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Tennis Court


This story is completely a fantasy. Both my wife and I are bi-curious but don't have the courage to do anything. I hope you all enjoy the story.

I notice on the map that there was a tennis court located in a very secluded area. You agree to go. Now either one of us is any good at tennis but it was exercise that we found to be fun, just hitting the ball back and forth.

We weren't there long before two young guys show up wanting to use the court. Their names were Dave and Steve; both were in their early 20's. They asked if we wanted to play doubles with a twist, for every point the losers had to take a shot of whiskey. Since we were without the kids and in a playful mood, we agreed. We were all getting a little buzzed because the balls kept on getting hit over the fence. By the time the bottle was empty, you had to sit down on the bench next to the court. Dave and Steve said they had to sit also, so I agreed to collect all of the balls.

When I came back onto the court, Dave and Steve was sitting on either your side of you and I notice that your top off. Dave was sucking on your left breast and his hand down the front of your sweatpants. You were French kissing Steve while he fondled your other tit. You had both of your hands wrapped around their cocks. Dave's was about 6 inches but Steve's, I couldn't take my eyes off his, it had to be at least 10 to 11 inches and uncircumcised. My 8 inches looked small to his.

I was surprised because, although we had always fantasised about you having sex with three men at once, I never expected it to happen. I couldn't tell if you were a little buzzed, or a little excited, or both, but I knew I was both! Your nipples were hard and erect and your skin had that taut, expectant look it gets before we make love.

Soon you start to explore Steve's body as Dave caressed your breasts with his tongue and push his fingers in deeper, then with a sudden little giggle you said, "Well what have I found here, it feels like Steve is please to see me?"

It was like an electric shock ran right through your body, your touch became more urgent, more yearning then ever, squeezing and massaging and pulling on their cocks towards you. I could see your nipples harden and your body shivering as Dave's hand massages your cunt. You break your grip on their cocks and stands up. As you stand, Dave and Steve help you out of your sweats. I couldn't belief it there on the tennis court; my wife is standing completely naked in front of two strangers. You turnaround, to show them your shaven pussy and Steve bends forward kiss your hairless lips. You move closer to his mouth, pulling his head towards your awaiting and wet cunt.

Dave wastes no time in getting undress. Then kneeling behind you, he starts kissing your ass. Dave spread your ass cheeks and licks the valley.

"Lick my asshole!" you yell "Stick your tongue in deeper! OOOOHHHHHHHH!"

Dave grabs your cheeks and spreads your ass, he looks at the brown hole. He had never eaten an asshole before but yours were so hot, Dave had to try it. He inhaled the aroma first, getting used to it. The aroma was a little raunchy at first. He tentatively stuck out his tongue and began to lick and suck your asshole. He was very timid at first. What I saw will always stay in my mind as the most erotic sight ever. Dave was exploring your rectum with his tongue, as Steve was licking your juices from your swallow cunt.

Dave begins to press his lips and face deeper into your asshole. He picks up the pace and pressure of his licks while Steve inserts three fingers in your now dripping wet pussy. His tongue was forcefully swabbing out your asshole now and you were humping your haunches back on Dave's tongue. Suddenly you stop moving and your eyes flew open in a look of surprise, Dave had found his mark with his tongue. You were panting and cursing now, ready for a true anal orgasm.

"Eat my asshole! EAT IT! EAT MY ASSHOLE! EAT MY PUSSY! MAKE ME CUM!" Dave continued to lick the brown hole that he had grown to love. Steve pushes his tongue and fingers in - deeper into your wet pussy. The tangy taste of your asshole aroused Dave violently by now, combined with the fantastic reaction it brought out of you, Dave's cock was now dripping pre-cum as well as Steve's. I was jacking off my own hard cock, the whole time I was watching you get eaten by two young studs.

"Oooh yesss! That's it! I'm CUMINGGG!" you screamed. "Fuck me" pulling Steve up close to you, "Fuck me hard!" and then in a deep down husky growl "All of you take me. Now".

Steve sat on the bench, stroking his huge cock. You spread your legs wide as your lift one leg over Steve's stiff prick. I couldn't take my eyes off of your bald cunt, as you grab Steve's cock and guides its head to your wet pussy. For a few seconds you were frozen in place then you let out a cry of pleasure and pain, arching your back as Steve pushes through and buries his huge shaft deep inside your soft warm flesh. It was a wonderful site to see you impaled, twisting and turning on that enormous cock and arching back like that I could resist no longer, I had to have you. You were wide open, asking for more and I was going to give it to you, right now.

I move up behind you, kissing the back of your neck. You turn your face to meet mine. Our lips met, you opened your mouth and allow my tongue to enter. It was passionate and lustful at the same time.

I brought the tip of my cock up to your sweet cunt and felt you quiver again in anticipation of another invader. I could feel you moving on Steve, slowly up and down and start to move with you, up and down, up and down, keeping my now pulsing cock just inside your pussy lips all the time. Up you went and down, but this time I stop, with a gasp you found yourself driven down onto our cocks by your own weight and my hands on your hips.

We were both now buried deep in your soft warm flesh as you quiver in absolute delight. You were so hot inside but there was something else, I could also feel Steve's every move as he twists and thrusts into you. It was a strange feeling but good as our cocks rubs against each other as they both ploughs into your pussy. You were about to get the fucking of your life, Steve and I were so hot that there would be no turning back for you now, you was ours for the taking.

With both, Steve's and my cock in your cunt, you turn and look at Dave, who was masturbating very violently.

"How about you Dave? ... Oooh yesss, no doubt about THAT one at all", you said, "Now I really do have my three men". Dave moves over standing behind the bench with his cock in his hand.

You lick your lips and stare with your mouth partly open. You don't say a word as Dave moves close enough to you so that the tip of his cock inches from your lips. "Stick your tongue out. Lick it." You stick your tongue out and touch the tip and moan as you did it. "Oh yeah baby. Isn't that nice? Now put it in your mouth and suck on just the head." You did it and started swirling your tongue around the head and sucking on it while you softly moaned in your throat. "Oh yeah." Dave held your head and starts pushing in and out of your mouth letting you get use to the idea of a cock fucking your face. You put your hands around him and pull him closer to you. You really are a good cocksucker. I have always told you that. Dave groans as you ate him. Your head starts bobbing up and down on him as you squeeze his jewels.

As Steve starts to lick and nibble your nipples you again threw your head back and arched your back in pleasure. Your moans become louder spurring us on. You suddenly pull away from Dave's cock, "Fuck me" you, said "Fuck me! Up my ass... right now" I couldn't refuse an offer like that so I pull my cock from your cunt, spreading your legs wide and entered that beautiful and tight ass in an instant. I moved a little higher behind you and I slid my rock hard cock over your ass searching and probing for a way inside like some wild animal with a life of its own.

I push down and I slowly enter your ass. I push in about half of it and pull out again. I start all over again. Each time, I pull out letting your ass get use to the feeling. Finally, I didn't pull out the last time. I stay put and pushing more of me into you. "Oh, fuck, I'm cuminggggg! Fuck me, harder! Deeper!" you scream, "Fill my ass, pussy and mouth with your hot creamy sperm. I want you, ALL!" If someone heard you close by, I'm sure they would have called the police. With every thrust you were now truly impaled in every way possible, you knew that you were being taken and that these three men inside you were not going to stop until they had fill you overflowing with their hot cum, there was definitely no turning back now.

You finally had the fantasy of your dreams or so I thought! You came again and again for what seamed an eternity as you were pounded into these three hot bodies and your moans made us all so hot that we just wanted to explode. Finally it happen, as one, Dave, Steve, and I stiffen as we felt that unstoppable urge to yield to your hot quivering body. You felt it too and screamed (as much as you could with Dave's enormous member stuffed down your throat) then all four of us exploded. Dave pumped his load into your mouth which overflowed and ran down your face, Steve bucked and thrust deep inside your cunt blowing his hot load right up into you and I hammered my throbbing hard on home spreading your ass even wider and driving my load of hot steaming cum deep into your wonderful body.

We all just lay together enjoying the heat, touch and smell of this wonderful experience we finally decided to move a little, and we all cuddled around you again. After a few moments, you start to fondle me and found I was getting hard again so she press your advantage and before I knew it you had me wanting to take you all over again. You pull my face to yours and in a very sexy gruff voice whisper, "We haven't finished with you yet big boy..." You kiss me hard driving your tongue into my mouth, fucking me with your tongue and not letting me go. I could feel you inside me and could taste you.... No that was Dave I could taste; you were using your tongue to drive Dave's cum into my mouth! I had never tasted another mans cum and tried to pull away but you pull me in even harder. Despite my initial shock I was getting quite hot and start to push my tongue into your mouth, licking and tasting this wonderful bittersweet mix of you and another man.

You let me go arching your back and with a deep moan and push my face down into your cunt spreading your legs wide so that I could see every bit of your hot wet honey pot. I cupped my hands under your bum and pull you to me licking and tonguing your sweet pussy lips. I drove my tongue into your, licking and tasting you knowing that this time I was also tasting Steve's juices mixed with yours.

You arched your back and open your legs wide as we touch and kiss and lick you all over until she was shivering and moaning uncontrollably. Steve kneels next to your head on the bench and starts deep kissing your lips then working his way down your neck to share the taste of your gorgeous mounds with Dave. As the other two starts to caress your, all I could see were the soft wet folds of your body inviting me to enter. I start to finger your hairless pussy and found it wet and slippery from Steve's attentions earlier, his cum was still seeping out of you and lubricating your hole so I drove my hard stiff cock into you up to the hilt. You squirm delightfully with the sudden and unexpected entry into your cunt then you start to move your hips encouraging me to fuck you some more.

Steve moves his face down your body to reach your tits he has spread his knees on either side of your head presenting you with that enormous member who was now hard as a rock and dripping his essence. As you open your mouth in a gasp of awe he takes you, forcing your mouth wide and filling you with the taste of his manliness. Your eyes flew wide open as he slides into you as you could see his huge balls bouncing right in front of your eyes. The though that Steve's cum was inside you with me and was all over my cock mixing with my own made me like an animal, fucking you so hard that every thrust knocked the breath out of you.

I could feel your hands on my bum pulling me into you but also exploring my hole with those lovely-probing fingers of yours. You found your mark and suddenly you were inside me twisting and turning and driving me wild. I could feel Dave's cock as he rubs against my inner thigh and I could also see Steve's huge member as he sat close to my face while you suck and stroke him with great relish. The site once again transfixed me, I had never seen a hard wet cock this close so watching you swallow it and fondling those huge balls turned me on like nothing else. I turn back to you feeling a bit guilty and found your looking deep into my eyes with a strange little smile on your face like she had read my thoughts.

You now drove your fingers even deeper into me pulling them out, then driving in again as I pounded into your clit, you soon had me groaning uncontrollably with pleasure. You whisper to me, "Do you want more... do you want it hard?" Then I felt your probing my hole again but it was different somehow, slow, wet, soft, hot and oh so big! Oh no! It was Dave! You suddenly brought your legs down hooked them around mine, spreading me wide open. I was trapped, still inside you and with Dave now probing my ass with his cock. Before I could move my asshole gave way to the gentle pressure from Dave's cock and he slips inside me. I gasp, you kiss my neck as I arch my back and then Dave was buried deep inside me. The pleasure of it all starts to seep back and you start to move with that motion that I can just never resist. You were driving me crazy again but this time you had help.

Dave starts to drive into me hammering me even deeper into you. I could feel the tightness of your hot wet cunt and also Dave's cock filling me just as I was filling yours. Dave drove into me exploring every hidden recess as I could feel his balls slapping against mine with every stroke and the weight of his body on mine pressing me into you deeper.

With you leaning back and licking Steve's hard cock, he started running his hands over both of us. It was fascinating watching you work on him with your tongue and smelling his odour as he started to become more and more excited. He moves forward as you start to tease his balls with your tongue, his cock was now pressed against the side of my face so I could feel its throbbing energy just waiting to burst out. You take his shaft in your hands as she continues to devour his balls you start to rub the head of his cock against my face and lips. I could taste him again and feel is wetness as he probed my lips so I start to lick him running my tongue all over contours of the head and let the tip of his enormous member into my mouth. The sensation was amazing as I felt his heat and the power of that monster as it quivered and throbbed waiting to drive into my throat. Just then you grab his ass and pull him down onto you driving his huge cock into my mouth and throat. He filled me completely spreading my mouth as wide as it could go and then starts to thrust. I could see nothing but him and you lips still working on his balls.

Someone reaches around and grab my balls, which was just about the final straw; I was totally pinned ready to explode. You were wiggling ad twisting as I drove into your pussy, Steve was fucking my mouth with his huge hot prick and Dave was driving so hard into my ass that I thought I would be impaled entirely with their two cocks meeting in the middle. It was too much and I finally let go into your pussy as you screamed in pleasure. A split second latter, the two boys also let go into me simultaneously, both driving in for the final thrust as Steve spurted huge gobs of cum straight down my throat forcing me to swallow the lot or drown and Dave poured a massive amount of his hot cum deep into my ass. I knew I had just been well and truly fucked for the first time. You had seen and felt your man get fucked by two other men in the ultimate four way experience and had loved it.

I was still pinned by you and the two huge cocks as I felt you gently kiss my neck and quietly say, "This was my real fantasy, thank you for making it come true my love".

We all got dress and left the tennis court. We went back to our room for some more hot sex. We never saw Dave and Steve again.

More erotic sex to follow.

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