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Testicle Targets


Liz spread her legs, gripped the pistol with both hands and took careful aim. Steadying her breathing, she slowly squeezed the trigger. Her friend Sarah, sitting on the couch behind her took the opportunity to admire Liz's body. Liz was wearing a light grey tank top, a short black skirt and knee-high black boots. She had long straight red hair and intense green eyes. Her chiseled features were wickedly beautiful. Sarah thought she looked absolutely delectable standing there before her.

Suddenly the pistol clicked and a suction-cupped dart sprang out, hit the target square in the center and then bounced off and fell to the ground. "Shit!" Liz said, spinning around to face Sarah. "This sucks, that should have been a bullseye."

Sarah shook her head, "it has to stick to count."

Liz scowled and turned to take a couple steps closer to the target, she then pushed another dart into the gun and fired at the target. Again, the dart bounced off and fell to the floor.

"You have to lick the tip to moisten it to get it to stick." Sarah said.

Liz examined the next dart, the suction cup was old and dried out, with cracks along the edges. She walked back over to Sarah and lowered the dart to her crotch. "You lick it." She said with a devious smirk.

Sarah looked up at her friend with feigned impertinence. Sarah was bisexual, she loved men and fully enjoyed having sex with them, but no one had ever gotten her off the way Liz did when Liz went down on her.

Liz on the other hand was totally lesbian. She hated men, in fact viewing them as an inferior species. Sarah and Liz were not a couple, they were just good friends who occasionally had sex with each other. They were both competitive and had recently begun holding contests. The rules were that the loser had to go down on the winner.

Sarah had come up with the idea of the shooting competition after finding the dart gun set in her parents attic, it must have belonged to her older brother. The set consisted of a dart gun, 10 suction-cupped darts and a smooth circular target, which was now hanging on the wall. Sarah leaned forward to lick the tip of the dart. She had washed everything, se she knew it was clean.

"Uh uh," Liz said taking a step back, "on your knees."

Sarah acted annoyed but soon dropped to her knees and began sensually licking the suction cup in slow circular motions. "OK, enough of that," Liz said, "you're enjoying yourself too much."

Liz inserted the dart into the gun and twisted her body without moving her feet and aimed and fired at the target. Once again the dart hit and bounced off. "This is a waste of time, these darts are too old, they won't stick."

Sarah sighed and got back up to sit on the couch. Her features were much softer than Liz's, though she was just as pretty. She had long chestnut colored hair, dark eyes and a bit more of an hourglass figure with 34C breasts compared to Liz's 32Bs. Sarah was dressed much simpler in jeans and a t-shirt.

"We just need to figure out a better target," Sarah said, slouching back on the couch.

"It's your game, you figure it out." Liz replied as she sat down next to her friend.

Sarah's mind was racing. She was horny as hell and desperately wanted Liz to eat her out but she knew Liz loved to tease her and wouldn't do it unless she earned it. After a few minutes a sly smile spread on her pretty face.

"Hand me one of the darts." Sarah said. Liz did so and Sarah took it and pulled off the suction-cup tip. What was left was a plastic dart with a small ball at one end. She pressed the dart into the gun and stood to fire. The dart smacked the target and bounced off.

"That did a lot of good..." Liz mocked.

Sarah just maintained her sly smile. "Just wait, you'll see." She reached into her pocket, withdrew her cell phone and punched in some numbers. "Hello Walter, this is Sarah, can you come over, Liz and I were doing some target practice and we need to use your balls."

Sarah watched Liz as her eyes widened in disbelief. "Yes that's right Walter, we just want you to come here so we can use your balls as targets. It's just a dart gun so it won't hurt, much." Sarah cocked her head and rolled her eyes. "Don 't be a sissy," She said into the phone, "it's just a toy gun. Cool, how soon will you be here? OK, see you soon."

She flipped closed the phone and smiled at Liz. "Our targets are on their way." Liz could only shake her head.

At 40 years old, Walter was nearly twice as old as Sarah and Liz. Never the less, Walter was in love with Sarah, even though he knew she didn't love him, in fact she barely tolerated him.

Walter was very awkward with women and had never married or even had a serious relationship with a woman. He wasn't an ugly man, at 5'7" he was a bit on the short side. He was thin, almost gaunt. He had never taken to sports or exercise.

Sarah had been using Walter as a Sugar Daddy for the past six months. They had met online and had struck up a casual friendship. Walter, being a very submissive person had brought out Sarah's dominant side.

Even though they never had sex, Walter was in love with Sarah and got off on being financially used by her. Sarah enjoyed all the gifts Walter bought her and the things he did for her, but the more it went on, the more she detested him and wanted to abuse him.

Sarah had never physically abused Walter before but she knew that using his balls as targets would amuse Liz and keep her interested in the competition. She also knew that Walter would go along with it.

Walter had a hard-on while driving to Sarah's apartment. He had been lusting after the young woman for some time now but had gotten nowhere with her sexually. Now out of the blue she had called him up to come over and play some kind of game using his balls for target practice. Walter had never been into pain, but the submissive aspects of this proposal excited him beyond belief.

Pulling into the driveway, Walter tried to regain his composure. He had never met Liz before but Sarah had told him about her and he was very intrigued. He had no idea the extent of Liz's dislike of men.

"Why is it talking to me?" Liz asked Sarah when Walter tried to introduce himself to her.

"Be nice Liz," Sarah said, "after all, Walter is letting us use his balls." Sarah led Walter over to a table that was across the room from the couch upon which Liz was sitting. "OK Walter, take off your clothes"

Walter gulped and looked at Sarah, who was cutting some lengths of rope, and then at Liz who was still sitting on the couch ignoring him. "All of them?" he asked.

"Yes, all of them," Sarah replied, placing her hands on her hips, staring him down. "Now hurry up." Self-consciously, Walter began removing his clothes until he had nothing left on but his tighty-whitey's. "Those too, we can't very well aim at the targets if we can't see them."

Walter blushed as he removed his shorts. His cock was semi-erect and sticking out. Sarah had him turn around and tied his arms behind his back. She then had him stand with his back to the table and told him to spread his legs. She knelt down and tied a length of rope to his ankles and attached them to the table legs. Once done, Walter was unable to move or to close his legs.

"It's getting excited," Liz complained, "can't you do something about that? It's bad enough that I have to look at its scrawny body, I shouldn't have to look at its disgusting prick?"

Sarah thought for a moment and then ran to her bedroom. "This should do the trick," she said, returning with a pair of pantyhose. She tightly tied the pantyhose around his waste and then pulled it down to his hips and tucked his cock up under them. "There, out of sight, out of mind." She smiled.

"OK," Sarah said excitedly, "we take turns and the first to get three directs hits wins."

"Are you sure this is safe?" Walter creaked.

"For heaven's sake Walter," Sarah said holding up the gun, "see, it's just a toy, don't be a baby."

"Since I'm the guest, I get to go first." Liz said, snatching the gun from Sarah.

"What does the winner get?" Walter asked.

"Whoever wins gets to have the other person lick their pussy," Sarah said, "and I'm super horny!"

"Ummm, well... if you're horny, I'll have sex with you." Walter said.

"No offense Walter, but if I want to have sex with a man, I'll call one of the guys I know who are real men, not a sissy wimp like you."

Walter watched as Liz re-crossed her legs and took aim. "It tried to look up my skirt," She said outraged, "I'm going to make it pay for that!" Walter shuddered as he watched her aiming the pistol. He felt totally exposed with his balls hanging down being targeted.

Liz was seated about ten feet away but her aim was perfect. Walter felt a sudden shock and then an intense pain as the dart slammed into his right nut. He cried out, doubling over."

"Yay, one point for me!" Liz beamed, shooting her arms into the air.

"Are you OK Walter?" Sarah asked.

"Damn, that hurt." Walter croaked as he tried to catch his breath.

"Come on, take your turn." Liz said reloading the pistol and handing it to Sarah.

Sarah aimed carefully but her shot was low and missed Walter completely, passing harmlessly between his legs. "Dammit!" she cried and threw the gun down on the couch next to Liz.

"I'm going to aim for that right ball again," Liz said as she re-loaded the gun. "That one brought me luck on the first shot." Walter was beginning to think this was a bad idea. His ball was still throbbing from the first hit as he watched nervously as Liz calmly took aim and squeezed the trigger.

Her second shot was just as accurate as her first and the dart found its mark slamming directly into Walter's already sore right ball. Walter's scream was an octave higher than his first and he doubled over again.

"WOOOHOOO!" Liz squealed, "this is fun, I get to shoot a guy in the balls and get my pussy licked, what can be better than that?"

Sarah frowned seeing her hopes of getting some good oral sex slipping away. "Come on Walter, help me out here, you don't want to see me lose, do you?" Walter could hardly believe his ears. Here he was in agony and she was only concerned with winning the game. Yet when he looked into her sweet face with her forlorn expression, he couldn't help but want her to win.

"I'll aim for your left ball," Sarah told him as she leveled the gun at his crotch. "hold still and wish me luck." Walter actually spread his legs a little wider and turned a bit to expose his left nut even more. He watches as his sweetheart bit her lip and carefully took aim at his balls. He hoped with all his heart that she would hit it and score a point.

Unfortunately, Sarah's second shot was as bad as her first and the dart hit Walter on his left thigh. "Shit!" she yelled and threw the gun down again. Walter felt sorry for her, he knew how much she wanted to win this competition and the disappointment in her eyes broke his heart.

"Alright, this is it." Liz said cheerfully, "let's see if I can make that right ball bigger than the left." In fact, Walter's right ball was indeed already sore and swollen. It felt like to Walter that it was on fire. He wasn't sure he could take another direct hit to it.

"Get that tongue of yours warmed up," Liz told Sarah, "I'm gonna blow that ball right off of him." She aimed and fired, the dart connected but it was only a glancing blow, not a direct hit. "Well, that sucks," Liz said dejectedly, "I was hoping for a big finish."

Walter breathed a sigh of relief. His girlfriend hadn't won but he had been there for her, he hoped that this would score some points for him in her eyes.

"Time to collect my prize." Liz said, standing up and taking Sarah by the hand, pulling her up off the couch and leading her out of the room.

Don't I get to watch? Walter asked.

"Hell no," Liz spat, "Don't be disgusting, you were just the target, you don't get to watch shit.

Walter slumped down dejectedly. He had driven all the way over here, stripped down and let them tie him up and shoot him in the balls and he got absolutely nothing out of it. He wondered why he put up with it. Sarah obviously didn't love him, he realized that she barely liked him, she just used him over and over again.

After a while, Walter was able to hear muffled shrieks coming from elsewhere in the house. Liz must be having an orgasm, he thought. His right ball still ached, he was happy that the last shot was not a direct hit. His legs were getting tired and were starting to cramp. They could have at least untied him before going off to have their fun.

After about 20 minutes the house got quiet but still no one emerged from the other room. Walter was beginning to wonder if they had fallen asleep or something. He was considering calling out when finally the girls came back, Sarah leading the way.

Sarah walked right over to Walter. "I have a really big favor to ask of you." She said, standing in front of him and bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.

"What do you want?" Walter asked.

"Well," Sarah began, "I asked Liz to go down on me but she's being a total bitch." She pouted. "Liz says she'll only go down on me if I let her kick you in the balls."

Walter stared at her in disbelief. "And you want me to agree to this?" he asked.

Sarah frowned and folded her arms in front of her "It's the only way she'll agree to go down on me, don't you want me to be happy?"

"This won't be any love-tap either," Liz said, sitting back down on the couch, "I want to crush those miserable little beans of yours."

Walter blinked several times. He didn't know what to say. He couldn't believe Sarah was actually asking him to allow someone to kick him in the balls.

"Walter, I'm super horny," Sarah said, "I need sex, do you want me to have to find some stranger to have sex with and maybe get a disease? I thought you loved me."

Walter closed his eyes and then slowly opened them and stared at Sarah. His mind was in turmoil but seeing the expectant look on her face, he knew he could not refuse her. "Alright." He croaked.

"Yippee," Sarah squealed, jumping up and down and kissing him on the cheek, "you're the greatest.

Liz just shook her head. "What a pathetic looser." She said.

Sarah began untying Walter's legs and Liz started doing some stretching exercises. "I don't want to risk pulling a muscle." She said.

"We need to blindfold it so that it doesn't pull away." Liz said. Walter noticed that she was barefoot. He was relieved to see that she hadn't put her boots back on.

Sarah got a scarf and tied it around Walter's head. "You are the best, I really appreciate this." She told him. She gave him a big hug and Walter felt a surge in his pantyhose-covered cock as she pressed against him.

Sarah stood behind Walter holding him still as Liz came up in front of him and tapped the insides of his ankles with her feet, indicating to him to spread his legs. His hands were still tied behind his back and the blindfold completely cut off his vision.

"You have no idea how much I've always wanted to kick a guy in the balls." Liz said. Walter smelled her hot minty breath as she hissed at him, "I'm going to ruin you."

A couple seconds later Walter heard a faint swish in the air and then suddenly his balls exploded with the crushing blow. He immediately collapsed to the floor and doubled over. He felt as though he was going to pass out from the searing pain.

"Yeah!" Liz shrieked. "that was fan-fucking-tastic!"

Sarah bent down and untied Walter's hands. "Let yourself out when you can," she told him, "Liz and I are going to be busy for quite a while. Let's go girlfriend, I'm going to ride that hot tongue of yours all night."

Walter writhed in agony on the floor for almost an hour before he was finally able to get his clothes back on and drag himself to his car. He heard the faint squeals of delight coming from the bedroom as he exited the house and felt some satisfaction knowing the pleasure he had provided for his love.

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