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Tentacle Fetish


Disclaimer: I wrote this story at the request of a friend. Most of my stories were requested. Any particular place named in any of my stories is simply because it's from an area where I use to live. So nobody sue me, because that would really ruin my weekend.

"Has tentacle fetish," she added with a giggle. Posting online dating ads really wasn't her thing, but she thought it would be pretty ace to meet some new people. Not exactly being a social butterfly, sometimes it was hard finding people she really connected with, even on a strictly friends basis. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea.

The next day, there was already a message in her inbox. A bit surprised, she opened it. "I was browsing through the profiles, and I found yours. I have found that we have very much in common and am interested in getting to know you better. I hope you feel the same. Regards."

She clicked on the icon to view his profile. "Wow," she said to her. There was a photo of a very charming looking man in his early 20s. She read over his interests, and they indeed did have a lot in common. Her email to him in return was very brief, "I would love to get to know you better. You sound like my kind of guy. :)"

They exchanged emails over the following few weeks. With each new email, she became more and more infatuated with this new love interest. Apparently, he lived quite close to where she lived. Finally one day she received an email inviting her to dinner. "We have corresponded for quite some time, and I have found that I would like to possibly take our relationship to a higher level than simple emails. Please allow me to buy you dinner. If you are interested, please message me back with a simple "Yes" and meet me at the Chattanoogan tomorrow night at 6. Regards."

Almost without thinking about it, she sent her response. Sure, it was dangerous to meet people from the internet in person, but she didn't care. This guy was different. This guy was well, fabulous in every possible way.

She changed clothes at least five or six times the next night. She wanted everything to be perfect. Arriving fashionably early, she parked her car and walked to the entrance, unsure as to whether she would be meeting him outside or inside the restaurant. This was an extremely nice place, meals were about $20 per person, and there was even an attached hotel. Perfect for tourists. Perfects for a classy guy like this. She stepped inside the restaurant and looked around. She didn't see a face that matched the one on her profile. "Why, hello there madam," she heard behind her. She turned and sure enough, it was him. He took her hand and kissed it. "And how are you this evening."

"Fine," she blushed. "How are you?"

"Oh just splendid." He told the hostess his name, and after she checked the reservations showed them their table. The table was toward the back of the restaurant and quite private. After ordering a bottle of quite expensive wine, they were left alone. He took her hand once again and squeezed it. "I was afraid you would not respond to my message. I know we have known each other only for a brief time, but I felt it would be more appropriate if we met in person."

After making small talk, they found that their conversation flowed quite easily. She felt very comfortable in his presence.

After dinner, she was feeling pretty tipsy from the wine. However, she was even more drunk on his mere presence. This guy had a serious effect on her. "I don't want you to think that I got you drunk so I could take advantage of you. That's not the case, but I did reserve a room for us if you would to erm...talk some more."

"Okay." A million thoughts raced through her mind. She had no clue why she was being so pliable with him. She barely knew this guy, yet she felt like she had known him forever.

He got the key from the front desk, and they boarded the elevator. He unlocked the door to the room and closed the door behind them. Once inside the room, he turned to face her. "Another reason I wanted to meet you in person was I wasn't sure if you would like me for who I am. I'm not quite the man I appear to be."

"What do you mean?"

He reached out and stroked her cheek, not with a hand but a tentacle in response.

She gasped and drew back slightly. He laughed. "I thought you had a tentacle fetish." Not knowing what to say in response, she stood and stared as his humanly features quickly faded and we replaced by tentacles and squishy deep purplish-green skin. He grew in size, his clothes ripping and falling to the floor. His true form was indeed revealed when his clothing hit the floor. Her eyes widened as she studied his body. Where a penis would be, the mass of tentacles seemed to originate. The tentacles were each several feet long, and wider than she liked to ponder.

Her hand flew to her mouth as she tried to fight back a scream. "Don't scream. I'll have to gag you if you do, or I may just do that anyway. It's more fun that way," he smirked. "Now that you've seen me, I'm not just going to let you leave. I'm going to show you just how good a 'tentacle fetish' can be."

With that, she was shoved back onto the bed with one quick motion. He approached the bed still smirking with what looked like it could be called a mouth. He climbed onto the bed and slithered toward her. At that instant, she lost control and let out a bloodcurdling scream. Her scream was met promptly with a harsh slap across her face. "I told you not to scream," he growled, slapping her a second time. "Do you understand?" She nodded, whimpering slightly. He grinned. "Oh, I promise you'll like it. No...you'll love it." He stroked her stomach with one of his tentacles, raising her shirt to reveal her stomach. "So how about you take off these clothes and let me pleasure you?" He drew his face close to hers and stuck out his tongue seductively, touching it to her ear.

She shuddered but was unsure if she was afraid or strangely turned on by this encounter. His dominance mesmerized her, and she could feel a slight moisture in her panties as she slid them off. She was afraid to say no to his requests, and part of her did not think she wanted to say no. She mentally shrugged it off. "I'll just see what happens," she reassured herself.

He watched as she undressed, never losing the seductive smirk he had maintained since closing the door. Her bra was unsnapped and dropped to the floor, and he gave her breasts a stroke. There was small suction cups along the underside of each of his tentacles. They made a popping sound as they latched onto and released her breasts. She inhaled sharply. His skin was slightly damp, not exactly slimy but slick. It reminded her of how a condom felt. He leaned in and kissed her, trapping her full lips beneath his own. His upper lip was protruded somewhat more than his lower, and it made her giggle. Her laughter was met with another sharp slap to the face. He bellowed with laughter and exclaimed, "Did I not say I would gag you? I should keep my promises." He grabbed a pillow and pulled the case off, tossing the pillow aside. Rolling it up, he crammed it in her mouth, tying it behind her head. "Bite down," he instructed.

Fondling her body the entire time, he descended her body. The sensations were unbelievable; several tentacles at once was so much better than a mere two hands. Two tentacles stroked her hair in an almost romantic way, while another finally reached her clit. She closed her eyes as he stroked her pussy. The tip of the tentacle teased her entrance, and her back arched in response. He drove the tip in further, stretching her in the most pleasurable way possible. "I told you that you would love it," the tip was withdrawn, then shoved back inside even further, about the depth an average man's penis would reach. But this definitely was not like an ordinary penis.

She mumbled something incoherent through the gag. Curious, he untied it, "What did you say?"

"I said, I knew I would enjoy it anyway. I didn't need you to tell me that I would."

"I see." He glanced down, I think you're ready for the real thing." Without warning, the tentacle in her vulva was pushed even deeper.

"EEK!" she yelled in surprise.

"BLARRRGH!" he yelled in response, flailing the tentacles not engrossed in sexing her up. His movement in and out of her pussy began to gain a rhythm. She moaned in pleasure and raised her arms to grasp him, but they were quickly slapped away. A tentacle held them firmly over her head as his rhythm increased.

"Oh god. Please don't stop." He grumbled a response deep within his throat and tightened his grip on her body. "Oh god, tentacles," she continued to moan. He laughed out loud. An intense orgasm was rapidly approaching, and it was making her feel like she was losing her mind.

He reached a second tentacle to rub her clit while he was working her vulva. The tentacles were so large that the movement was rather awkward. Regardless, the sensation was even more gratifying than before. She inched closer to ecstasy and was finally sent over the edge.

He slowly slipped the tentacle out of her vagina as she came. She closed her eyes and sighed, trying to catch her breath. Caressing her body, he inquired, "So do you still have a tentacle fetish?"

"Uh huh," she nodded.

He smiled. His facial features were becoming more human as he spoke, "Would you be interested in allowing me to take you out again?"

"Of course." She had finally caught her breath. "That was amazing." This had definitely been different, but it had reached far beyond any of her wildest fantasies.

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