tagNonHumanTentacle Experience M

Tentacle Experience M


Barry was quietly and single-mindedly strolling down the street after a moderate drink with some buddies at the local pub. When he reached the park area that was about 100 metres from his humble home, he came across a small pebble on the pavement. The stone glistened a warm purple colour, then gently morphed into orange, then purple again. It repeated the pattern again and again, then Barry knelt down and picked up the pebble. His thick brown hair swooped down over his eyes as he examined the rock carefully.

He stood and slipped the stone into his jeans pocket. He continued on towards his home as he wanted to be happily indoors and safe by 1 in the morning.

Barry slumped down onto his bed and took the pebble out of his trouser pocket. He took another look at it, then set it upon his dresser, still morphing colours. He stripped down to his boxer shorts, ready to leap into bed and slumber until morning. But as he walked back into the room in just his underwear, the stone began to rattle and shake on his dresser.

He walked closer to the stone, a puzzled frown on his face. When he was roughly thirty centimetres away from the stone, it exploded like a hollow shell and unleashed a mass of writhing purple tentacles. No two tentacles were the same as they crawled up and along the walls of his roomy bedroom. One had soft bristles along it, another had tiny suckers along the underside of it (each sucker about a centimetre or two in diameter), and another had a thick end with a long slit down the middle of the end.

After thirty seconds of wriggling around the room, each and every writhing protrusion stopped and "looked" at Barry. Four smooth tentacles shot out of the mess and curled sturdily around Barry's ankles and wrists. The tentacles lifted him three feet off the ground and he began breathing heavily, darting his head around to look at the situation.

One tentacle slowly moved out of the gathering. It was a long one, ending in five smaller tentacles at the end. It plunged two small "fingers" down the waistline of Barry's pants, and two more did the same behind him. The tentacle did a pull downwards and removed Barry's shorts.

Each unoccupied tentacle made an excited squealing sound at the sight of Barry's flaccid cock and moved a couple of inches closer. One tentacle came out with two tiny fangs and slithered up Barry's leg, towards his soft member. It thrust the two teeth into the area just above his cock, making him grunt slightly in pain. The fangs then slowly secreted a fluid into Barry's abdomen, before swiftly pulling out and hiding away in the mass of wriggling arms.

The fluid that the organism secreted began to take effect. It made Barry's cock grow into a hard-on. However, it didn't stop at his usual size of nine inches, the cock kept lengthening to a whopping fifteen! The tentacles squealed again, and the tentacle with the bristles began to gently stroke his testes and comb his ball hair while doing so. This would have made Barry hard enough without the drug.

An arm with a flat end began caressing Barry's face as a featureless one wrapped itself around his shaft and began stroking the entire length of his meat. The one on his cock then stopped when it saw Barry's foreskin right back. It squeaked something and out came the slit-ended tentacle, slowly writhing towards Barry's penis. It teased the end of his angry red stiffy then plunged itself onto his cock, making the man throw his head back in pleasure. The tentacle started pumping up and down Barry's dick as he thrusted in synchronization. He could see the tentacle get fatter and thinner as his rock hard knob went in and out of the chamber.

After a while, the tentacle slowed the pumping and finally withdrew the cock from it's warm, sticky envelopment. Out came another protrusion, this time with an energetic, tiny end. It wriggled uncontrollably towards Barry's dick, the slowly plunged itself into the tiny slit in the end of his cock. This almost drove Barry over the edge, but evidently the drug was making him last longer in the field of battle.

Up at Barry's head, a tentacle similar to the slit-ended one but with a looser slit plunged itself into the man's mouth. When in, the loose slit opened and Barry rammed his tongue into it, making the arm quiver with what seemed to be sexual excitement. Then, when the tentacle at his cock was once again replaced with the slit-ended one and squeezed every time Barry thrusted his huge member into it, Barry came hard into the chamber, his hot sticky cum shooting from his cock and down inside the tentacle. It created a vacuum and sucked every last speck of creamy semen from the guy's dick. After Barry's dick, once again, became soft, the tentacles released him and condensed back into the stone just as Barry's girlfriend stepped through the door. He leapt into bed and fell soundly asleep.

The stone has remained well used by Barry ever since. And there was also the time when his girlfriend, Maria, found it.

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