tagLoving WivesTerry & Martin At The Theater

Terry & Martin At The Theater


Hope you enjoyed the TRUE story of my gorgeous wife Terry and her black lover, Martin, in "Wife's First Black Cock". Our second meeting was equally fun. Terry was still nervous as one can be, despite the attention she received the first time. We decided to be a bit more daring and take her to a strip club. I should mention that I'm not allowed to touch her for a few days leading up to our fun. Terry, on the other hand, is encouraged to play with herself as much as possible. The more she gets, the more she wants...

After checking into a first class hotel downtown (as required) and began what was developing into a ritual process. She has a glass of wine while I trim her pussy - nice and short. Terry then enjoys a long hot bath and finds her potential wardrobe for the evening lying on the bed. Terry tries on several types of club wear and lingerie and struts around for me. This time I picked out a tight corset, but decided Martin needed a vote. Martin arrived on time to our hotel room to find several outfits on the bed. After a few runs on the "catwalk", he decided on a shiny tight blue skirt that barely covered her ass. No panties allowed, of course! This time we had a long sweater for her, so as to attract less attention in the hotel lobby.

We drove off to the strip club that Martin had picked out for the relatively secluded corners. Terry left the sweater in the car and walked in with the two of us at her side in her "fuck me" heals and her ass nearly exposed. We found our spot and enjoyed the show. After a bit of us both kissing her, she sent me off to tip the girls onstage. I enjoyed a gorgeous, hot body gyrating a few inches from my face for a couple of songs, feeding bills into her garter. After the last song, the dancer leaned over for what would typically be a perfunctory kiss on the cheek, but instead whispered that she thought my wife was really enjoying herself. I turned to see my wife and Martin in a deep French kiss. Terry looked a little tilted in her seat, a bit awkward until I realized she was leaning slight to the side to give Martin access to her pussy. Returning to my seat beside her, I slid my hand underneath her ass and indeed found Martin finger fucking my wife again. I played with her pussy lips to get my finger wet, and began lightly fingering her ass. Her skirt inched up a bit, well actually to her waist. Must have gotten a bit too daring, for the next thing we knew the manager and a bouncer were escorting us out of the club.

Back in my SUV with Martin and Terry in the back, we headed off to an adult movie theater, apparently a favorite place of Martin's. Terry was sucking on Martin's rather large cock en route to the theater. Had to wait a little after we arrived so she could impale herself on Martin for a few minutes before going into the theater. Once sitting inside, we were quickly surrounded by more men than I could count. I was wasted no time in "assisting" her out of the sweater and in no time had the skirt and top bunched up around her waist. My lovely wife, nude except for a small amount of fabric about her waist, in the porno theater and surrounded by close to 2 dozen new fans. She leaned her head back to listen to the guy behind her talking dirty into her ear. Eventually he leaned over and felt her tits. She had her legs spread wide, one over my lap and another over Martin's lap. Quite a sight, this freshly fucked woman spread eagle in a porno theater. Nobody seemed to be watching the screen! Martin and I were both playing with her pussy, when a guy beside Martin leaned way over him and began licking her pussy near her clit. Another guy from the seat directly in front was also leaning over, roughly finger fucking her. Once or twice we had to cover up quick when the usher walked through, but nobody hesitated in resuming the groping when the coast was clear. After at least 1/2 hour, and the sounds of a few nearby guys cumming, we wrapped Terry back up and headed to the SUV. Terry and Martin alternated going down on each other as we headed back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel room, Terry dressed in the tight red corset I picked out and enjoyed another glass of wine. We all relaxed a bit, until Terry pulled of Martin's shorts and started sucking his cock again. Martin quickly got hard again, and onto the bed they went. Terry really seemed to enjoy herself more this time. Perhaps the familiarity, perhaps the knowledge that she was going to spend the next hour or so getting fucked senseless by Martin and his impressive member. She held her legs up and even seemed to pull her pussy lips apart for him. Later she said she got the best overall penetration that way, not to mention the girth of the thing stretching her lips out. Her next favorite position is doggy style, again for good penetration. She doesn't disagree with my point that it also allows for anonymity, or fantasies of the same. Nonetheless, the sight of my wife either on her back with her legs up and spread wide, or on her knees presenting her ass and pussy, is absolutely incredible. She looks wonderfully sexy fucking, regardless if I'm directly involved, and fortunately she also enjoys it. I watched more this time, but when the two of them were finished, she slid her ass over my way and presented me the sloppy seconds. Kind of lost track of Martin's orgasms - at least twice that night I think. Never bothered to try to count Terry's. It didn't take long for me to cum once I started fucking my wife doggy style. Sure didn't need any lubrication, between her excitement and his semen. How Martin drives home after this is beyond me. Terry and I collapsed until we were awakened by room service in the morning. A little nourishment, another bit of fucking while she recounted her evening for me, and another fun night complete.

Happy Hubby

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