It was getting late and we decided to take what was left of our drinks back to Terry’s room so we could chat and listen to some more social music. It also helped that Terry had a well stocked refrigerated room bar.

In the elevator, I could feel Tanya squeeze my ass as she looked up to me and gave me that ‘little miss naughty’ smile. I felt my cock stir as I could see in my mind’s eye Tanya and Jane strip in front of me. The elevator ‘pinged’ as we reached the fourth floor and the door slid open.

As we stepped out of the elevator, “Hey!” Franz called from down the hallway. He was with two friends. Both appeared to be Swiss as he conversed fluently, Franz explaining to them who we were.

“Zank you boz for earlier,” Franz kissed Jane and Tanya’s hands and disappeared into the elevator with his friends all laughing as the elevator door slid closed. Tanya looked at Jane, Jane at Tanya and they both burst into a fit of laughter.

“Wife died?”

“Six years ago?”

“First time since?”

The girls played ping-pong as they recounted Franz’s words. “We’re going to have to teach that bastard a lesson,” Jane sniggered as she closed the room’s door behind us.

Terry poured our fourth round of drinks. Jane, wanting to cool off, removed her blouse and skirt and sat on the sofa in her silk panties. Tanya, also hot and bothered, had also slipped her dress off and sat on my knee, here right breast resting on my cheek. We amused ourselves, mimicking Franz’s accent and how he’d had us all strung along, fucking both girls. Terry, half unconscious from the alcohol he’d been feeding on since early evening, had a constant grin as he laid stretched out on the queen-sized bed.

“Give him five minutes and he’ll be fast asleep,” Jane whispered as Terry’s head began to turn slowly to one side. “Here, help me with his shirt,” Jane requested Tanya. “If he sleeps in that tonight, he’ll wreck it for sure.” Jane unbuttoned Terry’s shirt as Tanya slipped off his loafers. Jane managed to remove his shirt with relative ease. “Might as well take his slacks off too,” she said. Tanya unbuttoned and unzipped Terry’s trousers and both girls gently began to slide Terry’s trousers down past his hips and thighs. She didn’t realise it at the time, but Tanya’s fingers had manage to catch on Terry’s underpants and they came off with his trousers. Both girls burst into laughter as Terry lay there, trousers around his ankles, exposing his most intimate parts.

“That’s a nice cock he’s got there,” Tanya observed, “Does he know how to use it?”

“Thinks he does, I just put up with his antics most of the time, still, he knows how to lick my pussy,” Jane replied without embarrassment. “It is nice to watch it grow in my hand though. It starts off all little and soft, and in no time at all, it’s a good seven inches and thick and hard,” she giggled “and his tattoo is really a turn-on.”

“What tattoo?” Tanya asked. Jane pulled back Terry’s foreskin to reveal a Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo, neatly tattooed on his glands.

“When he’s hard, the head of his cock is big and the tattoo looks really cool,” Jane explained. “I’ll get him to show you, if he ever comes around,” she giggled.

The sight of the girls fondling Terry’s cock was beginning to make mine swell. “Oh look, I reckon your cock would sport a nice tattoo Dave,” laughed Jane. “There’s a good tattoo artist on the seafront in Los Christianos, We’ll have to take you there.”

“I don’t think so,” Tanya muttered. “I like Dave’s cock just the way it is, thank you,” she complimented. “Come here and show Jane your cock,” Tanya demanded. I stood at the edge of the bed and the girls took turns stroking and kissing my cock. It grew to its full length and strained as it received intense interest.

“Hmm, tastes nice. It’s about the same length as Terry’s only a lot thicker. I bet you have some great fun with this between your legs,” Jane stated to Tanya.

“Yeah, but it’s not as big as Franz’s cock. That was a monster, wasn’t it? I though I would never feel his balls against my clitoris.”

“Oh yeah, I though I was about to split open when he pumped me full of his cum,” Jane added between sucking and licking.

All the sexy talk and attention my cock was receiving made my cock twitch. A sure sign I was about to cum. I groaned with pleasure as my cock pulsed and released my third load of semen that day.

Tanya licked the semen off Jane’s chin and Jane repaid the action with a soft kiss as the girls exchanged my fluids, mouth to mouth.

“Come on,” Tanya said, “Let’s get you to bed.” She took my arm and headed for the door, picking up our clothes as we passed the sofa. “We’ll see you in the morning,” Tanya gave a wave as Jane rested her head on Terry’s stomach, her tongue teasing his tattoo.


We didn’t see Terry or Jane for a couple of days. I guess they decided to go adventuring or sightseeing or something. But we did bump into Franz at the poolside. He sheepishly greeted us and found some reason for leaving in a hurry before Tanya could accost him. Sober now, she realised that she had made a mistake with Franz and she was glad that we hadn’t bumped into Terry or Jane. It gave her time to recover from her sexploits and mull things over.

It didn’t, however, dampen our lovemaking. We fucked like rabbits in every conceivable position for the whole of the holiday.

We finally met up with Terry and Jane in the reception bar on day six of our holiday. Jane was pretty keen to get Tanya on her own to discuss something with some urgency. “What’s that all about?” I asked Terry.

“Blown if I know,” he shrugged his shoulders. “Probably found out something about that German geezer, Franz, and scheming to get their own back on the bastard.”

“Swiss,” I corrected, “And anyway, Tanya doesn’t want to bother with him, so it can’t be that.”

“We’re going shopping,” Jane announced, “See you in an hour or so.” Tanya shrugged her shoulders as I waved goodbye. Terry and I decided to buy another beer or two to prevent the onset of dehydration.

“Fuck it, let’s go up rooftop,” Terry ordered, “We can drink and ogle the birds at the same time with less noise from these kids in the pool.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.”

We picked out two lounges near the shower and sipped our beers. It was busier than before, and although all couples, the ladies never appeared to mind us casually glancing at their bodies. Some even showered several times more than was necessary to keep cool.

After a while, a girl in her early twenties came over to us. Her brunette shoulder-length hair and dark brown eyes complemented her tan, and her figure, although wasn’t a perfect 10 was certainly acceptable, 36-30-38 wouldn’t be a far off guess. Her legs were long and shapely giving her a taller appearance – she was probably about 5’6”.

“I hope you don’t mind me disturbing you guys, but my friend and I were just talking and we are trying to decide if you are gay or not.” I nearly spat out a mouthful of beer I was just about to swallow, but before I could think about the answer, Terry replied with a nod and a yes. “Damn,” she said, “Ian’s always right when it comes to judging people’s characters. He’s going to be over the moon. Do you mind if we join you?”

“Please do,” answered Terry, pulling up a pair of lounges as the brunette, Elaine, waved to Ian who then gathered belongings and game over to us. It was quickly evident that Ian was effeminate and that, perhaps, he was hoping that he could find some company with Terry and me.

“Ian is bi-sexual and shy, but he’s looking for some fun this week,” explained Elaine, Ian nodding in agreement. “They say this is the best place in the area for fun couples; is that right?” she asked.

“Yep, it certainly is,” I replied.

“Oh great,” chanted Ian almost clapping his hands with excitement. I began to wonder what was it with this couple. “Elaine and I are quite open and love to make out with anyone and everyone. Elaine is a bit of a nympho but she doesn’t want to admit it. If you would like to join us, we could have a great time.” Ian’s cock was getting almost as excited as his mind. Although still flaccid, it was still a good eight inches and had expanded another inch or so since he joined us.

Elaine smiled and, reaching out to touch my arm said, “I hope we’ve not embarrassed you with our frankness, but we’ve learned that if you don’t get straight in there and ask, you can waste a lot of time and effort.”

“Yes, yes,” Terry agreed. “Where’s your room?”

Elaine and Ian’s suite was on the second floor, just four doors down the corridor from ours. “Please, take a seat whilst I pour us a cold drink,” Elaine ordered.

“Oh yes, please do,” Ian insisted. I was beginning to wander what on earth we were getting ourselves into, but Terry appeared to have control of the situation.

“Why don’t you sit next to me Ian,” Terry asked. Ian sat and began to stroke Terry’s cock through his cotton shorts. “Here let me help you.” Terry stood and dropped his short, letting Ian take Terry’s cock into his mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Elaine offered me a glass of wine and sat next to me, removing her swimwear in the process. Her nipples were erect and her neatly trimmed pussy was damp, with large folds of labia pouting out of her crack. I leaned forward and began to taste her. She was sweet, and immediately I felt her shudder as she moaned as I flicked my tongue across her clitoris and into her vagina.

My cock strained in my shorts and I managed to remove them without detracting attention from Elaine’s pussy. Her juices began to flow, and soon I felt her orgasm, soaking my tongue and dribbling down my chin.

“Oh yes, yes,” she moaned as she gently pushed my head onto her mound.

Meanwhile, Terry was receiving a blowjob from Ian. ‘Is he gay too?’ I asked myself. ‘As long as they keep away from me, I’m happy’ I thought as Elaine dropped to her knees and took my cock to her mouth, licking the pre-come from the head of my penis.

Her deep throat oral was fantastic, the best I’d ever had, and I soon exploded into the back of her throat.

Across the room, I could hear similar sounds as Terry emptied his load into Ian’s mouth. Within seconds, Elaine and Ian kissed deeply, exchanging semen from one mouth to the other, making sure both samples were well mixed in the process.

Elaine dropped onto her hands and knees, and Ian, after lubricating his cock with saliva, gently pushed the head of his cock into Elaine’s ass. Terry and I watched in amazement as Ian battered the girlfriend’s ass. His violent strokes pounded and pounded until he gasped and injected his fluids deep into her bowel. Elaine let out a scream as she came to a thunderous orgasm; sweat dripping down her forehead and back.

“We must be off now,” Terry said, “But I’m sure our friend, Franz, would love to meet you Ian. He’s in room 427. Just knock on the door and tell him Terry sent you. He loves being on the receiving end, especially when he’s fucking a beauty like you Elaine.”


Back at the rooftop and Terry and I discussed quietly Elaine and Ian. I couldn’t believe he had let Ian give him a blowjob.

“Are you bi-sexual too then?” I asked.

“Hell no, there’s no way I was going to let that little prick anywhere near me. I just wanted to see if Elaine was a bit of a player. I realised that you were not going to let Ian near you, so I took the initiative and, well, a blowjob’s a blowjob.”

We both laughed as the girls arrived in new swimwear that barely covered their nipples and pussies. Both had the same gear, they were almost like sisters, same hair do too. They had obviously done a bit of shopping and had their hair done at the same time.

“Had a good afternoon ladies?” I asked.

“Fantastic,” replied Tanya.

“Yep, and we’ve got a little surprise for you both,” added Jane. She undid her string top and let it fall, revealing her breasts, then the g-string was untied and that fell to the floor. Tanya had followed and both girls stood in front of us, grinning from ear to ear. They had a tattoo each just above their pubic mounds. Jane’s was a little horny devil, and Tanya’s was a little angel. We laughed as we inspected the artistry.

“And that’s not all,” continued Tanya. She slightly spread her feet apart, allowing her labia to be viewed. A shiny piece of metal glittered – she had had her pussy pierced.

“Wow, that looks really sexy,” I complimented.

“What do think of this then?” asked Jane as she showed her diamond stud piercing through her clitoris hood. I looked at Terry, he at me and we both laughed uncontrollably.

Five minutes later, Terry had taken Jane into their room, and Tanya and I fell onto our bed and fucked long and hard. I spent quite some time inspecting her tattoo and piercing, tasting the metallic flavour mix with her sweetness. Tanya sucked on my cock and I exploded over her face.


The next day we said our farewells to Terry and Jane as they were to spend a couple of days on the north of the island before leaving for home. We had one final fuck of each other’s spouses for good measure and exchanged phone numbers and addresses.

No more sexploits with strangers for the rest of the holiday; Tanya and I spent half of our time fucking in every conceivable position in our room, even on the rooftop in the shower when there was just one other couple on the far side of the roof.

The day before we left for home, we bumped into Franz in the reception bar. “Zank mister Terry for putting me wiz Ian and zer beautiful Elaine. We have not left our rooms in days,” Franz boasted.

“And how many times have you satisfied Ian?” I quizzed.

“Zat is not happening,” Franz denied, face plagued with guilt.

“Oh yes it is, big boy,” countered Ian who had been to the toilet and had overheard our conversation as he stood behind Franz. Ian pinched Franz’s ass, and in sheer embarrassment, Franz turned bright red.

Tanya and I laughed as we checked out of the Hotel Fañabe. “Ah, such sweet revenge.”

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