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Tennis Lesson


My wife, Anna, and I decided to start taking tennis lessons at the nearby university. One morning as we were getting ready for work I happened to notice that my wife was wearing a new dress and that, in addition to showing some nice cleavage, it was a bit on the short side. Granted, it wasn't so bold as to be inappropriate for work, but a little on the daring side. Especially because I was fairly confident she wasn't wearing any panties underneath it. When I went to kiss her goodbye, I reached my hand up under her dress and was pleased to find no panties and a wonderfully smooth pussy.

"Love the new dress," I whispered in her ear.

"So I noticed," she moaned back.

Giving her pussy a gentle squeeze I added, "Just don't bend over too far at work today or someone is going to get an eye full."

"You'd probably like that, wouldn't you?" she teased.

We kissed again and I headed off to work, telling her I looked forward to seeing her at our tennis lesson.

I had a hard time concentrating at work that morning. My thoughts kept drifting back to my wife's dress and what I wanted to do to her. Every so often I sent her an instant message along those lines and was happy when she flirted back. Needless to say, I was out the door a bit early for our lesson. I wanted to be waiting for her when she arrived so I could have a quick feel before we had to change clothes. When I walked into the tennis club I was surprised to see a bunch of the lights out. That's when I remembered that finals were over and the students, along with many others, had left town. I stopped into the office to make sure our lesson was still on and they assured me that it was.

I waited anxiously in the hallway for my wife to arrive, totally fixated on her outfit. When she finally arrived I gave her a passionate kiss, which she returned with equal passion. Since nobody was in the hall, I reached under her dress and squeezed her bare ass as we kissed. I started to pull away, but she only kissed me harder, so I reached under the front of her dress to caress her pussy. Was I imagining things or was she wet? Reluctantly we parted ways and went to our respective locker rooms to change. Of course, I couldn't help but hope that she suddenly appear in the men's locker room for some fun, but it didn't happen.

Our lesson was pretty typical except that I couldn't concentrate and we were the only ones on the courts. Once it was over we headed back towards the locker rooms. We stopped at the entrance to the men's locker room and I pulled her close to me for another kiss. Impulsively I started pulling her into the men's locker room with me, knowing that nobody else was in there. She surprised me when she didn't resist, so I decided to see just how far she'd go before chickening out. I lead her to one of the benches and started undressing her, expecting her to stop me at any moment. But she didn't. Before I knew it she was standing there naked. I quickly stripped, grabbed a bar of soap and took her to the showers.

I'm not sure what the men's showers are like at other universities, but at this one they're all those stupid group showers. This one was a small one, though. I pulled Anna in and turned on the water. Once it was a decent temperature, I pulled her in and kissed her deeply, rubbing my hands all over her. I quickly washed her, but spend extra time on her tits, pussy, and ass. Then she washed me, paying extra attention to my ass and cock. Part of me wanted to wait until we got out of the shower, but when she turned and put her hands on the wall and presented her ass to me, I couldn't resist. I slid easily into her slippery pussy and soon the shower was filled with our moans and the sound of my skin smacking against hers. She was surprisingly verbal, shouting, "Yes! Yes! Harder!"

I'd like to say I lasted for fifteen minutes or more, but in reality it was probably more like two before I grunted and filled her with a huge load of my hot cum. Fortunately this sent her over the edge too and the sounds of her orgasm echoed off the tile walls. As my orgasm subsided, the reality of where we were started becoming clear and I pulled my softening cock out of her, causing her to whimper sadly. That's when I saw him out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look and there stood our tennis instructor, Bob. There stood my wife in the men's shower, naked, bent over with my cum dripping out of her pussy and I stood there with my cock semi-erect dripping cum too. My mind was racing a million miles and hour trying to figure out what to do when I realized he was staring at my wife while rubbing his crotch.

I looked back at my wife and admired how sexy she was in her current position, but figured I'd better let her know what was going on. "Dear," I said, "we have company."

She turned to look and when she saw Bob standing there she quickly stood up and tried to cover herself. "There's no point in hiding anything after what I just saw," he said, "and I really liked what I saw." She smiled shyly and slowly lowered her hands to reveal her naked, wet body. Bob and I both looked her over until she started walking out of the shower to find her clothes. "You're not getting dressed, are you?" he asked.

"Of course," she replied, "why wouldn't I?"

"Well," he hesitated. "I got pretty worked up watching what you were doing in the shower and I thought maybe you could help me out somehow."

"I don't think so," she replied, still standing there naked.

"Come on dear," I tried to persuade her, "how about just giving him a blowjob?"

"And what do I get out of it?" she asked. I swear her nipples were getting harder.

"Here, come over her and lay down on this bench," he suggested to her. Much to my surprise, she did as he suggested, lying down on the narrow bench with her ass at the end and her legs slightly spread. He then kneeled between her legs and ran his hands over them for a few moments before lifting them up in the air, spreading them wide. Her pussy lips were swollen and open in invitation. He leaned down and started to lick and suck her. I watched for a moment, then knelt beside her and kissed her passionately. She moaned into my mouth then broke the kiss, pushing my head down towards her breasts. I took the hint, licking, sucking, and biting her nipple.

I expected her to orgasm soon, but instead after only a few minutes she moaned, "No more! Stop! I can't take it. Please, I need a hard cock in me! Somebody, please!" Thinking he was the obvious choice, I continued what I was doing to her tits. She let out a soft moan and I turned to see that he had dropped his shorts and underwear to reveal a very long, thick cock. She told me later it was the largest one she had ever seen.

I turned to her and asked, "Do you think you can handle that?"

"I don't care," she moaned, "I just need to feel a cock inside me."

He got between her legs as she spread them wide and rubbed the head up and down her slit, and then slowly pushed into her. "Dear, I'm gonna need help if I'm going to do this, so please keep doing what you were doing." I resumed playing with her tits, but watched intently as he worked that huge cock slowly into her tight little pussy.

He must have been able to tell she was getting close to cumming because he said, "Please don't cum until I get my whole cock inside of you."

"I don't know if I can," she moaned, "but I'll try."

He kept pulling part way out, his shaft glistening with her wetness, then pushing further in until finally his entire length was insider her. Seeing that she was getting close to orgasm, he pumped faster and harder, her lips gripping his cock with each stroke. Soon she couldn't hold back any longer and I pulled on her nipple as her whole body shook with a huge orgasm. Moments later he grunted as his first shot of cum went inside her pussy, then he yanked his cock out and stroked it as he shot the remaining streams all over her tits, stomach, and pussy. I cannot tell you how hot that was to see, but it was even hotter to watch her rub his cum all over herself as he pushed his still semi-hard cock back into her stretched out pussy, pushing her over the edge again.

By this time I was totally worked up again, so I stood up and motioned to him to move out of the way. He slowly pulled his cock out of her, leaving her pussy open and wet. I got between her legs and when she saw my hard cock she moaned, "Yes, please fuck me. I need more cock." So I quickly sunk my entire dick inside her and thrust quickly in and out. Not wanting to be left out, our instructor moved up so she could suck the last bit of cum out of him. Even though he wasn't hard anymore, she still could only take about half of his cock in her mouth. I was pretty worked up from watching her take that big cock of his, so I didn't hold back and soon was ready to cum for the second time. She was moaning so much that she seemed to be having one continuous orgasm.

"Where do you want me to cum?" I grunted.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth she moaned, "In my pussy. Please fill my pussy with your cum!"

Who was I to argue? I thrust hard a few more times before filling her pussy with my second load of cum, almost passing out from the intensity of it. As I was recovering, my cock still throbbing inside her, I watched while she sucked eagerly on the instructor's slowly hardening shaft. I had never seen her this insatiable before. It's like she couldn't get enough cock. If anyone else had walked in I suspect she would have taken them on too. But as it was she seemed determined to get him hard again and was doing a pretty good job of it. I pulled my cock out of her and watched as my cum leaked out and down the crack of her ass.

"I want to fuck you from behind like I saw you doing in the shower," he said to her. I looked up and, sure enough, his cock was completely hard again. Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed like it was even bigger than before. Without a word she stood up and bent over, bracing herself against the lockers with her legs apart. He got behind her and started rubbing his cock all over her dripping pussy.

"Mmm, that feels nice," she moaned. But instead of sliding it in, he just kept teasing her with it, rubbing it over her clit and up and down between her lips. "Come on, stop teasing me," she pleaded.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked knowingly.

"I want you to put it in me," she replied.

"You'll have to ask better than that. Tell me exactly what you want."

Pausing for only a moment, she gave in and said, "I want you to put your big, hard cock inside my aching pussy."

"That's much better." He continued, "and if I do, will you promise to let me do it again next week?" This surprised me. Up until now it had all been spontaneous. I knew she wouldn't agree to this, as much as she horny as she might be at the moment.

"Yes!" Came her reply, shocking me. "You can do it again next week. You can fuck me with your big, hard cock next week if you hurry up and fuck me with it now." I couldn't believe what I just heard. Surely she didn't mean it, did she?

But before I could give it much more thought, he slid his cock into her with one smooth motion. There was no resistance this time and she let out a loud moan as it filled her. I watched amazed as he held onto her hips and slid that huge cock in and out of her once tight pussy, her tits swaying beneath her. Each time he thrust into her she let out a moan. For a while his thrusts were slow and steady. I think he was enjoying watching his cock sliding in and out of her as much as I was. But then he started to pick up the pace and soon was going at it with complete abandon, his hips smacking into her ass with each thrust and his balls undoubtedly bouncing off her clit.

"Yes! Yes! Harder! Don't stop! I'm cumming!" she cried out as her body shook with her orgasm.

"Uhh. I'm going to fill your hot little pussy with my cum," he groaned as he buried his cock into her as far as he could, shooting his jism deep inside her. He slowly stroked a few more times, then eased his cock out of her. Her pussy was left gaping open, well used, and leaking copious amounts of cum. Apparently still recovering, she stood still while he and I both admired the view.

"I hate to say it, but we better get you out of here before someone else comes along and you have to take care of him too," he kidded.

"Oh goodness," she sighed. "As much fun as that was, I'm completely spent." She stood up and faced us, then reached out and gave each of our cocks a few gentle strokes. "Thanks guys. That was quite the experience." With that, she got dressed and headed back to the women's locker room. I quickly went to the shower to rinse off and when I came out the instructor was gone.

I waited in the hallway for my wife who, not surprisingly, took awhile to come out. She looked totally worn out, but gave me a shy smile when she saw me. We walked in silence to our cars, then hugged for a bit before I finally asked her, "Are you okay?"

"Really tired and a little sore, but fine otherwise," she replied.

I hesitated, but finally asked, "So...are you really going to let him fuck you again next week?"

"Well, that's up to you. I mean, I told him I would, but only if you're okay with it."

"Do YOU want to?" I asked. "I mean, not just to fulfill an obligation, but would you really like to do that again?"

She thought for a few moments and then replied, "I hope you're not upset, but yes, I would. Just not in the locker room this time. That was exciting, but next time I'd like to do it somewhere else. Would you mind?"

"Not as along as I get to participate again," I said with a smile and gave her a big hug.

Somehow by the time we went to bed that night she was feeling up to another round. Actually, we were both really worked up, but managed to hold off long enough to talk about what had happened earlier that day and what was going to happen the next week. When we finally went at it, it was very intense and we both came pretty quickly.

As for the repeat performance, that's a story for another time.

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