tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTennis Camp Ch. 02

Tennis Camp Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Girl Talk

I don't know why, but Jeannie and I were trying to hide the fact that we had been in the middle of lovemaking from the kids at the tennis camp.

I started to pull my shorts up, just as we heard footsteps coming into the room. I was having trouble zipping up over my erection, so I dove face first onto the beanbag while I struggled to continue fastening up. The four 18 year olds rounded the corner and saw me face down on the beanbag, without a shirt, and with Jeannie standing right beside me.

Jeannie thought quick, "I'm trying to tickle him! Come help me!"

As I zipped up over my boner, I thought, "Only half a pussy for me tonight."

Jeannie's tickle-him strategy may not make sense at first. But I was notoriously ticklish, and the little kids at the camp all knew it. I was the senior tennis player at the camp, and the kids were a little awed by me. To help with the relationship part of my work, and for the fun of it, I would sometimes play with the little kids, and we'd get into tickling wars. This usually involved myself against five or six twelve-and-unders. Of course, none of these 18 year olds had ever been a part of one of these tickling sessions, but Jeannie managed to pull it off.

Jeannie began to tickle me, and the two girls, Becky and Elle, raced over to pitch in, while the two guys rolled there eyes and went back into the kitchen. It was a little excruciating at first, to be tickled and to be hiding my boner. I had to always keep something in front of me, either the beanbag, Jeannie, or one of the girls. Then I became aware that this was beginning to be fun in a sensual way.

First I pulled Jeannie to me, making sure to get some cheap feels while I was at it, since I knew she'd get a kick out of that. But the two girls were standing by the couch and really tickling me. I had to do something about them. I reached out with my arm and grabbed the back of Becky's legs, pulling her to me. She was a lot lighter than I thought, and she ended up with her knees in my lap and her breasts in my face. 'Oh shit, she's just an 18 year old kid, but this is fun!' I quickly rolled my face away.

Elle was still tickling me too, so I rolled her onto the beanbag. She was surprisingly light too. I thought, 'These teenagers just have not filled out yet.' I pinned her down with my chest as I fought off the other two. She and I were crossways to each other, but my bare chest ended up being on top of her chest. Jesus! This girl is braless, and I can feel her tits jiggling up against me! I had to avoid that, she's just a kid. I slid over to pin her stomach to stomach. But then, without thinking about it, I hunched my boner into her hip. I could see her eyes go wide in surprise. Oh fuck it. I'm only human. I guess I'd better stop this soon.

Somehow, Jeannie was in front of me again, with her back to me. I managed to grind my boner into her butt a little bit, knowing that I didn't have to feel guilty about her. So then I yelled out that they were the winners. Since they were all three competitive athletes, they gloried in the win. I had to declare defeat, since this erection thing was only going to become a bigger problem. We were all laughing, and they stood up while I reached over for my T-shirt, still hiding what was going on in my lap.

As Jeannie and the girls stood there laughing and bragging about winning, I was able to look them over. No wonder that tickling match was so much fun. They stood there with their hair and clothes slightly messed up and looking very playful and happy, and even the two girls looked good, for being just kids. Of course Jeannie's looks were no surprise at all to me. She was all woman, with the curves to prove it. Jeannie had a very relaxed posture, but without a slouch. She looked as if she were always ready to move quickly in any direction. And that sundress she was wearing looked particularly good now without the bra, which was under the couch some place. The material was somewhat thin, and she had large breasts, so I could see the independent moving of her breasts as she moved. I could even make out the nipple and the aureole through the fabric. As you can probably tell, I was nuts about her.

But my observations of the two girls was very different than usual. I had never taken them seriously, because I was used to viewing them as kids. I was in the role of overall tennis instructor, and also the adult chaperone of one of the "dorms". I was used to giving instructions and having them followed without serious complaint. It put me in the position of feeling protective of all the boys and girls in the camp, and I just did not have adult type feelings toward any of them, even the ones that were adults by the legal definition.

The girls almost looked adult tonight. They had kind of dressed up for the party, including a small amount of makeup. I had never taken them seriously, but I had noticed them, and they both looked their best tonight. I thought back to how light they both felt in the tickle match, and I realized it was because they were so incredibly fit, and had the small waist and ribcage that only comes with youth. Normally I saw them on the tennis court where they both maintained modest outfits and practical hair styles, so I simply had not really seen them before.

Becky preferred to wear tennis shorts for workouts instead of the tennis skirts and dresses that a lot of girls wore. Tonight, she wore tennis shorts again, but a little tighter than usual. She also had her dark hair in dog-ear style pony tails as usual. Both of these things made her look like the kid that she was. But the rest of her looked quite different. The makeup made her eyes stand out, and she had beautiful pure blue eyes. She wore a stretch top that was a little snug and showed off her figure, which included nice round breasts set very high on her torso. I had never quite noticed that before, since her tennis outfits were intended for athletic movement, not for looks. And she had a nice round bottom, too, with a slight sway in her back. She would grow up to be a real looker some day.

Elle was the tall one of the group, at least a few inches taller than Jeannie and Becky. She had light brown hair that was pulled back into a low pony tail. She had an incredibly smooth olive complexion, with amber colored eyes that perfectly matched the rest of her coloring. Even though I am body oriented, I couldn't help but appreciate that she had an especially beautiful face. Elle stood very straight and tall, with her shoulders back. And this posture looked particularly good with the silk dress she wore tonight without a bra. The dress material formed a smooth wrinkle between the tips of her breasts, something any man notices, even if it is on a girl as young as Elle.

But Elle's greatest asset was, of course, her ass. Elle wore tennis skirts for workouts, and there was no missing that rear end of hers. It was muscular, and a little large for her frame. If she ever gained too much fat on that part of her body, she would look out of proportion. But she looked very much in proportion, with very attractive curves between waist and hips, both in the back and on the sides. Her great ass was complemented by muscular legs that were not too big, and not too skinny.

Jeannie and the two girls shared one trait that would not be apparent by looking at them. All three of them were COMPETITORS! I mean that on the tennis court they were not afraid to sweat or dive for a shot, and all three would show no mercy in order to win a match.

Of us three guys, even though we were all good players, none of us showed the intensity of these three females. However, Tom was beginning to feel his oats with respect to me, yet I was still plenty good enough to keep him in his subordinate place.

So before I describe how the party unfolded, I want to give a brief rundown of the participant's personalities. Jeannie, as you know, was a little older than the rest of us, and had the confidence that goes along with it. She had no problem with looking at anyone eye to eye with a smile, not necessarily in a challenging way, but not fearful either. Becky was extraverted and competitive, and she wasn't afraid to get angry with people. But she could be wide-eyed and innocent when she looked at me, and I had learned to be careful about hurting her feelings. Elle seemed to avoid all eye contact. Maybe it's a trait of truly beautiful females who have introverted personalities like her, not because they're uppity, but because they're shy. She was typically very quiet, and she had developed a little romance with Tom. Tom was basically a good kid, but he and I had some issues lately. I was the dominant ape around here, and I think he kind of resented my status. He would look me in the eyes, but his face was unsmiling, and communicated a surly disposition. Will was everyone's friend. He was a natural athlete and talented tennis player, but had very little determination or intensity. He was a little low on energy, and never got confrontational, but he could be a sincere, if laid back, friend to anyone who needed him. Keep in mind that the four 18 year olds were fresh graduates from high school, and were naturally a little immature. But they were all mature enough to have worked themselves into the enviable position of receiving some type of tennis scholarship.

So on to the party. As we calmed down, and my boner disappeared, I remembered all the commotion in the kitchen that had started this.

"Hey, what was the deal with the cat and dog?" Part of the agreement with our renting this house was we had to take care of the owner's inside cat and outside dog for the summer, and the two pets did not like each other.

Becky was always the first to speak, "When we got here, Tom opened the gate to pet the dog, but it ran right past him through the open kitchen door. The cat was ready for him and swiped the dog with her claws. Then the dog ran into Will and made him drop some of the beer. The good news is we got the dog. The bad news is we're short on beer, and the cat got outside." She was animated and smiling as she told the saga. I'm glad she was enjoying herself, because I was the one responsible for these animals, and now I had to go find that stupid cat.

"I guess I'd better go get the cat. I should be back soon. She probably isn't too far away."

I slipped on some shoes and set off down the alley. It didn't take long, the cat always went to the same garbage heap, and she stood still for me to pick her up. I'm not too wild about cats, and I think this cat knew it. I was hesitant to cradle the hissing bitch, so I carried her by the midsection, with her four legs stretched out and claws extended.

Instead of going back to the kitchen door and risking another disaster, I decided to walk beside our back yard wood fence to the front door. I could hear the loud music from the house, and as I got closer, I could hear Jeannie's voice on the other side of the fence, "You almost caught us, and if you had you would have gotten an eyeful." I could hear the two girls snicker. Apparently they had asked Jeannie what had occurred between us, and Jeannie was happy to comply, in her bawdy style. As usual Becky was the one to ask questions, "What would we have seen?"

"You would have seen us both butt naked, with his dick halfway in my pussy!" Damn! Jeannie really is open and blunt with these two youngsters. The two girls squealed and giggled while I turned red in the face, and the cat just stayed frozen and poised to scratch me.

"I had him following directions today, and I taught him a few things too." Jeannie bragged. I slowly sat down next to the fence with the cat. This was too good to pass up.

Becky did her part, "OK, we give up. What did you teach him, we want to learn too."

"Well, I didn't need to help him much with the clitoris. He knew what to do with that. But I did teach him about the G-spot. And he was a pretty good student." The girls laughed openly at that. "By the way, have you two been learning to get in touch with your G-spots like I told you?"

"I try, but I don't think I'm doing it right," said Becky.

"Sometimes it helps if you have a boyfriend to help you. Just keep trying. How about you Elle? Have you been training that hunk of a boyfriend to treat you right?"

It made me nervous for Jeannie to get so personal with the girls. It irritated me that she would refer to Tom as a hunk, and I think it kind of bothered Elle too. After some hesitation, the usually silent Elle said, "No. We don't say much when we ...pet, and I don't think he has heard of the clitoris, much less the G-spot. But I'm doing pretty good on my own."

Jeannie and Becky really laughed at that, and Elle giggled at her own humor. By this time, the cat had calmed down a little bit, and I was able to pet her in my lap. A neighbor spotted me sitting next to the fence and yelled hello. I just waived back, and hoped to hear some more juicy comments.

Becky kept things going, "What else?"

"Well, he helped me with a G-spot orgasm, and I just had to get him in me. But I got him to go really slow. I didn't want him to jam it in and blow his load."

How did she know? Also, I couldn't believe she spoke so crude to these girls, and in such detail. She was worse than guys in the locker room. I don't think these girls would have ever been around this kind of talk, except that they admired Jeannie so much, and Jeannie did enjoy bragging. I think Jeannie was kind of showing her superiority over the girls, and the girls didn't mind because she was also teaching them a few things. The fact was I really did like the sexy crude side of Jeannie, and I couldn't help but enjoy it now.

"I had him on such a tight leash, he actually started to tremble as he was sliding his dick halfway in and out. I finally let him speed up a little bit, but he could only go half way. You teenagers came in just as I was letting him go all the way in, but we never made it past half way. It would have been nice, but I could tell he was going to lose it as soon as he got all the way in."

Damn this is embarrassing! This eavesdropping isn't as much fun anymore. The girls laughed and giggled some more over these put-down comments. Becky said, "If it were me, I don't see how I could ask him to do those things. I'd be too embarrassed."

"Don't be intimidated just because he's older and a good tennis player. There are a lot of good tennis players, and a lot of men in the world. Remember, each of you girls has a pussy, and as long as you have one of these, you can get all of those you want!" Judging from the girls' enthusiastic reaction, Jeannie must have done some body language to go along with the comments.

"By the way, I know you'll think this is funny. Apparently he doesn't think very well when his dick is hard. After you came in the back door, he just stood there naked in the living room, with his dick pointed up to the ceiling, until I told him to get dressed." The girls kind of laughed at that, but not as hard as Jeannie was laughing. I guess you had to be there.

Then Becky continued with more questions. "Aren't you afraid of getting pregnant?"

"Not really. Remember all three of us start our periods on the same day of the month? Well then, you know that it's very unlikely that I can get pregnant on this day of the month, even if he had come."

"Aren't you afraid that he'll tell people he... did it with you?"

"No not him. That's one thing I can depend on him for, he'll keep his mouth shut. If he were a talker, I think he would have been bragging all along to that great looking boyfriend of yours, Elle. Has Tom ever said anything to you?"

I sensed another hesitation in Elle's voice over Jeannie's obvious admiration of Tom, "No."

Becky asked Jeannie, "What's it like to kiss him?"

Jeannie howled with laughter at this question. Then she said, "Don't get offended Becky, I'll answer your question. I like to kiss him. He has nice full lips, and he doesn't use too much tongue. But the most important thing is he enjoys being affectionate."

Then Elle asked the question that made me freeze. She hadn't asked a single question the whole time, and then she comes up with, "Is he....big?"

Jeannie howled again, and I could hear her slapping her legs in laughter. Then she straightens up long enough to say, "He's the size of half of my little finger!"

OK, that's it. I can't take this. The two girls and Jeannie apparently all died laughing at this, hugging and squealing. Then Jeannie helped me out, "I'm just kidding. But I can tell you this, it was a nice snug fit, and it sure felt good going in and out, even if it was only half way. Ungh. Ungh. Ungh. Ungh." Apparently she was doing more body language, because the two girls laughed and kind of chimed in.

"And he might be bigger than the guys I've been with. But it's pretty hard to tell, and all I really care about is if it feels good. He sure did feel good, and it was only half way, dammit."

The girls got a kick out of that. Then Becky asked, "What about your boyfriend?"

All laughter stopped at that question. This one, Jeannie answered seriously, "I don't know how to stop this roller coaster ride, and I love my boyfriend. My parents gave me advice that I trust, 'never fuck two guys at the same time.' Somehow I have to follow that advice."

Believe it or not, I liked hearing that. I figured her boyfriend was in trouble, and I was the heir apparent. Jeannie had three more days before going home, and I didn't see how she could resist me.

The girls pondered this advice for a while. Then Jeannie asked, "Did either of you notice that he had a boner while we were tickling him?"

Becky said no. But then Elle said, "I felt his ... penis ... press up against my side, and I think he did it on purpose."

Becky followed with, "Yeah. Did you see him lift me up and put his face right in my ... bosom? Do you think he did that on purpose?"

Jeannie laughed in a ridiculing way at the two girls, "You two are just little girls, not women. I saw all of that, and I also saw how quick he was to get away from each of you."

I could feel some tension in the air over Jeannie's reply to the girls. Maybe Jeannie wanted to maintain her status as the alpha woman, but she didn't have to be so mean over the girls' suggestion that I might be interested in them. After all, they're just innocent young girls.

A digging noise was coming from the bottom of the fence next to me. Then I saw the black nose of the dog trying to discover what was on my side of the fence. The dog started barking, and the cat responded in my lap by sinking claws into my thighs. I almost yelled out, and then I heard Jeannie's voice, "Let's go back inside, this dog's beginning to bother me."

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