tagErotic HorrorTesting Azrael

Testing Azrael


It took almost two weeks for Ellie's injuries from the hours with Azrael to heal, though she had to give up her wardrobe of skimpy tops and short skirts, temporarily. Her breast still bore the mark he'd carved there yet she'd managed to convince the only friend to see it there was a joke behind the supposedly Henna tattoo. In addition to her healing, she'd seen little of Derek except at family dinners since he spent most of his time locked in the study to write. A trip to the basement found nothing unusual, none of the whips or chains from her last visit, only the usual junk stacked.

Deciding to put the incident behind her, Ellie made a phone call to a few of her friends from college and invited them over for a swim. Only two of them were free for the day. She slipped upstairs, ignoring the clack of keys in the study, and stripped out of her sweat pants and tank top then pulled on her skimpiest string bikini, bright pink decorated with little black stars. A glance in the mirror showed half of the tattoo visible.

Monica already knows, and Luke won't even notice it for other factors, she thought as she turned in front of the mirror to study her body. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a hasty ponytail to prevent it snarling in the water. She knew Luke's main focus would be on convincing her to hook up which didn't sound so bad in light of the last two weeks of tension at the house. And if he does ask, I can tell him the same story about a Henna tattoo.

She headed downstairs after grabbing a beach towel only to meet Derek halfway, shrinking back against the wall to give him more space. His gaze roamed over her from the top of her head down to her tattooed breast then lower to take in the tiny strings holding her bottoms together. Heat flushed her as his eyes locked onto the pink triangle between her legs, his hand lifting for the knuckles to brush against her tattooed breast.

"Planning a swim?" he asked, conversationally.

Her head bobbed in a nod. "Umm, Monica and Luke are coming over," she replied then sucked in a sharp breathe as his knuckles slid the fabric away from her breast. "W-what are you doing?"

His mouth was open to reply before the doorbell rang from downstairs. A quick jerk of his hand covered her breast again and he started back upstairs, leaving her breathing hard and clutching the towel against her chest. Taking a deep breathe, she hurried the rest of the way down then opened the door with a smile to her friends. Monica's bright smile and red curls greeted her, a see through white dress covering a barely there yellow bikini. Beside her, Luke was shirtless in a pair of white trunks covered in huge blue flowers and flip flops. His brown hair was tousled and sun-streaked as he picked her up in a hug, one hand getting overly friendly with her ass.

"I love that suit," Monica said as they started through the house toward the backyard. She linked one of her arms with Ellie's and bent her head to whisper, "Is Derek home?"

Ellie started to deny it then just nodded, unable to stop the brief rush of jealousy. Her friend's crush on the older male was well documented in a variety of ways yet the thought of them together had never felt right to her. It felt less right after the night with Azrael, though she commented, "He's been locked in the study with his laptop for the last week. Mom and John went out of town on a supposed business cruise so he's been taking advantage of the quiet the last couple days."

"What idiot would pick a computer over you two ladies?" Luke's voice piped up from behind them as he tossed his towel and sunglasses onto the table nearest the pool. His flip flops were kicked off before he dove into the water, muscles rippling in a way she couldn't help but admire.

Monica followed a moment later, though Ellie moved slower, sitting down on the edge of the pool. Her plan to slide carefully into the water was thwarted when Luke swam up to catch hold of her legs and pulled her into the water. She came up laughing and spitting out water while standing in the water. Catching Monica's smirk and wink, she kicked her feet to swim away from him and to the other side of the pool.

"Any idea when Derek's next book is coming out? His last one left me wondering," Monica said from where she floated on her back. "I can't wait to find out how it ends."

Luke swam over to them and commented, "Those books are for people who can't get laid, Monica."

Ellie splashed water at him. "I happen to like them," she informed him before she could stop herself. "They're a bit . . . uncouth, but that's what I like about them. Besides, Azrael is kind of hot."

"And fictional." One of his arms slid around her waist to pull her back against his chest. His erection pressed against her barely covered ass as one hand slid over her belly, brushing just above the pink fabric. "The problem with fictional is they're not able to really do anything. Who needs fiction when you can have reality?" he asked, lowering his head to nip her neck.

A shudder went down her spine, though Monica's cough drew her head up.

"I think I'm going to grab a drink," she said before swimming to the ladder. "Maybe I'll even ask Derek for a glimpse of his new novel. Have fun, guys." Her words were barely out before she pulled herself, gracefully from the water and started toward the house. She paused to wink to Ellie then wrapped the towel around herself, hurrying inside.

Ellie's mouth was open to object before Luke's hand slid lower to curve over the pink triangle. His lips sucked the side of her neck while his erection pressed more firmly against her ass. Moaning, quietly, she arched into the movement just as his finger slid under the side of her bottoms and between her folds. Teeth bit her neck yet it wasn't the same pleasure with Azrael, more of a playful nip than an attempt to cause true pain. Even his finger sliding in and out didn't elicit the same rush of pleasure, though she felt herself getting wet, an odd feeling starting in her stomach. His other hand slid up her stomach to cup her breast through the fabric, the other still teasing her folds as a second finger joined the first.

"What's with the tattoo?" Luke's voice had moved up to her ear as his thumb and first finger twisted her nipple. His fingers continued plunging in and out of her wet channel while he suckled her neck. "It's not what I'd expect from you."

"Umm, i-it's for a play," she lied, turning around in his arms. A pleasant surprise went through her when his fingers adjusted their position to continue fingering her despite the change in position. "It's Henna so it won't last."

His only response was a quiet "hmm" before his lips trailed down her throat again, pushing the bikini top's fabric aside with his face. He blew cool air across the straining nipple then sucked it into his mouth, fingers thrusting deeper inside her.

One of her hands slid down to wrap around the bulge straining against his trunks.

A sudden pain stabbed her stomach as Ellie gasped, digging her nails into his back and cock, unintentionally. Her skin flushed, though it felt as if scorching flames were licking her skin. She squirmed, uncomfortably against Luke's hold yet only succeeded in forcing herself to press closer against the erection which in turn caused further pain as her throat clenched, painfully. His fingers thrusting inside her felt uncomfortably painful so she pushed away, tugging her suit back into place as her throat closed up in pain. A few feet away, Luke was groaning in pain, though she ignored him and swam to the opposite side, hanging onto the edge as her breathe came in shallow pants.

She whimpered at the next rush of pain then cried out as a hand closed over her hair, tightly, yanking her out of the pool to stand in front of a naked Derek whose face was twisted with rage. The hand not gripping her hair moved to encircle her throat, squeezing painfully as his eyes, now pools of onyx, bored into hers.

"Why were his hands on my property?" he demanded, jerking her hair back as tears sprang into her eyes.

"I-I . . ." Her words trailed off when her gaze slid to Luke who was still in the pool, his expression pained. There was a bluish hue to his lips as invisible hands of water wrapped around him, squeezing to the point of pain, judging by his groans and struggles. "W-hat are you doing?"

"Borrowing you for your punishment." The words were no sooner out of his mouth then they were standing back in the basement where Monica's body was suspended above her by chains, though she found herself frozen in place before a rectangular altar built underneath. Dim candles hung to illuminate the room, several chains hanging from the altar's sides while another table was covered in an assortment of items.

Derek's hold on her hair dragged her to the table where a kick to the back of her knee forced her to kneel. His hands chained hers together then locked them above her head, shifting her into position so her back laid on the altar, still frozen in fear. She tried to whimper or beg him to stop yet he only ignored her, wrapping a chain around each ankle then binding them to the table legs so her body was bowed up on display for him.

Ellie struggled against the chain as she felt movement return to her body, though she could barely move, only strain her breasts more against the thin fabric. A scream tore from her when she lifted her gaze to find Azrael's face hovering over her. His clawed hand wrapped around her throat, roughly to cut the sound off while the other shredded the bikini top and tossed it aside. Her bottoms followed a moment later before one claw thrust into her, eliciting another strangled scream as it pumped in and out of her, even thicker than the two fingers Luke had used in the pool.

"I warned you." His tongue flicked out to lap at the tears sliding down her cheeks before he pulled away. She whimpered as the claw withdrew then strained against the chains while he moved away. "I have the perfect punishment."

Still struggling, she paid no attention to his movements and focused on Monica's limp form above her. Her head was bloody as if someone had hit her yet the welts on her back were the focal point, bits of blood dripping onto Ellie's face. A rough slap to her face drew her attention back to him, focusing on the long, black candle held in his hand. Its tip was burning bright, wax dripping down the length, though she couldn't stop an unbidden thought of how it resembled a thin cock recently fucked.

Azrael moved the candle between her breasts and tilted it down, smiling as the wax ran onto her skin. In response, Ellie sucked in a sharp breathe at the burn of wax on her sensitive skin. She squirmed against her bonds as he moved the candle further down to leave behind a thin trail of black wax that paused at her belly button. A few extra drops dripped into the small indention before he straightened the candle, smirking down to her.

"I knew you'd test my mark, Ellie," he informed her, conversationally. One hand guided the candle over to her breast and tipped it so hot wax dripped onto the swollen nipple as she gasped and arched. "In fact, I wrote an entire chapter about you agonizing over whether to trust the mark or not. Frankly, I expected you to test it sooner and to at least be a bit more discrete . . . or did you want to get caught?"

A shaky breathe escaped her when more wax dripped onto her nipple, buliding on the hardened wax already there. Her nipple strained against the wax gripping it like a vice, though a claw slashing through the black build up made her gasp.

"Tell me. Did you want to get caught, to see how I'd punish you?"

Ellie shook her head then cried out as his candle trailed wax over to the other breast, lowering the candle closer. Its flame licked at her breast while warmth spread, black wax still dripping onto the tip hardened by the cold basement air. She arched against her bonds as she felt a claw sliding between her folds, already aware of the moisture pooling.

"The truth," Azrael ordered, thrusting forward until she gasped. The candle shifted closer to heat her nipple. His thrusting claw easily moved through the wet channel as a low rumble escaped him. "Still want to lie to me, Ellie?"

"I'm n-not lying." She sucked in a sharp breathe when he pushed deeper with his claw, scratching her walls. A jerk of his wrist dripped more wax onto her nipple inside its waxen cocoon. "P-please, Azrael."

Her words went ignored as the candle slid down to drip wax onto her clit. His claw was still buried in her as the wax dripped onto her sex, mixing with the juices leaking from her. The burning sensation made her moan while she arched up, spreading her thighs wider.

The claw withdrew with a squishing sound as he brought the finger to his nose, inhaling her scent. His fingers went to her lips to smear the liquid as he commented, "And yet you're soaked for someone who claimed she didn't want this." He blew a breathe out and the candle's flame faded.

She gave a sigh of relief that was short lived as the candle with its still warm wick slid down her body. A whimper of pain escaped her at the burning line left before a rough push forced the candle between her folds as she jolted against the chains with a scream. Its tip still faintly burned while it was forced in and out of her in the rough motion of a cock. Her arching back pushed the candle deeper when his mouth bent to her left breast, sucking the stiff nipple between his teeth for a rough suckle without a pause in the candle's motion.

"Should I have kept it lit?" Azrael's words were a growl against her breast before his teeth sank in, forcing her to arch further as heat spread through her core. She whimpered and gripped the chains while he commanded, "Come."

A scream tore from her as the heat intensified into a burn as if a flame were pressed against her gspot. Her body arched up so his fingers met moisture while her walls greedily squeezed the candle's rough length, screaming through her orgasm. However, she found him pulling away without removing the candle from her dripping pussy which still gripped it in a vice.

"I also wrote another scene that Monica was kind enough to help us with," he began, hovering over her. His pants dissolved away so his thick cock hung in front of her face, already hard and pulsing. "I think you'll like it."

Leaving her laying there, he turned a lever so the chain lowered Monica to hovering over the altar with less than a foot between them. Another tug moved her into a position so her head hung facing down along with her breasts while her restrained wrists and ankles supported her weight. The new position dripped further blood onto Ellie's body which was beginning to cool from the stinging wax.

Ellie turned her head to the side only to find the thin knife carved from human bone hovering over her breast. "Please, Azrael," she begged then sucked in a breathe as the knife scraped her skin. It peeled the layer of wax away to reveal one swollen nipple that was tinted red from the heat. His teeth clamped around the bud almost immediately while she felt the candle begin to thrust inside her once more, its fiery tip burning a path despite her flowing juices. "Oh, yes . . . oh, God."

His knife continued to move down her body, skimming away the wax, without removing his lips from her breast. He shifted his attention to the other one and suckled while the blade eased the wax from her swollen clit; however, his suckling arched her hips forward so the blade nicked her skin, causing her to cry out. It also pushed the candle deeper inside her as she screamed and arched into him, heedless of anything except the immense pleasure spiraling through her at the burn.

A sudden jerk withdrew the candle and a clatter followed. Her folds were separated, roughly before his length thrust into her with a growl that definitely wasn't humans. Crying out, she arched her hips up to meet his rough thrusts while his lips continued to suckle her breast. He gave the nipple a final nip with his teeth then pulled back, gripping her thighs to control the undulations of her hips against him.

"Here's the part where Monica helps," he began, thrusting roughly so she slid up the altar. One of his hands lifted, the knife glinting in the candlelight, and made a slashing motion before Ellie felt warm liquid splash onto her face.

A scream left her as the metallic tang of blood filled her mouth yet she could do nothing but lay there, hips arching into Azrael's thrust. She spit out the blood only to have more drip, eyes shifting up to see Monica's slit throat as she gurgled helpless sounds only to fall silent as the knife tore through her breast. Her mind wanted to revolt at the sight and sticky feeling yet her body continued thrusting up to meet Azrael while pleasure built to a fever pitch.

"Fuck me," she begged in a voice she barely recognized as her own. Her fingers were digging into the chains while she strained and pushed to take his cock even deeper. Feeling a pressure on her hand, she felt the chains pull tight then release, though hands immediately pulled her up to straddle Azrael's thick length. The chains fell from her ankles, too, so she was sitting astride him with Monica's body hanging inches from her back. "Please, fuck me."

"Fuck yourself," he challenged before going completely still inside her. His hands slid up her hips through the sticky blood to her nipples where his fingers flicked her nipples then twisted them, roughly. "Do it, Ellie. Show me you're worth being my mate."

Pushing aside the nausea building in her stomach, Ellie placed her hands on his shoulders, nails curling in, and began to rock back and forth on his erection. Her hips shifted up to force his cock out then pushed back down to drive it deeper, repeating the action several times as he bent to suckle her neck. She felt his teeth nip the tender skin yet it only added to the pleasure while she rode him, tilting her head back to allow him better access. Ignoring Monica's hair tickling her face, she slid up then impaled herself onto the thick length while the pressure built inside her.

Azrael's mouth trailed bites up her throat to her chin before a hand tangled in her hair. The other was still tweaking a nipple as his hand gripping her hair forced her into a kiss, the forked tongue lashing against hers which responded without hesitation.

A jolt of pleasure washed through her as she arched up into her climax, moaning his name. His hips picked up the thrusting motion while she continued to climax, nails digging into his shoulders to imbed in the skin. Even as he growled his pleasure into her mouth, she felt the familiar burn of his cum spurting inside her and groaned at the new sensation. His claws clutched her hips while he forced her body to finish riding him through his release.

She whimpered as Azrael pulled away from her, trailing his lips down her jaw to her throat then down to lap at her blood-splattered chest. His tongue made her shiver as it moved over to a nipple and sucked the bloody nub inside, lashing it with his tongue.

"Did you enjoy that, Ellie?" The words were muffled against her breast yet she could only nod as he withdrew from her, leaving her kneeling on the altar as a mixture of fluids dripped down onto the worn stone. His hands grasped her thighs then forced her position to shift, moving her onto her knees with her head facing toward Monica's pale, bloodless form.

Feeling her stomach knot up, she tried to look away except Azrael's sudden grasp of her hair forced her to stare at the body of her former friend. The green eyes were open and sightless, red hair a tangled mess, Ellie she felt Azrael moving behind her, one arm moving around her waist while the hand from her hair moved to grasp her chin, forcing her eyes to lock on the form. His hold moved her chin down to inspect the slashes marring her throat and the smooth skin of her breast as his forked tongue brushed the side of her neck. Goosebumps shot down her arms.

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