tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTesting out the Fire Escape

Testing out the Fire Escape


Roy fumbled with his keys until he found the right one, sticking it in the slot and unlocking his apartment door. Once inside, he went to the kitchen and set down the groceries. His apartment was full of boxes still, not yet unpacked. He'd only been living in San Francisco for a few days, having just moved from New York City because of a job, and already homesick. He sat on the couch and let out a deep breath. His apartment was starting to get dark along with the evening. A clock on the wall read 6:46 PM. Another deep inhale and exhale brought Roy to his feet and over to his dining table set up by a big window. He peered out between the blinds. Across the street, he could see a family sitting down for dinner. In another apartment, a person sat on the couch watching TV. He began to close the blinds until the light in the apartment directly across from him turned on. He continued to spy on his new neighbor, curious to see who lived directly across from him. Just then a beautiful women entered her living room. She was tall and slender with light brown hair. She was slender, yes, but not lacking in womanly curves. Roy was surprised to see such a beautiful woman, by far the most attractive woman he'd seen since moving. Even more to his surprise was when she began undressing in her living room. First her jacket, then her shoes. She undid her belt and pulled it from the loops of her jeans, letting it fall to the floor. Roy did the same. His heart began racing, preparing himself to watch this woman get naked in her apartment. Next, she unbuttoned her pants, lowering her zipper, and began pulling off her jeans, giving little wiggles and shaking her hips in the process. Finally, there she stood in nothing but a t-shirt and black thong.

Roy's dick was getting hard. He loved the fact he could stand there and watch this woman without her knowing it. Just like her, he stood in his apartment in his underwear and shirt. She turned, allowing Roy to get a great look at her perfect ass. It was just right for her body. Full and round with completely smooth, unflawed skin. Now his dick was really hard, begging him to stroke it. He dropped his boxers from his waist, his dick springing back up. He grabbed it and slowly began stroking his shaft. He thought his heart might burst out his chest. He'd never done anything like this before. Never been given the chance, really. The woman across the street pulled her shirt over her head, showing off her matching black bra contrasting beautifully with her tan skin, holding her two juicy breasts. Roy couldn't believe his luck. That is, until she turned and left the room, moving out of sight. Roy continued to watch anyway, hoping she'd come back. A minute went by and still no sign of her, and suddenly her room went dark.

"Damn," Roy said. He was disappointed and felt teased. He pulled his boxers back up and sat on the couch, flipped on the TV, and decided to try and appreciate what little show he got.

A clock on the wall reads 12:01 AM. Knowing he has a full day tomorrow, Roy decides to get some sleep. He lays on his bed, eyes wide open, not sleeping a wink. All he can think about is the woman across the street. The vision of her amazing ass and tits are burned into his brain. The way her hair hung in her face, the way her skin looked so smooth and perfect, her toned body, her tan skintone contrasting with her black bra and thong.

"Fuck it," Roy whispered. He got out of bed and walked to the living room window again. His apartment was completely dark now so he opened the blinds completely, no longer scared of being caught spying. On the balcony directly across from his window, the woman across the street stood. It took a second for Roy's eyes to adjust to the darkness, but once he could see, he noticed she was completely naked! She was standing on her balcony, letting anyone willing to look see her nude.

Roy's cock began to swell. For the second time that day, he dropped his boxers to floor and started rubbing his dick. That's when she noticed him. At first Roy wasn't sure if she could see him, that is until she gave a delicate smile and a slight wave. Not knowing what to do, Roy opened his window. The woman motioned again, wanting him to come outside. He stepped out of the window and onto his fire escape. He couldn't believe he was out on his fire escape naked, but he didn't care if anyone saw him. His eyes locked on hers, she licked her fingers and slowly lowered her hand until it landed on her clit. She massaged slowly at first, but picked up the pace once she noticed Roy following her cue. There he was, on his fire escape jacking off to the woman across the street. There she was, on her balcony jacking off to the man across the street. Neither of them caring who might be watching.

The tip of Roy's dick was leaking pre-cum. He could feel himself building up to a climax. Across the street, the woman was rubbing we clit furiously with one hand, squeezing and pinching her nipples with the other. She bit her bottom lip, clearly enjoying this experience. Roy stroked his dick harder and faster, getting ready to shoot jizz all over his fire escape. The woman could tell he was close to coming. She nodded at him, begging for his cum all the way across the street. Roy's knees fell weak, his jaw open, his eyes squinting, and he let loose. The first stream shot clear over the hand rail, falling down to the sidewalk below. A few more streams shot out, his dick oozing cum, all the while his eyes never left hers. Shaking out his orgasm, he stood up straight and exhaled. His dick started lowering. Across the street, the woman smiled again.

"Same time tomorrow," she yelled out. Roy smiled.

"You got it!" he replied.

He went back into his apartment and closed the window. The woman stayed outside. Before he lowered his blinds, she blew him a kiss. On his way back to bed, Roy couldn't help but think he may enjoy his new home after all.

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