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Mira stepped out of the lakeside lodge and inhaled deeply. It was a beautiful July morning. The air smelled of pine and water and the sun shined brightly. Master had built His house in a fairly secluded little cove with a beautiful view down the lake. Mira watched the distant boats and other water vehicles for a moment. Most stayed out where the water was more open, but every now and then fishermen brought their boats into the shallow cove to test their luck.

She stood for a moment in the morning sun trembling anxiously, her towel wrapped tightly around her naked body. Master knew how she felt about anyone but Him seeing her nude. So today, when people across the nation were celebrating the naturalness of the bare body, Mira was to stay nude. As a test of her obedience.

She had a nice body actually if she was honest with herself. Nice and firm, fairly tall, and curved in all the right places. She kept herself fit for Master. Her thick hair hung in dark waves past the middle of her back and her eyes were a grey-green that changed according to her emotions. She had stood in front of the mirror in the bedroom looking herself over wondering if she could really do this. Yet for her Master she would do anything.

Another deep breath to quell the nerves in her stomach and she ran lightly down the path to the deck at the water's edge. The wooden platform bobbled slightly in the water as she stepped onto it. Mira knew what she was supposed to do. One of the loungers had been placed in the center of the deck facing the open water. Master had placed it there before leaving earlier. It was all part of His plan, part of her test.

She knew He was watching. From where she couldn't be sure, but He was there. Mira stood poised for a short time, surveying the lay of the land and lake, spying around for a glimpse of where He might be hiding. She did not want to stand too long, knowing He would be displeased with her delay. It was time.

Mentally preparing herself, she whipped the towel quickly from her body before nerves got the better of her and sent her running back to the cabin. She spread the towel out on the lounger and sat down reclining back on the soft cushion.

Her slender frame and olive skin glowed in the sunlight and contrasted stunningly with the white of the lounger. The dark silky hair of her mound was trimmed neatly and cut into very tight triangle. Mira knew that her lips showed clearly and when she was excited her clit would be exposed and very visible. Anyone nearby would be able to see. The thought sent a tingle of excitement through her body.

Mira reached for the bottle of oil that had been left on a small table beside the lounger and closed her eyes. This too was part of her instructions. From this point on her eyes were to remain closed. No peeking. If she pleased Master, if she passed the test, He would come to her and she would be rewarded. If she failed….Mira shuddered slightly, she wouldn't fail.

Opening the bottle Mira tipped it up and began to drizzle the oil over her chest and stomach and thighs. The bottle had been sitting in the sun since Master had placed it there earlier. The oil felt warm as it trickled over her skin running down her sides, pooling in the hollow of her navel. Her fingertips swirled in the thick warm liquid painting it across her skin.

Thinking of Master watching from some unknown place Mira slid her palms down over her flat stomach until the tips of her fingers just touched the edge of her neatly trimmed mound. Forbidden territory. The one place Master had said she could not touch. Knowing that she couldn't made her want to all the more. Already she could feel her lips swelling, feel the tingling in secret places now exposed for the world to see.

With deliberate slowness Mira slid her fingers outward along her thighs. Her knees bent upward and she pushed the oil down her long tanned legs sitting up slightly to grasp her ankles. She pulled her feet back until they almost nestled against the cheeks of her ass. As she lay back she hooked her fingers dragging her long red fingernails over her skin leaving temporary white lines. She pressed her knees out letting her legs fall open as she caressed the delicate skin along the inside of her thighs.

Closer her fingers moved. She could feel her pussy twitch in anticipation of her touch. But that wasn't allowed. She stopped her hands just short of the forbidden zone pressing her fingertips into the shallow valleys where her thighs ended. This caused her lips to part and she felt a bead of moisture trickle down them.

Master was right. Lying here with nothing between her and the world was having an extreme effect on her. Knowing he was watching, but that others may see as well caused another trickle of moisture from her tingling pussy. She wanted someone to see.

Mira moved her hands back up over her stomach leaving her legs splayed shamelessly open. She paused just below her ample breasts. They were sensitive on a normal day, but today she knew they would be even more so. Behind her closed eyes she pictured Master's large hands, how they engulfed her breasts, the strong fingers digging into her soft flesh. Her hands began to emulate these actions squeezing harder as Master would. She sighed softly.

Her nipples cried for their share of attention. They stood already erect and proud, tiny dusty rose buds circled by darker skin that crinkled up the harder her nipples got. The oil on her hands let her fingers slide over her skin smoothly to pinch her nipples with sudden hardness. Mira gasped and pulled her nipples out lifting her round breast from her body. She pinched harder to keep her grip on her slippery flesh. A low moan escaped her lips as her nipples slipped between her fingers snapping back into place. She repeated her actions squeezing her firm breasts harder each time, pinching her nipples until they were reddened and tender.

The faint sound of a boat motor penetrated through the sensual fog that was swirling around her senses. Her first instinct was to open her eyes and look, but she fought against it. She arched her back cupping her breasts lifting them as if in offering to the cloudless blue sky. This was part of her test. She had to continue. No stopping until Master gave the word.

Mira's sense of hearing seemed sharper with her eyes closed. The sound of the boat was getting closer, not at high speed, just leisurely coming closer. A fisherman maybe, looking for a nice place to drop his line.

She imagined him casting his line out into the water and then glancing toward the shore catching a glimpse of her lying naked in the sun. Her hands left her breasts and slid downward smoothing the oil over her stomach and down over her hips. She slid them underneath and grasped the cheeks of her ass spreading them gently, her legs opening wider.

The small waves of the boat's passage caused the dock to rock slightly, so like the motions of love. The sounds of the water lapping against the decking under her sent a tremor through her. They reminded her of the gentle workings of Master's tongue as He worked her to a frenzy of need only to stop and not allow her to cum until it pleased Him. The mere thoughts and images running through her mind caused her to tremble even more with lust and desire for Him. A deep moan rose in Mira's throat.

Her hands returned to her breasts, tormenting her nipples with harder and harder twists and pulls. The deck bobbed harder in the water and her hips rocked involuntarily with it. She could feel the tingle and tightness in her belly and knew that it would not take much more for her to need release. But she would not disgrace herself and disobey Master. She would not cum until he commanded it.

Drops of cool water fell on Mira's stomach and a shadow blocked the light of the sun. She gasped in surprise as the cool drops ran across her heated flesh. Someone had come to her from the water. It took all of her strength to keep her eyes closed. Her fingers dug into the soft flesh of her breasts kneading and pressing them. Whoever stood beside her was receiving quite a show. Mira could not stop, not until Master said.

Who was it? Was it Master, come to end her torment? Or was it her imagined fisherman? Had he seen her and been compelled to have a closer look? Why did this person stand there so quietly watching her hands move over her body? Mira's breath came in harsh gasps as she fought to maintain control. She moaned and writhed on the lounger. One hand slid downward rubbing just at the edge of her sensitive mound. Her hips thrust up and she felt a single drop of water land near her throbbing clit. Mira's entire body arched and she cried out. She trembled with the effort of not letting herself cum.

Mira felt the shift of weight on the lounger as this unseen person knelt between her feet. Cool wet hands rested on her knees.

"You have done very well, Mira…so far." Master's voice washed over her and she sighed with relief. "Hands above your head, pet, and keep your eyes closed. We shall see if you pass the final test."

Mira reached above her and grasped the edge of the lounger. Master slid His hands along the insides of her thighs pressing them open as far as they would go. Her hips lifted toward His touch.

"Hold still." Master's voice was low and strong and Mira instantly went motionless.

Master's fingers stroked lightly over her mound, barely stirring her tightly trimmed curls. Mira trembled but kept still holding her breath in anticipation. She felt as if she had been waiting forever for Master's touch. One finger pressed between her swollen lips and Mira sighed long and low.

"You are very wet, my sweet." Master said. He slid His finger easily along the entire length of her slit, swirling around her clit without touching it. Mira knew that Master knew how she struggled with her body. He knew her better than she knew herself.

With torturous slowness Master slid one long finger into her pulsing depths. Mira groaned loudly gripping the top of the lounger until her knuckles were white. Master began to slide His finger slowly out and then back in. Mira's moans grew louder with each gentle thrust.

"That's My girl." Master said approvingly. "You like My finger inside you, don't you."

"Oh yes Master, yes!" Mira gasped.

Master slid a second finger in beside the first thrusting just a bit faster. Mira tossed her head from side to side crying out. Every muscle in her body tensed up causing her back to bow up off of the lounger.

"You're close." Master said. "When do you cum?"

"Only when you say, Master!" Mira gasped. The struggle within made her voice husky with effort. Master slowed His hand and slid His fingers from her soaking wet pussy. Mira cried out in grief.

"You've done so well, my pet." Master said, reaching down to grasp Mira's ankles. He lifted them and wrapped her legs around His waist. "It's time for your reward."

His hands slid beneath her grasped the cheeks of her ass and lifted her up so that only her shoulders still rested on the lounger. Mira felt the hard length of Master's cock rubbing along her slit and the sound that came from her lips was a growl of pure lust. Master chuckled.

"What is it you want, pet?"

Mira arched her back trying to move her hips to get His cock inside her. Master dug His fingers hard into the flesh of her ass holding her steady.

"Tell me, pet." He said rubbing the tip of His cock against her throbbing clit. "Name your reward."

"Oh God please! Please Master!" Mira sobbed. "Fuck me…fuck me hard!"

Master rose up on His knees and filled Mira with one powerful thrust after another. His cock pounded hard into her and Mira began to writhe desperately. It was obvious that she had reached the end of her endurance.

"Now pet!" He commanded. "Cum for me!"

Mira screamed as His words triggered a release more intense than any she had known before. Master continued to thrust into her, faster and faster until Mira felt her womb fill with warmth as He tensed and groaned low. His breathing was ragged. This had been an exercise in control for Him as well.

Master ran His hands up Mira's back and pulled her up to hold her tight against His chest. She rested her forehead against His shoulder, her body still shuddering.

"Thank you Master." She whispered. "Thank you."

"I am very proud of you Mira, my pet." Master said. "I know it must have been difficult for you to bare yourself to any who might see."

"In theory yes, Master, but there was really no one nearby." Master chuckled again and took Mira's face in His hands.

"Open your eyes my sweet."

Mira's eyes fluttered open. The first thing she saw was the beloved face of Master. His eyes shone with His pride in her. Then her gaze slid beyond Him and her eyes widened with shock. Master's boat had been pulled up to the dock and Mira hadn't even felt it. She turned her head quickly from side to side and gasped.

Standing around them on the dock were several familiar people, friends of Master and their charges. All were as bare as she and Master. As one they raised their hands and began to applaud. Mira looked back at Master, a crimson blush creeping up from her breasts and into her cheeks. Her confusion was evident.

"My dear Mira." Master said smiling broadly. "What better way to celebrate National Nude Day than with good friends."

Mira glanced around once more and then began to laugh quietly. Her inhibitions and embarrassment were gone. These people had witnessed a most intimate act. There was now a unique bond that they all shared.

"Shall I show Your guests up to the house Master?" Mira said. Master smiled and tugged her face closer to His.

"In a moment, my love." He claimed her lips in a deep and loving kiss and Mira knew she had passed her test with flying colors.

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