tagNovels and NovellasTessie Ch. 04

Tessie Ch. 04

byvelvet hammer©

Oddly enough it was mon professeur who helped me find my first job. The position was for an executive administrative assistant to the managing director of a large firm. There was an interview, of course.

The managing director was a good-looking man in his forties; I'll call him Henri. He asked me a few perfunctory questions, explained to me the company and what it produced. He went on to explain the duties of the position. I was to assist in the preparation of reports, perform general office duties.

As he explained these things it became evident why I had been recommended for the job. Henri came around the front of his desk and, leaning against it, he added, "Oh, and you are to be my mistress. Will you be able to do this?"

At first his forthrightness took me by surprise. Quickly gathering my wits about me, I figured there were several ways to play this. I decided to take charge of the situation. My reply to his outrageous proposal was to get up out of my chair and stand very close to him. I thrust my chest to his face, let my hand wander down to the bulge in his trousers and quite simply said, "I'll be looking forward to working... ...beneath you, Monsieur."

"The remainder of the interview was conducted at a small apartment Henri maintained in the city. Once inside what was to become our little love nest I loosened his tie; we kissed. I loosened his belt, went to my knees and gave him a blowjob; long, slow and lovingly. He went down on me; our lovemaking was natural, loving, caring quite enjoyable, nothing kinky or out of the ordinary. I was now officially a mistress. The ropes and restraints didn't appear until later.

"Uh, restraints?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Our second afternoon together Henri presented me with a gift package; it was a beautiful assortment of silk scarves. I was delighted, of course, holding them up to the light to enjoy their colors, holding them to my face to feel their silky smooth softness. Henri just smiled, and then the true purpose of the scarves was revealed as he introduced me to the concept of being gagged and tied.

"The silky material allowed me to pull and tug on the giving restraints, but they still held me down. Henri then proceeded to give my tits the teasing of my life; he must have played with them for half an hour before moving his tongue down to eat my soaking pussy. When he sucked my clit into his mouth I came in seconds, screaming into the gag...

"It was harmless fun, nothing weird, just some light bondage. I got into it because it added an intensity to my orgasms.

"There was an older lady at the firm; a Madame Augustine. Mdm. Augustine was the senior executive administrative assistant, and she made it quite clear that she was aware of the true nature of my duties. She felt free to use me as the office bitch, to make me fetch and carry, but would not allow me to become involved in any projects; I was relegated to filing my fingernails and feeling quite out of place. When Mdm. Augustine was around my life was hell.

"I looked forward to my afternoons with Henri, when I would take out my resentment of Mdm. Augustine by sucking and fucking like an animal. It became a sort of power thing; Mdm. Augustine could push me around in the office, but in the bedroom and elsewhere I had a degree of influence over the boss that Mdm. Augustine could never attain. It pleasured me to wear the sexiest lingerie beneath my conservative business attire. I visited the sex shops and purchased kinky items. As for Henri, well, he was truly delighted by the way I was willing to let him explore every perverted fantasy he had ever had.

"We had fun. There was a business trip, a seminar, in Switzerland; I accompanied Henri, of course. At the seminar we were the consummate professionals; we hardly even talked about anything but business. But at the hotel I was his little sex slave. He tied me up, as usual, and we fucked in every way he could think of.

"It was Henri who introduced me to the concept of anal sex. It started out slow and gentle during one of our afternoons together; Henri was seated on the sofa while I entertained him with a slow, tortuous striptease. When I was down to nothing but my stockings and heels he had me come close to him. He put his hands on my hips and kissed my pussy. Then he turned me around and started kissing my ass. Things ventured into the bizarre when he directed me to bend over and grab my ankles. At first I thought it was about him licking my pussy from behind, but then I noticed he was spending an inordinate amount of time licking and flicking his tongue about my butthole.

"It was more puzzling to me than it was pleasurable, at least at first. I mean, why would a guy want to pay so much attention to a girl's asshole when her fresh, ripe pussy is right there, begging for attention? Still, he was paying the bills, and I had long ago given myself permission to be a total slut, so if he wanted to stick his tongue up my asshole who was I to object?

"By this time, of course, I was the proud owner of a formidable collection of vibrators. They were a regular part of our loveplay. Henri not only liked watching me use one to play with myself, he enjoyed taking one himself and fucking me with it. He even liked having me rub a buzzing vibrator all over his cock and balls as I sucked him off. This I could understand; the vibrations go deep. On what I came to consider The Afternoon of The Asshole, Henri gently probed my backdoor with one of the smaller devices. By now I was quite accustomed to him sticking his finger up my ass when we fucked, or having me stick my finger up his ass while sucking him off or when we were fucking; this day he had me take one of the smaller vibrators and stick it up his butthole as we made love. It was totally perverted; we were both fucking each other in the ass while we fucked.

"Afterward, holding each other as the golden light of the late afternoon streamed through the windows, I asked, "Cheri, do you want to, uh, take me, uh, 'back there'; you know, do you want to... ...fuck me... ...in the ass?"

"Soon, but not today," he replied. "You're not ready for that yet."

"To make me ready he insisted on continuing to explore my backdoor, with his fingers and an ever-larger caliber of dildo. When the afternoon came for me to lose my "ass-virginity" I was already used to being penetrated 'back there', and my asshole had loosened up enough for me to accommodate his cock.

At this point of her story I interjected. "Tell me something, Tessie, does a woman get any enjoyment at all from anal sex?"

"I didn't at first, no. Other than getting off on the absolute pervertedness of the act, there was very little in it for me. But over time I learned to enjoy it, especially when he gave it to me in my pussy with a vibrator the same time he was taking me in the ass. DP - double penetration, this I like; to submit to being totally filled, fucked in both holes at the same time, surrendering oneself in wild abandon."

I exhaled forcibly at this point; "whoa!"

Tessie sighed, "Oh John, I've been fucked in the ass so many times. I've had dildos up my ass, bananas and cucumbers up my ass; I've even had grapes shoved up my ass by a guy who had me squeeze them out into his gaping mouth. I'll let a guy fuck me in the ass anytime he wants, John; it's nothing, but I'd rather it be something special, a special occasion, like I'm offering a special gift.

Tessie couldn't help but notice the effect her words were having on me. She looked over the edge of the table at the tent in my lap, raised and eyebrow and smiled. "So tell me, John, what is the big attraction 'back there'?"

"Well, uh, I guess it's a lot tighter..."

"I can see that," she said, "but don't you think it's also got something to do with dominance, over women?"

"I think so," I agreed. "In a very primitive way, perhaps. For a beautiful woman to surrender her most private place; this is an act of domination, the ultimate conquest, perhaps."

Tessie got up to go to the bathroom, glancing down at my crotch and smiling as she crossed the room. Having a beautiful woman telling me her dirty adventures, dressed in only her skimpy underthings, was having a natural effect on me. I took advantage of her absence to get up and 'adjust my package'. When she came back I refreshed our glasses. Tessie continued her story.

"Sometimes we'd go out. Around the office I was the perfect picture of the professional office chick - conservative suits, horn-rimmed glasses, the whole Miss Manners bit. But when we went on outings I used to dress to excite Henri; plunging necklines, very short skirts that showed every inch of my thighs.

"I took it to extremes to show everyone that I was proud to be his whore-girlfriend. I wore wide sunglasses that practically covered my entire face, to draw attention to my painted red lips; you know, like I'm a total cocksucker, right? I wore choker collars, high-heeled boots, anything hot and sexy. The message was that I had something special, that I gave Henri something not every man could have, something not any woman could deliver.

"You could read it in my body language; I had a regular attitude going, like, Yeah, I'm his little fuck-slut; sure, I take it up the tailpipe - aren't you jealous?"

"Of course I wore no panties on these occasions, so my pussy would be always available to Henri for easy entry. We once made it on top of the Eiffel Tower; I bent over and grabbed my ankles and Henri took me from behind. He fucked me standing up through the open fly of his trousers.

"I suppose it was inevitable that it would eventually end. Normally we had rules, we saved it for the bedroom, but one day we succumbed to our passions. There was a big board meeting scheduled for that afternoon, of all the major stockholders. Because we would not be able to spend our usual time together, I thought it would be within the kinky theme of our relationship to give him a blowjob that morning, before he had to spend the afternoon in a bunch of boring meetings.

"This was just the opportunity Mdm. Augustine had been waiting for. Somehow my nemesis arranged for Henri's wife to stumble upon us in her husband's office, just when I happened to be on my knees with his cock in my mouth.

"This was unacceptable even to a Frenchwoman's normal tolerance for her husband's affairs. I mean, French wives put up with their husbands' mistresses, but for her to encounter me milking his spurting cock into my open mouth, his jizz all over my cheeks, dribbling down my chin; well, this was too much.

"I was fired, of course. I will never forget the outright shame I felt, Mdm. Augustine looked down at me triumphantly as I was directed to leave the building. It was only much later that I learned the full story from another girl, one of Henri's other mistresses. Mdm. Augustine was a very old friend of the family, the mistress of Henri's father, actually. It was even suggested that Henri himself had been with her, that she was the older woman who had guided him, taught him, taken his virginity when he was very young. I found this very believable, and it explained the absolute vindictiveness with which she treated me during my time with Henri."

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