tagBDSMTeresa's Slave: His Turn

Teresa's Slave: His Turn


Melody!" and it was over just like that! You had said the word I was sure I would never hear those luscious lips utter. "Oh, Baby, you are so wonderful at these games! You made me feel so wonderful. I love to feel so powerful and in control." It had been so easy to be your slave and so excruciating not having what I wanted when I wanted it. Softly I whisper in your ear, as you drift off to dreamland, "Wait till next time, you will be my slave and you will see how this is really done."

You wake in the morning alone. You have slept in, thanks to the pleasure you had last night and having me hold you and snuggle all through the rest.

Yet, upon waking, alone! "No, I have had enough of waking without him, this is not right!" runs through your mind as you snap awake. "Was it a dream, living my deepest fantasy with my perfect lover?"

No, you are in the bed we share, in the room we share and you smell the aroma of the coffee I sip in the morning. OK, you are going to give me a piece of your mind about leaving you to wake alone! Then you hear me coming down the hall toward the bedroom.

I will just sit up and give it to him when he comes in the room is your immediate thought. As I enter you sit up and rest your back against the headboard. The cold from the metal bites your skin, but you are on a mission. Before you can utter a thing I step into the room with a tray, on which rests toast, jelly, a cup of steaming herb tea and a single long stem, crimson red rose. I am wearing only the thong that I wore last night, but have added a bow tie to match.

"Good Morning, Mistress. I hope your rest was adequate. Thank you so much for allowing me to sleep next to your wonderful body, and also for letting me cum inside you." This was thee very last thing you had expected.

Your jaw drops but no words come out. You make no attempt to cover you breasts, so after I lower the tray to your lap I drag my left hand across your nipple and stop to twist the slave ring that pierces the flesh. The sensation sends a jolt through your body, straight to your clitoris.

Your eyes fly open, but before you can say a word you hear "Today, you will be mine, slave! Now enjoy," and I abruptly exit the room. You are still in shock as you look down at the nourishment before you. There is a note you didn't notice before. It is on parchment, folded, sealed with a wax that matches the rose and also is tied with a ribbon of the same hue.

What a way to wake up, is there no end to the surprises that come from this man? You choose to eat and drink first, contemplating what could be in the writing. You understand that this is all a tease, on my part, because we both know how much patience you have. So, after one bite and one sip you slip the ribbon and break the seal.

In the other room, I have dressed into my favorite jeans and a t-shirt, socks and my trail runners. I know you will follow the instructions to the letter. This is the day we will see what your limits are, and mine. You said I could have anything, we will see if your mind could possibly run as wild and dark as mine. You will need some time so I grab the truck keys off the hook by the door and I am off to break the fast with a hearty meal at my favorite restaurant. My mind wanders as I drive, down the memory
path of how we got here and how could two people be so perfectly matched.

You have shown infinite patience, so much more than me. We will test that again today. Now that I know you will use our codeword, today I will test your limits. My imagination has been running wild, and I am getting hard just thinking about where this will lead. It takes an immense amount of control just to eat and not run to you and throw you on the bed and pound my hard cock into you until you scream. Anticipation. Yes, starvation is the best spice!

It was all there on the page, kind of. Printed of how this day would start. Where it would go from there you weren't sure if you wanted to go, but I had swore to never hurt you and you had the shield of the codeword "Melody". So, out of bed and into the shower to begin preparations.

The note started strange for a master to his slave, "Good morning lover! I had such a wonderful time last night. I can never thank you enough for letting me be the one you would share your deepest fantasy with. I am truly the luckiest man on this planet. You said you felt so powerful, I am the one that feels overwhelming power just because you trust and love me so much! I am blessed for having those things from you, so, know today that I will never do anything to hurt you! You know what to do if things go too far and I will try to find that point, but again, have no fear of pain without the pleasure. Our love has only room for the pain that goes with pleasure!"

Then it went on to describe how you were to prepare your body for the day. You feel the beginnings of desire build in you as you clean yourself of the traces of the lovemaking of last night. On the counter you found the enema that was left for you and you know that there will be plenty of anal sex from this not so subtle hint.

You already have in my favorite slave rings in your nipples, all you need to do after you get out of bed after getting dry is to clip on the slave chain that connects all of your piercings. You feel that special tingle as you clip the chain to the ring in the hood of your clit. Slowly you slide your finger over that sensitive spot. You guide your fingers down across it and into your pussy. Yes, it is getting moist and it knows pleasure is coming, yet again.

I have told you in the note to play all you want just no cumming and you are the expert at getting to the edge of the cliff and not jumping. The one thing that was strange is I had told you to get close before starting the enema and then to cum upon release. Well, a slave must obey! This is the last of the instructions for cleaning up that I had given you so you lube and insert the hose for the cleaning of your bowels.

As soon as the bottle is empty you sit and begin to masturbate again. Holding it until you feel the orgasm start is the hard part but, you are the expert at timing your orgasm and it all goes off without a hitch. After the explosion of cumming and the releasing of the enema you understand why I had told you to do this. What a tremendous explosion of pleasure! Wow, what a start to it all!

When you are done you stand and admire yourself in the mirror. The sensuous piercings and chains, shaved pussy, auburn tresses flowing down your shoulders, and the scent of "Wonderful" in you nostrils, the picture is perfect. Now the blindfold and all will be ready for your master.

I come in the door and find you exactly as I had ordered, sitting on the couch, clean and ready for the game. I walk over to you and bend to your mouth and kiss you with a demanding force that you have felt many times While I drink from your lips my fingers twist the rings in your nipples making you squirm in your seat. Finally, I break the kiss and tug on the chain hanging from your breasts.

"Come with me slut!" is what you hear as the tension increases on the chains. All of the rings are pulled taunt with the chain and you remember how we searched to find the right combination to make it all come together. The sensation is shocking as all of the points of contact light up with the fire of pain and pleasure. We go into the spare bedroom. The thought that enters your mind is we never use this room, what has he set up in here?

"On you knees, cunt" is the demand. As you comply your knees bump into a stool.

"Do you want me on the stool or on the floor?" you timidly imply.

"Who said that you could speak? You are a fuck toy and fuck toys don't speak unless told to! But, I will allow this one time only." I help you kneel onto the stool with both knees. I take your hands and you feel silk against your wrists. It is tied securely to each wrist and then you feel your arms pulled over your head and secured to something hanging from the ceiling. You are stretched, but not uncomfortable.

You sense me step away and behind you. You feel the slap of a paddle on the right cheek of your ass and hear "Today you are a fuck slut and that is what you will do. Fuck and suck like the whore you are! If I want you to say anything I will ask!" You feel another blow from the paddle on you other cheek. The blows are not hard but they do sting, and as you ass cheeks start to warm up you feel a probing of the anal dildo I have taken from the toy box. It easily slides into your ass and you hear my command "Don't let that fall out or you will suffer."

As I continue with the spanking, you anticipate the slaps and start to concentrate on the heat radiating from your punishment. Then you feel the dildo slip just a little and panic ensues. You have so much to concentrate on.

As all of your focus seems to be on what is going on behind you, you feel the jolt of the chains tightening. The pull on your nipples and clit are a more pleasurable pain that what is happening to your ass. Except the dildo, that is pure pleasure! The pull on the chains is not hard either but insistent. Then you realize why, something vibrating, sending the vibrations out to your nipples and clit, has been attached to the chain.

"Now that is new!" rushes into you consciousness. The spanking abruptly ceases. You again hear me move to in front of you and then you feel the bite of the nipple clamps. On top of the studs this brings a new level of pain, but it is easily balanced by the pleasure of the vibrating chain. This is getting intense, you think.

You hear more rustling and then feel my cock against your lips. "Suck me, bitch!" is what you hear. So many stimulations at once, it is hard to concentrate. You devour my cock with a vengeance. If you can make me cum then you know I will let you loose and let you cum. Without your hands this proves to be quite the task, because I control how much you can get into your mouth. Pain, pleasure and frustration all mount in mind and body, driving your pulse upwards. You start to feel the juice of your pussy tracing a path down your thigh.

"I am getting so turned on by this!" surprises your senses. You know you don't give this much control and now you know why, you love being dominated as much as you love to dominate. The extreme ends of the spectrum. You are so intent on sucking my cock that it dawns slowly that someone is licking at your stimulated clit. It can't be me, I am on another stool with my dick in your mouth and my hands on the back of your head. There is no other touch, but it feels like a tongue teasing your clitty.

Then you feel soft hands grab your hips and pull your pussy tighter to the insistent mouth that is sucking at you. "Melody" trips across your mind, but no, lets see where this is going, besides this feels wonderful.

"What a good cock sucking slave I have, wouldn't you agree Cindy?" I ask. Where did another woman come from and has she been his lover too?, you wonder.

You are put at a kind of ease when I tell you, "Slave, this is Cindy. She is a lesbian friend of mine and I have assured her you will pleasure her, also." Cindy has your juices flowing with her talented mouth, so you decide to take this a little further.

"Be the good sex slave!" You feel me start to tense up and you know my cum is close to your mouth so you attack with more urgency to taste it on your tongue. I pull away before you drink the liquid from me.

"That was almost a mistake slave!" I twist your nipple and state, "You don't make me cum until I say so! And you don't cum until I say so!" Cindy has brought you to the edge of the precipice, with maybe one foot over and you try to pull your hips away, hoping not to violate what I have just said. Your hips have a life of their own and they seem to want this as they grind into her tongue. You feel the wave start in your stomach and start to blossom outward when her lips pull away. So very close! She is maybe even better at getting you to the brink than you are!

The warmth of the near orgasm is spreading throughout your body. Your nipples are on fire and your pussy is pulsing, begging for release. The dildo in your ass is yanked out with a shocking jolt. The first thing to enter your mind is you let it fall and now you will be punished, but I tell you that you have done well and will be rewarded by pleasuring us both at the same time.

You hear me ask Cindy if she is ready and a soft deep sexy voice answers, "Oh yes, I can't wait to fuck this cunt!" You feel her breasts touch yours and now you understand the stool, as you feel your knees slide apart. You feel a cock probing your nether lips and know this woman has a cock that she is going to put in you. She starts to slide it into you and it feels so real and hard and welcome that all you care about is having it fill you up and make you cum.

She says, "What a nice pussy you have, Slut, and you won't need these," as she removes the nipple clamps. The blood rushing back into your nipples gives you such a rush that you almost cum. She begins a slow steady pace in and out of you, ending each upward stroke with a hip grind against your clit.

Your arms seem completely detached, it has been so long that you have been deprived of their use, you have learned to pleasure and receive without touching. Also without sight you can concentrate more on what is going on within you. Your hearing is more acute as is the overall sense of feeling on your skin. You can hear the juicy sound of her driving the cock into you and want to fight off the impending orgasm until I tell you it is ok. You know enough not to even ask so it gets harder to stop the wave. She mangles your breasts as she pumps into your melting center.

Now you feel me behind you and know what I want and will take without your consent. The familiar hardness that has invaded your ass so many times is back again to give you pleasure beyond measure. I have lubed up well and shove into you with one slow, insistent dive and don't stop until you feel my balls against you and my pubic hair mashed against your ass. I match the rhythm set by the cock in your pussy.

"Now, fuck us both, slut. You better do us good or you wont cum all day!" I whisper in your ear from behind. You try to grind into us both, matching our up thrust with your down. Cindy sucks your neck and you feel the bite of her teeth into your shoulder.

She pulls away long enough to demand "Fuck me you fucking whore!" My hands wrap in your hair and pull your head back roughly, giving her teeth better access to your throat, and every time she pulls on your nipples the slave chain tugs at your clit hood driving you toward your most mind blowing orgasm ever.

You struggle to stay conscious and be the perfect little fuck slave you can be, as this time the wave rolls into a tidal wave and threatens to consume you completely. You feel my cum pump deep into your ass as Cindy throws her head back with a sigh and her hips jerk out the tempo of her own orgasm against your clit.

"Do you want to cum, Slut?" I ask.

"Please!" is all you can muster. "Please, Master!" you beg again.

I reach up and untie your arms and as they fall around Cindy and you pull her tight against you I moan into your ear "Cum for me, cum for me NOW, Teresa!" and the wave washes over you. Your hips pump at a maddening pace back and forth with a mind of their own. With a cock in your ass and a dildo in your cunt you can't maintain any semblance of a woman, you are merely an animal seeking that most barbarian level of pleasure. Pure pleasure, as lights go off in your head and your whole body spasms with your climax. It feels like every muscle in your body is out of control and you have been jolted with electricity. Your hips fly back and forth as the scream seems to come from your very soul, and climb out of you everywhere. Both Cindy and I hold you tight and you feel our support as you go completely limp, except for the jolts that run through your hips.

After shocks of the most amazing, mind and body blowing experience you have ever had. As we carry you to the bed in this room and lay you under the blankets you whisper. I lean forward and ask you what you said?


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