Teri and Jodie


Teri had accepted her virtual stepbrother Bobby's invitation to join him in California for the summer. She still had high hopes they would fuck, a dream of hers since she moved into his mother Allison and sister Connie's house during her freshman year of college. Bobby was Connie's older brother and when Teri moved in he had already graduated and moved to California. He had become a big wheel in Hollywood.

She had a crush on him from the first time she saw him and unashamedly threw herself at him on his every visit, much to his mother and sisters amusement. Spending six weeks in California with him was something of a dream come true.

However, in reality Teri was putting off the decision of whether or not to move to Felicity with Mom Allison and Connie.

She loved The City but the two closest people to her in life had just moved to live in the same town at the same time since Connie had graduated from college. As far as Teri was concerned Allison was the only mother she had and Connie her only sister. Her favorite sex involved Connie and her husband.

Heterosexual sex for Teri had dwindled to the point that Connie's husband had the only cock to penetrate her pussy in over two years. When she set out to get laid it was a woman she was after.

She had plenty of pussy available in a city of over four million people and even though Connie's cousins in Felicity had guaranteed all the pussy she wanted Teri did not see how a town of four thousand could compete. Bobby's invitation was the distraction she needed and as soon as she turned in her grades at the end of the school year she left for Hollywood.

Bobby fucked her that first night. He was loving and conscientious and did give her an orgasm. But it was a disappointment for her.

At first she thought it was her fault for expecting too much because the fuck had been her dream for almost ten years. But she soon accepted the fact that he was just being polite to her. He was after all, gay.

By the end of her second day he had gone back to being an older brother in her mind. By the third day she had been caught up in his life as an executive producer for a major film studio and had ended up answering and returning calls for him.

Some of those calls were to very familiar names in the film industry. To most she introduced herself as Bobby's sister and temporary assistant. To one major luminary she said, "Hi Jodie. This is Teri."

A couple of years before that summer Jodie Foster had been working in Texas and had called Bobby to ask him if he knew a good place for her to hide for a couple of days. There was a delay in production and she was too tired for airplane rides.

He had immediately suggested his Mom's house and told her he would call right back. After checking with his Mom he called Jodie back and said, "My sister Teri is picking you up. She will call you from the hotel lobby."

Bobby did not tell Teri whom she was picking up so her shock at seeing her passenger was considerable. Bobby had urged her to remain calm when they met but it had not helped. It was after all THE Jodie Foster. That Monday a major life event for Teri began.

Teri had mostly recovered when she pulled away from the parking garage and past the paparazzi waiting by a different exit.

Teri's first comment to her was, "You are absolutely gorgeous."

Jody was about to give thanks for the compliment but after giving Teri a good long look said, "Not compared to you."

Teri blushed brilliantly and forced herself to concentrate on her driving. She felt Jodie's eyes caress every bit of her body and her pussy noticed.

"Don't get your hopes up," she mentally said to it.

As she was wont to do Teri had also said it out loud and was startled to hear Jodie say, "I am disappointed to hear that."

"Hear what?"

"Not to get my hopes up"

A flustered Teri said, "Oh, I did not mean to say that aloud. I was not talking to you."

"Whom were you talking to?"

"A badly behaved part of me."

Jodie chuckled and said, "I believe its twin just got its own hopes up."

Allison did not get home for nearly an hour after Teri and Jodie were at the house but was not particularly surprised to find Teri between Jodie's thighs hanging on through Jodie's second orgasm. Allison took off her clothes and got in bed with them.

"Hi, I am Allison, Bobby's mom. I see you met my youngest."

"Yes. Hi. I take it your are not surprised or displeased to find us in this situation."

"To the contrary," Allison said as she trapped one of Jodie's nipples between her lips.

Teri had moved up on the bed and said, "Mom, she is insatiable. Take over for me for a while. My jaw is sore."

"My pleasure," Allison said as she kissed her way down to Jodie's pussy.

Jodie appeared to want to say something but found Teri's lips on hers and simply lost herself in the kiss.

There were lots of pussy lickers in Teri and Allison's life but all agreed that Allison was best of all. A few seconds after Allison's arrival at her pussy Jodie learned that as a fact.

Teri had worked on Jodie's pussy for well over thirty minutes. Allison had wrung her out in eight. She kissed her way back up Jodie's body and waited for the kiss to end so she could talk to them.

But the kiss would not end. Neither Jodie nor Teri were interested in ending it. Allison slapped her adopted daughter's ass and said, "You are being greedy".

Two aborted tries later the kiss ended and both Teri and Jodie looked at Allison expectantly.

"Fuck, I forgot what I was going to say."

Teri and Jodie turned to each other and moved to resume their kiss.

"Wait, wait. Jodie you are supposed to call Bobby and tell him you are here. He has an update on the production. What do you want for supper?"

"Whatever you two are having will be fine."

"Hmm. We don't eat healthy here. What I was going to cook today was chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn."

Jodie smiled, nodded, and said, "Just don't tell anyone."

Allison kissed her lips and reminded her to call then left the room. Teri speed-dialed Bobby and said, "Hi honey we are home. Yes she is right here, hold on."

After Teri handed the phone to Jodie she busied herself picking both of their clothes off the floor and putting them away. She unpacked Jodie's backpack and put her stuff away too. They were in her old bedroom; her closet and dresser were mostly empty.

When she returned to the bed Jodie had just closed the phone with a deep sigh.


"Yes, the delay will be for at least two more days. I will need to add two more days to that because I have a meeting in Paris this weekend."

Teri gave her a long soft kiss then said, "I am not about to tell you I am sorry to hear that," and resumed her kiss.

As the kiss intensified Jodie said, "My turn," and kissed her way to Teri's magnificent tits. Jodie simply gobbled them up. She slapped Teri's hand away when it began to drift to her pussy and in a gravely voice said, "It's my turn."

By the time Jodie got to Teri's pussy Teri was ready to explode and did on contact almost bucking Jodie to an orbit around Vega. Jodie held on and took Teri on a wild ride until she began to fear for her own safety. She slowed then stopped her ministrations until Teri relaxed.

Jodie quickly kissed her way back up to Teri's tits and slid her thigh over her lover's pussy. Teri went off again from the contact. When that orgasm faded Jodie slid up and resumed the kiss that had almost led to her death. The kiss ended when Allison called them to supper.

The three ate nude and stayed nude until Allison drove them to the airport two days later. Jodie had anointed Teri as her "temporary personal assistant" and coerced her to go to Paris with her. Teri accepted her fate with glee even though she was going to miss almost a week of school. She had more than fifty leave-days accumulated so it was not going to be a hardship.

Teri surprised Jodie with her fluent French. She was grateful to hear Teri's fluent Garman when the need for it suddenly arose. Teri attended all of the functions, (Jodie was receiving an award from the French film industry}, but did not attract much attention to herself by hanging back with Jodie's assigned body guard. Teri was tallish but not imposingly so, nevertheless she was sufficiently bigger than the diminutive Jodie that most assumed she was part of Jodie's security detail.

Teri was very pleased to see that in one photo of the graciously smiling Jody she could be seen just behind her beaming with pride. There was a short-term flurry of interest in her, Teri was after all the most beautiful woman at each event, but Teri left France as unknown as she arrived.

When they returned they were both swallowed up by their normal lives. Teri enjoyed a brief touch of fame when the photo of her and Jodie had been spotted by one of her colleagues.

On the day Jodie finished shooting nearby she came to her school early in the morning and gave Teri a kiss on the cheek and two-dozen roses plus another surge of fame. Jodie was gone by the time the school secretary had spread the word so few of the teachers and none students saw her there.

Teri had to survive an inquisition. She told them that Jodie and her brother worked together and he had asked her for a favor regarding Jodie. Most were satisfied with that explanation but not her favorite lesbian couple.

Once they cornered Teri by herself they demanded to know, "Did you fuck?"

Teri gave them a long-winded reply that included references to improper questions, privacy, and rumors. Her friends understood. The answer was "Yes" and they were to keep their mouths shut.

In the intervening two years they had been in the same room twice but were not able to do anything other than briefly hold hands. They kept in touch with semi-regular e-mails and rare phone calls. Jodie was as busy as a human being could be. In that time interval Jodie's company released two films she starred in, one she produced, and one she had directed.

When Teri called her from her brother's office Jodie's first words to her were, "You're in town. Are you busy tonight? Tell your brother he will have company for dinner and will stay for dessert."

"Jodie, this is a business call. He wants to know if you can do a cameo on an Audrey Tautou project. It would cost you two shooting days at most."

"When? Where?"

"Late June. Spain"

"Tell him Yes, if I may take my security assistant with me."

"I will tell him, and Jodie, if you get here early you can have dessert before and after dinner."

"Good thinking. See you."

Jodie spent the night and returned to her duties the next morning wearing the same clothes she had worn the day before. Her staff claimed that she had worked all night and were trying to get her to go home and get some sleep.

Jodie "allowed" herself to be talked into it and after going home and packing a bag she returned to Bobby's house from which she did not emerge until the following Monday. When she returned to work Jodie still looked like she needed some sleep but she made it through the day.

Teri did not know it but Jodie's staff was well aware of her. By the time she was on her way to pick-up Jodie at her hotel two years before Jodie's staff was running a security check on her. By the time they were on the way to France Jodie's staff had warned her not to fall in love with Teri even though they were perfect for each other. "She may be as smart as you are," they had told her.

Jodie knew Teri's entire biography. She did not think of it as prying since the entire world knew her own biography. Well except for the importance of two other women in her life and the identity of the father of her children.

Over the following weeks Jodie and Teri managed to get together often. Happy times for Teri.

But when Bobby told Jodie that Teri had to be back from Spain for the fourth of July and would leave her if there were any delays her reaction seemed on the verge of fury.

"And what is so important about the Fourth of July celebration for her. I could order her the best fireworks display in the world while we are in Spain."

Teri was stunned. She had never seen that side of Jodie, the powerful woman that insisted things be done her way. Bobby had seen that side of her often and knew she could be coaxed off her high horse with reason.

"She is not coming back for the holiday. She is coming back for what would have been Grandpa's eightieth birthday party. No one in the family is going to miss it, not even me."

It took a couple of seconds for Jodie to assimilate the information then just said, "Oh."

She had seen the shocked expression on Teri's face and knew she needed to do or say something.

She smiled at Bobby and asked, "Do you think you can get me invited?"

"Will you leave the witch at home?"


"Then you are invited although Mom had insisted on doing that anyway."

"Allison wanted you to invite me and you didn't?"

"That's about right," Bobby said with a smile.

This time Jodie's "We are not amused" response was clearly an act. She took Teri's hand and as she led her back to the bedroom she told her, "Come. Lets see if we can come up with a way to make it look like an accident."

In bed Jodie spent considerable time trying to convince Teri that the bitch she had just seen would never be seen by her again. She explained that it had been a necessity when she was trying to further her career. It still worked well.

She explained that the bitch surfaced when she mistook Bobby for an industry suit getting in her way instead of the brother of her most important companion. She apologized.

Teri accepted her apology and their subsequent lovemaking was as passionate as ever but Teri felt her heart slowly begin to erect defenses against Jodie.

Teri ended up with a small part in the Tautou movie, one line in Spanish. The shoot was outside Seville and the principals stayed at a large hacienda with the odd name of Hotel New Hampshire. No one questioned Teri's presence there since she was the most fluent in both Spanish and French and often translated between the two for others. If anyone noted that Teri slept in Jodie's room they were discreet about it.

Teri loved Audrey but felt that Jodie was keeping them apart. The thought made her conflicted. She did not like to feel owned but was proud that Jodie felt she needed to protect her from others. The end result however was for her heart to erect more defenses and enlist her logical brain in the task.

They left Spain in time to be in Felicity for the entire Fourth of July weekend. The stay was as fun and as sad as Teri had expected. It was her first big birthday party for the late Angus MacDuff. His daughters cried and laughed throughout the weekend. His grandchildren mourned that they had not been allowed to love him longer and listened avidly to the stories told about him.

The many family friends were drawn into the family's emotional maelstrom even though most had never met Angus. Jodie was not immune to that.

When she, Teri, and Bobby arrived Jodie had been treated as a visiting dignitary. To Jodie's surprise that only lasted for about two hours and she quickly became just a member of the family they had not yet met. By the time dinner came she was helping prepare the salad.

During the singing of Happy Birthday as the Fourth of July fireworks lit the sky Jodie had tears streaming down her face like everyone else did. She saw Teri look at her questioningly. "Real," she felt she needed to say.

The tears that followed were tinged with anguish. She knew she was losing Teri.

Everyone's mood was much brighter the next day and Jodie found herself in a lesbian hot tub orgy with Teri's Mom and her sisters. That night Teri and Jodie made love as if it may be their last time.

On Monday morning Bobby drove Jodie and himself to the airport and they returned to their hectic lives. Teri stayed in Felicity to buy a home. She finally understood it would be foolish to try to live her life without her family, without their all-encompassing love.

Months would pass and other relationships established before Jodie and Teri loved each other again. On that occasion Audrey was naked in bed with them.

Years would pass before their true last time arrived. They both knew it was so and their lovemaking was ferocious, as if they wanted to wring out everything that was left of their affair.

However, when they parted their friendship remained.

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