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Tequila Surprise


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my submission for the Winter Holidays Contest. I hope you enjoy the read -- and please, please vote and comment! Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas!


The company Christmas parties at Mowry & Smith were always the worst event of the year. I would rather sit through a ten hour sequestered meeting than endure the three hours of the notorious 'I like all of my coworkers and I'm going to play nice but Monday I'm going to back hating your arrogant, intolerable asses.'

The only saving grace about working at the company for three years was my coworker, Brandon. He was a geek through and through, but he knew his computers. I'd find every excuse to call him for help with my laptop, even though half of them I created myself just so I had a reason to look over his shoulder as he figured out I didn't hit this button or that button.

And there was no doubt he'd picked up on my little schemes when he eventually began to flirt with me, and of course I reciprocated. But sadly, office romances never work out so neither one of us carried it any further than harmless teasing each other.

Brandon was my age, though had such a baby face he looked five years younger than me. He was tall, 6'2," a bit taller than the 'shorter' men I go after. He had wavy, silky black hair which always looked like he needed a haircut. Regardless, his dark hair made his baby-blue eyes made me want to get lost in his eyes for hours.

Thankfully, this year's party at the Beaufort Inn wound down, and Brandon and I were both so tipsy, not to mention flirting shamelessly, that we both weren't ready to go home. The partying in the bar downstairs was still going strong, and we were lucky enough to get a table in a somewhat quiet corner.

I sipped my vodka and cranberry juice while Brandon finished half of his Scotch when I got a brilliant idea.

"Hey, give me your palm, Brandon."

He looked at me tentatively. "Whhy, Charlene?"

"I want to read your palm."

"Seriously?!" He chuckled.

"Oh, hush." I grabbed both of his hands and plopped them flat on the table, palms up. "I want to read your lines."

"Are you into that crap?"

"Yep." Comparing lines on both hands, I told him, "Your left hand is what life had in store for you; your right is how you've changed your destiny."

Holding his right hand firmly, I traced his heart, head and life lines with my fingernail. "Hmm, you definitely are more head strong than you follow your heart."

He frowned. "What makes you think that?"

"Because your head and life line are joined in the beginning." I looked up at him. "Am I right?" He nodded. "Your head line is pretty deep and straight, which means you see things the way they are, very realistic, logical, and you have a good memory.

"I'm straight and what? I forgot." He snickered.

"Ha. Ha. Just humor me."

He growled playfully. "Do you read other body parts?"

I had never been so forward with another man before, but what slipped out of my mouth was, "Yes, but I'll have to do your penis later." I burst out laughing.

"We'll take two tequila shots over here!" he screamed out, still looking at me. "I like you drunk." He grinned devilishly.

"Brandon, I've already had three glasses of wine and this. No tequila for me."

"Last drink, I promise. And why not?"

"Because I get really ... aggressive in bed."

"Stay right there. I'll be right back!"

"Oh, god," I mumbled, shaking my head. I watched him walk to the bar and wink at me through the mirror behind the liquor bottles. When he got back he laid the shots on the table and sat down. Evading the inevitable I said, "Okay, where was I?"

He leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear, "We were talking about my penis, which, by the way, is—"

"Oh, I remember now!" I interrupted, knowing what he was going to say. I'd noticed the bulge in his crotch before he sat down. I took his hand and brought his thumb over his palm, noting the fleshiness. "Hmm."

"Does it say I'm a tiger in bed?"

"Yeah, it does, sort of. See how fleshy it is? It means you are a very passionate person, but not necessarily sexually, like passionate about your hobbies and such. Mine's the same."

Looking at his heart line more closely, I saw three vertical lines coming off of it. With my fingernail I split it in thirds.

"The first is 0-20 years old; the second is 20-40; and the third is 40-60. Okay, let's see. You've had your heart broken before you were twenty, then, hmm, about 24, then ... recently." I let go of his hand and leaned back uncomfortably.

He frowned at me. "What?"

"Brandon, forget it. You're right. I shouldn't take this so seriously."

"You didn't offend me. I'm an open book."

Not wanting to get into too dangerous territory so quickly, I grabbed the salt shaker, wanting to change the subject. "Let's get this over with."

"No," he said, taking the shaker from my hand. "Give me your neck," he said seductively.

"Oooh, I love vampires! Are you going to bite me?" I chuckled playfully but did anyway.

"No, but I will if you want me, too." He licked my neck slowly, making me close my eyes.

My eyes flew open when I realized what he was going to do. "Wait! You'll get salt down my dress," I protested.

"Not the way I do it," he growled in my ear. He leaned back a little, sprinkled salt in his palm and pinched some before he sprinkled it on my neck.

"Damn, I can't believe I'm letting you do this," I croaked.

Again he licked my neck to take the salt, and that time goose bumps surged to my crotch. He took the shot and immediately squeezed the lime in his mouth, his eyes piercing through me as I watched. He turned the glass upside down and put it on the table. "Now it's your turn."

"Oh, no! I'm not—"

He grew serious and seemed to be mad, but his voice was teasingly playful. "I thought you were fun."

"Oh, Brandon! Is that a challenge?"

"Not unless you want it to be," he cooed.

I could have done it, and I wanted to, but I was fully aware of people in the bar and couldn't bring myself to do it.

As uninhibited as I was, I said, "Rach isn't going to use the room she got here. She didn't get as drunk as she ... How about we keep the licking to the bedroom?"

"'Nuf said!" he replied as he took the shot glass and salt shaker, handing me the shaker, grinning wickedly.

Quickly I licked the back of my hand, dusted salt on it, licked it again, and downed the hot, burning liquid. "Naght," I stuttered and shook my head.

I went to grab the lime slice, but he already had it in his hand and bringing it to my mouth. Our eyes locked, I opened my mouth so he could put it in, but he brushed it against my bottom lip. Sticking my tongue out I licked the slice, making sure he could see what I was doing. He exhaled sharply when I bit into the fruit and sucked the juice. I leaned back hard against the chair.

"Ach, now I remember why I don't drink tequila," I groaned, smacking my lips.

"Oh, it's good for you." He stood, handed me my coat from over the chair and waited for me to stand. "Do you need me to carry you to the room?"

"No, smart ass," I said as I stood then bent over to get my purse from the chair beside me. When I leaned back up I got dizzy and swayed toward him, bracing myself with a hand on his shoulder.

Snickering, he asked, "How about I carry you up now?"

"Nah. Just let me hang onto you so I don't fall on my ass."

He chuckled then put his arm protectively around me as we walked out of the bar. "You're a lightweight, I see."

"No. It's just been a really long day, and I'm tired."

"You're drunk, too. What floor?" he asked as he hit the 'up' button.

I ungracefully took the key out of my purse and read him the number before the key fell to the floor. "Yeah, I'm drunk, too," I giggled before he picked up the key and handed it to me just as the elevator door opened.

Following him into the elevator, I tripped on the gap between the floor and the shaft with my heel. I sprang toward him, and even though he caught me by my elbows, the force was enough to knock him back against the side wall. He slipped his arms over my shoulders and hit the floor button then grabbed me and pressed me to him.

Smiling, he brought his hands to my face and cupped it, prompting me to wrap my arms around neck as best as I could; my hands didn't even touch. My brain being alcohol ravaged, I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him with as much lust and desire as I could.

I groaned when he pulled back. "Door's open," he said.

"Then why the hell are we still standing here?"

"You're the one with the key, sweetie."

"Oh, right," I giggled as we stepped out and walked down the hallway in silence. When we got to the room I slid the card into the slot, but the door didn't buzz. "Well, shit. Gotta get--"

He grabbed the key from my hand, inserted it the right way and it clicked. "It appears you aren't very gifted with keys, either."

"Oh, shut up!" I giggled as we walked through the door, where we were standing in the sitting room.

I put my purse on the chair, and before I could turn around he wrapped his arms around my waist and playfully guided me to the bedroom, separated by another door.

Nibbling and kissing my neck, he stopped just short of the bed and threw himself on it, taking me with him. I squealed and giggled until the bed stopped shaking. Even lying down and on his side he towered over me.

I got on my side facing him, lifted my right leg over both of his, while he grabbed my hip and pulled me into him. His right arm was over my head, which he cradled my head in his long arm. Slowly he slid his hand up my waist, teasing me by brushing his palm on the outside of my breast. I moved my arm back so he could have access, which he took full advantage of. Bringing his hand down, he cupped my breast in his hand, squeezing and massaging it.

Humming at how good it felt, I groaned, "Kiss me, again, Brandon."

He smiled, gazed into my eyes and took my bottom lip in his, nibbling with a mission. I wanted much more, though, so I lifted my head, crashing harder to his lips. Because my hips were right above his waist, I lifted my leg and rubbed his ass with the heel of my foot. I felt his muscles tighten as I did that a few times, our lips never separating.

Regretfully, he removed his lips from mine and kissed my cheek and chin before slipping to my neck, pecking gently at every exposed part of my flesh. He lapped at my neck where the salt was. "Hmm, salty."

I chuckled. "I warned you it'd make a mess."

My left arm was between us, and I was able to push my arm down, feeling for his penis, which I had no trouble finding. I gently squeezed it through his pants and felt it throb. At that moment I let my mind go blank and allow my body to feel, just feel him. But he wanted to feel me.

His left hand parted my legs, and his huge, warm hand slid up my shin, my thigh, before the tips of his fingers brushed over my covered pussy. I moaned loudly and threw my head back, exhaling sharply at his touch.

"Damn, you're wet as hell, Charlene," he cooed, tilting his head down to look at me.

"Yeah, well, that's what you do to me," I said as sexily as I could. "Or it could have been all the drinks I had."

"Ha, ha," he chortled.

He started kissing my collarbone then my cleavage as his hand ran up and down my crotch, gradually adding more and more pressure, making me squirm. I gasped when he slipped his middle finger underneath the fabric and ran it all around my swollen, sensitive knob.

I groaned, took my hand off of his penis and pushed away then stood up at the foot of the bed. He then lay on his back like he knew what I was going to do.

So I bent over, running my hands up to his thighs, looking into his eyes longingly. When I reached his crotch I flattened both hands on either side of his dick before reaching for the button of his pants.

Grinning like an idiot, I'm sure, I unzipped them slowly, teasing him. I was just getting into it, into him, wanting his cock in my mouth when his cell phone rang in his front pocket. Standing back up, I asked, "Is that your cell, or is your penis calling me?"

He burst out laughing before he cursed. Reaching into his pocket for the phone, he said, "Fuck, it's my mom." He got off the bed and stood beside me, kissing me quickly. "I'll take it in the bathroom. I won't be long."

So there I was alone, wet and hurting like hell. I undressed and slipped under the covers on my side facing the bathroom door and waited patiently -- for the first five minutes. I forced my eyes open trying to stay awake, but lying there for another five minutes I found it was more and more impossible.

It had been a long day, though ended a very enjoyable one, and I was going through different scenarios of how I was going to take him when he got back, but there was one problem.

I fell asleep.


The next thing I felt was a warm, long, lean body pressed against mine, his arm over my waist. His hips were just past my ass, and I felt his hard cock press against my upper thigh.

Still half asleep, I mumbled, "Daniel Craig, Brandon is gonna be pissed at you when he comes back."

His body shook with a chuckle before his hand ran over my stomach, slowly moving up to my breasts. I rolled over on my back so he could get better access, but his hands flew up to my face then kissed me hard, waking me up even more. I ran my hands up and down his warm, tight chest and stomach, not even believing I was actually finally lying in bed with him.

Throwing the blanket all the way down to my feet, his hands and lips roamed my body, making me shiver and moan softly as his lips encased my nipple and sucked, gently at first before he pulled back on it. I groaned at the loss of the warmth.

"Brandon, I need you," I begged. "Please."

He kissed me again then scooted back on his knees, took my right leg and spread it, holding onto my ankle, and with his other hand he lifted my left leg up until it bent. He grabbed the condom he'd apparently put on his side of the bed, opened it and slipped it on.

Crawling closer, he ran his dick up and down my crotch, gathering my moisture before he slowly slid it inside me. Keeping my eyes open and watching his face, I exhaled suddenly as he filled me completely then moaned and whined as he lunged deeper, pulled almost out then plunged back in.

"Oh, oh, you feel ... so good," I moaned.

Grabbing my hips, he began to penetrate me harder, changing his rhythm until I was breathing uncontrollably. Putting my hand on his chest, I slid it down to his cock, putting my middle and index fingers on either side of it to feel him push in and out.

"Charlene," he whispered, his voice deep, oozing with lust. "Fuuuck," he groaned.

"Don' stop, don' ... I'm almost ... yes ..." I mumbled, removing my hand and pushing my hips down to meet each thrust. "Yesss ... fuuck!" I screamed then held my breath as my orgasm shot through me, my body tense as it ripped from my pussy to my entire body. He stopped for a brief moment watching my face. "No, no, don't stop."

He raised his left eyebrow curiously, but he didn't stop. He fucked me again, harder, faster and deeper until I felt his cock expand and he thrust one last time as he had his own orgasm.

His eyes shut tightly, his body tense and tight. I ran my hands over his chest, whispering his name. Shocking me, I had another orgasm just watching him cum. Collapsing on top of me, he again held my face and kissed me tenderly and affectionately, smiling.

I smiled right back, my hands still on his chest. "Oh. My. God," I groaned, trying to catch my breath.

"Nicely put," he grinned.

Pulling out of me, he got up and went to the bathroom then came right back; I assumed he took the condom off. After turning off the light, he jumped over me to the other side of the bed, threw the blanket over us, grabbed me gruffly and pulled me against him.

His long arm on my back, I rested my head on his chest and put my right leg over his left. When I put my hand on his upper chest, I was surprised how fast his heart was beating. It was beating just as hard as mine was.

"Now, wasn't that better than Daniel?" he asked, his voice light and frisky.

I laughed and looked up at him. "That was just soo wrong, Brandon." He chuckled. "But you felt amazing."

"So did you, Charlene." He kissed my forehead and laid his head back down.

I got comfortable again and closed my eyes, but he kept running his thumb nail up and down my back, making me shiver. "Hmm, don't get me going again."

"Are you ready again?" he asked surprised.

"Oh, honey," I said sarcastically, "You have no idea." I couldn't stop a yawn. "We should get out of here by ten," I said drowsily.

"Don't need an alarm. I'll wake you up," he said, and I could tell he, too, was drowsy.

"Hmm kay." Putting my hand on his neck, I whispered, "Night, Brandon."

He kissed the top of my head. "Night, Charlene."


When I woke up later that morning I was lying flat on my back with Brandon's arm over my stomach, his head on my pillow facing me. I had to pee badly, but I didn't want to stop watching him sleep. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and went, coming back to find him then lying on his back, the blanket up around his neck. A brilliant, sneaky, sexy idea popped into my head.

Slowly and cautiously I slipped on the bed and pulled the blanket completely over my head, doing my best not to jostle him awake. Kneeling between his knees, I grinned evilly at seeing Brandon Jr. erect and begging for attention.

Resting on an elbow on the bed, I gingerly took the base of his cock in my hand and licked the spot between his balls. I got no reaction. So, using most of my tongue I licked underneath from the base to the head, teasingly wrapping my lips around the head. His leg jerked, and I heard a muffled moan above me. That was the reaction I wanted.

I closed my hand around the base and took more of the tip in my mouth, lightly sucking then ran my hand up and down slowly. I felt the covers lift up over my head and stayed up, so I peered up at him, his cock still in my mouth.

"Girl, I never took you for being so naughty," he groaned.

I simply kept my eyes locked on his as I went down, taking more of him. The blankets came back down again, so I concentrated on giving him pleasure, my own excitement building in return.

I alternated my hand and mouth, loving how his cock and legs twitched. A second later he threw the covers totally off of us, and when I looked at him he'd propped his head up on a pillow, his hands under his head, staring at me.

Not taking my eyes off of his, I relaxed and worked his cock for a few moments before he closed his eyes and leaned his head back, enjoying what I was giving him. I took as much of him as I could, getting fairly deep in the back of my throat. He maneuvered his body a little so he could run his fingers through my hair, though he didn't press my head down.

A second later, he took both hands and put them on my cheeks, gently rubbing them with his thumbs. "Don't make me cum, yet," he grunted breathlessly.


He exhaled sharply at the humming surrounding his cock, his mouth slightly opened in ecstasy. "Get on top of me, Charlene." He didn't know I was going to eventually; I was just surprised he was ready so soon.

I saw the condom box on the nightstand, so I got up, opened one and got back between his legs, slipping it on his still-hard manhood. Grinning, I straddled him, but didn't sit on him and leaned my body forward.

Kissing him, he put his hands on my back and ran them up and down, changing from hard scratching to brushing lightly. His touch was overwhelmingly intoxicating, as well as the heat his body gave off, or it might have been our fiery kiss.

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