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Maria becomes a woman's pet

Maria was dropped off outside the spa by her boyfriend. They had argued all the way there, and he showed his mood by screeching off in haste. She was a strong determined young woman, used to winning, and thrived on it. An injury was going to put her out of the game for awhile, and this spa break promised a pampering that was long overdue.

At reception Kyle was waiting for her, just as she had planned with a friend who was usually on reception.

'Maria, Maria Shapy, I have a booking,' the attractive blond said.

Kyle knew who she really was, as she had been waiting for this moment all week, which seemed more like a lifetime. There had been no need for the attractive young woman to speak, she knew exactly who she was. The famous tennis star was wonderful, glamorous, and all hers for two weeks.

'I've taken the liberty of booking you in for a daily massage, and hydrotherapy. Please let me know of any other of our facilities you would like to use, and I shall arrange them for you, at your convenience,' Kyle stated.

She sounded breathless, despite trying hard to be calm and professional.

'I'll see. Just get someone to carry my cases,' Maria demanded.

Even the gruff, no-nonsense tone of voice sounded sexy to Kyle.

'I'll carry them for you. May I call you Maria?' asked Kyle.

'Call me anything you like,' Maria served back indifferently.


Maria was naked except for a towel over her firm bottom. Kyle was rubbing fragrant oil onto her legs, with a pair of strong hands. Maria was making appreciative noises. Kyle knew how adept she was at relaxing a client, and although it was counterproductive, she was dying to talk to her hero.

'Before I work on your back, this is the time to mention anything bothering you. To clear your mind of problems, so you can drift off into a relaxed contemplative state,' Kyle softly spoke.

She'd suggested this yesterday, without a response. Nothing was said, so she figured it wasn't going to work. She was dying to learn some intimate snippet from the young woman's life. Even if she couldn't gossip about it from being confidential, she would know, and that would be good enough. Both hands worked on a muscular leg. It was shapely despite having the muscles to push the woman around a tennis court.

'I'm not sure. What do you mean?' Maria hesitantly spoke.

The question had been asked before, yet this was the first time she responded. Kyle felt she was balancing on a pin, and this could lead to something, or would die right now.

'The idea is to say out loud a problem, or something that bothers you. Then it will be cleared out of the way. When I massage the rest of your body, you will be more relaxed. You'll reach a deeper meditative state,' Kyle explained.

'Oh? Maybe. You are so good, how can it get any better. OK. My boyfriend is a pain in the ass,' Maria served.

'Then you're not doing it right,' Kyle cheekily returned.


It took a moment for a closed down mind to process the statement. Her shoulders began to vibrate, then a chuckle escaped her throat.

'Wicked!' Maria simply said.

'You have me at a disadvantage. I feel as though I'm floating and my mind is mush. You are so good, I want you to come and work for me,' Maria whispered.

'I'm not sure about that. Your exciting world might be too much for me,' Kyle softly spoke.

'It might seem so at first. Then it just becomes a pain, like Gregor. He gave up some of his matches to follow me around, from match to match. Then there's the photo-shoots, and the interviews, and fitting in training sessions. The game sometimes seems secondary,' Maria said.

She moaned a delightful sound of pleasure, even though Kyle was still on her legs.

'Is he happy following you around?' Kyle asked.

'You know men. They like to be doing things. All he can do is interfere, and get in everyone's way. I don't think he's getting it. I don't know what to do for the best,' she complained.

'Maybe you should let him decide what's best for him,' Kyle suggested.

Kyle moved onto the back massage, and received a big sigh of gratitude and peace. She'd broken the ice and felt good to have finally made human contact with the superstar. Maria had been acting like a stuck up bitch with everyone, including her, and now at last the girl was opening up.

There was no more sounds from Maria that session, except pleasurable little moans. Later, a second session was demanded after a fraught phone call from her manager. From then on two massage sessions a day were agreed. They talked at the beginning, or rather Kyle listened, and offered advice. She was pleased to hear her hero agree to it being good advice.


At the beginning of the last week, Maria opened up to her, but not as Kyle had imagined. She was getting fed up with the tantrums and self-pity. Other staff had to put up with unreasonable demands and hinted that Kyle should sort her out.

Kyle was trying to point out some positive realities to the young spoilt brat. But the technique wasn't working. All week she'd used positive reinforcement to modify the woman's behaviour. Sometimes it seemed to be working, but just with her, during a massage.

Positive reinforcement usually worked for her, but not this time. Maybe she should have used negative reinforcement, and been more blatant with the woman. To some extent she was responding to her, and listening to what she said, but time was running out.

'You're a beautiful twenty-six year old woman. You have your whole life ahead of you. You have so much, and owe a lot to other people,' Kyle began to say, only to be interrupted.

'Others? They hang off my skill at tennis, all of them. You don't know what it is like to have an entourage bothering me wherever I go. They will turn their back on me if I fail,' she complained.

'Maybe if you treated your staff better, they might have a higher opinion of you,' Kyle replied.

'They don't like me, they like my money, and that is that,' she sniffed.

'What about the staff here. You have them running around after you without a please, or thank you,' Kyle pointed out.

'They too just work for my money,' she haughtily spoke.

'Including me?' Kyle asked.

'Maybe. Of course, you won't remember me once I leave,' she sulked.

'I'll remember the woman who behaved like a spoilt brat,' Kyle heavily said.

'Just get on with your job!' she spat.

Kyle leant on the middle of the brat's back with one hand, flicked the towel to one side, and slapped her bare ass.

'Oww! What are you doing?' she demanded.

She was so disappointed to find her hero was a pain in the ass, she gave her a pain in the ass. It was just a spur of the moment thing, but then she continued.

Another slap, and Kyle said, 'You're behaving like a naughty child, so I'm treating you like one.'

'Oww! Stop it, you can't do this to me.'

'Oww! I'm too important to be mistreated.'

'You are a naughty little girl. You're acting like a spoiled brat! I'll stop when you promise to behave,' Kyle demanded.

'Oww! Don't hurt me!'

'Oww! Please, no more, it hurts.'

'Oww! Alright! I promise to behave, please stop!'

'Oww! I've been a naughty girl, and promise to be good!'

'Oww! Please miss, I promise to be a good little girl. I'll say please and thank you to everyone, honest, miss,' she blubbered.

'Oww! I mean it, honest, I always keep a promise, miss,' she said, through tears and sniffs.

'What's my name?' Kyle demanded.

'Oww! Sorry miss, I don't know,' she wept.

'You couldn't even bother to remember my name! You will make a point of remembering everyone's name, and treat all the staff with respect. Understood?' Kyle asked.

'Oww! Yes, miss, sorry, miss,' she cried, and sniffed.

Realising she had just assaulted a client, Kyle silently gasped. It was too late to take it back, and undo the damage. She would be sacked for this outrage. When the young woman came out of her self-indulgent funk, she would demand Kyle's dismissal.

As though nothing had happened, she continued with the massage. Her hands moved around the shoulders, finding less tension than usual. It was surprising to find the woman breathing heavily, as though she were about to fall off to sleep. Her whole body seemed loosened up, and she was deeply relaxed.

Kyle said nothing. She picked up the oils and wiped her hands on a towel, and left. She sat in her office staring at the cubicle door, waiting to see her client rush to the manager's office, in a rage.

The slap of throw away floppy slippers, sounded unusually loud on the tiles. The sound grew as it approached the office door. The sound stopped, leaving Kyle's heart pounding. The young woman didn't said a word, and Kyle dare not look up at her. The floppy sound lessened, until she heard the swish of the fitness centre door.

Kyle looked at the diary once more, only now able to read it. There were no other clients booked in, so she decided to take a half rest day.


Next morning when she walked in to the staff locker, a couple of early birds smiled at her.

'What?' Kyle protested.

'You did something, well done,' one of them smiled.

'What do you mean?' Kyle asked, dreading the answer.

'That snotty tennis player, what's her face. She was really nice all evening. Scotty said it was after your afternoon massage session. Hope it lasts,' she said, and was gone.

Kyle hadn't been expecting this. She prepared for the next client, and checked in the diary who it would be. She knew all along it was Maria. She crossed her arms and steadied her nerves, in preparation for a confrontation. The young woman walked in, wearing the usual fluffy hotel dressing gown.

Maria glanced at Kyle, and dipped her head, to look at the floor as she removed the gown, hung it up, and laid on the couch. She positioned her face in the hole as usual. The arrogant woman was a little tense from not knowing what to expect.

'So, I hear you've changed your ways,' Kyle said, as she spread perfumed oil over a leg.

'Yes, miss Kyle,' Maria quietly spoke.

'Good,' Kyle firmly said.

'No one has spanked me since my mother. Nor guided me like you have,' Maria blurted out.

'Well, you needed it,' Kyle found herself saying.

'Thank you for putting me right. I've tried to be a good girl for you, miss Kyle. I hope I meet with your approval, miss,' she said.

'I've had good reports from the other staff, so yes, you've been a good girl,' Kyle smiled to herself.

She felt exhilarated after the awful prospect of being fired. The centre was a short walk through the grounds from home, so it was easy to get to work. The pay was good, as they dealt with exclusive clients.

'If I misbehave . . . will you spank me again?' she asked.

Kyle considered the question in context with the new small, gentle voice. It sounded so different from yesterday. She sounded less demanding, and less sure of herself. It actually sounded as if she was asking to be spanked!

Was the young woman thinking of her as a mother figure? Maria's mother had a big influence upon her. Maybe her mother had pushed her too far, and demanded too much. Discipline and a plan to achieve goals is one thing, but what about fun?

'If you misbehave I will spank you. Remember, the people you meet on the way up, you will meet on the way down. People will do more for you if they are treated well. It's not just about money, people need respect as well. They will give you respect in return, and loyalty. Maybe you didn't learn that in Russia. Just hardness, and duty,' Kyle mused.

'Yes, miss, thank you, miss. Thank you for correcting me, and spanking me, miss Kyle. I promise to be a good girl, and do as you say, miss,' she said.

Kyle was surprised to hear how sincere the woman sounded. She had certainly made an effort yesterday after the massage. The rest of the staff had remarked on it, and thanked Kyle this morning. She dare not tell anyone she had spanked the brat!

She smiled to herself, realising the ice had certainly been broken, and she had gained far more than she dare hope for. She was having a personal experience with her hero! Still, she was a little disappointed with the woman.

She hoped to influence her a little more while at the centre. She decided to reinforce the idea of treating people with respect, especially her. There were a few more days available to help her become a better person, and for them to become closer.

'I want you to show respect, and be a good girl,' Kyle strongly said, and continued with the massage.

'Yes, miss, I will. I'll be a good girl, I promise,' Maria sincerely spoke. 'I'll do as you say, Miss Kyle.'

Maria felt the wonderful hands massage away her worries. This woman was strong like her mother, and gave her good advice. The woman wasn't afraid to tell her when she was wrong, unlike the hangers-on. The strength in her hands was matched by her willpower, and Maria respected that. She would do as she was told, and be a good girl for this strong woman.

The second week continued with Kyle receiving thanks from co-workers. The awkward bitch had been transformed into a pleasant person to wait upon. Like an ugly caterpillar changing into a butterfly, Maria became bright and happy. Maria too gave her thanks to Kyle by paying attention to her advice, and seeking her out each day.

They looked forward to the massage sessions, where they shared private likes and dislikes, and discussed past mistakes. They talked until Maria became subsumed under the influence of strong hands, massaging her into oblivion. Maria was in Kyle's firm grip, unable to break free, wanting to remain so for ever. It felt as though she were floating, in a world of her own, free of all worries.

'I can see you are needy,' Kyle commented.

'Oh! I'm so sorry, miss Kyle,' Maria professed. 'I was thinking of, err, him.'

'It's alright, girl, I understand. I'll help you with this too,' Kyle told her.

'Oh! Err, are you sure? Oh! Mmm!' Maria started to groan, and whisper something unintelligible.

Kyle gently massaged the young woman's lips, while circling her anus with the other hand. Seeing her clitoris protruding, growing larger and stiffer, Kyle rubbed it. The harder she rubbed, the more Maria moaned.

'I'm nearly there. I'm going to orgasm, Miss Kyle,' Maria declared.

Kyle pinched the woman's thigh, then slapped her bottom.

'Not yet, make it last,' Kyle told her.

'Please, miss, let me cum, please!' Maria begged.

Three times Kyle stopped the young woman having an orgasm. Maria was desperate to orgasm, and Kyle was ready to let her.

'Please, miss, please let me cum!' Maria whimpered.

Kyle didn't say anything, she just carried on rubbing her clit and stroking her lips. A finger circled her anus, then a finger entered her vagina. Kyle found a sensitive spot inside and concentrated on that.

'Oh! God! Yes! I'm there! Damn! Yes!' she hissed the last word out long and hard.

Maria lay supine, as though all the energy had been sucked out of her. Flat on the table she moaned, and whined, as the orgasm receded. It had taken a long time coming, and was taking a long time going.

After washing her hands, Kyle took Maria's head in both hands and kissed her. She was surprised when Maria opened her mouth and poked her tongue between her lips. The young woman's tongue was long and slim and explored her mouth. Breathing deeply Kyle pulled away and deeply sighed.

'That was nice,' Kyle said.

'Oh! Yes, that was very nice,' Maria giggled.

For the last three sessions, Maria enticed Kyle for more of the same.

'You stop me from doing things. From being rude, and from having an instant orgasm. I'm used to getting my own way, and you stop me. I feel happier, much happier. You can do whatever you want with me, and I'll do as I'm told, Miss Kyle,' Maria sincerely spoke.

Kyle hadn't thought this would be possible. Maria had respect for her and seemed to have a crush on her. Like a love sick schoolgirl, Maria hung on her every word.


It had to come to an end, and the two weeks were up. Maria was pulling herself together, ready to face the world once more. She wasn't rude to the staff at breakfast but she avoided Kyle.

'Damn! It's started already,' Maria crossly said to herself.

'What's wrong?' Kyle asked.

'Oh! Where did you spring from? My manager said the car to pick me up isn't available. When my father was manager he wouldn't let that happen. Look out there, the vampires have arrived. I don't want to try and get past the press in a taxi,' Maria said.

'Don't let it get to you. I'll take you the back way, through the woods,' Kyle offered.

'You'll take my back way? Through my undergrowth?' Maria joked. 'See I've picked up your jokes,' she said, though it was all a front, she was nervous as hell.

'You're magic, Kyle. I shall miss you,' Maria smiled.

They left the luggage at the health spa in Kyle's locker, and walked to Kyle's home. As promised they weren't bothered by the paparazzi, and so Maria began to calm down.

'You've got an answer for everything. I should have guessed, and asked for your help,' Maria smiled.

'I can phone for a taxi, or you can stay the night, and get your car tomorrow,' Kyle asked.

'What do you advise, miss,' Maria said, with a light tinkle to her voice.

Although she was teasing, Kyle hoped the girl would stay the night. It was a dream come true. Her hero was in her house, and with a bit of luck would be sleeping in her bed!

'Stay the night. You can relax and get away from it all. No one knows you're here, so no one will bother you. Arrange for the car to pick you up here tomorrow, before the paparazzi find you,' Kyle stated.

'Okay! It will be nice being with you. You have a lovely home, miss,' she added, only just then looking around.

'Tea or coffee?' Kyle asked.

In the kitchen she punched the air, and silently whooped. The beautiful girl she had adored at tennis matches was here, in her home, and would be staying the night! Her head was in the clouds, so she didn't know where to begin. Franticly looking around the kitchen for food, she settled on a pasta dish. Maria agreed, and offered to help.

They sat in front of the television watching a girly movie.

'That's another problem. When I get back to the usual business, I'll forgive Gregor, and we'll be back into the old routine. Work, work, and Gregor being demanding,' she complained.

'Give him the elbow. . . marching orders. . . tell him to go,' Kyle said.

'I need sex, and he provides it. It's probably the only relief from work I get. It isn't so easy to get to know someone,' she complained.

Kyle was surprised. The more she thought about it, the more she understood. There were plenty of attractive looking men around, but how would she know if they wanted her, or her money, and fame.

'Come on. I'll give you a massage, and we'll think of a solution,' Kyle said, already having something in mind.

With the pillows arranged on the bed, Maria took up the usual position. Kyle had her hero flat out, naked, on her bed! Of all her fans, who else had her naked, and with permission to stroke her bare flesh. Kyle was in heaven.

Kyle deftly turned her over, hardly disturbing the girl from a deep meditative state. She massaged her head and shoulders, and worked her way down a young perfectly toned body. The skin was blemish free, and silky smooth. Her stomach was flat, and the only thing covering her was a small towel, folded over her sex. Her sex had been denuded completely.

A slight movement of the feet had her legs parted. Both hands worked on the hard muscular thighs. Sensing the moment was right, she moved up her body. One hand on the thighs, with the other on the stomach. Both hands glided together, to meet on her mons. Deftly missing her sex, both hands massaged close.

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