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Tequila Romance


Jenni padded into Funky Joe's and scanned the bar for her friends. The place was noisy and the lighting would get even ugly guys laid, but she managed to spot Mark and Jim in a booth at the back, near the tables. She threw her shoulders back and swayed through the crowd, doing her best Mae West, "Well hello there boys, got room for one more?"

Jim jumped up, "Jen, you made it!" He said hugging her. He stepped aside so she could slide into the booth next to Mark, tucking her case behind her feet. "Hey ya want anything to drink?"

Jenni closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "Tequila, double shot."

"Whoo hoo! one of us is gettin' laid tonight!" The short, wiry guy across the booth declared with a grin.

"Hey, Jen, you remember Kev, and this is Ben," Mark indicated the cute, well built blond guy sitting across from her.

"Um, hi. Kevin Mathews, Myra's ex?" Kevin grimaced and nodded. Jenni smiled and turned on the charm, "Soo Ben, Where are you from?" She said with her head cocked to one side and her eyes twinkling.

Ben was a good looking guy who knew he was good looking. He was used to getting hit on and being choosy. He smiled back and sized her up cut by cut: nice rack of prime rib, decent rump roast. "I work with Jim. I'm his boss."

"Oh whatever." Jim said as he returned with Jenni's drink and a chair, "He's been there two months longer, so he thinks he has seniority. Don't believe anything he says, Jen. He's scum."

She laughed, "Look who's talking, Mr. Call out another girls name."

"Hey, that's better than Miss Oops, I forgot I slept with you ten years ago in high school."

Jenni giggled, "Man I'm really sorry about that. But there were a lot of guys in high school. And it was ten years ago."

"Yea, but how many of them are you still friends with?"

"Come on, Jim, if I remembered sleeping with you, we probably wouldn't be friends."

He frowned and shrugged. "So what's up with the tequila?"

"Dick head at work." She downed the shot, and shuddered. "He's always nitpicking, saying I need to put forth more effort, use my brain. Prove my value to the company. I think he'd fire me if the other execs weren't eating out of my hand."

"You do use the dippy blond thing a little too much." said Mark.

"The dippy blond thing works for me," she said, turning to face him. "Besides, I do my job well enough. Everyone else loves me. He's the only one who doesn't."

"And little Jenni has to be loved, by everyone." Mark shook his head, "You are still seeing that shrink, right?"

Jim put his hand up, "Stop right there. We are not here to sort out Jenni's issues. We are here to get drunk and play pool."

"Amen. Get me another drink and rack'em up" She flagged the waitress and ordered. Jim got the triangle out. "Hey, we've got too many people."

"Pete and Tony are coming. They're bringing a friend." Mark began, "Kev was tired of sitting every other round out, so we figured we'd find two more peeps and get two tables."

Pete and Tony meandered around the bar looking for their friend and then joined the group at the back booth. They looked like mobsters in their expensive sports coats, and might have been if fate hadn't smiled on them with scholarships. Instead they were executives.

"Hey, who brought the dame?" Tony asked, shrugging out of his jacket and taking Jim's chair.

"Aw, come on Tone," Jenni pouted, "I just want to have a little fun with the boys."

"If you were here to have fun, you'd've left the ace bandage at home and worn something low cut," he waved at her obviously bound, but still ample chest. "You're here to play pool."

"What do you care?" Asked Mark, "You're married. You don't need to ogle Jenni's jugs all night."

"The rest of us are single." shot Pete, "And ogling is the most action I've seen in, well, way too long."

"Sorry to disappoint, Petey, but I can't play with them loose. They get in the way."

"Hey, there are lots of girls here. I'm sure I'll get lucky. Or at least drunk enough not to care." He waved to the tall, slouching guy who had just walked in, "Hey Mitch! Back here!"

Jenni looked up, and spotted Pete's friend, non other Mitch Johnson, the dick head from work. She slunked down in the booth.

"Hey Pete!" They shook-slapped hands and gave each other a one armed hug. "Good to see ya' man."

"Same here, same here." He looked at the gang, "You know Kev, and this is Ben, Jim's boss, and ..."

"Jenni Peters?" He said in disbelief.

"Oh good, you've met," Pete shrugged.


"Wonderful," Jim smiled, "Are we gonna stand around talkin' or play?"

"I'm gonna get a drink." Mitch looked around, "Anyone else?"

"Beer," came the chorus.

"Tequila. Lots of Tequila," Jenni moaned.

"Brand or well?" He asked with eyebrows furrowed.

She looked at him, and wanted to run and hide. "Whatever gets me drunk."

Mitch turned and headed for the bar. He couldn't believe that twit and him had friends in common. He couldn't believe she had friends that were male. The rumor around the office was she would sleep with anything, and she looked the part. She wore too much make up, too tight shirts and too short skirts. She was the ultimate office bimbo. Although he had to admit, she looked okay with her face cleaned off, almost sweet. He ordered drinks and started a tab. Suddenly getting thoroughly shit faced sounded appealing.

The rest of the night seemed to go pretty smooth. They played pool and got drunk. They got really drunk. Maybe a little too drunk. Around last call they started calling cabs, and Mitch sort of remembered walking back to his bachelor pad.

Jenni woke up, her head throbbing and her body aching. She looked around at the sun filled room, and tried to remember how she got there. She sat up and shook her head. There was a pajama top conveniently laid out on a bench at the foot of the bed. She could smell food cooking, and here a radio. She put the shirt on, wondering what kind of weirdo she'd hooked up with the night before.

She wandered out of the bedroom and followed her nose to the kitchen, sizing up her new acquaintance from the back. Tall, broad shoulders, big tattoo. So far, so good. She breathed deep, "So, what's for breakfast?"

"Omelets. There's juice in the fridge, and glasses in the cabinet above the sink." Mitch turned around and pointed. Jenni stood there, too stunned to speak. "You okay?"

"Got any Vodka to go with the juice?" She finally answered.

"It's a little early for that. Besides, eggs are a much better cure for a hangover." He put the omelet halves on two plates and brought them to the bar.

"It's not the hangover I'm trying to cure."

"Aw come on, it's not that bad. I could be ugly. Or worse."

"You're my boss. Ugly would be an improvement." She climbed up on a stool, and held her head. "Why did I think getting drunk would be a good idea?"

"It was better than staying sober?" He got the glasses and poured the juice. "You act like this is the first time you drank too much and woke up with some guy you didn't like."

"It is... since college. And I never slept with my profs or T.A.'s."

"Okay. So you won't sleep your way to the top, but you'll act like you'll sleep your way to the top?"

"There's nothing wrong with flirting a little to get ahead. Why are you always such a jerk?" She began picking at her eggs.

"Because there is something wrong with acting like a floozy and an airhead. Especially when you're neither."

She rolled her eyes, "Whatever. Look, I'm really not up for the you're screwing up your life lecture."

"Okay." He sat on the other stool and took a drink. "So you're a redhead."

Jenni choked, and took a drink to wash her bite down. "I don't know what to say to that."

"Why do you bleach your hair, when it's already a great color?"

"I don't like my natural color." Her eyes narrowed suspiciously, "Why do you ask?"

"Just curious." He picked at his eggs, "So, did you have fun last night?"

"Yeah. You're a pretty good pool player."

"Thanks, but I meant afterwards."

"Oh. Hey, don't take this the wrong way, 'cause I was really drunk, but I don't remember."


"In fact, the last thing I recall was the pay phone being broke and you offering to let me use the phone at ...." She stopped, the hung over synapses suddenly firing, "Say- was that a line?"

Mitch grinned sheepishly, "Yeah. I can't believe it still works."

"I can't believe I fell for it." She shook her head, "How'd we get here?"

"Walked. Funky's is just a block away."

"Unbelievable. You've got this whole set up for snagging pussy." She motioned at the rather nice loft apartment.

"I'm not a pervert who hangs out and hits on vulnerable drunk chicks."

"So the leather filled bachelor pad is, what?"

"Okay, I used to be a pervert who hung out and hit on vulnerable drunk chicks."

"Oh. So now your reformed."

He laughed, "Apparently not."

"So did you have fun?"

"I don't even remember offering the phone."

She thought about that for a minute. "Any chance nothing happened?" She already knew the answer, but she was hopefull.

He pulled his lips in, making a thin line of his mouth, and shook his head. "Sorry. Nice part about black sheets, you always know when they need to be changed."

"I'll keep that in mind. Gross, but I'll keep it in mind." She finished off her eggs. "So, I don't have to worry about this going anywhere in the rumor mill?"

"No one would believe me anyway," he said shaking his head.

"You mind if I run through the shower?"

"Feel free."

"You, um, need a shower too?"

"Nah, I alre ...," he blinked, "Say, is that a line?"

"Only if it works."

"Hot redhead, that I've already slept with, offering to refresh my drunken memory? I'll get the towels."

Jenni headed towards the bathroom, and Mitch cleared the dishes. By the time he joined her, she was in the shower and all soaped up. He quickly shed his bottoms and joined her. He started out by sudsing up her spectacular ass, and working his way up and around to her breasts. She leaned into him, feeling his erection pressing against her rear. He tweaked her nipples. "I would've never guessed you for a breast man," she said teasingly.

"I'm not, but somethings just can't be ignored." He kissed her neck, and licked her ear. She turned to face him and he kissed her neck and then her collar bone, then her breasts. Grabbing her thighs he lifted her up. She clutched his shoulders for balance, and he backed her into the wall, resting her on the two inch soap ledge. He entered her and she groaned, and bit his neck. He thrust a couple of times, then changed his mind, sliding his hands down her legs and to the backs of her knees, pressing her legs against her and holding her against the wall. He got on his knees and dove in, tongue first. She clutched the soap ledge, trying not to fall. He knew what he was doing, focusing heavily on her clit, and occasionally darting his tongue in and out of her hole. Her back arched in the beginnings of something big, and she nearly fell. He quickly stood up, catching her and thrusting into her again. The sudden feeling of fullness excited her even more, making her cum more intensely. She shuddered slightly with a few aftershocks, and he rode the waves in and out, until she pushed him off.

He started to object, but she was on her knees, sucking his cock and it just turned into a groan. Just as he was about to release, she bit him hard enough to make it hurt, then sucked him hard again. The orgasm that followed made him dizzy. He leaned against the far wall, while she soaped up and washed her hair. He checked his dick for teeth marks. That was not a move he expected, but it was different. He decided to risk the shark's hunger again and approached her. He put his hands on her shoulders, and she conveniently dropped the soap and bent over. He slid into her, taking a few long deep strokes. She reached between her legs grabbing his meat and redirecting him upward. He held her hips and worked his way in with slow gentle strokes. He could feel her fondling his nuts. It was almost more than he could take. He bent over and reached around her front, finding her pussy. He rubbed her clit, waiting for her to moan permission for him to cum again. He failed, and pulled out in time to squirt on her back. She stood up and turned towards him, putting her arms around his neck. She nibbled his ear and kissed his neck. She then produced the soap and washed his cock, which responded to the smooth handling as expected.

She swatted his ass and said, "Why don't you be a good little soldier and let the general finish her shower?" She pushed him to the back of the shower. He stood there, at full attention watching her shower. She caressed her neck and fondled her breasts. She turned around and washed her back, bending over to wash her legs. She washed her pussy, massaging her clit. She turned to face him again and placed a foot on the soap ledge, and leaning against the front wall. She took the shower head off the wall and rinsed herself so thoroughly, it made him jealous. Then she turned the water off, and opened the door.

"Hey, I thought you were getting towels."

"Oh, they're in the closet, right here," he said as he stepped past her, grabbing two towels out of the closet. She toweled her short hair off, and tried to wrap the towel around herself. "I have to ask. Are those real?" Mitch indicated her very abundant breasts.

"You want to check for scars?" She giggled and raised her arms above her head, showing her armpits. He reached over and took her towel, examining her nipples with his tongue. He felt her breasts. They were heavy, but firm. They jiggled but didn't sag. They were the size of his head. He pulled her back into the bedroom, and started down her stomach. She was in amazing shape. Her stomach was washboard flat, and her bush neatly trimmed. He really dug redheads. They were pinker. They ewer juicier. They tasted sweeter. They were wild in bed.

He worked his tongue around her clit, sucking at it gently. It started to show its little pink head and he whipped at it, watching her grind her hips. He slipped two fingers into her slit, pressing upward for the mystical g-spot, while pressing on her bikini area. She moaned. He slipped another finger in. She was dripping cunt juice, and he couldn't lick it up fast enough. He wanted to fuck her until she screamed, to feel her clutch him like a life preserver. But first he wanted her to beg. He wanted to lick that pink pussy into such a frenzy, until she exploded. He took his hand out of her hole and stuck his wet fingers in her mouth. She sucked on them like they had been dipped in some exotic sauce, licking between his fingers and working her tongue over his knuckles.

She bucked, her back arching. He grabbed her thighs and held on, as she came and tried to escape. He licked away as she started to shimmy and shutter, crying stop, stop, stop. He licked some more and she clutched the headboard, oh god, oh god, oh god. He began humming and licking, she bucked and curled, please, please, please. He worked it up and around, her muscles clenched, "Fuck! ME! You! Sadistic! Bastard!"

He fucked her. Hard. She fucked him back, in perfect rhythm. Rising to his thrusts, clenching on his pulls. Quivering and grasping, her nails biting his back. He pulled, barely making it out in time. He knelt to her sopping pussy. It was still clean. He started to give it another once over. "Oh, god no!" She pulled away, panting. She threw one of the towels at the jizz spot on the bed and grabbed his cock and started to clean it off, slurping her juices off of every inch. She licked his balls, one at a time, in a circular motion. Then she licked back up the shaft, swirling her tongue around the tip. She held the base tight, and worked the tip in and out of her mouth, alternately sucking and rubbing.

He was tempted to lay back and enjoy, but he wanted more of that pink pussy. He rolled her onto her back, and laid across her, sixty-nining, licking away. As he went to work she reached up with her spare hand and rubbed his nuts. She sucked his cock, circling the head and applying pressure to the shaft with her lips. She worked him in and out, bobbing her head up and down. She took her hand off the base and took the full length down her throat, gargling to make vibrations. He thrust reflexively, pulling back and quivering slightly to maintain control. She repeated this action, then swirled the tip some more. She got into a good pattern, working him up and stringing him out. It would have been a beautiful plan if he hadn't been working her over. She was unbearably close and it was getting harder and harder to concentrate. She sucked harder and faster, trying to finish him off first. The spasms in her loins were getting uncontrollable. She had never met a guy so pussy obsessed. Just when she thought he might win, he began to groan and his warm semen flowed into her mouth. She swallowed and sucked at his still firm cock, enjoying her own orgasm.

As the quaking subsided, he rolled off of her, breathing deeply. She sat up, climbed on top of him. She slipped his slowly receding member into her like she was joining two puzzle pieces. She sat there, clenching her muscles around him, begging his cock back to full arousal. He reached for her breasts, holding and squeezing. She leaned down and kissed him, licking his ear and neck. He lifted his head and licked at her breasts. She was riding him, slow and rhythmically. Working her body up and down, clenching her muscles around him. His cock felt soo good inside her. It was hot and thick, with a slight hook that hit just right. She tilted her pelvis to get friction on her clit, and then rocked it forward to hit her g-spot, repeated the action in slow motion. She didn't care if she got off, she just wanted to ride. To enjoy the feeling of fullness that only a stiff cock can provide.

After a long while they both came again. It wasn't a violent, earth shattering climax like before, but a slow tidal wave, lapping against their now exhausted bodies. She laid down on him, her head tucked under his chin. He ran his hands up her back, holding her. She fell asleep. He got up and went to play golf.

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