tagGroup SexTesting Kate

Testing Kate

byMentor de Lyon©

When Jen was satisfied with Kate's training with the strap-on cock, she proposed that we test Kate on its proper use. To make the "test" more challenging, we decided that we would have Kate fuck an attractive woman whom she had not previously met and that we would video the testing session. I suggested to Jen that Sophie, the wife of our friend Marc, would be great as the test subject.

Before we started Kate's training we had experienced several memorable sexual adventures with Marc and Sophie. Sophie is a striking redhead with milky white skin and long shapely legs. Her tits are small and firm like Kate's and adorned with lovely pink nipples. I had enjoyed sucking Sophie's tits on several occasions and once, with Jen stoking me, I had the pleasure of shooting my cum all over them. I knew Sophie to be quite bisexual and always ready to try anything and everything sexually. Marc complements Sophie well. He is a handsome blond with a good body and a large cock, which I had on several occasions watched him use to fuck both Sophie and Jen senseless.

Jen telephoned Sophie and explained our ideas for Kate's test to her.

"Have you seen us with our friend Kate?" Jen asked Sophie.

"I have seen you two with her a lot," Sophie replied. "Are you two "doing" that pretty young thing?"

"Well, let's just say that we have been training her in the 'finer arts' of sexuality," Jen replied smiling at me. "We would like her to take a little test with you and Marc," Jen explained.

"I guess that answers my question," Sophie laughed. "This is sounding hot, what is her test going to be?"

"Part of Kate's training has been the use and care of a strap-on dildo," Jen explained.

"Has she fucked you with it?" Sophie asked.

"Both of us actually, but only after I had used it on her to shown her how it was done," Jen answered.

"I'm sure you were an excellent teacher, Jen," Sophie replied with awakening lust becoming apparent in her voice.

"She has become quite a good little fuck with it, if I do say so myself," Jen replied.

"We would love for you and Marc to come over for dinner Saturday night and afterwards Kate will fuck you to orgasm while we take video", Jen said. "Of course the rest of us will be playing too", she added.

"Kate's little test sounds interesting and talking about it is already gotten me soaked," Sophie admitted. "Kate is so cute, I can't wait to see her naked wearing just that dildo." "Will she do me in the ass, too?" Sophie asked.

"Yes, we had planned that anal sex would be part of her test it will be alright with you," Jen replied. "I have taught her to be very gentle with it and of course we'll use lots of lube".

"Remember Sophie, whichever one of your hot little holes she is fucking when you cum is up to you, but to pass the test she has to bring you to orgasm with the strap-on," Jen instructed.

"Jen, I don't think I'll have any problem in "cumming" or in convincing Marc to join in," Sophie replied. "Do you want Marc to bring his new video camera?"

"That would be great, Sophie". "Dinner at eight on Saturday then?" "If you can convince Marc," Jen laughed.

A week before the dinner with Sophie and Marc Jen explained the rules of "the test" to Kate, and described Sophie and Marc to her. Kate was excited and happy about being tested by her mistress.

Jen and Kate "practiced" with the strap-on during the week of the test until Jen was sure that Kate was ready for Sophie. Jen had Kate fuck her pussy with various types of strap-on cocks. Jen tested Kate in nearly every position imaginable and Kate was always able to fuck Jen to at least one if not several orgasms.

One evening the three of us were in our living room enjoying some wine and discussing Kate's upcoming test with her. Jen excused herself and in a few minutes and returned wearing black heels and stockings and a calf-length black dress that zipped to the small of her back. The dress had a full skirt but its tight bodice that revealed that she had removed her bra. Jen's nipples had already hardened in anticipation of what she had apparently planned for Kate.

"Kate, this is your "dress rehearsal" before Saturday's test," Jen said. Then she said to Kate, "Strip for us little sub-slut."

I poured us three more glasses of wine and watched as Kate obediently rose from her chair grasped the hem of her white t-shirt and lifted it over her head. Jen moved to Kate and kissed her lips while her right hand found for clasp at the back of Kate's thin white lace bra. I watched the device sag slightly as Jen deftly unfastened it freeing Kate's tits. Jen brushed the straps off of Kate's shoulders and the bra fell to the floor. Then she picked up her wine glass and joined me again on the couch to continue to watch Kate strip. Kate stepped out of her shoes and then faced us while slowly undoing the buttons of her jeans. Her nipples began to harden as she began to imagine what was going to happen next. Jen fixed her gaze into Kate's eyes as she sipped her wine while gently fondling the growing bulge in my pants.

When Kate had completed unbuttoning her jeans she pushed them down over her slender hips revealing the matching white lace cotton thong she and Jen had bought at their favorite lingerie store earlier in the week.

"Take everything off," Jen said to Kate. "I want you completely naked."

Kate stood with her back to me and motioned to the long zipper at the back of her dress.

"Would you mind?"

"Not at all my dear," I returned.

With that, Kate lowered her eyes from her mistresses' gaze, hooked her thumbs into the sides of her thong and slid it down to expose her newly shaved mound. I then unzipped Jen's dress and pushed the sleeves off her shoulders revealing the smooth tanned skin of her back. When Kate had stepped out of he thong I pealed Jen's dress down exposing her breasts to Kate's gaze and let it fall to the floor.

Kate gasped when she saw the Jen's tops of Jen's thigh-high stockings framing the black leather harness and long thick double strap-on dildo between Jen's parted thighs. The harness held the dildo in place by straps looped through a ring around its middle. One half of it penetrated Jen's vagina while the rest of the shaft with its thick cockhead swung lewdly between her stocking-covered thighs.

Jen grasped Kate's lovely chin and kissed her long and full on the lips.

Jen breathed to Kate, "I am going to fuck you in the ass."

Then Jen said to me, "Put her on the footstool."

Kate was trembling with excitement as I took her in my arms and guided her to a large well-cushioned black leather Ottoman. I gently helped the nude 20 year old kneel onto it and positioned her so that Jen could fuck her from behind.

"Get the little slut ready for me", Jen ordered as she stepped out of the crumpled dress at her feet. "She is probably already dripping wet just thinking about it."

I took Kate's face in my hands and raised it to mine. I whispered to her that I loved her and then kissed her deeply. Her lips melted into mine and our tongues caressed. I knew that the ass-fucking she was about to receive would be easier for her the more excited she was so I strove to heighten her sexual arousal by fondling her breasts and rolling and pinching her nipples until they had hardened under my touch. Then I licked and sucked both of them in turn while stroking the other with my palms. After several minutes I moved behind her and placing my left hand on her shoulder I used my right hand other to spread her thighs apart. I then pressed two fingers to her pussy and her lust-swollen cunt lips offered no resistance as my fingers sank deep into her liquid warmth.

"She's soaked," I responded showing Jen my fingers glistening with Kate's juices.

As was our custom with our little slut-slave, I then wiped them over Kate's upper lip to further inflame her passion with the scent of her own fragrance.

I watched Jen pumping the fake cock with her hand as she coated it with lube. Then I stepped into Kate's view to strip. She watched as my cock sprang free inches from her face.

"Lube her tight little asshole for me," Kate said as she handed me the bottle of the slippery liquid.

I took it from Jen and then knelt behind Kate to prepare her for what I knew would be a serious ass fucking.

"You may be asked to fuck Sophie anally on Saturday," Jen told Kate. "I want you to remember what it should feel like how to do it well."

Kate moaned softly as I began to prepare her for Jen's strap-on cock. I licked her clit and sucking her cunt until her pussy juice literally began to drip from her excited quim. Gathering some of it, I rubbed it over her rosebud as she spread her thighs to give me better access to her sweet nether-hole. Then I rimmed her until I felt the sphincter begin to relax and loosen. I then penetrated her, first with my tongue and then with one and finally two fingers. I squeezed some lube between my fingers and she moaned again as I spread open her tiny hole letting the lube seep between them to lubricate her deeply.

"Are you ready for me?" Jen asked as she took my place behind Kate and lovingly stroked Kate ass-cheeks.

"Yes, Mistress," Kate replied.

"Yes, Mistress you are ready for what, Kate?" Jen returned.

"I am ready for you to fuck me, Mistress," Kate said. "I am ready for you to fuck my ass."

"Very well, Kate," Jen replied. Then Jen said to me, "Since I will be fucking our little sub-slut in the ass, you will use her mouth."

I moved in front of the kneeling sub and stroked my cock, which was by then dripping with pre-cum. I wiped it against her cheek. Kate raised her face to me and I looked into her sweet blue eyes that were half-hooded with lust.

She whispered to me, "I want you."

Kate then rolled her eyes and moaned loudly as the pressure of Jen's fat fake cockhead began to stretch her open. Her tight pink ring resisted Jen's onslaught briefly then gave in as the strap-on cock forced its way inside of her. At that moment Kate's lips also parted to accept my cock into the velvet warmth of her mouth.

Jen fucked Kate with slow short strokes at first until she was sure that Kate could accommodate the full length of the dildo. Her strokes soon became more insistent due to the effect she saw she was having on Kate and to the stimulation she was receiving from the other end of the dildo that was prodding her own cunt. I watched Kate's passionate expressions as she looked up at me while she lapped and sucked my throbbing prick. Jen reached between Kate's legs to find the hard slippery nubbin of her clitoris and began rolling it with her fingers while forcefully pumping the dildo into the twenty-year old's ass.

It soon became obvious from the increasing intensity of Kate's moans that she soon was going to cum from Jen's ass fucking. However, Kate's training dictated that she was to please others before she was permitted her own release so Kate tried valiantly to hold off her orgasm until she could bring me off with her mouth. Kate increased the intensity of her fellatio, taking the full length of my shaft into her mouth and throat. However, when Jen sensed what Kate was trying to do, she decided to deny Kate control of her orgasm and spanked her hard six times in rapid succession. The sudden stimulation caused Kate's expression to flash from determination to surrender as she realized that she could no longer resist, and a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

"Oooohhh! Ahhhhhh! Unhhhhhhhhhhhh...Ooooooh!" Kate cried as she involuntarily let my cock slip from her mouth.

Jen's own cries soon echoed Kate's as the double-fuck stick brought her to her own orgasm. I watched as Jen rode it out, mercilessly pounding the strap-on into Kate's rudely stretched asshole. When they finally came down, Jen hugged and kissed Kate's back and gently withdrew the slippery rod from Kate's well-used ass.

I then lifted the panting Kate into my arms, kissed her cheek and carried her to the couch and placed her on her back to recover from the ass fucking. Still wearing her black heels, thigh-highs and the glistening strap-on, Jen knelt next to Kate, stroked her young friend's hair and softy kissed her lips.

"Kate that is how it should feel to be fucked in the ass, but remember that you must be the last to cum on Saturday night," Jen gently chided her.

Jen then got up to remove the strap-on and use the bathroom and I took her place beside the still winded Kate.

Kate whispered to me "I'm sorry that I didn't make you cum...but Jen spanked me and I came."

Placing a finger to her lips I said, "You were wonderful, Kate." "We are both very pleased with you progress so far."

Kate smiled at me and grasped my flagging prick. Using her thumb she spread the leaked pre-cum over my cock-head. Then she stroked my cock with her soft fingers until I was fully hard again.

"Master, please pick one of my fuck holes to fill with your cum," Kate implored.

Without waiting for me to reply, she rolled onto her belly, placed her left leg on the floor and raised herself up onto her right knee to give me access to her from behind. I eyed her still gaping asshole but chose her cunt instead, which Jen had not yet penetrated that evening.

Kate's pussy was sopping wet from the excitement of her ass fucking and with a single thrust I plunged balls-deep into her. I reached for the young sub's nipples to twist and pinch as I fucked her. Jen reentered the room and moved in front of Kate. Jen then spread her thighs and pressed Kate's face into her snatch so that Kate could lick her pussy clean. Kate obliged with abandon, lapping and tonguing Jen's pussy as I continued to fuck her. With my cock in her cunt, the pressure of my fingers on her nipples, and the taste of her Mistress, Kate's body was soon shaking from the force of another strong orgasm. Then with a loud groan, I granted Kate's request and emptied my balls inside of her.

When Saturday evening final arrived, Jen picked out short black dresses that she and Kate would wear to be accompanied with black thigh-high stockings and heels. Neither Jen nor Kate would wear either a bra or panties. Jen's dress zipped up the back while Kate's was a halter dress that displayed her beautiful bare back. It had the additional advantage that by loosing a single button on the collar we could quickly make Kate naked to the waist. Jen and Kate bathed together to get ready for the evening and carefully shaved each other's pussy lips before doing their hair and makeup.

We heard the doorbell at eight o'clock sharp on Saturday evening. We had decorated apartment for the occasion with many candles that we had lit just before our guests arrived. Jen and I met our friends at the door with hugs and warm kisses. Marc and I watched Jen and Sophie as they caressed each other while exchanging a long kiss.

"Marc and Sophie, this is our friend Kate," Jen said. "Kate, come and greet Marc and Sophie properly."

Kate approached Marc and they embraced and kissed. Marc let his hands feel their way down her back and roam over her ass.

"Pleased to meet you Marc," Kate smiled as they broke their kiss.

"The pleasure is all mine," her returned gallantly.

"I sure there will be plenty of that to go around this evening," Kate returned and we all laughed.

Sophie and Kate then approached each other and smiled. Sophie was wearing a diaphanous dress over a black lace body stocking and looked stunningly beautiful in the candlelight with her auburn hair put up revealing her sexy long neck. Her high black heels made her slightly taller than Kate. The two women hugged pressing their breasts together.

"I hope you will enjoy being with me tonight," Kate whispered to Sophie.

"I am going to make sure you pass your test, Kate," Sophie returned. Then they kissed deeply for a long while, enjoying the newness of each other's touch.

"Well, now that we have broken the ice, lets eat," Jen laughed.

Sophie joined Jen and Kate in bring out the dishes that we had prepared earlier while Marc and I set up the video equipment. We had placed a queen-sized mattress on the floor in the living room, with divans on either side of it. We directed the track lighting so that the mattress would be well illuminated for the video. For contrast we had covered it with a burgundy-colored satin sheet. We set the video camera on a tripod and connected it to the television to use as a monitor.

"That looks pretty professional," Marc said.

"Yeah, I think we should go into the business," I grinned. "Can one of you come over here," I called to the women who were chatting while they prepared the table. "We need to test the equipment".

Jen walked over to see what we were doing and I asked her to kneel on the mattress so that we could adjust the lighting and camera angle. Marc focused the video camera while I watched the monitor. Jen raised her dress so that she could kneel onto the mattress.

"Like this?" Jen asked, spreading her thighs.

"Yes, like that Jen, only lift up your dress a little higher to give Marc something to focus on".

Jen looked at straight at Marc through the camera lens and gently swayed her hips while slowly raising the hem of her dress. She exposed her thighs, the tops of her stockings, and finally her freshly shaved pubic mound. Marc zoomed in and I could see that her excitement had already made her pussy lips begin to glisten with her juices.

When we had finished adjusting the equipment I lifted Jen to her feet, took her in my arms and kissed her. My hand slid up her thigh to cup her heated mound.

"Wait for dessert!" she chided me. Her eyes were smiling as she brushed her hem down and returned to the dinning room to finish putting dinner on.

We feasted on a scrumptious dinner of roast quail and wild rice that Jen and I had prepared. The meal was accompanied with a green salad, a nice Sauvignon Blanc and finished with a great mousse au chocolat that Sophie had made. After dinner we sampled some very old and remarkably smooth Cuban rum while Marc and I each enjoyed a fine Cohiba.

"Is it time for the music?" I queried.

"I think so," Jen returned. "And it's time for Kate's test."

When we had played with Marc and Sophie before we started training Kate we would slow dance together to loosen up and get us all in the mood. Then Jen and Sophie would help each other remove their dresses signaling the start of the sexual part of the evening.

I got up and put on some soft dance music and dimmed the lights. Then I caught Jen in my arms and held her close to me. As we danced I played with her beautifully shaped ass and eventually pulled her dress over it exposing her to the others. Jen cooed she pressed her tits into me as we swayed to the music.

Sophie and Kate held hands as they walked over from the table to where we were dancing as Marc prepared the camera to video the couples dancing.

Jen and I watched as Kate and Sophie fell into each other arms with Sophie's head resting on Kate's shoulder. Kate was whispering to her and embracing Sophie tightly.

"Well, here goes," I said. I kissed Jen and reached for the zipper at the back of her dress.

The soft dance music was joined by the sexy whisper of Jen's zipper opening to the small of her back. I helped free her of her dress. Kate and Sophie stopped dancing to admire Jens naked breasts, long sexy legs, and her bare pussy accented by her black thigh highs and heels.

Sophie and Kate then turned to each other and kissed deeply again. Kate took charge of the situation and unbuttoned the front of Sophie's dress. The see-thru dress fell free leaving her in her black lace body stocking. It was open at the crotch revealing the finely trimmed red tendrils that adorned her pussy mound. Since the opening in the body stocking gave ample sexual access to her nether regions, Jen imagined how lovely Sophie would look in it while Kate was fucking her.

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