tagFirst TimeTennis Camp Ch. 04

Tennis Camp Ch. 04


Jeannie and almost. (Gspot & handjob, beanbag missionary half)

Becky (Gspot try/Clitorris w/quick O, side behind then missionary)

Elle. (Handjob, Gspot 69, her on top/me behind to orgasm, then missionary)

Becky. (Cunnilingis/Gspot to orgasm, blowjob, missionary, then gymnastics to orgasm)


Chapter 4: Elle

Becky and I came into the room expecting to see a party in progress. The music was loud, but there was only Will in the lounge chair guzzling a beer, and Elle sitting at the table with a beer and snack bowl in front of her.

I asked Will, "Where are Jeannie and Tom?"

Instead of answering, Will just looked over at Elle. Three of us waited for her to say something. She let us wait, and never did give me eye contact as she finally said, "Right after you two left, Jeannie wanted to talk with Tom about tennis at the college level." With that answer, she looked over at a closed bedroom door.

I could feel my face turning beet red as I turned to look at the closed door and realized the meaning of what Elle had just said. Tom was Elle's boyfriend, but Jeannie had somehow convinced him to go with her into that bedroom for some erotic activity. And I thought of Jeannie as my almost girlfriend, even though I had no right to those feelings. On top of everything else, I felt competitive with Tom, and hated the idea that the shit-ass was in there with my girl, sort of.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Elle studying my reaction, but as I turned to look at her, she averted her eyes, saying, "I don't want to just leave. I want to be here when he comes out of there." Then I became aware that Becky and Will were watching me too. I came up with my most intelligent response, "Fuck it! Let's party!" That seemed to dissolve the tension in all of us, and I headed to the kitchen for drinks.

When I made it back to the living room, Becky was already chatting with the other two 18 year olds as if nothing was going on in the next room. While I handed out bottles of beer, Becky beamed a broad smile at me, and I was able to get my mind away from Jeannie, remembering that I had just spent some quality time with Becky, very high quality time. I was glad to see that Becky obviously enjoyed her experience with me. I was also glad that Will and Elle did not ask questions about our time alone.

Becky got Will to dance with her. She smiled at me over Will's shoulder, and motioned toward Elle with her eyes. I obeyed, and Elle agreed to dance with me, but it was hard for me to see how anything could make Elle feel better. However, she seemed to be ignoring what was going on with her boyfriend, and actually talked with me a little, without eye contact of course.

We kept the same partners for the next song, which was a medium speed, so we were doing a kind of swing step. I noticed that she was not shy about our bumping together a little bit, and it was kind of fun. With her in that silk dress, I couldn't help but notice that she was braless, and I even arranged a couple of accidental chest bumps. The jiggle of her unsupported bosom felt really nice.

About the time I was looking forward to a slow dance, the radio gods provided. She was not shy about letting those braless tits rub against my chest. I started to feel guilty and looked over at Becky, but she smiled approvingly at me. I guess she thought I could pay a little attention to Elle and perk her up.

Before those guilt feelings surfaced again, I let my hands drift to her waist and hips. This is one of the most sensual parts of the female body, and she didn't seem to mind my touching her there during the dance. Elle was a tall beautiful girl, with wide hips and a very small waist. With my hands on her silky waist, I could just feel the hint of what resided a little lower.

What's wrong with me? This girl is only 18, and she's depressed about the activities of her boyfriend! Just hours ago I was nuts about Jeannie, and within the last hour I had been with Becky and I really liked her. Jeannie had said that I didn't think very well when I had a hard-on, but this was ridiculous.

Apparently Elle was a little uncomfortable with the intimacy of the dancing, and asked to sit out the next one. Becky and Will joined us in conversation and snacking, and Becky went to the kitchen for more beverages, "Hey, we're almost out of beer!" Will commented that the earlier accident with the cat and dog had left us a little short, and he volunteered to make another beer run. I coughed up some cash for his trip, and he was headed out the door.

The ever alert Becky commented, "Will, wait a minute. You've had more to drink than anybody. Let me drive. I want to use my driver's license anyway, to prove to the store that I'm a woman who can buy alcohol, and not just a little girl." With that comment Becky turned to me with a big knowing grin.

Elle followed them to the car, and before Becky got in the driver's seat, Elle said something to her. Becky responded by quickly looking up at me, and slowly making a reply to Elle who was not looking at me. In other words, these two had said something about me, and it was important to them.

Becky and Will were gone before it dawned on me that I was virtually alone with the beautiful Elle. She wasn't much of a talker, but we stood there in the house with drinks in hand making light conversation. Every time she moved, I indulged myself with a quick look at the movement of her breasts or her ass under that silk dress. Since she never made eye contact, I could get away with those sneak peaks, and somehow feel innocent about it.

Before long, there was a break in the music, and we just stood there waiting for the next song to come on when we heard a male voice from the bedroom, "Unnghhhhh." I knew what that meant, and I was pretty horrified that Tom the shit was on the receiving side of Jeannie's good work.

I turned to Elle and tried to joke, "Hey! That's my line!" Even though my comment was kind of funny, neither of us laughed. It obviously shook both of us to hear her boyfriend and my sort-of girlfriend in that bedroom. I noticed that Elle was looking right into my eyes probably for the first time, and somehow we were holding hands.

Elle said, "That's it for me. Please come talk with me about tennis at the college level." This request was almost an order. She spun on her heal and headed for the open bedroom.

I stood alone and confused in the middle of the living room, before finally wandering into the bedroom after Elle. As I passed through the doorway, the door slammed shut behind me, and I turned to see Elle with her back to the door. She was looking directly into my eyes, and she was poised like a crouching cat. She just stayed motionless against the door, waiting for me. In the few steps it took to reach her, my emotions went from confusion to passion. Without using my hands in any way, I sort of crashed my body full-length into Elle, and the door rattled on its hinges. Elle grabbed my face and pulled my lips to hers in a hungry, hot, wet kiss. I moved my hands to the very trim small of her back and arched her against me while I leaned my body hard against her. There was no shyness or innocence on her part; she was fully engaged with me.

I could feel her braless bosom against my chest, and my pelvis was pressed firmly against hers as we undulated against each other. I raised my hands up her sides as she lowered her hands to my back. Without quite touching my butt, she pulled me against her. I caressed her shoulders and moved my hands on up to her neck, placing my fingers in her hair as we started French kissing.

With one hand, I explored her collar bone area, and then lowered my hand to the beginning swell of her breast. All of a sudden, it was as if she had gotten a signal to breathe heavy. She broke off the kiss when my hand came near her bosom, and took deep fast breaths, while she lowered her hands to the very top of my butt and pulled herself into me. I did not actually touch her bosom, just the area above and up to her collar bone.

We continued this heavy breathing and grinding for a minute, and then we slowed down with our faces close and smiling at each other. She was almost as tall as I was, and I could take in the warmth of her breath. Even at this close distance she was beautiful, with perfect olive colored skin, amber eyes, and perfect facial features.

"Welcome to tennis camp," I said.

She giggled, "I've been wanting to do that." The whole time she maintained eye contact, which was new for her.

We just stood there against the door in a light embrace, and I started, "I don't seem to be bothered by your being a young girl, but I am beginning to think about why we might be in here. I may be taking advantage of the fact that your boyfriend is misbehaving. And I might be conveniently taking advantage of the fact that I am bothered he is misbehaving with the woman I've been courting. Oh yeah, one more thought is creeping into my mind, I think maybe Becky has a crush on me. I'm beginning to regret slowing down to think about all of this."

Without showing the least sign of hesitation or remorse, Elle smiled and touched my face saying, "You can feel bad if you want to, but not me. Tom and Jeannie are being jerks, but the good news is that it frees me up to have some innocent fun with you. Becky might have a little crush on you, but I think mostly she's experiencing the same thing I am, the release of some pent up fantasies. Jeannie has been driving Becky and me crazy with detailed descriptions of sexy moments with you. Becky and I have stayed up at night talking about what each of us would do with you if we were in her place."

I was hanging on her every word, "That is so hot I have a hard time believing it."

"Oh, you can believe it. In fact, sometimes we get ourselves so worked up we masturbate in the dark before we go to sleep." She hesitated a moment, "Do you realize you took my virginity?"


Elle gave me an impish grin, "Well, sort of. Becky doesn't know it but I bought a dildo. The first time I actually inserted it, I was thinking about you instead of Tom."

"Wow, Elle! You are really surprising me. I've been thinking of you and Becky as little girls. Becky broke me of that thought process. And I thought you were shy, but now here you are being really open with me, letting me know about things I never dreamed were taking place."

"I'm kind of surprising myself by telling you. I think maybe Jeannie has done a good job of promoting you as someone I could tell my darkest thoughts to, without your thinking bad of me, or telling someone else. And I trust that you would not hurt me. Tom is a little macho, and that makes it difficult to trust him."

"Does Tom know anything about the dildo?"

"Oh no. I couldn't tell him I've played with myself at all, much less with a dildo. Tom and I haven't had sex or anything, but we have played around. We don't say much, and with him, I've just been too scared to speak up."

"Well, you're right about me. I think you can tell me anything and I'll just enjoy hearing it. But right now, I really like leaning against you and getting to know you one hell of a lot better."

Elle smiled at that. We stayed there leaning against the door, lightly kissing, when Elle said, "I have a trick for you. Relax for a minute."

She wrapped her arms around my back and I could feel her grip her hands together. I commented, "Your breasts feel really good up against my chest." She smiled and responded by shaking our upper bodies so that her breasts wiggled against my chest, and it also got me to relax even more. Then, gritting her teeth, she suddenly squeezed hard and lifted up on me. My back cracked in about five places, and the room went white on me!

Elle relaxed her grip, and I kind of hanged in her arms recuperating. The back crack did feel good, but it was kind of scary, "I think you may have broken my back. I've lost all feeling below my waist."

Elle had a long laugh, "Well then, I guess you can't feel this," and she moved her thigh between my legs up against my groin.

Out of reflex, I bounced away from her. Then I raised my arms looking to the ceiling, "It's a miracle! I can feel again!" Elle came into my arms laughing.

I reached over toward the wall to turn off the light, and Elle commented, "I'd rather keep the light on." I quickly complied, and I interpreted that Elle probably felt like she could control things from going too far between us if she could keep her bearings in the light. And I was fine with whatever we might do, because this was loads of fun.

I backed up with her in my arms until we fell on the bed. Elle got up on her knees in the bed as I laid back and watched her. She grabbed the bottom of her silk dress and lifted it up so that she could lift one knee up and over me to straddle me. In the process, she hesitated slightly with the dress lifted up, and I could see her bare legs, panties, and lower stomach.

That one glimpse will stay memorized in my mind for the rest of my life. In the locker room, one of our many terms for a woman's shape is "factory air". It refers to when a woman has her legs together, and she has such good thighs that there is a triangular shaped air gap at the top of the thighs framed by her legs and pussy. Elle had her knees together when she lifted her dress and her olive complexion legs along with her panty covered pussy were a beautiful example of "factory air".

In addition to the factory air, Elle had lifted her dress up high enough for me to catch a look at her trim stomach. I had never seen her bare belly before in those tennis outfits. The girl was ripped! The overall sight of that factory air along with light muscle definition in her belly made blood rush to my face.

Then she moved. Elle lifted one knee in order to straddle my lap, and in the process her panties stretched tight across her pussy. The panties were white cotton with a flower print, and the material stretched across her crotch in a crease. I could almost see the flat area of her opening. My hands automatically reached around to the back of her thighs to lightly caress them as she sat down facing me on my lap.

Elle dropped the hem of her dress as she sat down on me, and I was laid back on the bed. My hands were under her dress, and I caressed the outside of her thighs. Elle seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do. She placed her hands directly on my chest and massaged my pecs.

It didn't take me long to figure out that she liked my chest, so I went ahead and pulled my T-shirt off while she sat on me. Her eyes widened and she smiled as she studied my bare chest and stroked me with her hands.

Meanwhile, I placed my hands beneath her dress again, and continued to lightly touch the outside of her thighs. After a time, I ran the palms of my hands up the outside of her legs, across the sides of her panties, and up above her hip bones. It was exciting to feel the difference between her wide hips and small waist.

Elle was leaning forward slightly, playing with my chest and running her fingers through the hair on my chest, sometimes touching my face. As her upper body moved back and forth, her braless tits swayed slightly.

I pulled my hands away from her bare legs, and started touching her on the outside of her dress. Again I felt her firm hips which diminished into her tiny waist, and I moved my hands up the sides of her ribcage. As I neared her breasts, Elle closed her eyes and began to breathe heavy and fast.

I was a little concerned about going to this next level of intensity, but she didn't seem to be. I let my hands close over her breasts through the thin silk material of her dress. Elle did not flinch or pull away, but instead leaned more toward me. Her heavy breathing was almost distracting, but her breasts were wonderfully erect and light as I supported them.

Elle opened her eyes dreamily, and then resumed stroking my torso as I played with her breasts. Her heavy breathing continued, and she began to move her upper body, enhancing my touching of her bosom.

Then, with her eyes closed, Elle ran her hands down my stomach and lightly touched my penis through my shorts. It was like a charge of energy from the touch of her fingers on my groin. She continued to stroke my chest, then stomach, then penis, lingering at the penis to explore the shape and feel.

It almost felt like she was touching my bare penis, since the material of the shorts was so thin. I continued to fondle her breasts, as Elle finally opened her eyes to admire the work she was doing at my groin. She looked directly at my penis, and not at me, as she continued to stroke me. Without looking up at me she said, "We have company."

I propped myself on my elbows to see what she meant. My penis had outgrown my shorts, and was poking out the top by an inch or two. Elle giggled, but she did not stop touching me. I figured if that didn't shock her, then I might as well give Junior some space. I undid my shorts, and Elle reared up on her knees to allow me room for kicking them off.

As I lay back down, Elle sat on my thighs again still in her dress, and took a long hard look at my penis. She said, "It's bigger than Tom's."

My face flushed, "Really?"

"Well....really I don't know for sure. But I'm going to tell Tom that yours is bigger!" Wow, Tom really messed up when he pissed off this girl!

Elle continued her stroking of my torso, and oh yeah, my penis. The difference now was that she never let her eyes stray from looking at my dick. It occurred to me that this might be the reason she wanted the light to stay on, because she certainly liked to watch her work.

Since Elle was sitting upright a little more, I could not reach her breasts, so I began to caress her hips through her dress. She had wide hips, but they were not fat. Elle had firm muscle that I could feel moving, but the muscle was soft and easy to massage.

She seemed to enjoy the attention, but her main focus was my dick. Elle was using both hands to lift my dick straight up and stroke it. She intended to give me a full hand job. By this time, I knew that I was not her first dick experience; this girl knew what she was doing. Elle knew how to make sure the head got gentle attention with each stroke, and she gave the shaft a firmer touch.

I started to neglect her hips as I got a little carried away. Elle noticed and picked up the pace. At one point she reared up and forward to place the head of my dick on her panty covered opening, and I almost lost it. She could tell I was close. So then she backed away, and bent forward to kiss the head of my dick.

That was it! My first shot went about three feet high and landed on my stomach. Elle kept caressing my dick as I came, and she expertly scooped up the fluid to rub on my dick and belly as I took a minute to completely unload. As Elle crawled up beside me on the bed, I realized that I was the one doing the heavy breathing.

"I'm impressed," I wheezed.

"I told you I had played around before with Tom. I've just never actually had sex."

Elle had not completely let go of my dick. Even though she had stopped stroking, she kept her hand in place. I was completely nude and she was still in her dress. I rolled toward her and nestled my knee between her legs up against her crotch, and she moved with me as if we had snuggled together like this a hundred times.

Her hand moved lightly on my penis as she continued, "I sometimes get him to come three or four times in an evening, so I got some experience at it."

Three or four times! And judging from the way her hand was moving, she expected to do that with me! I wasn't sure I had it in me, but I did not want to admit defeat to Tom, the shit. I knew immediately what I had to do. It was time for the secret weapon!

"Elle, I'll be right back. I just want to clean up a little bit," and I walked naked into the bathroom. I turned on the water to mask the noise of my retrieving the secret weapon. It was taped way back on the underside of the sink, where I knew no one would find it. I pulled it out and unwrapped it.

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