tagLoving WivesTerry and Dina Ch. 01

Terry and Dina Ch. 01


This is a work of fiction, intended to be read by adults of consenting age according to state law in their area. If adult content offends you, do not read any further.

Dina Daly was an attractive woman, in her late 20’s, full of life, vibrant and outgoing. But she was sexually frustrated. Her husband, James Daly, was a successful lawyer; in fact they were partners together at the firm. But between his heavy caseload, long hours at the office and his upcoming bid for Congressman, the Daly's love life had suffered. Dina had met James while she was in law school at Yale, he was her Civil Law professor, and she was a 22 year old senior. Their romance was stormy and passionate. He was just getting out of a 15 year marriage and Dina was 18 years his junior. The May-December romance continued through his divorce, and when Dina graduated summa cum laude from Yale, James immediately offered her a job at his firm. A two carat diamond engagement ring followed shortly after and six years later, they were still partners, at the office and at home.

It was a bright and sunny Florida day and Dina Daly was frustrated and horny as hell. Her husband, James, was off at another campaign meeting, as he planned on running for Congressman in 2004. Dina tapped her red tipped fingernails along the smooth mahogany banister of the main staircase. Looking around her spacious Mediterranean home, her gaze flicked over the priceless antiques and other niceties that made their home worthy of the magazine shoots they had had to endure over the years. Nothing seemed to interest Dina in the house; she had but one thing on her mind, sex. Walking up the stairs to the room she shared with James, Dina crossed to the armoire and began choosing a bathing suit to lie out on the pool deck in. Discarding several choices, she settled on a bright, floral print bikini, the under-wire cups to push her breasts up and out and a string bottom. Pulling on the suit and securing the ties at her hips, Dina scrutinized her reflection in the mirror. Staring back at her was a slim, athletic, fit woman, standing five feet, six inches tall. Her breasts were a firm c-cup, with firm nipples set high on pale pink areolas. Her hips were slim, flaring out slightly to her long, lean legs, honed from hours of volleyball and cheerleading during high school and college. Staring at her face, looking for signs of age, all Dina could see were big, brown eyes, high cheekbones and a sultry pouting mouth. A light dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose and shoulders were natural enhancements nature had given her. Her mink brown hair just touched her shoulders. Shrugging her shoulders and re-adjusting the straps on her top, Dina turned from the mirror, and picking up a towel from the chaise, headed out to the pool.

Situating herself on a lounger, Dina stretched her legs out, and pulling out a bottle of sunscreen, began rubbing the lotion into her skin. With the sun warming her skin, and the scent of coconut in the air, Dina began to drift off, remembering the honeymoon she and James had taken to Jamaica right after their March wedding. The sun had been warm, the beaches white and the rum drinks and Red Stripe had flowed freely. They had snorkeled in the clear azure waters and lay on the beach, soaking up the rays and retreating to their suite when the mood had taken them. James had been a patient and attentive lover then, but over the course of their marriage, that patience and attentiveness had been redirected to his career and political aspirations. Dina felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy start to tingle and a single drop of moisture slipped from between her puffy lips to lazily run down to her ass as she reminisced about their honeymoon. Looking around and seeing no one else around the pool, Dina slowly slid one hand into the string bottoms she wore. She ran her fingers gently up and down her pussy lips, feeling the heat and moisture there. Her lips were hairless, with just a slight bush on her mound. Gathering a copious amount of juice that was now flowing freely from her pussy, Dina began to rub her clit in tiny circles, just grazing the tip with her nails. She spread her legs apart, and with her free hand, slipped her slightly freckled breast from the confines of her top. Her nipple was hard, standing erect and as Dina slowly rubbed and tugged on it, her fingers continued their dance upon her clit. Dina's chest was heaving up and down, her head thrown back as she rubbed and tugged herself to a mind-blowing orgasm. Just as her pussy was about to clamp down and send her over the edge, she heard a throat cleared.

Looking up into the glare of the sun, Dina found herself staring at the bemused expression on her husband James's face. "I see you're keeping yourself occupied. Don't you think the bedroom would be a bit more appropriate for that? I imagine that the neighbors and the sleazy tabloids have gotten their fill of the lovely view," James said as he nonchalantly held out a hand to help Dina up. Dina felt her face burning with embarrassment and anger at James.

"I swear to Christ, all you think about is that fucking campaign and what people will think if something comes out. You've got most of Florida's votes locked up, what more do you want? The election on a silver fucking platter, is that what you want?" Dina shot back at him as she pulled her top back over her breast and pushed herself off of the lounger. Stalking into the house, she headed immediately to the bedroom.

Going up the stairs at a quick pace, she quickly reached their room and slammed the door with a resounding thud. Pulling on the strings on her bottom with such force that she snapped on of them completely off the bathing suit, Dina forced herself to take a few deep breaths and calm down. As she was turning the faucets on full blast for the huge sunken bath tub, James walked into the bedroom and quietly shut the door. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you out there Dina. I just didn't think it would look good if some sleazy photographer got pictures of my wife getting herself off by the pool. And I realize that I've been very preoccupied with the upcoming campaign and I know it puts a strain on you and our marriage. I know that I've neglected you lately, and in six months, things are going to get even more hectic. So, I think I've come up with a plan that will satisfy both of us," James explained as he sat on the edge of the tub after Dina had situated herself in the swirling hot water.

"Yes you have ignored, neglected and in general been completely indifferent to me. I understand that your libido isn't what it used to be, and for a while I thought I was the cause of it. But now I understand even more that it's just that work is more important than making sure your wife is satisfied. Do you even remember the last time we made love? I do, it was four months ago. James, I'm 28, I still have needs, and if I'm lying by the pool, remembering our honeymoon and all the fabulous sex we had, I can't really stop myself from getting off then and there, because you are never around and when you are around, you're too tired or busy to even kiss me," Dina said as tears began to well up in her brown eyes.

"I know baby. I know this is tough, that's why I decided to do something about it. Remember me telling you about my friend Terry Duncan from my days at Yale. Well he phoned me the other night, and after we got to talking, he asked about you and how things were. I was so depressed about the state of our marriage, I ended up telling him that I was never around and that I was scared that you'd get fed up with it all and leave. After talking a bit more, Terry and I came up with a plan to keep everyone satisfied," said James as he picked up a washcloth and began washing Dina's shoulders and back. He knew that Dina's shoulders were one of her erogenous spots, and as well they should be, slim, tapered and leading to her tanned, toned arms. Dina began to relax and admitted she was intrigued to hear the rest of James's plan.

Terry Duncan was a close friend of James, they had been close every since Terry was one of the few black students at Yale. Terry was four years younger than James, and the complete opposite of him. Whereas James was tall, blonde and rather slender, Terry was six feet tall, 230 pounds, and black. If he hadn't blown his knee out in football, Terry probably would have been a hall of fame running back. He and James had been roommates, friends and for a while, they had pursued some of the same girls. Dina had met Terry a handful of times, usually at dinners hosted by her and James, when Terry had been in town. He was funny, witty and inviting. Dina enjoyed his company and couldn't help wondering how he fit into the solution for their problems.

"Well Dina, I don't think I'll keep you in suspense much longer. Terry just got out of a really bad marriage, and when I told him what was happening with us, he suggested that he pleasure you since things with me and the campaign just occupy far too much of my time," James explained as he began soaping her breasts.

"WHAT!!!" Dina exclaimed once James had finished. "You really expect me to fuck your best friend since you don't have the urge to? What about those sleazy tabloid reporters? And where are you going to be while I'm supposed to be fucking Terry?"

"Well I'd like to watch. One of the things that I've never revealed to you Dina is that I'm a voyeur at heart. Nothing gets me more excited than to see two people give into their animal desires and it would be like I was participating as well. I've seen how you get when we've filmed ourselves fucking in the past. You came so hard and so often that I know you get off on exhibitionism. It's not that I'm not interested in making love with you sweetheart, it's just that right now, I can't imagine that I'd be any good or have enough time to give you the full attention you need," James said as he dropped the washcloth and began rubbing his hand between Dina's thighs.

"You're going to allow another man to fuck your wife? What about what I want in all this James? Did you think I'd really go along with this? It goes against everything that we said to each other when we got married. I've been faithful to you, you know that, and trust me, I know about your few indiscretions. They never bothered me; I knew it was just a one time thing with those two. But you're asking me to do something that could potentially lead to many complications. What if I fall in love with Terry? What if I get pregnant? What if by some chance I catch something? And you have to stop diddling my clit, I can't think straight," Dina finished in a rush, as she felt her orgasm building. It was going to be an explosive one because as much as she didn't want to cheat on James, the thought of getting fucked by a black man and a well hung one at that, made her hot. James continued rubbing her clit and Dina's head rolled back to rest on the edge of the tub as her pussy walls began to pulsate and her body began to shake.

"I knew you would probably be upset by this to start out with Dina, but I promise you, Terry won't get you pregnant, he's had a vasectomy and you won't catch anything, I sent him to a doctor to have a complete physical. If you happen to fall in love with him, then I would let you go, because it would be my fault, my folly. But baby, I want you to give it at least one try and if you don't like it, it never has to happen again and I'll drop the subject. I want to make you happy and this is the only way I can see doing it," explained James as he tenderly kissed her forehead, eyes and finally her full lips.

"Ok fine, I can't say I'll like it, but for the sake of our marriage I'm willing to give it a try," Dina said as she felt herself coming down from her intense orgasm.

"Good honey, because Terry will join us for dinner tonight and I want you to wear something seductive. Don't worry, there is no pressure for you two to consummate this arrangement tonight, I just want to see if you two have a chemistry," James said as he stood up from the edge of the tub.

Dina could not believe her ears. It was almost as if James was pimping her to Terry. Dress seductive, she thought, Oh, I'll give you seductive James. Two can play this game. I bet you swallow your eyeteeth when you see me tonight.

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