tagRomanceTense... Ch. 01

Tense... Ch. 01


She opened the door and leaned back against it, sighing in exhaustion. Her dark maroon pants stretched tightly across her sore, perfectly rounded butt. She groaned lightly at the fantasy of finally stripping them off along with the rest of her bulky clothing and tumbling in to a warm bed next to the fireplace with a good mindless book. Maybe even with a big plate of something warm... She didn't normally eat in bed, but desperate times...

Her mouth began to water as she realized the delicious aromas making her nose twitch in anticipation weren't a day dream. For a startled moment she caught her breath and in the silence detected a slight bubbling sound coming from the bathroom. The light was on under the door too. Opening the closet door besides her she spotted a familiar pair of brown leather shoes and a black leather jacket. She sighed thinking of the comfortable bubble of alone time she'd been craving, and decided she certainly wasn't going to bother trying to be good company. There was one place, at least, that she could be alone.

She thumped the door to the bathroom open.

"Hi hon" she called into the house, sulkily." I'll be in the bathroom. I really need a bath and-"

She cut off quickly as the deep mellow smell of vanilla scented candles wafted towards her from the bathroom. The bathroom radiated a diffuse light from carefully clustered candles lying on almost every open surface. He shot her a grin from the corner, where he was carefully putting the finishing touches on a mysteriously small candle, which he then carefully packaged in to a ridiculous little boat and floated in the bubble filled bathtub. He brushed a messy blond bang out of his eye and staring in to her own said:

"That shouldn't be a problem."

He unwound from his perch lithely while she stood there overwhelmed. His fingers gently brushed the hair on her cheek away from her eyes before he reached around to wrap her in a hug. For a moment she protested, resisting gently, pushing against the muscles on his chest as she groaned. She thought about voicing a complaint, but after a moment she realized his arms really did feel good around her, his hands firmly stroking the fatigue out of her back muscles. She warmed quickly and began stroking his neck and arms in return. As she pressed her body into him, he suddenly stepped back, holding her steady by her waist. He brought his hands together in a gentle caress, his fingers tracing gently against her stomach. Her breath was beginning to come much deeper as he gently rolled her shirt up to just beneath her now heaving breasts and moved his hands behind her to lift it over her head in a smooth motion and drop them on the floor behind her. He moved his hand over her taut belly moving up to caress her hardening nipples through her black bra. He could see her excitement from the way her breasts struggled against the top of their confinement. He snapped her bra off with a deft twist of his index and middle fingers.

The bra slid slowly down the sloping curve of her heavy D breasts which jiggled enticingly when finally freed. He resisted the ravenous urge to pounce on them, instead closing with her and again pulling her now malleable body gently towards his own for another embrace. Her face was becoming flushed and her tan colored nipples were getting almost painfully hard. When they came in contact with the somewhat rough material of his shirt she stifled an involuntary moan. Waves of pleasure and sensitivity were going through her making her hotter and hotter. She could feel a bulge forming in his pants as she ground her sensitive nipples against him. Her muffled groans were really beginning to piss him off. Why did she insist on gagging herself like that? Damn, he wanted to hear her moan and scream to shake the walls down. That's what today was all about. He kissed her jaw line, working his way up gently to her lips as he drew his hands up from her waist to fondle the sides of her breasts as she continued to work them against his shirt. Her body was so perfect. So soft there, and firm there, it was almost impossible to control himself. He let his hands drift behind her head to guide her as he began kissing her lips passionately. She relaxed into his hands letting his lips and slight pressures direct everything as she ceased grinding her chest and crotch against him and instead danced her tongue around his. His tongue flowed languorously around her mouth, tasting her at his leisure, but always moving and writhing. His hard cock now pocked her obviously in the lower stomach. As she began to grind against it, he suddenly pulled away, his hand sliding back to caress her neck again while the other kneaded her firm full buttock. He looked at her for a moment and spoke softly into her ear.

"You've been tense lately. Let's work on that. Get in the tub."

He gave her ass a last two handed grope tugging at her pants as he did. She reveled in the pleasure his hands caused her, feeling another surge of dampness in her already soaking pussy. He stepped away and for a moment she was disappointed that he wasn't going to get these damn constricting pants off of her. As he back away, she saw the hunger in his eyes as he drank her in. His gaze swept up and down focusing on her her breasts when she breathed deeply. She arched her back, pushing her large breasts even further out, as if challenging him to do something with them. Her nipples were on fire, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body to the pit of her stomach. She couldn't believe how turned on she was. If this continued, she was going to cum without him even touching her! How did he do this to her? It was time to get even. She ran her hands up her body losing herself in the sensation of her own softness. She knew actually getting off on it would turn him on far more than pretending ever could. The feeling of his eyes devouring every movement made every sensation even more intense. She tweaked her nipples, rolling them in her fingers and pinching them hard enough to make the ends pale. She let out another stifled groan and began moving her breasts together even more animatedly, mashing them between her small hands-

Suddenly, she realized he wasn't looking at her the same way anymore. A flash of something resembling irritation had crossed his face, and now he just looked sort of determined. He moved close to her and suddenly fastened his lips to her nipple, sucking so hard he lifted the whole breast easily off her chest. Meanwhile his hand slid down her stomach into her pants and found her clit through her thong panties. She'd had no idea how sopping wet she'd gotten! Between her the incredible suction on her nipple and the sudden manipulation of her tender clit, she almost stopped breathing caught up in her own pleasure.

When her orgasm hit, nearly knocking her off her feet, she bit her lip and clenched her stomach muscles to keep from screaming. The waves of pleasure were so strong she fought to stop herself from being overcome. It was just too intense. She clamped down hard on her abdominal and vaginal muscles, letting the focus of that anchor her until the pleasure subsided and he withdrew his hand and mouth. The look on his face seemed even more annoyed and determined than before. Her jaw and abdominals burned with the effort of not screaming during her orgasm. She quailed, wondering what was wrong until suddenly he smiled. He brought his hand to his lips and sucked off the juices that had gathered on it through the boundary.

"Mmm," he said, with a grin that made his blue eyes twinkle. "looks like someone made a mess of herself. Why don't you get in the tub and I'll bring you some dinner. It should be ready in a sec. Now strip and get in. I'll be right back."

She laughed and grabbed him as he left, regaining some of her self possession.

"Wow I was so bitchy." she said looking into his eyes.

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