tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTerry Pt. 01: A Wife's Gloryhole

Terry Pt. 01: A Wife's Gloryhole


Terry Hamilton bolted forward in her seat. "There's one! A rest stop in ten miles. Let's stop, Mike." Her bladder felt like it was about to explode.

Mike didn't tear his Aviators from the road. "No, I want to wait until we hit Tallahassee."

"That's another thirty miles and I have to use the bathroom now, sweetheart." The sweetheart was said between clenched, angry teeth. He knew, she knew, their kids in the back knew that tension had been simmering over the long drive. Mom and dad were having a fight.

They used to take their family vacations once a year, but in the past few years that had faded like a forgotten memory. Mike had insisted this summer was the time to do one last ever Hamilton family vacation. "We have to do it before we can't do it anymore, Terry."

Their daughter's gorgeous tan face poked between the front seats. "Hey dad, we seriously need to stop. I have to piss like a horse and I want to stretch my legs."

Mike's mouth twitched with anger. He wasn't happy.


Terry settled back in her seat. Sterile, icy air blasted her in the face from the car's vent. The rope of tension swinging between her and her husband of twenty-something years sprung from an unfinished conversation hanging in the air between them. They couldn't discuss it, not with the kids in the car.

But that sure didn't stop her from thinking about it.

Terry and Mike may have been together for forever, but one thing they always had was love and sex. They had that in spades. They were blessed and they knew it. However lately their relationship had been on the rocks in a way that made her scared, real scared. Everything had been normal until this morning before they left for their last ever Hamilton family vacation.

Mike had wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close. He'd smiled down at her, his erection poking her stomach. She'd begun to get those butterflies in her stomach. "What do you say we bring another woman to bed with us?"

Instantly, Terry's blood had turned to ice. Mike saw it, regret flashed across his face. Out of all the years they'd been together, cheating was never a discussion. They were both sexual, loved each other physically and emotionally enough to keep loving each other for years to come. But they'd never strayed no matter how far they spiced things up. They used sex toys, had anal sex, watched porn, performed oral sex in public and private, and not to mention the tons of fingering and hand jobs they often shared while driving alone. But never another person. Never cheating.

Terry and Mike had always worked through all their stupid fights because they loved each other truly. That's why when her dear husband asked to bring a woman into their bedroom she'd clammed up like a frigid nun. To her she'd read his statement as: I want to fuck another woman because I'm done with you. I'm ready for an upgraded model, sweetheart.

That had been four hours ago. After Mike saw her negative reaction to his excited question, he'd withdrawn, regret turning to anger. She hated that. She loved him, loved making him happy. When he wasn't happy, she wasn't happy. That's how their marriage had lasted so long.

Now he was mad at her. But what did he have to be mad about? Shouldn't she be the angry one? Of course, she was mad. He wanted to fuck another woman. Someone hotter, younger, prettier. Of course, right? He wouldn't want to fuck a fat, ugly woman. Her bitter mood seemed to cast the sky in gray tones.

Terry cast a glance at Mike. The pinch at his gorgeous mouth and flatness to his bright blue eyes were dulled with anger. She recognized the look well. Terry sighed. They were stuck at a standstill. On top of all that, she was horny. Mike hadn't fucked her in weeks. If it hadn't been one thing, it was another. They'd been packing and planning for their vacation. Okay, maybe if she was really honest, she hadn't exactly asked him for sex either.

Still, it was definitely strange for them to go so long without. And she knew he'd been masturbating. Now to ask her for a threesome after ignoring her for weeks was fishy to say the least. Terry wanted to know what was up. A part of her was so terrified it didn't dare go there. Because going there meant embracing the possibility that Mike already had some girl in mind that he wants to fuck. The thought was like a lace through her heart, spearing her into two.

Mike slowed for the rest stop. They were going to the beach for a week. The last Hamilton family vacation ever. And Terry just wanted to scream and cry and get fucked like a wild animal.

Yup. Her hormones had her feeling all over the place nowadays. She just went with it, laughing or crying all the way. Yeehaw life! But this wasn't how she wanted their last family vacation to go. Their daughter wasn't so little anymore. She listened to her headphones with a novel in hand. Eighteen. Geez. Where did the years go?

Also in the back was her first and eldest, Andrew. He was strapping, a football player for the university though he focused on sports medicine as his career. He stared out at the darkening sky with a bored expression, probably wishing he was playing on the field right now. Terry loved her family, fiercely. Like a mother bear over her precious cubs. If Mike wanted another woman, Terry just didn't know what she would do.

She wasn't ready for that emotionally. He'd only ever needed her. Why did he suddenly need something else? Because of another woman? Had he met someone?

Her thoughts were interrupted as Mike parked at the rest stop. Terry looked around and cringed. "Yikes, this place is a dump."

"Tell me about it. Is it even open?" Laura asked, rolling down her window to see clearer.

The building was a small L shape with two vending machines sitting under a metal canopy attached to the small restroom facility. The parking lot needed to be paved and no other cars were around. A dim light glowed outside from a dingy bulb. Inside didn't look much brighter.

"I don't know. I guess I'll go see," Mike said. He didn't sound that eager either.

Just then another car pulled up. Everyone in the car froze, staring at the car as if waiting for something strange to happen. The car was an older gold Camry that had seen many miles. The front, tinted window was cracked, tire tread worn, and there was some rust on the tailpipe. The car could have parked in any of the spots in the parking lot, but the driver chose to park right beside them.

The Hamiltons watched in unison as a man unfolded his tall frame from the car. He had dark skin, a bald head, and a goatee. He reminded Terry of a basketball player. Terry briefly wondered how big his cock was. He had to be six foot seven, easily. Did that give him a huge one, bigger than Mike's? Terry squirmed, her pussy growing wet. Damn but she needed some cock. Her toys weren't the same thing and Mike knew it.

Please don't be fucking somebody else, Mike. It'd wreck her.

Mike stepped out and headed for the desolate, dark building behind the black man. Terry could just make out a newsstand rack with local attractions guides against the wall inside.

"Bet you ten bucks it's open," Andrew said to his sister.

Laura laughed. "You're on. There's no one here. I'm gonna end up having to pee on the side of the building."

Terry's lips twitched just as Mike tested the door—it opened.

Terry had to pee with the weight of a bowling ball resting on her bladder. Yet she hesitated in the rest area's so called "bathroom" inside the dank rest area's bathroom.

The "bathroom" was a cramped, dirty space with two dingy stalls. One was broken and had yellow caution tape wrapped around it. The door wouldn't budge. The place was lit by a single, old, dim bulb that flickered when the door clicked shut and opened.


The sink had bare metals hanging out underneath its chipped, rusted porcelain bowl. There was no soap, no paper towels and probably no toilet paper either.

Terry tried to make herself as small as possible as she closed herself in the first stall. "Good lord," she said.

Graffiti covered the four walls of the stall. Some were phone numbers, dirty jokes, mean statements about other people, and even some pretty good drawings. The toilet was just a black lid over a grimy looking bowl.

Cringing, Terry pulled her panties down to her thighs and squatted over the toilet bowl, hovering in mid-air as she did her business and wiped with tissue from her purse.


Terry's head snapped to the side at the noise. It sounded close. Like it came from the broken down stall right next to her, the one with the door that wouldn't budge. Nothing, or no one, should be in there. Terry cautiously cast a glance at the wall and gasped at what she discovered.

A dark, black hole in the stall door. It was the thickness of the stall wall like someone had cut through the metal with a saw and about a foot in diameter.

No light filtered from the other side. Terry shook her head in confusion. Her stall was lit but this one was dark. She gasped. It hit her then. It was dark because someone stood on the other side of the hole. Terry was across from a stranger. And this was a glory hole. A real glory hole. A place meant for a man to insert his penis so the person on the other side could jerk him off, blow him, or fuck him. Was that what was going to happen here? Terry's skin tingled in anticipation.

Holding her breath, Terry stood and watched. Fingers fluttered in front of the hole, dark ones. A zipper sounded. For some reason the sound made her clit tingle with excitement. It had been so long since Mike had fucked her. He'd been ignoring her, and then on top of the stress of this morning she could use a good hard fucking so bad. It would loosen her sore muscles up and relax her like nothing.

A long black cock slid through the hole.

It was huge, the longest she'd ever seen and she wasn't even sure if he was hard or soft. Thick as her wrist. As long as her elbow to wrist, at least. A groan rumbled from the other side of the stall. A cock...all for her... She moaned in answer to his groan.

Terry had never once strayed from her husband in any way, shape, or form. Thoughts of him being with another woman, maybe she could stomach it...

But, wait. No. He wanted another woman with them, wanted to fuck someone younger, tighter, hotter.

Besides, she didn't have to fuck this delicious, sexy black stranger. Maybe she could just suck on that mother-watering, definitely hard, cock. And if Mike wouldn't touch her then maybe she needed a stranger to.

Heart beat crashing in her ribcage, Terry reached forward with a trembling hand. The first touch made them both jump. He jerked back and she yanked her hand away. She dove back for it, wrapped her fingers around his cock. A breathless moan escaped her.

He was so hard. She pulled on his pliant, firm skin, hearing his breaths deepen through the partition. This had to be the black man who'd just pulled into the rest area! She just realized it. But maybe she should stop all this now before she did something she couldn't take back. On the other hand, if she played with this man then it'd only be fair. It'd equal out the devastating agony that Mike needed another woman with them.

Mind made up, she wrapped her lips around the crown of his cock. He was thick and long, her hand glided up and down his shaft quickly, tightly. Need coiled tight and burning hot deep in her pussy. She wanted that big cock to fuck her but she didn't know if she could bring herself to do that to Mike. Was it too far? Sucking him off, jerking him off that was different. What if she was wrong and Mike found out and never forgave her? Terry didn't know if she could ever live with herself if that happened.

"That's it, girl," the man said in a deep voice.

His hips rocked forcing his hot meat in and out of her mouth in a pistoning motion. She tongued him, made a tight seal around him with her lips and enjoyed the rush as he fucked her mouth. Her moans filled the air. But then he changed the game.

He spoke, thrusting with each word, punctuating his order. "Gimme that pussy, girl. Gimme me that tight twat."

Panting, aroused beyond belief, Terry found herself complying like a soldier to her superior officer. She turned around, lifted her dress up, spread her legs, then backed her pussy up. It took them a second to find the fit, to position themselves correctly—but when they did she cried out as he slammed inside.

Terry slapped a hand over her mouth, lest her family might hear. The man was huge, he filled her so much more than Mike did. The man grunted and started fucking her wet vice of a pussy.

Terry writhed and backed into his thrusts, his sac slapped against her wet core making an erotic sound. He was so huge he slammed into her womb with each driving thrust.

Terry knew he was close to coming. His breaths grew ragged, his thrusts harder, cock stiffer. She reached between her wet pussy lips and found her hard clit. She rubbed it in that exquisite, perfect way that set her teeth on edge.

"Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby!" she panted as quietly as she could as their skin slapped together harshly in the quiet bathroom.

She came hard, her tight pussy squeezing around his tunneling cock. He groaned, breaths hitched as he buried his cock deep and exploded his hot, creamy load inside her.

Thoughts of how wrong this was came to her—he could have an STD, could get her pregnant even, and yet she didn't care. Her body was warm and quivering with the afterglow of an orgasm with a man. She felt higher than she'd been in a long time. The man pulled out and left. Terry was much slower to go. Hot cum from a strong man with a big cock filled her juicy pussy. Her legs trembled to stand.

Terry wiped the man's cum from between her legs before she left the bathroom. On the way out she didn't see the man again. But she did see her daughter go in after her. For one moment she worried over refraining her daughter from going in there but surely the man's load was spent after how much cum he stuffed her with.

Shrugging it off, Terry went back in the car to wait for the rest of her family to join her.

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