course. So, read and enjoy in the knowledge that the words are relating true events; and when you feel stirring in your loins, feel free to relieve yourselves of any stress that may be swelling up.


Hi, my name is Dave. I’m a 34 year-old, 6’3”, 210lb hunk, so my wife Tanya tells me, with mousy hair and blue eyes. I work as a Site Manager for a national building supplies firm, supplying the industry with everything from silicone sealant to concrete cement, and floor tiles to chimney pots. Tanya works as a Surgery Nurse at the local Health Centre. She’s 5’4”, brown hair, green eyes, 110lbs and beautiful firm 36F breasts with the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen in the flesh!

Tanya and I have been married almost 7 years, and we’ve both enjoyed every day we’ve been together; never had an argument that lasted more than several minutes and never went to our bed without telling each other how much love we had for on another.

Many of my friends think that fun is cheating on your spouse, but I tell you, there’s nothing healthier than a solid, faithful marriage with lots of healthy sex. Neither of us had strayed from the matrimonial bed, however, we had toyed with the idea of threesomes, swapping, swinging, you name it - fantasies as most healthy young couples have, I would think. After all, it’s curiosity and human nature! But, not wanting to spoil what we have together kept us from temptation – that was, until our first holiday to Tenerife two years ago.


We had booked an all-inclusive deal at one of Tenerife’s newest hotels, so the glossy brochure said, on the south of the island at Playa de las Americas. The Hotel Fañabe was a marble and glass construction with any hint of concrete discretely covered with ivy and palms. The main reception area sported a small bar and a large reception desk with a beautiful dark Spanish female receptionist that couldn’t have been more than 18 years old and with a figure fit for Miss World. Maria’s English was broken, but good enough for us to converse, and after checking us in to room 312, a porter took our key and luggage and led us to the elevators. Juan, a pleasant young man fresh out of school, and gave us a brief description of the hotel as we waited on the elevator’s arrival. By the time he placed our luggage onto the luggage rests in our room, we knew exactly where the bars, disco, pool and special sunbathing areas were. I tipped Juan for his help and he left us to unpack our clothes.

It had been a long day and we were both tired, so after a short walk along the black sandy beach warmed by the setting sun, Tanya and I headed to the reception bar for a small nightcap before turning in for the night.

We spent the next two days on a voyage of discovery interspersed with sunbathing sessions at either the poolside or on the beach. Tanya was able to tan quickly and already, her soft skin was turning a fabulous bronze colour, whilst I was almost a cherry red, but, I knew that if I stuck to it, I’d soon turn brown too.

On day three of our ten-day stay, we met a couple from Scotland. Terry and Jane were from Glasgow and lived up to the stereotypical Glaswegian lifestyle – loud, self-centred, almost belligerent attitudes, but underneath it all, they were really good sports, and were in Tenerife to make the most of their free time away from their three kids.

Terry was in his early 30’s, about 5’11” and 170lbs with brown hair and brown eyes: Jane, probably a couple of years junior to Terry, was platinum blonde with blue eyes and a figure to match. They had been soaking up the sun and quenching their thirst at the poolside when Tanya and I took a pair of sun lounges next to the couple. After an informal introduction, a brief who’s who, several beers and another good dosing of gamma rays, we decided to meet up for the evening in the main bar.


Tanya wore her white cotton summer dress, low cut to reveal her ample breasts. She had also removed her bra, allowing her nipples to lift the delicate fabric of her dress, forming white silhouettes that were both hard and erect. Her white g-string panties were just visible through the material as her tanned legs and stomach were in stark contrast beneath the swaying cotton. Her healed sandals gave her an additional two-inches in height, and with her hair tied back, she looked stunningly beautiful.

Tanya was ready to party, and when Tanya was ready to party, she knew how to have a good time!

Terry and Jane were sat at a table in a darkened corner of the bar, sipping cocktails when they saw us arrive. Terry ordered another round of drinks from the waiter and pulled out a chair for Tanya – well mannered or just aghast with her beauty, I wasn’t quite sure. Jane, dressed in a little black number, wore a deep red lipstick that complimented her pouting lips. Terry and I were truly out-smarted by these two beauties as we both sported short-sleeved shirts and dark trousers.

After several rounds of cocktails, we decided to try out the disco. It was a darker, more sensuous atmosphere in the disco, with red illuminations along the walls and tables, and the occasional under dance floor lighting spilling up, allowing many girls’ silhouette through their dresses and skirts.

We found a ‘quiet’ corner were we could just make out conversation and no sooner had we ordered another round of drinks when Jane dragged Tanya onto the dance floor. The girls looked incredibly sexy in the red lighting as they made their way through the crowd, and when the dance floor lighting came on from time to time with the rhythm of the music, I could see Tanya’s shapely legs through the thin dress material. Terry made some brief comments on how we were both lucky to have such beauties and that if we weren’t too careful, the local lads might want to muscle in on the action.

Terry went on to explain how another couple he’d met on their first night at the hotel had got into the wrong company. A group of four local youths had befriended the couple and they all ended up in the couple’s room for a quick drink whilst they waited for the lads’ taxi to arrive. As it turned out, one of the youths had spiked the woman’s drink whilst another fed the man with some local liquor – very strong. The man had passed out and the woman was then gang raped. She was so heavily sedated by the spiked drink, she knew what was happening but couldn’t do a thing about it. The strangest thing about it all though, was that the couple, when they came around in the morning, actually enjoyed the experience and they have since been trying to find the local youths to try a more sober approach.

Terry was clearly excited about it all and I got the feeling that perhaps the couple were not those Terry and Jane had met, and that the couple were, in fact, Terry and Jane. Later that evening, after more alcohol, I managed to get Terry to confess. He told me he and Jane had always fantasised about threesomes and group sex and that he and Jane were looking for all the fun they could get on this holiday.

In bed, as I retold the story to Tanya, she slowly stroked my cock and by the time I got to the confessional, she had engulfed my cock in her hot wet mouth. Needless to say, the story, the atmosphere, the alcohol and the location had gotten Tanya sexually excited and we fuck each other as we narrated our own fantasies to each other that night.


Next day, we didn’t see Terry and Jane and assumed they had either taken a sightseeing trip or broaden their horizons in a search for some local youths.

At the poolside, as we laid on our lounges, I caught sight of a female on the roof of the hotel, looking down at the pool as she leaned across the safety balcony. It was then I recalled Juan’s words about the ‘special sun bathing area’. Tanya and I decided to do some exploring.

The screen door led to a cordoned area filled with sun lounges and a walk-through shower. A sign on the wall stated that the area was ‘Strictly Naturists Only’. There were two couples at the far end of the area talking to a chap who appeared to be alone. Tanya and I decided to take a pair of lounges close to the shower and removed our swimwear.

The soft breeze and heat of the sun’s rays felt fine on my privates, and Tanya let out a soft sigh as she opened her legs slightly to allow that same breeze cool her pussy. We applied fresh coconut oil and relaxed.

In a daze, I could make out a man’s voice. I opened my eyes to find a tall thin chap, perhaps in his forties, talking with Tanya, in broken English.

“Hello, my name is Franz,” said the German accent. “I’m on holidaying wiz my own, and am here to meet all zer new peoples.”

“Hi, I’m Dave, this is my wife Tanya.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Tanya offered her hand to shake. Franz took it and lifted it as he bowed his head and gently kissed the back of Tanya’s hand.

After some polite conversation, we discovered that Franz was not German; he was Swiss and worked for Bundesbank in Geneva. He’d explained that the hotel, recommended by a good friend, was the place to meet couples who were ‘less inhibited’ and as he hadn’t a girlfriend since his wife had died some six years before in an auto accident, he needed to ‘alleviate some of zer stresses’.

“Would you boz be vanting a drink from zer bar?” We accepted his kind offer. Tanya was feeling sorry for the guy and said that, during our conversation, she couldn’t help but notice Franz’s eyes scanning her body, not that I hadn’t noticed, and that it was actually making her wet and me horny.

“Play your cards right girl, and you might be in tonight,” I joked. Tanya chuckled as she recalled one or two of our fantasies from loving nights past.

Franz returned with a three long glasses containing blue liquid, ice and straws. “You like zer sex on zer beach?” he asked Tanya as he handed her one of the cocktails.

“You bet,” she replied with a broad smile and a giggle. I knew that the sun must be getting to her, or perhaps it was the sight of Franz’s cock, all seven inches of flaccid meat caressed by a huge sack with two golf-ball sized testicles. “And you?” she asked cheekily.

“Vell, alvays.” We all laughed and that appeared to break down any remaining barriers that might have been between us.

Isn’t it amazing how, no matter who you talk to, the subject eventually turns to sex? After we’d discussed pleasantries, family, weather, politics and country matters, Franz finally let the cat out of the bag; “Are you two vanting me to join you zis evening?”

“In the bar?” I retorted, knowing exactly what he meant, teasing him along.

“Na, na. I mean in zer room. Have zer zreesome? Your wife haz zer very fine body and most lovely breast here in all of Tenerife,” Franz complimented. “I am getting hard just zinking about zis,” Franz crossed his legs in an attempt to hide his growing erection.

“You fetch us another drink, Franz, whilst Tanya and I decide.” Franz’s forward attitude caught us a little off-guard.

“What do you mean ‘whilst Tanya and I decide’?” Tanya blurted as Franz disappeared from sight.

“Well, you did fantasise only last night about having a big cock in you mouth as I fucked you silly,” I recalled.

Tanya, in a quandary, contemplated the thought. Then, after several moments, “Hmm. Let’s play it slowly then. I call the shots, okay?” Tanya unconsciously tweaked her left nipple as she pondered about what might be in store for here that night.


“It’s open,” I called as Franz slipped into the room, bottle of red wine in hand. “Tanya was just finishing in the shower.”

“I am a little early, but excited wiz you in my zoughts,” Franz explained boyishly.

“Don’t worry, Tanya’s been wanting this since we left you this afternoon on the rooftop.”

“Ya, goot, she vill not be disappointed zen, no?”

“No.” She certainly would not. Deep down, Tanya had wanted another cock just as much as I wanted to see her take another cock. “Just relax, take off your shorts and shirt and lay on the bed whilst I pour us a stiff drink”

The scotch burned the back of my throat as I swallowed, eyes smarting, hand trembling. I removed my shorts and we both awaited Tanya.

Tanya opened the bathroom door and waltzed into the room oblivious to Franz’s presence. “Shit!” she exclaimed as she realised Franz was laying on the bed, with his cock in hand slowly growing and hardening at the thought of what was in store for him. “Sorry,” she apologised, “I didn’t expect to see you there.”

“Please, I am sorry for zer shocking,” Franz, red-faced, removed his hand from his cock to reveal a full ten inches of muscle.

Tanya gazed at his cock, astonished by its size and girth. “It’s okay. Here, let me help you with that,” Tanya said as she dropped her towel revealing her nakedness. She wasted no time and kneeling over Franz, took his cock into her mouth, licking its purple head and shaft. Tanya made herself comfortable, straddling Franz’s knees and making sure I had a good view of her oral action and her ass, as she knelt opening her legs. Her freshly shaven pussy was damp and her pouting labia glistened in the soft light. I dropped to my knees at the foot of the bed and began to run my tongue along her groove, making sure it probed every orifice and ripple. Tanya let out soft moans as she slowly rocked her ass from side to side, inviting my tongue into her hotness.

“Ahh, zat is zer vay,” Franz whispered as Tanya attempted to take his cock deeper into her throat. “It has been very long since my last making of love.”

Tanya felt Franz’s cock twitch as he unloaded his hot slippery semen into her mouth. Unexpected as it was, she didn’t waste a drop and swallowed, feeling the cock in her mouth pulse as Franz emptied his sack.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was surreal. Tanya and I had, up until that afternoon, only fantasised about such events, and here we were, realising every moment – and Tanya was ‘taking it slowly as she called the shots!’

My cock was desperate for attention, and Tanya sensed it. “Fuck me Dave,” she demanded as she dropped onto Franz, letting his flaccid cock nuzzle against her pussy, her breasts pressing firmly on his hairless chest. I wasted no time and mounted her from behind, my cock slipping into her with no form of restraint. The excitement overcame us and we both shuddered in climax as I filled Tanya’s pussy with my semen and Tanya muffled her moans in Franz’s shoulder.

We rolled over and took little time to recover. By the time I poured another drink, Franz’s cock was fully erect. Tanya, eager to please and facing me, mounted Franz, his cock sliding slowly into her as her juices and my semen offered additional lubrication. I watched as I sipped my drink and Franz slowly fucked my wife. Long, slow, deliberate strokes pulling out revealing the glistening head, then sliding back into Tanya until his balls were firmly pressing on Tanya’s clitoris. After Tanya came twice more, I decided to assist. My stiff cock once again eager to please, I slid it into Tanya’s pussy alongside Franz’s. Tanya took a sharp intake of breath as she felt her pussy stretch and the sensation of two large cocks penetrate deep into her vagina. I could feel Franz’s fervent pace increase, and that, along with the aroma of sex in the bedroom, had me on the brink of another ejaculation. A dozen more powerful thrusts and Franz and I erupted simultaneously, filling Tanya’s pussy with more hot, slippery semen.

“Zank you boz for zis,” Franz said as he kissed Tanya’s left breast, “but now, I must be leaving you to meet wiz some friends of mine. Perhaps you will join us no?”

“Maybe tomorrow Franz,” Tanya answered, exhausted.

Franz left ten minutes later after tasting Tanya’s pussy and making sure he had inserted two fingers ‘so zat I vill remember zis for zer rest of zer evenink’ he commented as he closed the door behind him, sniffing his fingers.


Later, Tanya and I cleaned up and after a while decided to frequent the bar for a nightcap.

Terry was at the bar, “Hi Terry, where’s Jane?” Tanya asked.

“She’ll be down shortly,” he winked at me. “Let’s grab a table.” We wandered to the far end of the room and discussed the day’s events.

Terry and Jane had met a new friend on the rooftop, Franz. He’d been talking with Terry and Jane just before we had arrived that afternoon. As it turned out, they had slipped down to the poolside to try and find us, just as we had caught the elevator to the rooftop and so had missed each other, ‘not too much of a loss’ flashed through my mind but immediately regretting it, I missed seeing Jane’s naked body.

Tanya left to powder her nose and no sooner had she rose from the table, Terry slid across the bench-chair to tell me about the fucking Jane was receiving right now… with Franz!

I was taken aback. I didn’t let on about our earlier sexual encounter and innocently asked about Terry’s thoughts on having his wife taken by a stranger whilst he was sitting in the bar. “Ah, we got an open marriage. I fuck whomever I please, and Jane swings both ways, so, I’m on a winner.”

“Wow,” I exhaled. “And you don’t get a tiny bit jealous about it?”

“Hell no. I’ve played around a hell of a lot more than she has, and besides, it’s amazing the new techniques you pick up from different encounters. It really does spice up your love-life.”

Tanya returned and immediately Terry asked her if she’d like to dance. On the dance floor, Terry held Tanya close and was making constant eye contact with her. It was blatantly clear he wanted to fuck my wife. I began to get annoyed and aroused at the same time.

I finished off my drink.

At the bar, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. “Franz says ‘Hi’,” Jane whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. “I’ll have a Vodka and Red Bull,” she said in the next breath. “Where’s Tanya and Terry?” she asked.

“On the dance floor,” I managed after getting over the shock that Jane probably knew exactly what Tanya and I had been up to that afternoon. “Do you fancy a dance?” I asked. Jane nodded and we set our drinks on the table.

After three songs, we sat down. It was extremely hot in the disco and we were all perspiring. Jane’s cream blouse had large damp patches forming in her cleavage and I couldn’t help but notice her nipples were erect. She saw me gazing at her body and smiled as I realised I was caught in a stare. “I think Dave likes what he sees,” Jane said loud enough for all to hear.

“Oh yes, he likes a nice pair of tits does Dave,” answered Tanya on my behalf. If it wasn’t for the lighting, I would have been reddest face in the disco.

“I’m all hot and bothered,” commented Tanya as she fanned her face with a drinks mat.

“So’s Jane by the look of things. Let’s go somewhere cooler,” suggested Terry. It was almost too corny to believe. I could have sworn I was being set up had it not been for the fact that Tanya and Jane had only just arrived and wasn’t aware of what Terry and I had talked about.

The poolside bar was closed and so the only people at the bar were the four of us. “Ah, that’s better,” sighed Jane as she undid three of her blouse buttons, revealing her firm tits, but only enough so that her nipples were teasingly just out of sight.

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