Chapter 1: Extra Service

Terri was reflecting on her life while enjoying her morning shower. She and Dennis had been married for almost 30 years. The children they raised were very successful in their pursuits. Randy was in his second year of graduate school and expected to receive his PHD in about three more years. Susan had a short career as a CPA after college, but got out of the work force after she had the first of Terri's two grandchildren. The dry cleaning business that Terri and Dennis had started right after they got married had turned into a chain of fourteen stores and a central dry cleaning plant. They were financially set.

Still there was something missing in her life. Dennis was busy with the business six days a week. He worked long hours, often putting in time in the evenings. On his free day, Sunday, he liked to get together with his friends and play a round of golf and then some cards at the Country Club. When Dennis was around, he was usually tired or preoccupied with a business problem. She missed the fun they used to have when life was a lot simpler. She also missed the closeness and satisfaction she received when they made love. She had a close circle of friends, so she wasn't lonely, but her girl friends couldn't compensate for the lack of a love life. Recently she went out for drinks with two of her closest friends and they all realized they had the same problem.

When Terri got out of the shower she had a chance to admire her 52-year-old body in the mirror. She worked very hard at the Country Club fitness center and swam laps in her pool to keep in shape. She had large breasts, and she thought they looked very sexy, being tanned with only the area around her nipples milky white. She squirted some moisturizing lotion on her hands and rubbed it liberally over her chest and flat, hard belly. Her fingers twirled around her nipples as they hardened from the attention. She took some more lotion and spread it up and down her long, shapely, tan legs. Terri rubbed it around her inner thighs while looking at her neatly trimmed blond pussy in the mirror. She then crossed over the tan line and ran a finger up and down the inner lips of her pussy, which protruded past her outer lips like they were in search of something to wrap around.

Terri combed her short blond hair and applied her lipstick. She maintained her tan year round and her pretty face looked twenty years younger than it was, so she didn't need to use a lot of make up. She put on her robe and went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She sat in the family room, where she began to leaf through the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. When she came to an article about stimulating sexual positions, she felt a tingling in her groin and knew she needed servicing. As her reading caused her imagination to wander, her hand moved to her pussy. She put her finger at the top of her inner lips and began to massage the hooded area around her clit. She became very stimulated and decided she needed to take matters into her own hands.

She went to a cabinet in the room and got out her dildo. The dildo was in the shape of a cock, nine inches long, black and had a clit stimulator. Terri sat back down on the couch and licked around the head. She then rubbed the head up and down her inner lips. As she teased herself, her pussy became very moist. She then penetrated herself and buried the whole nine inches inside her. She left it this way, as her swollen clit had emerged from its hiding place and was in direct contact with the stimulator. As she was very horny, it wasn't long until her pussy was contracting on the dildo as she came. She then laid her head back on the couch and relished the intense feeling.

She was startled back to reality when the doorbell rang. 'Who could that be?' she thought. She then remembered it was Thursday and the new pool cleaning company was coming that morning. She quickly removed the dildo and jumped up and put on her robe. As she went to answer the door, she hoped her face would not reveal her state of arousal.

She opened the door and there were two guys on the front porch. One introduced himself as Carl, the owner of the company. Terri thought Carl was a good-looking kid, probably about twenty-five. He resembled a young Harry Belanfonte. She liked his energetic smile and the way he introduced himself. Carl introduced his companion as Vince. Vince was younger and shorter than Carl. She thought he was about nineteen or twenty, although he looked younger since he wore his blond hair very long. He was only wearing shorts and he had a very dark tan, like a beach boy.

"I'm here to get this job started out right and Vince will come back every week to make sure your pool is in top shape," Carl said. "I also need to know the lay of the land so I can handle the job if Vince isn't available. Why don't you show us around and then Vince can do the weekly cleaning while you and I complete the contract."

"Sure, follow me," Terri replied.

They proceeded through the house and then out to the pool area. As Terri showed them around, Carl couldn't help but notice that her robe was the only thing keeping him from seeing the rest of this beautiful woman. One time when she bent over, her tits almost fell out of the robe, and Carl took the opportunity to gaze at her luscious melons.

"Vince, why don't you get started while Mrs. Richardson and I do the contract," Carl directed.

"Carl, why don't you two just call me Terri. We can go in the house to do the paperwork."

Terri and Carl went into the house and sat next to each other on the couch in the family room. Carl took out a paper, which was a list of the services that his company could provide on a weekly basis.

He handed it to Terri and said, "Why don't you take a look at this to decide what you want us to do. The prices of the different type of services are also noted."

Terri started to review the list. She had a question on one item, so she looked up at Carl to ask for clarification. She saw that his attention was distracted by something, and to her horror she realized he was staring at the dildo, which still lay on the couch.

She froze like a deer caught in the headlights. Carl said something like "A beautiful woman like you shouldn't have to use that when she can get the real thing." He put his papers down and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her and she felt his tongue seeking access to her mouth. Terri knew where this was headed and that she should resist, but having this young, virile man putting the move on her was intoxicating. Dennis hadn't kissed her this way in a long time. Her mouth opened and gave him the access he sought. They kissed a long, wet kiss while their tongues did a love dance.

Carl placed his hand inside her robe and caressed her tits. He gently pinched her nipples. Terri placed her hand inside his shirt and felt his muscular chest. He opened her robe and moved down to her tits to suck and nibble on her hard nipples, making her moan softly. He worked his way down her belly, kissing as he went along. He continued down one of her legs and when he got to her foot, he nibbled at her toes. He worked his way back up the other leg and then teased her by licking her inner thighs. Soon he moved to her blond love nest. He kissed the protruding lips, and then used his tongue to knock on her clit's door, inviting it out to play. As her excitement level heightened, her swollen clit became available for his attention. He got the bud between his lips and sucked and then flicked it with his tongue. He also had two fingers in her pussy. While he worked her clit, he began to finger fuck her wet hole. Terri's hips picked up the rhythm of his fingers as her excitement level was reaching its zenith.

Vince came in the house after he finished the job and saw what was happening. He and Carl had gotten lucky a couple of times on the job, but never with a lady this foxy. He could only watch his boss eating her pussy for a couple of minutes before he was totally turned on. He decided to join the action, so he dropped his shorts and walked over near Terri's face.

Terri was having orgasm after orgasm, and her eyes were shut. Vince took his semi-erect cock and placed it by her lips. She opened her eyes and looked up at the smiling Vince. She was so overcome with passion that she opened her mouth and began to suck his cock. Soon his cock was at attention and he could feel his ball sack tighten. She was able to take his entire length into her mouth, and Vince loved the feel of his cock hitting the back of her throat.

Carl backed off so he could undress. His cock was already hard, as having his face buried in Terri's wet pussy was very arousing to him. He grabbed her hands and she followed him as he sat on the other end of the couch. She got between his legs on her hands and knees. Her mouth almost watered when she saw the long, thick, ebony cock with its taut nut sack waiting for her. She hadn't been this hot in a long, long time. She licked around the cock head and then ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She took one then the other ball into her mouth and sucked. Her tongue then found the underside of his balls as his scrotum continued to shrink. She licked up the shaft and then put her mouth around the head. She didn't know if she could get him all the way into her mouth, but she was going to try. She opened her throat as much as possible and slowly worked the whole length in. She had Carl moaning now as he watched this pretty lady suck his cock.

Vince had mounted Terri doggy style and his cock entered her wet pussy easily. When she felt him penetrate, she thought, 'That sure does feel better than the dildo,' and she knew Carl would feel even better. Vince was giving Terri long, slow strokes and he rubbed his hands over her firm, round ass.

"Why don't you mount me," Carl said as he ran his fingers through her hair.

Terri let his cock slide from her mouth and moved forward as Vince's cock dropped from her pussy. She was aching to get Carl's piece of meat inside her. Terri straddled him, grabbed his throbbing dick and guided it into her pussy. She was in seventh heaven as his magnificent cock made its way deep inside her. She sat on him and contracted her muscles, which brought a smile to his face. He reached up and brought her towards him and kissed her. She didn't realize what was next.

Vince was still behind her and as she moved towards Carl, he got a clear shot at her ass. She first felt his fingers penetrate her anus. Vince then put a wad of spit on his cockhead and slowly worked it into her anus. Her passions were on overdrive as just the thought of having both holes filled at once was exhilarating. Vince slowly worked his cock into her ass.

"Oh yes, fuck my ass, fuck my ass!" Terri hoarsely cried out.

Vince started with slow strokes and then picked up speed. Carl was stroking her as much as he could from his place on the bottom. Terri moved her hips as she felt both dicks fucking her. Her body felt flush and her nipples ached because they were so hard. She lowered her tits to Carl's mouth so he could suck them and make them feel better.

Vince was pumping hard now as he felt his balls begin to tingle. He held back as long as he could and then he let go and pumped stream after stream of cum up Terri's ass. When she felt him cumming, she had another orgasm. Once his pistol was empty, he removed his limp cock from her ass and went and sat in a nearby chair.

"Baby, get off me and lay on the floor. I'm going to give you a fucking you will never forget," Carl whispered in her ear.

Terri got off of Carl and lay down on the family room carpet. Carl approached her, his cock glistening wet with her love juices. He covered her with his body and buried his dick deep inside her. He bent down and kissed her. As they kissed, she felt so fulfilled with that big, black cock encased in her pussy. He then raised his body and grabbed her ankles. He lifted her back slightly for deepest penetration. He started giving her long, slow strokes. Her large pussy lips were wrapped around his cock like a pair of expensive leather gloves. Her body felt like it was on fire; she never wanted this to stop. He started stroking faster, their bodies audibly slapping together.

"Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard," Terri whimpered.

She went over the edge. As she contracted on his cock, Carl felt himself reaching the point of no return. When he started cumming, he buried his cock deep inside. She bucked wildly as she felt the hot sperm filling her belly. When she regained her composure, she knew he was right; she had never had a fucking like that.

Carl stood up, grabbed her hands, and helped her to her feet. He put his arms around her and they kissed. He looked at his watch and said, "I hate to run, but we were supposed to be somewhere half an hour ago."

"Don't worry, I understand," Terri replied. "I'll need the rest of the day to come off the sex high you guys put me on."

As Carl was putting his clothes on, Terri said, "You know, if you can make it, why don't you come by once in a while for the Thursday appointment."

"It would take an army to keep me away," Carl replied.

"Looks like he will find me other work on Thursdays," Vince added with a big smile on his face.

They all laughed as Terri showed them to the door. Carl did become the regular on the job and they made love every Thursday after the pool work was done. Once in a while Carl brought Vince with him and every so often Vince came by himself, but, like clockwork, both Terri and the pool got serviced on Thursdays.

Chapter 2

The Present

Terri's father died two years ago of a heart attack. Her mother, Blanche, had stayed very active and kept fit by walking and playing golf with her friends. She was an attractive woman for her age. Terri had confided to her mother not long ago that she and Dennis had no love life and how she missed it. Her mother told her that this was not going to be a temporary thing, because she still misses sex. She told Terri that she needed to do something, like seek marriage counseling.

Terri was wracking her brain trying to think about what to get her mother for her 75th birthday. She then had a wicked thought and decided to get her mother the same type of gift she got a few days ago from Vince and Carl. She called Carl on the phone and ran her plan by him. He told her it sounded kind of kinky, but if that's what she wanted, that's what she would get.

Terri told her mother that she was going to have a special luncheon catered for them to celebrate her birthday. She set up a table with linens, china and silverware out by the pool. It was a nice sunny day for the special birthday party she was throwing her mother.

"I have two good looking young guys that are going to serve us a special lunch," Susan said. "I think this is just what you need and I know it will be a surprise."

Hearing their cue, Carl and Vince then came out of the house, both carrying a covered platter down around their waist.

"Here comes the surprise!" exclaimed Terri.

When they got to the table, Carl said, "Hello, Mrs. Bennett. Susan wants you to have your choice of entrée, so why don't you take a look."

Blanche grabbed both lids, removed them from the platters and got her surprise. She gasped when she saw their cocks were on the platters.

"I recently met these great guys and I thought they can make you as happy as they made me. You can choose one or you can have both," Susan said.

"I don't know what to say," Blanche stammered.

"You don't have to say anything, just grab one or both. You know what to do. These guys will scratch that itch you told me you were having."

Even though Blanche was in a state of shock, she also felt a certain amount of arousal with these two studs standing there presenting their cocks for her enjoyment. She thought, 'I have been thinking a lot about sex lately; maybe this is just what I need.' She reached up and grabbed both of the hunks of meat. Carl and Vince put down the platters and moved towards her. She squeezed their dicks to get the blood flowing to them. She first took Carl's semi erection into her mouth and moved her hand to his balls. While she sucked his cock, she massaged his ball sack. At the same time, she stroked Vince.

It didn't take long for Carl to get hard. His hunk of chocolate meat tasted good to her. She then turned and took Vince's cock in her mouth. He was already hard from her stroking as well as watching her suck his buddy. Carl reached down and slid the straps of her sundress over her shoulders. He pulled the dress down, revealing her massive, bra-less tits. Like her daughter, she was big, but in her case gravity was starting to have an effect, so her tits hung down to her waist. Carl hand-massaged one of the big tits and pinched her nipples. She moved back to Carl's cock. Her tongue flicked the tip and then she ran it down the length. Vince had her other tit in his hand.

Terri's arousal level was rising as watching her mother take on these two young guys was very erotic. Her hand slipped into the bottom of her bikini and she ran her fingers up and down the opening of her pussy. While Blanche continued to suck Carl, Vince had gotten on his knees and was nursing at one of her tits while his hand slipped under her dress. His hand moved over her thighs and soon found her hairy bush. Her cunt was very wet and Vince easily inserted a finger inside her.

Carl took her hands and got her to stand up. Vince then removed her sundress by pulling it down over her hips. Carl bent down and kissed Blanche while he fondled her tits. Vince buried his face in her pussy and ran his tongue up around her outer lips. He then inserted his tongue into her pussy and began to thrust it in and out. She felt a wonderful feeling coming on. Her skin felt flush and she saw stars. She hadn't cum in a long time, causing this one to be even more extreme.

Carl knew she was ready, so he laid her down on a mat that was by the pool. He took his throbbing tool and guided it into her pussy. Blanche moaned as her pussy was filled with his magnificent dick. She couldn't remember when her passions had ever been this high. Carl was also very aroused, especially since he had never had sex with a woman her age. He buried his dick in her and kissed her again. He started long, slow strokes, and her moaning got louder.

Carl picked up the pace and his strokes were faster now. Vince got on his knees and put his cock by her mouth. Once she felt the cock head on her lips, Blanche quickly devoured his tool. Terri was furiously finger fucking herself as she watched the action and thought about her turn.

"Cum whenever you want to, baby, I'm ready!" Carl exclaimed.

Knowing that this black stud was ready to blow a load in her was too much for Blanche to take. She cried out, "Fill me with your cum, fill my pussy!"

She had an orgasm as she felt his cock pulsating, shooting cum deep inside her. When Terri saw this, her pussy clamped down on her finger and her hips gyrated as she came along with them. After the last shot, Carl got up as his cock slid from her pussy. Vince leaned over and kissed Blanche and whispered in her ear, "Now it's my turn."

Vince had Blanche get on her hands and knees and he took his cock and rubbed it against her sopping hole. He kept teasing her by sticking the head in and then taking it out. He kept this up until Blanche cried out, "Fuck me now!"

Terri watched raptly as this boyish-looking guy put his cock in her 75-year-old mother's hairy pussy. Carl walked up to Terri, with his spent cock hanging limp, and she said, "Looks like I need to do some work before I get my fucking."

She put one hand on his ass and pulled him forward. She grabbed his cock with the other hand and began to lick the head and tongue the hole. She could taste both his cum and her mother's love juice. She put a finger on his anus and worked it inside him. His cock was starting to come back to life. As he started to harden up, she took her hand and grabbed his nut sack while beginning to deep throat him. It didn't take much of this until Carl was hard again. He grabbed Terri by the hand and had her get next to her mother on all fours.

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