"But, what are you doing here?"

Her entire face was glowing as she smiled at me and answered my question.

"I'm here on a cosmetics sales meeting, but what are you doing here?"

"I'm here on an annual conference meeting." came my reply while I realized that she must be just as surprised to see me as I was to see her. After all, we both lived thousands of miles away, so to meet this way was in fact a surprise to both of us. I stepped forward and hugged her tightly and inhaling deeply while burying my face in her long thick auburn hair. Feeling her arms wrapped around me and holding her close to my body felt so good, but at the same time I knew this friendly hug would end within seconds, just as it always did.

It was Friday afternoon, and the my friend from teenage years was in my arms. My thoughts rushed trying to sum up what to say, just as it always did when I met her, trying hard to remember what had happened since I saw her the last time. Then suddenly it dawned on me that we would both be staying at the conference hotel this weekend. What a great opportunity to catch up on all that had happened since our last correspondence, not having to realize afterwards that I had forgotten to mention something important.

We had met while we both were teenagers, and ever since stayed in touch through mail. We had been pen-pals for over 20 years. To begin with living in different towns, but a few years shared hometown before our work has made her move again. We both had busy lives, so naturally the letters had been less frequent the last couple of years compared to when we both were teenagers and wrote each other almost once a week, but the introduction of electronic mail had given us new opportunities to write each other more often.

She broke the hug and looked at me before she said.

"I have to go. I don't have much time before I the first scheduled lecture begins."

She walked away, carrying her two bags, and after a few steps looked at me over her shoulder which caused her hair to cascade around her face as she said.

"I'll see you soon I hope, Trey."

"Absolutely, I'm already looking forward to it, Tess." was my instantaneous reply. It was a standard answer that came without thought, which I had said to so many customers over the years. It felt so plain and boring, that I almost felt ashamed to use such words to my old friend, but to my relief she only smiled back at me before she turned her head away from me again. I watched her walk away until she was out of sight, just as graceful as ever. What a marvelous surprise to a most likely common weekend trip. I picked up my bags and smiled while I felt the rush of warmth spread through me which I felt each time I had spoken to her. Walking to my room, the same room as I had been sleeping in the last fifty times, I remembered her warm body against mine and the scent of her hair.

I had as usual given the room number when I made my reservation, and it wasn't because I wanted something luxurious, but rather because I knew where it was and also that it was at the end of a corridor, so noone would need to be running outside. Looking out the windows showed treetops and in a distance the churchtower. I unpacked the belongings I had with me, and took a shower. It was always nice to get a fresh start before the weekend of handshakes began, and laying in bed after a long shower, I watched the news on TV. It was a habit of mine, to watch the news several times a day, read information from different online websources, and think about how I could use the latest news to my benefit in my interaction with customers and members of the organization. Gazing at the laptop screen as text scrolled by I noticed news in Borneo which caught my attention. It took me nearly three hours to get ready for dinner, and by that time it was already 7:30PM. It didn't matter, I was used to eating late, and never rushed a meal. Knowing that they would probably serve some fancy three or four dish meal on Saturday, I simply decided to eat something more normal, and as the waitress brought the plate of pasta with bacon and vegetables to my table, and poured the tall glass of milk, she caught my attention again. I had almost forgotten that she was staying at the same hotel, and that I had met her in the lobby a few hours before. It was probably a natural reflex to think of it as a nice daydream, but now that I saw her again the dreaming was over, and the day too.

"May I join you?" she asked before sitting down. She didn't need to wait for my answer. There was no chance of me saying "No" to that, and as she pulled out the chair on the other side of the table, I move my hand in a fairly graceful way to show her that she was welcome to sit down.

"Are you hungry? You can order anything."

"I'll have what you are having." she said.

The waitress looked at me, and I nodded silently, before she rushed off to get another plate.

"It looked delicious. I probably wouldn't say that at home, but here it actually looks like a feast for kings."

"Or queens" I filled in. "It's actually nothing. I just like it simple before those fancy meals tomorrow. A little boiled pasta, fried bacon, cooked vegetables and vinegar to top it off."

"All that, and no fine wine?" she said with sarcasm. "I didn't even know they served something that common in this place."

"They don't, but they do have all the ingredients, so they do it for me." Changing the subject, I changed my tone of voice and said.

"So how was the lecture?"

She looked at me, as if she needed time to think about what to answer, and then leaned forward a bit and whispered.

"It was quite dull. In fact, the only rewarding thing was that I got to know that I am beautiful. Or at least that's what some of the men said as I walked by them in the corridor."

"I agree, Tess, you are beautiful."

"Thank you Trey, but it's not true. I'm a 35 year old mother of three."

"Yes, that's true, but when did that stop you from also being one of the most beautiful women i know?"

"Oh Trey, now I know you're lying, but flattery gets you far, and you always knew what to say to make me feel better."

She paused a while, and then continued.

"But that wasn't all that they said."

She looked down into her lap, and then at me with her big brown deer eyes, and flickered her eyelashes innocently. She smiled a little, and was just about to speak up again, when the waitress returned to the table. She placed the plate before Tess and poured another glass of milk, before asking "Would that be all?" I looked up replied with at simple "Yes, thank you." As I looked at Tess again, she had picked up her fork and begun eating. I also started eating from the slightly cold dish before me, while looking at her to see if she would continue where she had stopped. For a while we both sat silent and ate, until she looked at me again and whispered.

"They also said that they wouldn't mind the thought of grabbing my ass and fuck me from behind."

I almost choked on the pasta I was about to swallow, and started coughing. My eyes must have momentarily popped out of the sockets, and she waited until she had eyecontact with me before asking me the most dreadful question she had ever asked me throughout the years we had known each other.

"Do you think so too? Would you mind the thought of grabbing my ass and fuck me from behind."

"No... I mean yes... I mean no."

I didn't know what to say. All the standard replies that my mind was filled with, and came without thought, gave me no comfort in my seat as I looked at Tess and felt all warm inside. There were times when I had thought of her while masturbating, but I had always thought of her as an innocent girl, not like some naughty girl who was willingly opening up for me. I was stunned by the question, and she continued.

"I knew it, you have."

"No, honestly I haven't."

"No? What's wrong with me? Don't you find me attractive? Am I not sexy enough for your masturbation fantasies?"

"Well, yes, but..."

"So you have thought of me while doing it?"

She knew that I had always been honest with her. I had never lied to her, nor been given any reason to, so here I was in a rather awkward situation.

"Yes, I have, once or twice. But never like that?"

Trying to get some control over the conversation, I just blurted out.

"Hey, you can't ask me things like that?"

"But I already did, and you answered just as truthfully as ever, Trey. And your answers has just made me more curious to know what you have been dreaming of doing to me."

I didn't know if it was intentional, but she paused while licking her lips. And for a moment all I could see was the tip of her pink wet tongue as it slid from right to left, and then vanished into her mouth which seemed more and more tempting each passing moment. For some illogical reason, I silently waited to see her tongue appear again with my eyes fixated on her crimson red lips, and as a reward for my patience it appeared again, sliding as gracefully across her lips again as it did before.

"I see." she said, and smiled as our eyes met again, and I instantly understood how my eyes had utterly betrayed me.

"You're just as easy to read as you were when we were young, Trey. I have always known that you loved me, and that possibly some of that infatuation still lived on in you, but now I see what I have felt before." She leaned forward, and spoke a little lower. "Remember when we met outside that grocerystore a few years back? I believe it was in May and it was sunny. Before we parted, you gave me a hug, and I could feel your nipples being rock hard inside your T-shirt. I didn't understand it then, but a man's nipples are just as sensitive and responsive as a woman's. So in other words, you were aroused by my presence, and I can with my foot feel that you are now too. "


I felt her wiggle her toes against my crotch. Somehow her voice had me so captured I lost focus of all but her delightful mouth, sparkling eyes and the angelic singing that her voice meant to my ears. I never noticed when she had placed her right foot in my lap, but it was there and resting against my hardening member inside my loose pants. I was lost for words over and over again, and reacted as I would expect any normal man would do. I took her foot in my hands in an attempt to move it away, but she looked me in the eyes and whispered.

"No, please, let me feel it. It's not as if you are the only one who has had fantasies about us."

It felt as if I was falling through the air, without any grip of the situation. Each time I thought I was about to get a hold she said something that startled me again and again. Her right foot moved slightly and it felt wonderful, but it was a huge taboo that just wasn't acceptable. We had been friends for so long and talked about all and nothing, but there was an unwritten rule that we would never talk about us being intimate, and in a matter of minutes she had crossed that line and started exploring the only area that we never came close to.

"Tell me Trey, does my foot feel good?" she whispered before placing a little of the pasta into her mouth.

"Oh God Tess stop, it's not right."

She smiled while she continued to feel my growth under her foot. Her small right foot was caressing me slowly, but the feeling was intense. Never had I felt such arousal from a minimal movement before. It was probably a combination of the risk of being spotted, the fact that it was Tess who was doing it and the fact that I had always considered her the forbidden fruit which would not be touched.

"Let's go to your room, Trey, before there is an accident neither of us could or would be willing to explain."

She took me by the hand and a stood two minutes later face to face behind the safety of the hotelroom door. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me with great intensity while pushing her body against me, and only then did I give in to the situation and started to kiss her. My hands moved through her long thick hair, across her back and down to her firm butt, which I started to knead with my strong hands. I felt her panting inside my mouth before our tongues resumed chasing each other. Her hands grabbed my head and she moved away just enough to break the kiss before she whispered to me with a hissing sound.

"You can't understand how I've longed for this moment."

I could feel her breath in my face as she spoke and then her deliciously soft lips against mine again. Our hands wandered and our clothes began to fall to the floor. She was an excellent kisser and after a few minutes of struggling with buttons, zippers, belts and sleeves, we finally stood naked in front of each other for the first time ever. Her palms found my nipples and caressed then slightly which made me moan into her mouth. She stood a step back and I could see her as she really was. Her sparkling eyes, the small breasts that she had commented that she would like to be bigger, the long legs and the unshaved heat that laid hidden between them.

"Your nipples really are that sensitive?"

It wasn't really a question, but I answered anyway.

"Yes, and having you touch them feels so good, Tess."

Quickly she moved towards me again, and placed her hands on my chest, pushing me onto the bed and at the same time teasing my sensitive nipples. I landed on my back, and she climbed on top of me, swinging her leg over my head before she lowered her pussy to my face with the words.

"Eat me. I'm so horny, I can't wait any longer. Drink my juices and lick me until I come in your face."

And my hands reached around her and grabbed hold of her round ass, and I began to whip her clit with my tongue. She let out a deep long groaning as she felt my face push against her pussy. The taste was a bit salty, but unmistakably exciting, so I brushed her slit with my tongue, from her clit to the wet fruity entrance to her cunt. I felt her take my cock in her hand and hold it while she laid on top of me receiving selfishly what I was giving. Her hot panting breath against my shaft was inspirational, and pushed me to attack her clit with my strong tongue. Loving the taste of pussy had always given me the chance of satisfying girls and women in the past, but never had I thought that I would be given the chance to satisfy my passionate, intelligent and sexy childhood friend. It was beyond my wildest imagination, which made me inhale her entire essence.

"It feels so good when you do that. God how it feels good to have your face in my pussy."

The intensity of the moment was extreme, and my reward for being persistent was to hear her comment my efforts.

"That's it, oh that's exactly right. Lick it, tease my clit, that's... yesss."

In her position with her legs spread wide, there was nothing that prevented me from reaching every part of her delicious pussy, and I could hear that she was having a difficulties to comment the sensations she was feeling, and another minute later I noticed how her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, her pussylips was thicker and after that the small but unmistakable shaking in her legs. I intensified my tongue actions even more, and moved my right hand from her butt to her soaking wet crotch and felt her steamy hot pussy inviting my fingers to enter. My index and long finger teased the opening, and it felt as if they were drawn into her, sliding without any effort deeply into her. I started wiggling my fingers inside her while my lips nibbled her clit.

"Stop, please not that, STOP."

My strong fingers continued to move inside her, and even though I could hear her wanting me to stop, I knew that it wasn't long before she would come, and I continued everything that I was doing. She was moving from side to side on top of me, but my arms held her hips in place while I continued with the sweetest thing there is in life. Her panting turned into the sound of a low siren and the pitch got higher and higher until she screamed out like a wounded animal. Her entire body shook as I continued to lick and suck her entire crotch, and her legs began squeezing against my face. I stopped for a brief moment, only to catch my breath, and her fragile voice almost hysterically screamed out.


And as my tongue found her small hard clit, which felt like a marble, her entire body stiffened and she stopped breathing. She was there, and I moved a little and pushed my lips against my fingers which still was deep inside her, and waited for her juices to flow into my mouth. Doing so gave no stimulation on her clit, which caused her to wiggle like a worm on a hook. I pushed my chin up and rubbed it against her clit which made her explode. The river of sweet nectar filled my mouth, and I drank from her pussy as if it was a fountain. I continued even though I knew she wanted me to stop. I just couldn't get enough of tasting her juices, but all things come to an end, even those things we wished they would last forever. I stretched out my tongue, finding her clit, which caused her to spasm as if electricity was shot through her body, but soon I could feel her shifting position and slide of me. Laying next to each other naked in bed, we said nothing. Her breathing was getting slower, and I couldn't help smiling over the taste of pussy that filled my mouth. My face was coated in her lovely fluids.

"Why have we wasted all this time?" came a sobbing whisper after some time. "Why have we not done this before, over and over again?"

Tess sat up and looked me in the eyes with tears in hers.

"I hoped that you would have a thick cock, so that my pussy for once would be filled, but never had I dreamed that you would be so good at licking pussy. Just holding your cock was all I could do once you began licking me, and that has never happened to me."

She smiled, her entire face blushing, and kept her voice down as she continued. .

"Normally I suck guys off while they lick me, but you never gave me a chance. Oh God, I'm soaking wet."

She lifted up her hand, and it was glittering completely covered with juices from her pussy. She moved her hand to my cock, and began to stroke it while she looked me in the eyes.

"You do not have to suck me." I whispered while feeling the delights from her touch. "Not if you don't like it."

"Why do you say that?" she asked while her warm hand slid slowly up and down my shaft.

"I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do, Tess."

She turned around and moved down between my legs without loosing her grip of me.

"I love to suck cock, especially after being licked like that. It's only fair that you should get to enjoy my mouth, just as I have enjoyed yours."

"Only if you want ..."

She leaned down and gave the tip of my cock a quick lick.

"Like I said, I hoped that you would have a thick cock. Not necessary a 8 or 9 or more inches long, but thick. It's how I'm imagined your cock would be when it's hard ever since the time I saw you sleep naked. Remember when we met during that winter camp weekend? It was in the middle of the night, and everyone was sleeping. I had been up to go to the bathroom, and when I got back I noticed that your blanket had moved to the side a bit. Enough for me to see it in the pale moonlight that came in through the windows. Everyone else had sleeping bags, but you always took a mattress and a blanket. Remember?"

She let her hands slowly slide up and down my hard cock while she was talking, and she was right. There was nothing like a 8 or so inches in her hand, but a struggling 6 inches at best, but it was quite thick. I had never though about how length and thickness would be important to women, perhaps because I never had any complaints about how I used what I had, or perhaps I might be to selfish to care what the women had felt.

"I've had a few men in my life, and some of them have had long monster cocks, and let me tell you, it can really hurt. None of them were any thick though, and it feels wonderful to have a average long cock in my hands. A cock that I know will fill me up in a way no other has done before."

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