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Terry's Slip


Terry came into my office to say that she was leaving for a function at her kid's school. She was wearing a velvet wine red dress that fitted her like a glove. My wide eyes and dropped jaw must have given me away because she smiled that impish smile of hers and asked it she looked ok. I told her she looked fantastic. The only thing that I saw out of place was a bit of lace on her slip showing below the hem of her dress. She asked me to help her by readjusting the straps of her slip. With trembling hands I unzipped the back of her dress and pulled the shoulder straps a bit tighter, thus bringing her slip up above the hem of her dress and then zipped her up again. She did a small pirouette in front of me and I gave her my approval with a wink and a smile. She quickly kissed me on the lips and then walked out of the office.

My personal line rang at about 8:30 as I was just thinking of packing up and going home. Terry had finished at the school and was wondering if I was still in the office as she had forgotten something. I told her that I would wait for her, and about 20 minutes later I heard her unlock the door and she walked through the darkened office into mine. She told me that she had dropped her kid off for a sleep over at her friend's house. I saw that the lace of her white slip was showing again and mentioned that I had not done a very good job. She asked me to help her adjust it properly this time as she turned her back to me and I unzipped her dress to the middle of her back. Before I could start on the straps she suggested that I run the zipper all the way down. I complied at which she shrugged out of the dress and let it fall to the floor.

Needles to say I was stunned by this act and mesmerized by the beautiful sight before me. An instant hard happened. She slowly turned and faced me as I stared at her fantastic form encased in a lovely white, silky slip. The low level overhead lighting accentuated the fullness of her breasts and her behind through the shimmer of the silky fabric of her slip. It was so erotic. Through her slip, I could see her white bra, panties and garter belt that held up her grey silk stockings. I licked my lips and whispered an Oh My God! She smiled asked if it was her or her outfit that I was commenting on, and I hoarsely whispered both. I could feel my lengthening cock twitching in my too tight trousers as she did a slow pirouette again for me. I could not help myself as I reached for her and pulled her to me. She came willingly into my arms, tilted her head back as our lips met and we kissed long and slow. Her lips were soft and inviting and then they parted as mine did. Our tongues started to search each others mouths. My hands ran all over her back feeling the silkiness of her slip sliding over her bra straps and her silk panties and garter belt. I grabbed her well rounded ass and pulled her even more tightly to my groin at which she started to move enticingly against me. She must have felt my had cock against her as we squirmed together in our embrace.

We broke for a breather and she started to unbutton my shirt and then my trousers. We moved over to the black leather sofa and she helped me out of my clothes. She gently pushed me to lie down, knelt beside the sofa and then proceeded to kiss my body all over, starting with my lips and then my neck and then moving to my nipples and then to my navel . She did not touch my now long hard cock. But she did run her soft tender hands up and down my thighs and all over my sensitive stomach and nipples. As she was fondling me, my hands were busy caressing her through the two layers of silky material. Her slip felt so cool and silky as it glided over the silk cups of her bra and her silk pantied back side. I was enjoying her attention to me as she was enjoying my caressing movements all over her silk covered body. Both of us were murmuring our enjoyment to each others' erotic ministrations.

She maneuvered herself over my mid section and brushed her breasts against my long hard cock, moving them up and down the length. The sensation of the cool silk on my hot cock was fantastic as another Oh Fuck escaped my mouth. She chuckled and then took my cock in her hand and rubbed the swollen head against her now erect nipples pushing through the two layers of silky material. I told her that if she kept that up, I was going to wet her slip and bra with my juice. She chuckled and told me not to worry and to relax and enjoy it. She then got up and straddled my mid section. She pulled her slip up her thighs and placed her panty clad pussy against my long hot cock and dropped the hem of her slip over the swollen head. The she lay completely on top of me with her breasts rubbing against my chest and her silky clad pussy against my raging cock. She started to move her mid section against me and rubbing her pussy up and down the length of my cock. The feeling of her body wrapped in two layers of silky fabric rubbing against me was so great that I was sure that I would cum any minute. I told her that I could not hold on for much longer, and she whispered in my ear that I could cum any time I wanted. She quickened her movements and it was not more than a few minutes that I could not hold back any more. I started shooting and shooting for what seemed forever. I could feel the hotness of my creamy cum soaking through her silky slip onto my stomach. I apologized to her about making a mess, but she said as long as I was satisfied, she was ok with it. She rose from me and looked at her slip, now covered in my sticky cum and smiled saying that I sure had a lot of juice for her. Did you like fucking my slip? I sure did. As much as fucking your bra. But I would sure love to fuck your pussy though. She smiled and softly said, not right now but in a couple of weeks.

She moved the straps of her slip off of her shoulders and let the slip fall to the floor. She picked it up and started to wipe up all the rest of my cum from my stomach and my cock. She threw the slip onto her dress where it lay on the floor. She then reached behind her and undid her bra, shrugged out of it to liberate her beautiful tits and then guided them to my waiting mouth. Suck me Baby. Make me cum like you did the last time. I caressed them with both hands and sucked her long hard nipples as she caressed her pussy through her panties. I maneuvered her tits together so that I could suck the two nipples at the same time. This made her moan even more. Her moans grew louder and her breaths came faster as she speeded her fingering of her clit through her wet panty. Then she came with a cry as she pulled my sucking mouth off of her nipples. She could no longer stand the sensation of my sucking after she had cum. Oh that was so good. That is the second time you sucked me to orgasm. Now my panties are full of my cum and my slip is full of your cum.

She got up, pulled her soaking panties off and draped them over my cock. She picked up her slip and dress. I asked her about her bra that she had left on the sofa. She said keep it as she reached into my bottom drawer to retrieve her other one from last week. She asked if I had used it and I said yes, several times while dreaming of her. "Now I can wear this one while I play with myself knowing that you had it wrapped it around you big long cock and that you filled it with your hot creamy cum while I dream of you fucking me."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/19/17

Just what is it about silk and satin lingerie that pushes so many buttons for us guys??Wonderful stuff.All girls should try it on their fellas at least once to see the reaction !!!

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by Trevorvich05/13/17


Such an erotic story

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