tagBDSMTerri's Teasing Torments Ch. 3

Terri's Teasing Torments Ch. 3


I looked at David sternly. "Well, it's too late to do anything about it tonight. But tomorrow, I want to take you to see a friend of mine, OK?" I was being intentionally vague.

"Who?" he asked tentatively.

"Just a friend," I said coyly.

His hesitancy grew. "Um, I'm not sure, Terri."

I bit my lower lip and smiled, "David," I said to him sharply, "You were a very bad boy. I asked you not to cum and you did anyway."

He was looking more and more confused. "I didn't think you were, you know, serious," he protested.

"Of course I was serious David." I added just a touch of disappointment to my voice. "I really had hoped you'd wait for me." I slid my hand along his leg, slowly tracing his thigh until I reached his crotch. I touched him gently.

"I want to see you squirm, I want to hear you whimper, I want to hear you beg, and maybe even something more," I felt him grow harder in my hand, so I began stroking him slowly again.

"What do you mean 'more'?" he queried.

"Oh, you'll find out tomorrow," I teased, smiling as I continued stroking him.

"Now do you think you'll be able to keep your hands off yourself tonight? Or do I need to give you a little help?" I asked him, growing more playful. I twirled my hair with my finger, watching him squirm a little.

"What kind of help?" he asked.

"Well," I said seductively, "I could always tie you up." I felt his cock stiffen at my invitatio and I giggled. "I see you like the idea," I continued, teasing him a little.

He had closed his eyes and was now arching his back a little, pressing into my hand. The more he pressed, the less I rubbed, pulling back as I sensed his hunger growing. Finally, he reached up, grabbing my hand and pressing it into his cock.

"Tsk, tsk," I chided him, laughing, "You don't do that David. That's being a bad boy."

He blushed, squirming a bit, and swallowed hard, "Please," he said softly.

I shook my head slowly, standing I waved my finger at him, walking over to his closet, I opened it up and starting looking around. I found three beautiful silk ties and pulled them off the hangar.

I walked back towards him, sauntering slowly, provocatively running the ties through my hands.

"OK, David, stand up, arms behind you."

He did as I asked, as I touched his arms, I could feel him trembling. I took the first tie and wrapped it around his wrists, cinching them tightly together. He twisted them a bit, but the tie held tight. The second tie I drew tight around his arms, pulling his elbows together behind him, which surpirsed him and bit and left him more vulnerable than he expected. He squirmed quite a bit more, now really feeling his freedom evaporate.

"There's no use David, I'm very good at this," I said, smiling. He squirmed a bit more, pullig and twisting before giving up. His face was flushed and his breathing was a bit ragged.

"Now, this last tie," I began, "This one is special." I pressed up close to him and passed the silk tie between his legs, taking one end in each hand, I began sliding it back and forth, brushing his cock and balls. Almost involuntarily, he started to hump it. As he did, I'd stop.

"Hold still David," I instructed, again rubbing him with the soft silk until he couldn't keep still. Three more times, I teased him until he couldn't keep still.

I could tell he was desperate, watching him listening to him. His words had turned from soft begging to mumbled pleadings.

I would occasionally tease him more, telling him he wasn't being clear, that he'd have to calm down before I could understand him.

"It's getting late, David," I finally told him, and you are going to have a long day tomorrow. "Let's get you to bed."

Before doing so, I got another tie. I led him to the bed and helped him lie down. Once he was comfortable, I tied each ankle to the bottom bedposts spreading him nice and wide.

I slipped into bed next to him and switched off the lights. I cuddled up close and ran my hands and fingers over his chest, his stomach, his neck, and his thighs, slowly raking my fingernails along his inner thighs, right up to his cock before stopping. I pressed my breasts and pussy into him, squirming against him moaning. Everytime he made a sounds, I'd hush him, telling him to try to get some rest.

It wasn't long before he was squirming again.

I wet my lips and pressed them to his ear. In a flood of hot breath, I whispered to him, "I'm not touching it again tonight, so be a good boy and just sit still."

As I pressed against him, I let my own hand wander between my legs, slipping a finger inside, I gyrated against my own hand, pressing my body hard into his as I let a long, slow, powerful orgasm wash over me, telling him how good it felt.

The last thing I remember before drifting off to sleep was his soft whimpering, and seeing his swollen, purple cock sticking straight up, while I rested my head on his stomach, letting my eyes close. I kissed his belly and wished him sweet dreams.

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