Teresa's Change

byMr James©

I stood in the shower, letting the hot water beat against my face and skin. My long hair clung damply to my neck and I carefully played the jets of water over my chest. Mom had taken me to see a doctor, just after my twentieth birthday and he had given me tablets to take every day. Mom had told him that I wanted to grow a nice firm pair of breasts and, for a fee, he had written out a prescription. My cock had grown no bigger, but every morning, after I had taken my tablets, Mom would sit on the edge of my bed and stroke it gently, making it harden.

As my breasts grew, Mom took me into town and bought me lace and silk training bras. Dad wanted to play with my nipples and squeeze the tender flesh of my new titties but Mom told him he would have to wait for my next birthday, to give me a chance to develop properly. That did not stop her massaging them gently with oil and lotion, so that the skin would be taut and smooth. Tonight, Dad would be allowed to touch and caress them for the first time.

I stepped out of the shower and towelled myself dry, enjoying the feel of the cloth against my sensitive skin. Then I walked into my room and Mom told me to lie on my bed. I laid back and closed my eyes as Mom took a bowl of warm wax and began to spread it over my legs. She had waxed my legs before, so I knew that it would be uncomfortable, but my skin would be as smooth as silk afterwards. I could feel her pressing the cloth strips into the warm wax and I braced myself as she took hold of the material and ripped it away. Tears burned behind my eyelids and Mom gently stroked my cheek and leaned closer to whisper in my ear.

"Just think how pleased your Dad will be later." She whispered.

I smiled bravely and bit my lips as she ripped the strips away, leaving my legs smooth and silky. I started to sit up, but she gently pushed me back onto the bed and began to smear the warm wax over my tight little balls and down the crack of my ass. My cock hardened, even though I knew that it was going to really hurt when Mom ripped the cloth strip away. Her long fingers smoothed the wax all over my tight sac and I could feel my little cock hardening. Mom carefully pressed the strips of cotton into the cooling wax and leaned over me again.

"When your cock and balls are bare and smooth, your Mom is going to suck you and make you cum into her mouth." She whispered.

As she finished her whispering, she took hold of the cloth and yanked it away, pulling the bushy curls away. I almost screamed and Mom smiled as she ran her fingers over the smooth patch, before ripping the next strip of cloth away. It seemed to take forever, but at last she was satisfied that I was as bald and smooth as she could make me. The pain of the waxing had been replaced by a deep ache in my cock and balls as they swelled.

Mom curled her finger and thumb around the base of my cock and slowly lowered her head, guiding the tip of my cock between her lips. She pursed her lips, as though blowing a kiss and slid her mouth onto the shaft of my cock, trapping my sensitive bell end behind her lips as she eased my foreskin back from the head. I could feel her tongue lapping at the velvety skin and swirling around the rim. She pulled her head back with a plopping sound as the tip of m cock slipped from between her lips and she straddled my face. Her pussy was moist and bushy as she lowered herself onto my mouth.

I could taste her juice as it matted the soft curls covering her pussy lips and I pointed my tongue, so that it would slip easily into her wetness. She groaned, the sound barely escaping from her lips that she had fastened firmly around the head of my cock again. Slowly I ran the tip of my tongue along the swollen lips of Mom's pussy, lapping gently at her clit as it swelled in the entrance to her dripping passage.

I felt her hot mouth embracing my stiff little cock. Slowly she lowered her head onto my cock, her finger and thumb stroking the base, as she pressed the wet flaps of her pussy against my eager mouth. My tongue lapped at her and I could taste salty sweetness as she filled my mouth with her juices.

Suddenly, I felt my cock jerk and stiffen in her mouth and I began to spurt thin strings of my cum. Mom slurped and lapped at my cock, milking every drop of my cum from the spurting eye. I could feel her swallowing as she sucked all the gooey cum out of my balls. When she had emptied me, leaving my tiny balls hanging loosely in my sac, she arched her back and ground her pussy against my lips as she gushed over my face, filing my mouth and forcing me to swallow her creamy juice.

Slowly Mom rolled to the side and then sat upright. She dipped a facecloth in the water she had used to warm the wax and wiped the sticky traces of her cum from my face, then slowly and carefully washed my limp cock. Patting me dry with a towel, she sprinkled scented powder over my body, smoothing it over my cock and the tender nubs of my nipples. Tapping my hip she motioned for me to lie on my belly. Her hands smoothed the silky powder over my back and shoulders, then into the cleft between my taut buttocks. Her long, cool, fingers probed gently at my tight asshole,, slipping into my bottom and gently stretching me. I could feel my little cock stiffening slightly as she fingered me, then there was the coolness when she eased her fingertip from inside my bottom.

Mom went over to the wardrobe and chose a pretty dress for me. It was pale blue, tight across my chest so that my pretty new breasts were shown off, and then flaring over my hips to make it easy for Daddy to slide his hand under the skirt. There was a single row of buttons to fasten it down the front. Mom left the room for a moment to come back with a shiny box from a lingerie shop in town. She lifted the lid to show me a corset in dark blue shiny satin. With a flick of her fingers she made me stand and took me by my shoulders, turning me so that my back was towards her. She slipped the material around my waist and fastened the laces. The tightness of the fastening pushed my tender new tits upwards, creating a neat little valley between them. The corset had only half cup, so that my nipples were left uncovered. I knew that they would be very sensitive and I could feel them already swelling. Mom took a tiny pair of panties out of the box and handed them to me. The silky material slid up my legs, but barely covered my cock. Mom looked at me, slowly examining the effect. I could feel the suspender straps brushing against my skin as she looked me over.

"It's a good job you have a sweet little cock," she murmured, reaching out to stroke the thin material, "Otherwise those panties would be too small."

I slipped the dress on and fastened the buttons, feeling the material stretch over my new bosom. This dress was much tighter than any Mom had made me wear before and it made my new titties look much bigger than I thought they were. Mom sat me on the bed and carefully rolled sheer stockings up my smooth legs, fastening them to the suspenders. Then she slipped my feet into matching strappy heels.

The feeling of being tightly laced into the corset was exciting me and I could feel my nipples pressed against the material of the dress. Mom sat next to me and began to apply my make up. The foundation made my skin glow healthily and the eyeshadow and mascara highlighted my green eyes. Mom surprised me by choosing a bright red lipstick, a rather slutty colour. As I started to comment, Mom placed the tip of her finger against my lips.

"Sssh, " she said, "You are going to be Daddy's little slut tonight. He's had to wait a long time and you are going to be a good girl aren't you?"

I just nodded and parted my lips, so that Mom could finish painting them. She finished by painting my nails to match my lips and as the varnish dried, brushed my long hair into a neat bob. She made me stand, wobbling a little in the heels, and looked me up and down again. Reaching out, she unfastened the top two buttons of the dress and spread the material a little so that the smooth skin of my breasts was displayed.

Mom nodded and smiled, stroking her fingers down my cheek. She reached into the pocket of her gown and brought out a bottle of expensive perfume.

"A finishing touch." She said, as she took the stopper from the bottle. A light flowery, little-girl sort of fragrance wafted from the neck of the bottle as she dabbed the cool liquid on my wrists and behind my ears. I shivered as she ran the cool glass of the stopper between my breasts, laying a trail of perfume in the cleft.

As she popped the bottle back into her pocket and fastened the robe around her luscious naked body, we heard the banging of the front door. Dad had returned from work. He usually went straight into the bathroom and showered, because, he said, the office was too warm and he felt sweaty after a long day. Mom called out to him.

"Keith," she shouted, "come in here a moment."

Dad walked into my room and stopped, just looking. I could feel his eyes on me as he slowly inspected me. I looked down ad my stockinged feet in the strappy shoes, but I could feel the heat of his gaze. I looked up and saw him, necktie loosened. Mom smiled and closed the door behind him.

"Teresa's been waiting for you," she said, "you can shower later, I'm sure she won't mind if you're a little sweaty."

I looked up and saw Dad with his hand on the knot of his necktie. Mom pushed me forward, so that Dad and I were almost touching. I reached up and undid the knot of his tie and fumbled the buttons of his shirt undone. He shrugged his suit jacket off, letting it fall in a heap on the floor, and pulled his shirt out of the waist of his pants. I could feel the springy hairs on his chest under my hands as I touched his hard nipples and he moaned softly in the back of his throat as he lifted his hands to squeeze my bosom. His fingers dug into the tender flesh of my tits and he could feel the hard points of my nipples through the material. I lifted my face to loo at him and he pressed his lips against my mouth, smearing the lipstick and thrusting his tongue deep inside. He slid his hands to the buttons of my dress and tugged. Some of the buttons popped off as the cotton holding them broke and I realised that my Daddy was ripping my pretty dress off me. The dress fell to the floor, leaving me trembling in my underthings, as Dad thrust his tongue roughly into my mouth, so deep that I was almost gagging. I felt his hands move to my shoulders and he began to press, making me kneel in front of him. I could not bend my waist because of the corset and had to kneel straight-backed, my face almost brushing the bulge in his pants.

Almost dazed, I reached up to ouch the swelling inside his pants. I closed my finger and thumb on the zipper and pulled it down slowly. Reaching inside, I traced the outline of his cock and balls through his tight briefs with my fingertips, feeling the twitch of his cock as I touched the swollen glans. Dad unfastened his belt, and pushed his pants and briefs down, letting his hard, thick cock spring free, almost brushing my lips. I could smell the musk of his sweat and, as I reached out to wrap my fingers around the base of his cock, I could feel the damp greasy feel of his sweat. His cock seemed even bigger and harder than usual and I swallowed nervously. Mom knelt beside me and whispered into my ear

"He usually jacks himself off in the shower, so he isn't as big and hard as this when he fucks you, " she said, "but you're going to take it all tonight."

I swallowed again and opened my mouth to slip the head of his cock between my lips and onto my tongue. The thick coating of lipstick smeared over the hard meat of his cock as I moved my head back and forth. I could feel him swollen in my mouth and taste the saltiness of his sweat. There was a sudden mingling of sweetness as a drop of pre-cum seeped out of his eye and onto my tongue. He groaned and rested his hands on my head, holding me still . He pushed forward and I was forced to swallow as his hard cock slid deep into the back of my throat. My eyes watered and I was forced to breathe through my nose, almost snorting as he worked his hard cock back and forth in my mouth.

"Daddy is fucking your mouth good, isn't he?" Mom crooned, "Suck him good, show him what a good little girl you can be."

I couldn't even grunt as Dad thrust into the back of my throat. I sucked him hard and desperately, smearing my lipstick from the head to the base of his cock. I hoped that he would cum in my mouth and then his cock would not be so hard when he fucked me because I knew that it would hurt if I took it in my ass while it was this hard.

He seemed to realise what I was trying to do and pulled back, his cock sliding from between my lips with a loud plop. The lipstick smeared up and down his cock looked like blood and I thought that his cock must have looked like this when he popped Mom's cherry. Dad slipped his hands under my arms and lifted me to my feet. Reaching behind me, he loosened the laces of my corset and pulled the cups down. Bending his head he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked hard, nipping it with his teeth, while he squeezed the taut globe tightly. The roughness of his caress and the sharp nips as he bit me were deliciously painful and I couldn't help moaning quietly. I felt his hand move down to cup my rounded bottom, then his fingers slipping under the waist of my panties. He pulled them a little way down my thighs, and then realised that my suspenders would stop him pulling them down any further. He reached behind him and picked up my nail scissors from the dressing table. A moment later, I felt the coolness of the metal and heard the snick of the blades as he cut the waistband and pulled the scrap of cloth away from my body. Pushing me back so that I fell onto the bed, Ho spread my legs so that he was between my thighs. His hands gripped me behind my knees and he pushed my legs further back and wider apart, until my tight ass was spread in front of his cock. As though I were dreaming, I reached down and took hold of my thighs, pulling them back further so that Dad cold use his hands to guide his cock into my asshole. He looked down at me and shook his head, smiling, then placed my hand on his cock, before he took hold of my leg again. I realised that he wanted me to position his cock, at the opening of my asshole. I had never done this before, until now I had always laid back and surrendered to him. This time he wanted me to guide him in, so that he would know that I wanted him to fuck me.

I reached between my thighs, tightly stretched and trembling and took hold of his cock, pressing the tip against my tender asshole. I could feel him pressing the head of his cock hard against my tight opening and started to pant and bear down so that it would be easier for him to take me with his thick cock. I could feel the burning as his velvety head, slippery from my mouth and his pre-cum forced deeper inside me. It did not feel any more uncomfortable than usual, the first thrust always stretching and hurting a little, but then I realised that it wasn't easing and it was starting to really burn. Dad was stretching me further than ever before and I could hear him grunting as he thrust harder and harder. Suddenly I felt the head of his cock slipping past the tight ring of my anus and with a hard shove, he buried his cock deep into the depths of my bottom. I cried out, in pain and pleasure and dad rewarded me with a pleased smile and a deep kiss, his tongue thrusting to the back of my mouth. Then his cock buried in my tender ass, he began to knead my breasts, licking them and pinching the hard points of my nipples until I wriggled and squirmed on his cock forcing myself harder against him and feeling his tight balls against my tight buttocks.

Slowly, he eased his cock back until he was only just inside me and then forced it back into my ass until his balls were pressed tight against me. I could feel his hard shaft stretching my tight ass as he slid in and out. Slowly I relaxed and Dad was able to push more deeply. Every thrust of his cock was followed with a deep probing kiss, his tongue filling my mouth, or a kiss on my pointed nipple, a gentle nip with his teeth making me whimper with pleasure.

Gradually his thrust became harder, more vigorous, and I could feel the shaft of his cock swelling even further. I knew from the other times he had fucked me that he was very close to cumming. With an extra hard thrust he buried his cock in my ass right to the root and looked into my eyes. Tears had made my mascara run and I looked at him.

"I love you Daddy." I mouthed very quietly.

As the words hung in the quiet, I felt his cock stiffen and jets of hot cum started spraying deep inside me. I felt the burning sting of each splash against the tender walls of my passage and could not help groaning. Dad held me pinned to the bed and spurted thick gooey ropes of cum into my delicate ass.

I could feel his cock slowly getting softer and slipping out of my bottom as he held me close, the hair on his chest rubbing roughly against my excited tender nipples. Behind him, Mom was leaning against the door, her fingers deep inside her pussy as she slowly worked them in and out. Her full breasts were taut, the nipples as hard as stone as she closed her eyes and fingered her dripping pussy. I could see her biting her lip hard to keep from making a noise that might disturb Dad.

Dad moved back and I looked down at his cock glistening with cum and my lipstick smeared along his length. I felt the bed give under his weight as he straddles me, my nipples brushing against the backs of his thighs. He grabbed my hair and lifted my head as he guided his semi-hard cock between my lips. His cock tasted bitter from my ass, with a sweeter taste from the lipstick and his cum. Slowly I drew it into my mouth, lapping the dirt and cum off as he slid deeper. As my teeth grazed the rim of his cock head, I felt him jerk and a few bubbles of cum fell onto my greedy tongue. Carefully I cleaned his cock, Feeling dad riding my mouth and fucking me gently right to the back of my throat.

At last his cock was clean and he rolled to the side, reaching over me to pinch my nipple and pull on it gently.

"I'm going to enjoy your pretty little tits, Teresa." Dad promised as he rolled off the bed and pushed past Mom to go and take his shower.

Mom came and stood at the end of my bed, looking down at my little hard cock. Slowly, she straddled my hips and lowered her tight wet pussy onto the tip of my cock. Sliding it into her, she leaned forward and kissed my swollen nipples, first one, then the other. I reached up and curled my fingers around her breasts, pinching her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. She gushed wetly over my cock and thrust herself down onto me. Reaching up, she caught hold of my hands and pinned them to the bed above my head. Slowly, but rhythmically and getting quicker, she rode my hard little cock, her heavy breasts rubbing against my reddened, tender, tits. I couldn't take the stimulation for very long and I spurted my thin sticky cum up into her dripping pussy as she ground herself down onto me. Her tight pussy milked and squeezed my cock, drawing every last drop of cum out of my cock and balls.

Mom lifted herself a little and my cock slipped out of her pussy with a gush of our cum, mixed together, pouring over my limp cock. The hot cum and pussy juice trickled slowly between the cheeks of my ass to mingle with the thick sticky cum that Dad had spurted into my ass and now oozed out of my tender hole.

Mom closed her robe and left me lying in the sticky pool of cum, the drying sperm leaving trails down my buttocks and over my thighs to the tops of my stockings. My new panties lay, ruined, on the floor and the material of the corset pressed painfully against the swell of my breasts.

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