tagBDSMTesting Ourselves Pt. 02

Testing Ourselves Pt. 02


Author's Note: This is the second part of the story I published some months ago. The whole story, including this part, is dedicated to A. I would like to thank shygirlwhore who did the editing as her work improved this story a lot. I hope you enjoy it.


I woke up rather early, I hadn't closed the blinds and the sun had invaded the room. Kate was still sleeping in my arms; her face was so peaceful. I tried not to wake her up, her right hand was around me; I replaced myself with one of my pillows. I closed the blinds to make the room darker in order to let her sleep some more. My eyes were dry; I hadn't removed my contact lenses before we fell asleep. I brushed my teeth and headed for the kitchen to make breakfast. After all these years, we had finally slept together and since I was the host, I had to take good care of her. I made coffee, I had to leave the coffee maker switched on to keep it warm. For the first time in my life I decided to make waffles, I turned on my laptop to search for some waffle recipes, I found one that looked interesting; it was originally Belgian, so I had to translate the text from Dutch. I had everything I needed, flour, sugar, eggs, butter and milk, I thought that if I'd followed the recipe word by word, the overall result could satisfy even a rather experienced cook like her. I found out I didn't have baking powder, despite that I carried on.

At some point I was so carried away from my cooking experience, that I didn't hear her coming. She hugged me from behind.

"You're unbelievable." She said.

"Good morning to you too." I laughed.

"How many times in the past have you made waffles?"

"To be honest, none."

"I knew it."

"If you need a tooth brush, I have a spare one, new, in the bathroom."

"I said I came prepared. I brought mine."

"What are you wearing?" I asked but it was rather a rhetorical question.

"Your yesterday shirt. I liked it."

"Is it some kind of a tradition that you girls like our shirts?"

"I don't know about your other conquests, but I do like them." She answered.

I had just put the first two waffles into the iron. I took advantage of the waiting and I kissed her.

"It doesn't look so strange on you, you are tall."

"Yes, but still, it's clear it's my boyfriend's and not mine."

"Alright then, but I could lend it to you if you would consider one day to go out wearing something boyish."

"I'll keep that in mind." She laughed.

"I've made coffee. Pour some into your cup till the first waffles are ready. I have Nutella, strawberry jam and powdered sugar."

"I'm trying to lose some weight and now that."

"Alright, tomorrow will have eggs."

The first waffles were ready, I served her and prepared the next ones.

"They are a bit thin, aren't they?"

"I had no baking powder Ma'am." I smirked.

"It's a decent effort for a first time cook." She said when she tasted it.

"Practise makes perfect."

"I wouldn't care even if they were terrible. Your move to cook for me, to satisfy me, even if you are not that good, is rather touching." She smiled.

"I have to take care of the lady that slept in by bed."

After some minutes, I finally finished the cooking and I sat next to her to eat.

"So, what are your plans for the weekend?" she asked at some point.

"I don't have any, do you?"

"No, I don't."

"Good. That means we have most of the weekend for ourselves right?"

"That's correct. But..."


"I just have to pick up some things from my place. I could only bring so much with me. My handbag is big, but not that big. So I have to leave for a bit."

"I'll drive you, don't worry. Unless you want to go alone."

"I don't. But I also don't want to put you in the middle of the Saturday morning traffic."

"I don't care. I don't have anything else important to do."

"Good then." She smiled. "I'll go get dressed." She added and took her final bite of the breakfast.

We didn't talk about yesterday, I thought it was clear that we both enjoyed it more or less but it seemed that we were both avoiding the conversation. It was just ten o'clock in the morning. I put everything in the dishwasher and went to get ready, too. I found her in the bedroom, she was wearing her dinner outfit, her hair was loose and the jeans were hiding her beautiful legs. It was like she was transformed again to the smart young lady that I had dinner with last night, nothing like the dominant girl that had me on my knees a few hours ago.

We left and headed for her home. She was right, the traffic was appalling, the rain had started again but I didn't feel comfortable letting her use the public transport on such a day.

"Have I fulfilled your fantasy?" I asked her at a traffic light that had to flash green four times before we could get past it.

"Absolutely. I would have to be ungrateful to say otherwise. What about you?"

"It was better than I thought, to be honest. I think you would have noticed it." I smirked.

"There was some evidence for sure." She replied.

"Today we will switch roles, right?"

"Yes of course. I can't wait for the second part. I'll be the sub for the rest of the weekend."


"May I ask one question?"


"You said it was better than expected. Does that mean that in the future I could be the mistress again?"

"Why not. Look, I don't like being ordered around, but I kind of enjoyed taking care of your body, so yes."

"Is there anything you didn't particularly like?"

"I don't think so."

"Even licking my feet?"

"I don't really care. Really. You were smelling good. The taste was neither good nor bad. You enjoyed it. So I will do again. It's no big deal for me."

"It is for me. I loved it but I don't want to make you do things you find disgusting."

"I don't, trust me. If I did, I would have told you. Either way I think that when a woman is in charge, it's expected to demand to be taken care from head to toes, literally."

"Fantastic. Thank you." She said and kissed me on my cheek.

"Behave babe." I teased her.

"Did you like my dress?"

"A lot."

"Nice. I have a similar one in purple."

"I noticed something and I wanted to ask you. You were a Mistress, you had me tied on the bed, why did you suck my cock?"

"I did it to tease you and because I like it. Not all of us are doing it because our boyfriends ask us to. Some of us are enjoying it."

"That was something I didn't really know."

After a few minutes we arrived at her place. I couldn't park, she lived in one of the busiest neighbourhoods in Athens. She got out of the car but just after she closed the door, I lowered the passenger's window.



"Bring a skirt with you."

She didn't reply, she just smiled. I knew she didn't particularly enjoy wearing them; she wasn't that confident about her body, but I was insisting that she looked great in them and that she was wrong to refuse to give it a try.

I parked in front of someone else's garage to wait for her, I stayed with the car in case someone wanted to get in or out of the garage. Surprisingly, she was very fast and I saw her quickly walking towards the car with a small luggage; I had hoped she had gotten rid of the jeans, but she hadn't changed anything.

"Ready?" I said when she sat next to me.

"Oh yes. Let the games begin. I came here without underwear and it felt really strange."

"Are you wearing panties now?"


"Have you brought a skirt?"

"I have. Not just one. And I was going to do it even without you asking me to. I know you like them."

"Good girl" I said and caressed her thighs.

"Let's go home."

"We have to stop at a supermarket on our way back, I hope you're ok with that."

"You're the boss now." She smirked.

After our brief shopping we arrived at my flat.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, ok?" I said while we were emptying the shopping bags.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all."

We undressed and got under the hot water. We didn't fuck, we just washed each other. But it was so bloody nice. When we were done I dried her body and then knelt in front of her. I ate her pussy for some moments but I didn't let her come. I stood back on my feet, I kissed her and said.

"If you are a good girl, you will be rewarded with a good pussy licking. But it's enough for now. I'll go check my emails for some minutes, I'd expect you to be ready when I'm finished. You have fifteen minutes. Wear the purple dress."


"No bra. Only a thong if you want."

"Can I use the bedroom? I want to dry my hair."

"Alright. I'll sit at the kitchen table. I'll meet you in the living room."

"Yes Sir." She said and left me.

I did indeed check my emails but I wasn't really concentrating. The only thing I could think about was her as my submissive. I opened the box with the toys, removed the packaging and then rinsed a couple of them before I used them on her.

The fifteen minutes had passed, I put everything back in the box and left. I found her sitting on the sofa. She had on the purple dress and like the previous day, stockings and heels.

"Kneel." I told her and she quickly was on her knees in front of me.

"From now until Sunday night you will be my submissive. You will follow my orders, otherwise you will be punished. Understood?"

"Yes Sir."

"Your safe word is Apples. If you can't speak, three consecutive claps will have the same effect. Clear enough?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good. I was going to tell you that during this weekend you will address me as Sir but I see that you already do that."

"What's in the box Sir?"

"I have some toys. They are new, you will be the first to use them. Now lift your hair up."

She did as told and I took a leather collar that I bought and fastened it around her neck.

"Is it comfortable?"

"It's strange, for sure. I haven't had anything so tight around my neck. But I'll get used to it."

"Good. Now come and lie on my lap."

I now had easy access to her bottom, I raised her dress and revealed it. She has wearing a black thong. I dragged it down, just so I could have access to her butthole.

"This might hurt Katie."

"I know Sir. I'm ready."

I had paid a lot of attention in this area while I was washing her. I placed some lubricant on my middle finger and began applying pressure. The resistance at first was strong.

"Relax babe, don't you trust me?"

"Ok Sir. I do trust you, but it's my first time."

"It will be fine." I replied and finally my finger was inside her arse.

I carefully removed it and then did it again so I was slowly fucking her. At first even my finger was hurting her, I knew it, but after a while I was finding less resistance each time I was inserting my finger. Not only that, but she was moaning a bit.

"Do you like it, slave?"

"Yes Sir. Can you continue?"

"Ask nicely."

"Sir, can you fuck my butt with your fingers? Please."

I continued, as she asked, I tried to put a second finger, but her arse was not willing to take it. I realised she was getting dangerously close to coming and I gradually reduced my pace. With my other hand, I took the butt plug from the box and left it in front of her face.

"Suck it babe."

She obeyed the order and sucked the black toy hungrily. I dragged it away and brought it in her rear entrance. It wasn't big, it was in fact the smallest one they had, it was her first time and I didn't want to make it that uncomfortable. I pushed it and due to the training of her butt, it slid inside easily. I slapped her butt cheeks twice and then told her to get back on her knees. I had bought two pair of handcuffs, one of them had a longer chain. I cuffed her hands with the normal one and gave her the other one.

"Cuff your ankles with them."

After she did that too, I took the ball gag from the box, it was black too and also the smaller one they had.

"We'll go for a little walk. Just to get a feel of my house. But my girl needs to be quiet." I said and she opened her mouth wide. I secured it on her head and then took the leash which I attached it in the ring of her collar.

"Come on." I said and she dropped on her fours.

She followed me but her movements were restricted by the cuffs on her hands. We visited all the rooms of the flat, once, I knew walking on her knees would hurt, and I didn't want that. We were quickly back in the living room and I removed her gag and left in on a napkin I took from the kitchen.

"Undress me from below the waist." I told her and stood on my feet.

It took her a bit long to remove my trousers, the handcuffs were obstructing her. I was very hard already, watching her like that was arousing to me. She took off my boxers too and now I was naked from the waist down. Without asking, she took me in her mouth. It was so good I couldn't tell her to stop. She was sucking hungrily and I was very close to cumming. I was just caressing her hair. Indeed, I came after a few moments, unloading my cum into her mouth. She swallowed everything and I pushed her head away as a sign to stop. She was watching me with a sad face. I slapped her face lightly.

"Did I give you an order to suck me?"

"No Sir."

"What do you expect now?"

"A punishment."

"You're quite right. Climb on the sofa and put your hands on the back of it."

"Yes Sir, right away." She replied and moved fast, like she was waiting for it.

I lifted her dress up to reveal her ass, she was still wearing the thong but the butt plug on was clearly visible.

"You are going to get ten slaps. You will count each one. You are not allowed to cum during your punishment. If you do so, you will be punished further, understood?"

"Yes Sir."

I caressed her butt cheek for a bit and then suddenly BAAM!. She wasn't prepared for the first slap but I didn't hit her strongly. I couldn't inflict a lot of pain on her either way.


The second was definitely stronger but on the other cheek.


I tried to give her a break after each slap to let her prepare. After I had given her five hits on each cheek, her ass was pink, the tone of her voice showed me that I didn't hurt her much. I touched her pussy over the thong, she was so wet. I guessed she was ready to cum, the butt plug was moving during the spanking and that might have played its role. I wasn't going to torture her much, I wanted her to enjoy it as much as I was. I uncuffed her ankles for a bit just to remove her thong and I stuffed it in her mouth.

"Your turn to taste it."

I slowly inserted one finger in her, I wanted so much to taste her but I knew that would lead to her immediate explosion. I decided to keep her occupied with my fingers, I set a very slow pace and she was trying to move her body on my fingers.

"You're still not allowed to cum, so don't hurry." I told her and she immediately stopped.

I continued fingering her pussy, she was groaning through her gag; I knew she was close but I didn't give her the final push. I feared that my tactics could make her angry, I didn't want that and I thought it was time to let her unleash herself. I was close too, I turned her body so she was now facing the armrest while still kneeling on the sofa. I quickly put on a condom and entered her.

"Cum babe." I told her and started fucking her hard and fast.

It didn't take long for either of us, the thong in her mouth was preventing her from shouting and judging from the intensity of her orgasm, her voice would have been heard on the whole block. Her knees couldn't support her body any more she collapsed on the sofa. I was on top of her, I moved her hair away to kiss her back; her dress had a great cut there. She was muffling but I couldn't get what she was saying. I threw away my condom and turned her to lay on her back, we were now staring at each other, I sat normally and I helped her do the same. I put my hand between her legs and she parted them, as much as the cuffs would allow her. I removed the cloth from her mouth, took some of her juices with my fingers and without saying anything I touched her lips with them, she welcomed them inside and licked them clean. I wiped her saliva on her dress and kissed her, her handcuffed hands were caressing my still hard cock. I uncuffed one of her wrists and she wrapped her hand around me for a long kiss. We were now lying on the sofa, she was on top of me this time and my cock was inches away from her pussy, but she didn't make a move and neither did I.

"Sir, your pet-girl is thirsty." She said playfully when she moved her lips from mine.

"Alright then. Follow me." I replied, unclipping the leash from her collar.

I stood on my feet and I was expecting her to do the same but it turned out she was playing her role till the end. She dropped to her hands and knees, cuffed her wrists again and followed me to the kitchen. I took a bowl from the drawer, filled it with fresh water and put it in front of her. She lowered her head to drink from it, I knelt down to reach her as I was trying to move her hair out of the so that it didn't get in her way.

"Babe, I think you should have a ponytail."

"Yes Sir." She made a break from drinking to reply.

She emptied it all, I was impressed by her skills to be honest. After she had finished, I put my finger into the ring of her neck and pulled her towards me, so now our faces were inches away, I kissed her lips, she opened her mouth for more, but I moved my face away and stood on my feet.

"Come on, follow me."

"You have a choice of gag, thong or ball." I said when we reached the living room.

"Whatever you want Sir."

"I asked you."

"I'd prefer the thong Sir."

I took it and rubbed it on her pussy to give it a stronger smell. She opened her mouth waiting for it, I gagged her and signalled her to follow me to the bedroom.

"Come on, lie on the bed." I said when we arrived and I slapped her ass lightly.

She quickly did. I tied her hands to the bed as she had done with me. This time though I freed her ankles. I put the blindfold on her eyes and I also used a pair of earbuds that I had bought for this exact moment. I didn't want her to been able to listen or see what I was doing.

"Are you still able to clap your hands?" I asked her before putting the buds in her ears.

She nodded yes and she clapped them once just to make sure she was still able to use the safe-signal. I didn't expect her to do so, I was just going to please her, even in a rather strange way.

After I put the earbuds on her, I was ready to begin. I bended her knees and parted her legs to the point where she was still comfortable. Her pink pussy was waiting for me. She was nervous, I didn't want that. It was her time. I reached her neck and kissed it above the collar, I wanted to relax her. I had bought a vibrator alongside the other toys. I turned it on and touched her clit with it, she responded immediately. My hands were caressing her body, I kissed her inner thighs and licked her pussy once. I slowly removed her butt plug and using my fingers I wetted her anal hole with some of her juices. I began finger-fucking both her pussy and her arse at the same time. My slow pace was not enough to make her cum, in the meantime I had turned the vibrator off.

I used my tongue on her clit, she was trying to groan through the fabric of her thong, but her effort was unsuccessful. I kept on teasing her orgasm but I wasn't going to torture her for much longer. I buried the vibrator in her pussy and switched it on, in the meantime I moved my head closer and touched her rear entrance with my tongue, she was clean, I had washed her myself; I felt her body shivering. I withdrew my tongue and inserted two fingers, now my pace was faster. She came on my hands, she was muffling something, she wanted to shout but she didn't spit the thong. I pulled the vibrator and my fingers out and tasted her pussy. I freed her hands and left for the bathroom, I washed my hands and the dildo. When I came back, she had still the blindfold, the earbuds and the gag on her. I removed them all and went on top of her, I kissed her lips and she reacted right away. I tasted her mouth for a while, she moved her head away and began kissing my neck, I hugged her and I could feel her breath on my skin.

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