tagLoving WivesTenerife Revisited

Tenerife Revisited


Well, Tanya and I finally made our return visit to Tenerife, almost three years to the day since our first visit and our first discovery of group sex. Read and enjoy (we certainly did).


We arrived at 2:17am at Sophia Airport after a four-hour flight (give or take ten minutes) and a thirty-five minute taxi drive. The hotel reception was just as we’d remembered it. The marble foyer still looked brand new and the bar as if we’d left it yesterday; I was extremely thirst and I could imagine myself sipping on an ice-cold beer.

Rosanna checked her computer screen and shook her head, “I don’t understand, we have your name here, but all our room are completely full. There must be some mistake.”

This was just what we needed. Tired, thirsty, hungry and desperately in need of a shower, I was beginning to lose my patience.

“Ah, Rosanna, what is the matter?” the hotel manager asked ten minutes later after being woken up by his receptionist. Rosanna explained the problem to her manager, then several minutes later and a lot of apologetics, the manager shrugged his shoulders, “Aphhh, theses machines, I don’t like.”

“Look,” Tanya said, attracting the manager’s attention from the check-in computer monitor, “do you think we can get a drink whilst you’re sorting this out?”

“Certainly madam,” said Rosanna, embarrassed and apologetic. She scooted off and returned several moments later with a cold beer and a glass of chilled white wine.

“Ah! Here we are. I told that silly girl that room 341 would not be available and she’s booked someone in today and given them your room because 341 was not available and, well, silly, silly girl.” The manager looked up after finishing his conversation with himself. “It looks like we have overbooked madam, sir. We had a problem with one of our rooms, 341, and the girl in reception today has forgotten and thought we had a spare room. Someone checked in today and have taken your room, leaving 341 only. And that is not available.” His excuse began to sound monotonous, his English breaking into Spanish as he cursed his daytime receptionist.

“So, what do we do now?” asked Tanya.

“Please, wait a moment,” the manager asked and spoke in Spanish with Rosanna. A short telephone conversation, and within ten minutes, we found ourselves in an apartment two hundred yards down the street from the Hotel.

The manager assured us we would receive compensation and that a room would be available to us the following day. And it was. We had been upgraded to the equivalent to a Presidential Suite, or so we thought. The bed was huge, the décor extravagant, and in a vase, a huge bouquet of flowers with a large box of chocolate for Tanya, a bottle of whiskey for me.

“Okay, this might just turn out okay after all,” I commented as Tanya inhaled to sweet scent of a scarlet rose. I read out a card that had been propped up against the bottle, “On behalf of the Management of the Hotel Fañabe and Thompson’s Travel, please accept these as a token of thanks for your patience. There were £200’s worth of vouchers for use at the hotel bars and restaurant.

“Wow, that’s great!” Tanya almost jumped in excitement. “Yup, looks like it’s gonna be better than the last time.”

We found the rooftop naturist area hadn’t changed, apart from a fresh coat of paint and new sun lounges. We pulled up a small side-table and set our drinks and sun oil on it. Tanya unclipped her front fastening bikini top and let her large globes free. Before she removed her g-string, I was naked and laying on a lounge. We soaked each other in the coconut oil and began to baste in the hot sun, sipping on our tall fruit-juice cocktails; it was a little early in the day to crack open a beer.

We had been in the solarium for a half-hour when we heard the screen door slam. A group of lads, probably no older than 18 or 20 years old, wandered through the solarium. They were well tanned and judging from their accents, I’d say they were from the North East of England, perhaps Newcastle.

“Hi lads,” I said as they approached us.





The four slowly passed us, all casting their eyes on Tanya’s body, then took up a corner of the solarium and stripped out of their t-shirts and shorts. I could see Tanya wanted to look around, but she resisted the temptation.

“Now that’s one well hung mother,” I teased, but she still resisted. Her nipples hardened as she thought about my words and the young hunks.

She closed her eyes after telling me to be quiet, “I’m going to have a snooze, make sure I don’t lay too long, or I’ll burn.”

I watched the lads over Tanya’s shoulder. They began drinking beers and playing cards. The occasional joke made them burst out into a fit of laughter. All four were fit and muscular, well tanned and sported short blond-dyed hair. It became evident that they were all part of a football team, judging from the conversation that drifted on the light breeze from time to time.

A waiter came and took orders for fresh drinks, placing them on the table without waking Tanya. He too made sure he had an eyeful of Tanya’s breasts and clean-shaven pussy. Her little angel tattoo shimmered, soaked in the remnants of the coconut oil, and her pierced clitoris ring was just visible through the folds of labia as Tanya stirred a little, making herself a little more comfortable.

A couple found the naturist area and decided to lie out just ten feet from us. They spoke in an accent I’d not heard before. Later, we found out they were Bosnian, living in Austria. We had difficulty pronouncing their names, so Tanya christened them Ivor and Olga. We joked a little about it and Ivor and Olga accepted their new names with a laugh and broad smiles.

Ivor’s English was very broken, but he knew enough words to explain what he wanted to communicate. Olga, on the other hand, spoke no English and used her husband as an interpreter.

Nothing too excited happened that second day in Tenerife, but our suntans were beginning to turn from bright red to a golden brown. The two weeks under a suntan lamp at home had given us a good start and by the end of our holiday, we looked like we’d been swimming in a vat of gravy.

We decided to head off to the beach. It wasn’t far from the hotel, just a few hundred yards down the hill. We selected a relatively quiet patch and laid out our beach towels. The water was warm and after a good swim, we returned to our towels and lay in the sun to dry off. After a couple of hours of getting black sand in our toes, nooks and crannies, we decided to head off back to the hotel to shower and get ready for a night on the razzle.

As we were about to leave, Ivor and Olga appeared. “Hello, a beautiful is it,” Ivor greeted us.

“Yes, it is,” I said. We chatted for five minutes or so, then I asked if they would care to join us that evening.

“Yes, it would be very pleasure,” Ivor answered, then interpreted to his wife, who nodded her head in agreement, “Ya.”

Tanya smiled, “We look forward to meeting you at 7:30, in reception then?” she asked Ivor, looking at Olga.

“Ya, seven serty, ya.”

Tanya and I chuckled at Ivor’s pronunciation of ‘thirty’. We lifted our towels and headed back to the hotel, leaving our new friends on the beach.

“She is rather pretty, isn’t she?” Tanya asked.

“Yeah, she is. I bet she knows how to handle herself too.” Olga and Ivor were probably around thirty-ish. He was a good six-feet tall with fair hair and a strong body. Olga, with her long, almost black hair that had been trimmed shoulder-length, reminded me of Sandra Bullock. Her breasts were not particularly large, probably a 34”B, but her legs looked fantastic and her ass extremely firm.

“I’d say she must have done a lot of running at one time, probably not so long ago,” Tanya continued.

“Probably,” I agreed. “So, what about Ivor then? He’s a bit of a hunk too isn’t he?”

Tanya nodded, “Yes, he’s not bad. His accent is very funny though. But, yes, he’s quite strong looking. I wonder…” then we laughed as Tanya parted her hands to mime the size of Ivor’s cock.

“Well girl, perhaps you’ll find out tonight if we all play our cards right.”

And we did. After several beers, and a large amount of vodka, or “wodka” as Olga called it, we found ourselves dancing with each other’s partners at a beachside disco.

“It’s getting late,” Tanya informed us at 3am. “I think we should head back to the hotel, don’t you think?”

We agreed and began a two-mile stroll along the beach. Tanya and Ivor struck up a conversation whilst Olga hummed a tune in between fits of giggles.

“What’s so funny?” I asked Olga as Tanya and Ivor walked ahead of us.

Olga shook her head and answered in gobbledegook that made sense to her but not to me. She giggled again and placed her hand over her mouth like a small child shying away as she discovered a secret. Olga looked so good in the dim light. Tanya and Ivor were now about a hundred metres in front of us and we could barely hear them speak above the splashes of the water on the sand.

Olga spoke again, a little softer this time, and touched my face. I touched her hand and before we knew what was happening, we were kissing passionately.

I felt her hand explore my groin, searching for my manhood that was now beginning to come to life. I gently squeezed her firm ass as she moaned through our kisses. Several moments later, we broke off our engagement and ran up the beach to catch up with Tanya and Ivor.

I could see they were holding hands now; it was hardly a surprise after some of the comments that Tanya had been whispering to me through the night. I couldn’t complain. Olga was firmly clenching my hand and smiling like a kid at Christmas.

Little words were spoken as we exited the lift. Ivor’s room was on the first floor, so we decided to take him up on his offer of a nightcap. We slouched on his sofa and sipped vodka.

Tanya kissed my cheek and whispered, “I’m going to have sex with Ivor, is that okay with you, babe? You can watch.” I nodded okay as she touched my stiff cock, fighting to escape from my trousers.

Ivor found a radio station that played soft music and invited Tanya to dance. Olga sat next to me and placed her arm around my shoulder as we both watched our spouses kiss and cuddle.

Ivor lifted Tanya’s arms into the air and helped her out of her silky top. Her black bra held on firmly to her large 36F’s. He kissed her cleavage as his hands rested on her short skirt. He unfastened the clip and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor. Tanya looked fantastic in her underwear. Her tan made her look a million dollars and my cock strained harder to escape. She unfastened her bra and let herself free as Ivor placed his thumbs under her panty elastic and removed her panties, letting them join Tanya’s skirt on the floor. He slowly ran his tongue over here breasts, teasing her right, then her left nipples. They stood hard and erect as he gently tugged them with his teeth. Ivor’s hands found Tanya’s firm ass and he massaged her, making her moan as he pull her cheeks apart, letting fresh air kiss her moist pussy lips.

Olga liked what she saw and removed her blouse revealing her braless mounds. Nipples erect, they were extremely dark in contrast to her lightly tanned breasts. She unzipped my trousers and exposed my cock. Then, she took me into her mouth and began to run her tongue up and down my shaft, licking away the dampness that had formed on the tip of my cock.

Ivor was now on his knees, lapping at Tanya’s clitoris. He spoke words I couldn’t translate, but at the same time knew what he was saying. Tanya moaned as she felt his tongue tap lightly on her clitoris. Her wetness made the pouting lips of her labia glisten in the soft lighting.

I played with Olga’s nipples as she gave my cock a thorough washing with her tongue. I reached over, lifted her skirt, and fondled her ass through her white cotton panties. Olga knelt and removed her skirt and panties as I stood and dropped my trousers. We were all naked now.

I knelt between Olga’s legs and began to explore her pussy. She had trimmed her pubic hair into a neat ‘V’ that almost directed you to her clitoris. I pulled her lips apart to expose her pinkness. She was extremely wet and tasted so sweet. I buried my tongue into her as far as it would stretch; Olga groaned with pleasure when I gently sucked on her clitoris, pulling it away from her mound and into my mouth. I inserted a couple of fingers and found Olga’s g-spot. It didn’t take long before she shuddered as she reached her first orgasm, soaking my chin in the process.

Ivor was now on his back. Tanya had lowered herself onto his cock and was riding him like a bucking bronco. Beads of perspiration ran down her back as she rose up and down on his hard cock. Ivor’s arms were extended and his hands supported Tanya’s breasts, his fingers kneading them like a baker kneading large balls of dough.

I placed my cock at Olga’s opening and gently pushed forward. I slid in and began to fuck her. She began to scream, quietly at first, with each thrust. I could feel my cock hit her cervix hard with each penetration. Her vaginal muscled clamped on me as I felt her cum once more. It was all too much excitement, and I exploded inside her, my cock oozing semen with every throb.

I kissed her hard as we watched Ivor and Tanya climax together. Tanya fell forward and almost passed out on his chest.

After several moments, Tanya stood. It was then I understood why she had gotten so excited. Ivor’s cock, although not particularly long, must have been almost four inches in diameter. He must have stretched her pussy when he fucked her, and Tanya like having her pussy stretched.

We were all tired and decided to call it a night. It was already dawn and my watch told me that if I were at home, it would have been time to get up for work. We thanked our hosts for their hospitality, and then headed for our room.

Tanya and I, although dog tired, found it difficult to sleep. Tanya rubbed my cock, still moist with Olga’s juices and my sperm, making it swell up again.

“Ivor’s cock felt so good,” she whispered, “I could feel its girth stretch me wide open. If I came once, I came a dozen times,” she exaggerated. “But I still prefer yours, darling,” she comforted as she slid under the sheets and took me in her mouth.

Tanya massaged me to a full hard-on, and then crawled up my body, allowing my cock to find her pussy. It slid in, helped by the lubricant deposited by Ivor earlier.

“Ah, I can feel you deep inside,” Tanya whispered as her nipples began to harden again. I laid back and let her do her thing, making me cum inside her. We collapsed and slept.

We spent most of the following day on the rooftop solarium, catching up on our sleep, dozing as we soaked up the sun’s rays. Ivor and Olga turned up mid-afternoon and joined us. It was their last day in Tenerife and Ivor told us how much he and Olga had enjoyed themselves the previous night. “We will remember this holiday a lifetime,” he said, then translated his words to Olga who agreed with a large smile.

Sober now, and recovered from my morning hang-over, I was able to have a good look at Olga’s body in the sunlight. She was extremely fit and looked so sexy, lying on the sun-lounge that I could feel my cock swell a little. Ivor’s cock, now fully flaccid, didn’t look like it could grow into the thick monster Tanya enjoyed so much last night. I could see her gazing at it from time to time, probably think the same words as me.

“We must leave now and pack. Our taxi will come at 8pm to take us to airport and we must eat before we go. It will be a long night for us,” Ivor explained and we kissed and shook hands, farewell.

“Well, that’s another quickie to add to our list,” Tanya said, almost triumphantly. Yes, since our first visit to Tenerife just three years before, we’ve become an established swinging couple, although, we didn’t like to see ourselves as swingers, more like an open minded couple that enjoyed experimenting together.

The next four days consisted of rooftop sun, beers, a little disco or restaurant dining and relatively early nights, that is, asleep by 2am. We were halfway through our holiday and things were coasting along nicely when…

We were on the sunroof solarium again. The same group of lads we’d seen on our first day in the solarium appeared again. And, just like on the first day, they slowly walked past us, eyes firmly set on Tanya’s, now bronzed, body. They took the same corner and drank beers.

After a while, one of the lads came over. “Hi, I’m Peter. Umm, I don’t know how to say this, but, ah what the hell. The lads have bet me that I couldn’t come over here and get to kiss your wife’s nipples.”

“What!” Tanya said, almost bursting out in laughter and shock at the same time. I laughed at the lad. He was clearly nervous and across the way, the other three were watching his every move.

“How much?” I asked him.

“Oh, umm, a fiver,” he answered. “They bet me a fiver.”

“Well, what do you think to that?” I asked Tanya.

Still a little shocked at the unexpected request, she laughed a little nervously and nodded her head, “Okay, then, just a quick kiss then.”

The lad knelt and placed his head on her breasts, kissing Tanya’s nipples. “Thanks,” he said as he raced back to the group.

“Cheeky buggers,” I laughed.

“Boys will be boys,” Tanya said mockingly.

It couldn’t have been five minutes later when another lad came across. “Hi, I’m John,” he announced. “Umm, do you think I could kiss your wife’s nipples too, mister?”

“What is going on?” Tanya asked, faking annoyance, but loving the attention.

“Well, we’re playing this game, like, and we all think you’re a canny lass, and well, there’s not much talent about in the daytime, and, well… Anyway, you know what us lads can get up to when we’ve had a beer or two.”

“Yes, I know exactly what you boys can get up to,” Tanya replied. “Oh well,” she said moments later, “I guess a little kiss won’t hurt.”

The lad stood next to Tanya, but just before he could kneel beside her, she took hold of his cock and pulled him onto her. He, and I, were shocked by the sudden movement. The lads cheered as they watched their mate fall upon Tanya.

“Sorry missus, sorry,” the lad apologised profusely. “Sorry.”

“Well, are you going to kiss my nipples then?”

“Umm, oh, yeah,” he slid down Tanya’s slippery body and kissed her nipples. She let him stay there longer than the first lad, Peter. She could feel John’s cock begin to swell against her thigh and she opened her legs slightly, allowing his cock a little more room for growth, the tip just touching her pussy.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Tanya teased and the lad stood with a half-hard-on and ran back to his mates.

“You’re a bloody tease, you know that?” I told Tanya. It was a naughty sight, and she loved every minute of it.
”Yes, and that’s why you love me,” she replied.

It was another half-hour before we were interrupted again. By now, we had turn onto our stomachs to toast our backs. I had just settled into the next chapter of a book I was reading when…

“Uhum,” a throat cleared, “I’m Paul and I was wondering if you needed some more oil on your back. The sun’s very hot, and you can burn very easily,” he informed Tanya.

“Is this another dare?” asked Tanya, turning her head to see another Geordie hovering over here. Paul was well endowed and Tanya liked what she saw. “Well,” after a feigned period of indecision, “I suppose I could do with a little more oil on my back and legs,” she said. I looked over the top of my glasses as she winked at me.

Paul knelt at her side and poured a fistful of oil into the palm of his hand. “You have a beautiful tan,” he complimented as he massaged the oil into Tanya’s back, spreading it down between her shoulder blades.

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