tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTess Was All Girl Ch. 01

Tess Was All Girl Ch. 01


It was near noon and Tess was lying on her dorm room bed reading some airhead girlie magazine she had snitched earlier from the community room on the main floor of the dorm. She had checked in yesterday, moved in with help from her mother and younger brother. Now there was not much to do until tomorrow morning when she was scheduled to select her freshman year classes and set through orientation at the University of Missouri. Her college life had begun and all she could thing about was how she would make it through four years with here private life still protected and undiscovered. Well. She thought, she made it through high school undiscovered and she never believed that would happen so there was hope.

She was wearing here signature baggy shorts with legs ending just above here knees, hiding the best part of a pair of magnificently smooth yet muscular legs, runner's legs. Well cared for long distance runner's legs. The shorts were soft cotton with a flower print and a drawstring waistband. Her top was a 'Green Peace' Tee shirt, a gift from her eco-friendly aunt to celebrate her college debut. It was long enough to reach to mid thigh. Her arms were well tanned and her face was blemish free. Her hair was dirty blonde with a short, shaggy cut that flattered her. She was 5' 10" and weighed 124 lbs. She was almost perfect. She raised her right leg nearly up to her chest, ran the fingers of her left hand over her cool skin. Almost, she thought, almost perfect.

There was a soft knock at the door and then nothing. "It's not locked." She called out. When the door didn't open she called it out again, louder.

There was a click and the door swung open slowly and a tall brunette, nearly her height, framed the opening. Here hair hung straight, ending below her shoulders. She was wearing tight faded blue genes with a low cut waist. Her top was a plain white tee and here arms were full, two boxes of things she just could not leave at home. She was very cute, Tess thought. Slim, soft and probably very smooth. "I'm Claire." The girl said. "Room 445" and wiggled a key dangling in the fingers of her right hand. "I guess we're roomies."

"Tess," Tess replied but remained on the bed and watched to girl shuffle into the room and drop the boxes on the second, as yet unmade bed nearer the door. "Need a hand?"

Claire smiled. "Thanks but I have a car full." She waved her arms indicating the remaining space was soon to be filled with stuff, then she shrugged her shoulders and smiled as if she was hoping for approval.

Tess stood, straightened her shorts and tee and said, "Got nothing else to do. I'll give you a hand. She held out her right hand offering it to her new roommate Clair. "Welcome to the University of Missouri." Claire smiled again, and shook Tess's hand. Actually it was more like the two just stood there and felt the smoothness of the other's fingers for a couple of seconds and then released their grip. "Well, come along, let's get you moved in." Tess had raised her left hand and placed it on Claire's back at her waist and tugged to turn her towards the door. As Claire pivoted, Tess got a first look at a very sweet rounded rear and she enjoyed that view for the next two hours toting boxes and clothes on hangers and luggage from Claire's Rav-4 and into their dorm room.

For the next month the two settled into a typical college routine. They attended classes, studied and partied some. The only significant and slightly disrupting activity was when Tess lay in her bed each night and listened to Claire try unsuccessfully to make herself reach orgasm.

That's what Tess was doing right now, lying on her back listing to the now familiar soft rustling emanating from beneath the blankets in the next bed. Claire was at it again. It had been more than a month since her arrival and every night, Claire would lay in her bed hidden by her covers and, after she was certain Tess was sound asleep, she would masturbate for a couple of hours. And as it went on every other night, unsuccessful in achieving lift off. Tess had decided earlier while in the shower and rubbing herself that if it happened again tonight, she was going to help her sweet roommate out. Now it was time to decide if she was going to act, to expose Claire to the real Tess. And possibly, if her offer was really rebuked, to be exposed to the entire campus and maybe expelled from school and sent home in shame. What the hell, she decided. She had waited long enough, and pulled back her covers and stood up.

The sounds from Claire's bed immediately stopped. "Claire?" Tess spoke softly.

"Yes?" Clair said.

"What's wrong Claire?"

'Nothing." Claire replied. "I just couldn't sleep.

"You've had trouble sleeping for some time." Tess said and she had moved to the side of Claire's bed.

"What are you doing?" Claire asked

Tess set down on the edge of Claire's bed and placed her right hand on Claire's left arm that was still tucked well under the covers and appeared to disappear between her legs. Claire started to pull her arm up toward her chest but Tess applied just enough pressure to halt any further movement.

"I think my roommate is having trouble. Is she?" Tess asked

"No...I'm... fine." Claire replied.

"I don't think she is." Tess said. "I thing Claire has been trying to masturbate and hasn't been having any success."

"No...no I'm not... don't say that. I was...just. ..I couldn't sleep." Claire was sounding flustered and very uncomfortable with Tess setting on her bed in the middle of the night and she being caught red handed so to speak.

"Every night," Tess said, She had leaned over now with her lips near Claire's right ear. Claire could feel Tess's mouth as her lips grazed her ear and she could feel her breath. "Every night I lay in my bed and listen to you struggling over here and I." Tess paused. She let her lips press right against Claire's ear. Whispering very softly now. "I just think I should help. I feel so bad for you being all frustrated."

'I'm not....frust...trated...I,...Just." Claire sucked in her breath as Tess slipped down the blanket a little and took hold of her left arm again and pulled. "Stop it." Claire said. "Go back to your side. I....." Claire froze.

Tess had pulled Claire's arm out from under the covers. She raised Claire's hand to her face and smelled. "Oh Claire, sweetie, you have been naughty. See" she said and moved Claire's hand so her fingers touched Claire's lips. "No denying that taste is there Claire?"

Tess pushed gently and Claire opened here mouth to receive her own moist fingers and taste here own juices. "You want to stop denying what you were doing Claire?" Tess asked.

"I can't help it." Claire said. "I just can't seem to....."

Tess had just pushed the tip of her tongue into Claire's ear and Claire froze once again. "Don't.... please don't do that." Claire said

"Why?" Tess asked. "Don't you want to get off? You can't get yourself off. I think that's clear by now. I think we both know it." Tess was softly whispering every word slowing into Claire's ear and it was causing Claire to shiver. "I think you should let Tess help."

"No....I, don't need any....help..I can....." Claire stopped speaking.

Tess had slipped here hands around Claire's waist inside her pajama top and around behind her and was now allowing her hands to massage Claire's bare back and stroking along her spine. "You feel really good, but you know that, don't you. All soft and smooth and smelling so sweet." Tess moved her mouth to below Claire's chin and was softly kissing her neck.

Claire was taking short deep breaths. "Please...I'm not gay. I'm not a lesbian....Please don't do that to me."

"Oh, sweet Claire. That's so cute. Did you think I was a lesbian?" Tess raised her face up right in front to Claire. She pressed her lips softly to Claire's and she let them linger there, lips just lightly touching. "I'm not gay Claire. I just want to help out." She kissed Claire and slowly let her tongue slid into Claire's mouth. Searching her out exploring her mouth and Claire moaned. "Do you want me to help? You do, don't you Claire?"

"Please,..no......"Claire started. Tess kissed her again and then started trailing soft gentle kisses over Claire's face, down her neck, down across her chest till she was prevented from going further by Claire's pajama top. Claire moaned.

"I'll take that as a yes." Tess said. "Raise your arms Claire."

"No...I can't....please.." Claire was babbling.

"Just a little help Claire. Now raise your arms for me, so I can help." Tess ran her hands up and down Claire's slender back, massaging here shoulders and then she lifted."

"I can't ...please" Claire whimpered but her arms slowly rose above her head and Tess slipped her pajama top over her head and tossed it away. She lowered Claire back to the bed and let her eyes partake in her roommate's beauty.

"You are incredible." Tess said. "I know I'm just helping out here and you are the one in need." Tess leaned forward and took one of Claire's breasts into her mouth and licked.

Claire moaned and Tess felt her arch her back slightly. "But I think I will be enjoying our time together too. You don't mind if we both enjoy this do you Claire." Tess asked then she switched breasts and nibbled at Claire's nipple. "I need to know Claire." Tess said. "Can I have a good time while I help you out here?" Tess waited

"I don't think we.......should...be" Claire tried to speak.

"I thought we settled that Claire? Tess asked. "Didn't you agree to my helping?"

"But, I...... " Claire was totally flustered. Tess was kissing her down her stomach, licking her navel, and now, now she was kissing Claire along the waistband of her pajama bottoms. Clare couldn't concentrate, couldn't think straight. She was finally, after a month of trying, starting to get that wonderful sensation. The one that came before the ultimate release, but she was...."Oh...god....god...Tess please."

Tess suddenly stopped kissing her and set up, releasing her grip on her and Claire now wasn't sure if that was what she wanted. "Lift your hips Claire." Tess slipped her thumbs into the top of Claire's pajama bottoms and pulled. The pajamas slid down over Claire's hips, and as Tess let her fingers explore Claire's bottom, they were pulled down along her slim tan legs and off of her feet. Claire lay there wearing nothing but panties, the current focus of Tess's attention.

Tess leaned in and kissed Claire's lips then the corners of her mouth, her neck, along her chest. She enjoyed Claire's breasts as Claire moaned and moved slowly reveling in what Tess's mouth was doing to her. Tess roamed along Claire's rib cage, around her waist, and finally she reached those panties, the final barrier between her and Claire and she took the top band of the panties in her mouth and pulled, they started to slide over Claire's hips. Finally she needed assistance and released the panties and looked up at Claire. She set up and ran the fingers of both hands through Claire's hair, gently massaging her scalp, then she kissed her. "I need you to take off your panties for me. I need to know you want this." Tess said.

"Oh,,,god...I can't" Tess put a finger to Claire's lips.

"Shhhhh....Time to stop this and take off you panties." Tess said

Claire lay there breathing hard. The corners of her eyes were moist as if she was about to break into tears. She was lost and felt helpless but at the same time very aroused. She slowly reached down and found her panties just below her hips where Tess had left them. She took hold and slipped them down, drawing up her knees so she could slip them off her feet.

Tess reached and took them from her, brought them to her nose and breathed in. Then, she held them out toward Claire, pressed them to Clare's nose and let her smell them too. After a moment, Tess pulled them away and dropped them to the floor.

"I do hope you enjoy yourself tonight Claire." Tess was running her hands over Claire's chest, along her hips, down her long lovely legs, then up the inside of her legs to her mound. "Nice landing strip, Claire sweetie." Tess said then she began to rub Clare's slit, slowly, gently, Claire was wet, very wet. Tess slid her thumb to Claire's clit and gently pressed, extracting a long moan from Claire.

"Please Tess....please" Claire whispered.

"What ever you want sweetie." And with that Tess rose. Standing beside Claire's bed Tess pulled her top off and tossed it toward her own bed. She then said. "Claire, look at me."

"I am" Claire said

Tess took the top of her shorts and started to slip them down, over her hips, very slowly, first an inch on one side then an inch on the other. Working so slowly like she was revealing a special secret. "Are you watching Claire? Are you watching me?"

"Yes." Was all Clare could say

Tess had turned sideways. Wiggling her rear, easing down her bottoms, when her shorts were around her thighs Tess slowing turned to Claire.

Claire gasped. "You're.....you're....you're....No, that's not.." Claire stammered.

Tess smiled as she fondled a rising penis of substantial size.

"See Claire." Tess smiled as she eased up on the bed next to Claire. "I told you I wasn't a lesbian. Good to my word, don't you think?"

"Your not going to...you don't think I'm going to let you use that....I'm not going to be with you, no way." Claire seemed terrified now.

"Claire." Tess said but there was no response. Tess was sliding over against Claire and Claire was trying to move away. Tess had slid her right arm around Claire's waist and was pulling her close, holding her near. "Claire." Tess said again.

"What?" Claire said with a bit of a bite in her voice.

"We are going to do this Claire. You needed help and your roommate, out of concern for you, offered to help you, you said that was what you wanted. You took you panties off for me Claire."

"I didn't know about.....about you." Claire said.

"What did you think Claire? I told you I wasn't gay, what did you think was going to happen?"

"I don't know, but I can't" Tess again put a finger to Claire's mouth.

"Claire, are you a virgin? Tess asked, knowing the answer was no.

"No...but it's not the same thing." Claire said.

"Your right." Said Tess, "You are absolutely right. We both have cocks but those boys have no idea how to please a woman, not like I do, I promise you. They just want to shove it in and cum and go home, maybe get a blowjob to boot."

"Yea but....you can't think..." Claire started to say.

"It's time to stop this and let me fuck you Claire." Tess said

Claire tried to set up, tried to pull away but she could not.

"We are going to fuck Claire. I am going to help you with your little problem and we are both going to enjoy it. I'm done discussing it. You are going to lie here, move your ass, don't move your ass, I don't care. Just don't fight me. Do you understand?"

Tess rolled on top of Claire. Her right leg pushed Clare's left leg wide and the her left leg did the same with Claire's right leg "I asked you a question? And I need an answer?"

"What?" Claire asked.

"Are you going to relax for me Claire? Are you going to let me take care of your problem?" Tess asked

"Yes." Claire was sobbing softly

'May I fuck you now Claire?" Tess asked

"Yes." Claire was in tears, frightened, not knowing what to expect.

'Take my cock, Claire. Take hold of it." Tess ordered

Claire let her hand slid between them. She felt the head of Tess's penis sooner than she expected. She flinched when her fingers grasped it fully, just below the head. It was now erect, hard, fat and long, very long. Fear overcame her. "I can't do this. I'll never be able to take this. It's too big. Please Tess, don't hurt me, please." Claire was begging.

Tess slid her hands under Claire cupping her small round ass. "Guide me in Claire. Help me, you'll feel better if you're a part of it."

Claire sobbed as she brought the tip of Tess's cock to her opening. "Good girl." Tess said. "Rub it up and down. Get it wet, it will help, you know it will." Tess kissed Claire's neck as she leaned into her forcing the big head inside. Claire gasped.

"No...please....no Tess....I can't" Claire was nearly in panic mode.

"Easy Claire. I won't rush it. I'll take my time. Let's just lie here a minute and let you adjust." Tess was up on here knees; legs pressed outward holding Claire's legs wide. Just the head of her 10-inch plus cock inside her roommate. She was balanced on her elbows, kissing Claire's long neck, letting their tits brush together.

Claire's breath was slowing, settling just bit. "I'm afraid" she whispered.

"Put your arms around me, Claire." Tess whispered between neck kisses. "Put them around my waist, please."

Claire slowly allowed her arms to slide around Tess's waist. She held them there.

"Feel me, Claire. Explore me, we have time." Tess said

Claire ran her hands up Tess's back feeling every vertebrae of her back. She ran her fingers along Tess's sides, brushing her breasts. She slid her hands down to play with Tess's small firm ass cheeks. She was still quite terrified and was moving more out of instruction than anything.

Tess lowered her head and sucked in Claire's left breast, her tongue played with her nipple. Claire was moaning again, slowly rolling here head from side to side. her breathing was short and shallow.

"When you're ready." Tess said. "Just start lifting your hips. Slide up onto me. You can be in control." Tess sucked her breast a bit more. "For a little while."

A few minutes later, Claire gave the slightest lift of her hips and her vagina refused to yield. She lifted again with only the slightest advance. "That's very good baby." Tess said.

"But it won't .......I can't make it...." Claire was struggling.

'Trust me Claire. Do you trust me?" Tess asked her.

"yes, I guess so." Claire replied.

"No sweet one, you have to be sure or it won't work. Do you trust me?" and with that Tess pushed her tongue into Clair's mouth and let their tongues play together for a long while.

When the kiss was finally broken, Claire panted, "Yes." And she lifted her hips and when she again met with resistance she closed her eyes and continued. She raised herself onto Tess and took her into herself. Inch by inch.

Each upward thrust became more intense more aggressive. She was resolved now; she knew what she had to do. She knew what she wanted.

Tess felt her move. Claire was raising her legs, up, up, higher. Claire's knees were at Tess's rib cage and then, Clare brought her feet over Tess's back and locked her ankles.

Tess decided it was time to take her control back from Claire who was currently using her legs which were locked over Tess's back to pull herself ever higher onto Tess's enormous cock.

"You alright sweetie?" Tess whispered.

"Oh Tess. God, you feel so good, yes." Claire said

"Do you mind if I start driving again?" Tess asked.

"Please." She said, "Oh please yes Tess."

Tess rolled her hips forward slowly but with conviction. With 5 inches already in Claire, she pushed in another three inches in a single move causing a guttural plea to escape from Claire but she quickly sucked her bottom lip into her mouth to muffle her discomfort. "It's OK." Claire said.

"Are you sure?" Tess asked "Because I can wait a while."

"No, it's alright, I'm alright." Claire said.

Tess kissed her mouth, her neck, her face, and her breasts. She pulled her shoulders back slightly and looked into Claire's eyes. "I'm not asking again Claire. I'm going to fuck you now."

"OK." Claire whimpered and held Tess tightly around her waist.

Tess could taste the tears as she kissed Claire's face.

"Tess began to withdraw her cock from Clair's pussy. Pulled out till the fat purple head was all that was in her. Then she started forward, inward, easing it in but with no intention of stopping. Her entire huge cock was going into her roommate and the feeling was just incredible. Claire tightened her wall muscles momentarily but quickly relaxed and that was when Tess's cock sunk deep into her womb.

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