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Testing the Husband


Okay, it's not true and it's just a work of fiction. Don't try this at home.


After sixteen years of marriage and four kids I always wondered how my husband Mark viewed me. Was I still his little sex kitten? I guess after my thirty-sixth birthday I was kind of sensitive to the facts of life. Gray hairs were invading the black and gravity was having the expected effects on my body.

At a dinner party I found Mark's eyes locked on our hosts pretty daughter, Amy. She was tall, lithe, platinum blonde like her mother, and with the most piercing blue eyes. And she was at this dinner party in a red satin dress and she'd fashionably forgot to wear her bra. I'd once looked that sexy myself, but that was years ago and four children ago. Mark followed the girl around the room with furtive, sneaky, glances and I was certain he wanted her.

It took a week or so of evening chats and hints for me to figure out that Mark really did have the hots for Amy. Now the whole thing called into question my marriage. Was it still as real as ever?

I had to know.

For a few years now I'd been dealing with malaria from a trip to Panama and it was under control. But from time to time it would act up and I'd be fairly helpless as the bout of fever worked its' course. I was usually up and around in a few days, but one occurrence had lasted a whole week. It was pretty easy to concoct my plan from there.

I feigned a fever and called Amy and asked her to come over and take care of the kids and the house until I got better. Needing the money I offered for school, she quickly agreed and her mother dropped her at the house an hour later. I acted woozy and told her what to do around the house and told her to get comfortable as there was a lot to do. Her cute clothes were quickly exchanged for sweats and she set herself to doing the chores.

She did a great job with the dinner and had it on the table when Mark got home. The look on his lustful face was priceless when he saw the object of his desires serving him dinner. I finished up and then slipped off to the guestroom to sleep. Our guestroom is downstairs and I made a little show of not wanting to go up the stairs, promising to move later in the evening. Funny, I actually did slip off to sleep while the night progressed and Mark came in around ten to gently wake me.

I told him I wasn't moving. We had a very brief discussion and then he agreed to have Amy sleep on the daybed in our bedroom. Amy was ambivalent, but she agreed and collected her things to take them upstairs.

The two of them left the room and I set my alarm clock for two in the morning. The clock radio turned on at the appointed time and I slipped upstairs to check on everyone. The kids were fast asleep but there was a light on in the master bedroom. I went around to the bathroom and eavesdropped on the conversation.

It was something about relationships and marriage and Mark was clearly chatting up our sitter. I can't recall exactly what was said and when, but they fell silent and I cracked the door just a bit to see them caught in a kiss. Marks' hand rose to Amy's pajama top and touched the softness of her pert, young breast.

The son of a bitch.

I wanted to run in there and scream at him but a part of me wanted to see just how far he'd go. Amy stopped him and made some mutterings about me and the kids and Mark just shusshed her as he began to unbutton her top. The scene reminded me of our first time together as he undid each button with a gentle deliberation.

"We'll just make out a little." he said to her as his hands guided the top off of her shoulders.

Amy went to get up and he took her by the waist, forcefully holding her in place while his hands wandered about her body. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her bottoms and drew them to the floor.

"I...I can't...please..no..." Her voice suddenly sounded like a little girls and I had a hard time feeling sorry for her. The little tramp had been selling it to all the men at the dinner party and now one of them was buying. I'm not sure what it was, but I'd gone from being pissed at Mark to wanting him to fuck this girl and teach her not to mess with mens' emotions.

He stood up and dropped his boxers. Amys' eyes went wide as she realized that this was no game. She whimpered a little as Mark came around behind her and put his arms around her. It was fortunate that the two of them were facing the bathroom because I was treated to the sight of my husbands' ample cockhead poking out from between Amys' legs. He thrust at the girl as he kissed into her bare neck. As reluctant as she was, she couldn't help letting her head fall back on Marks' shoulder as he kissed her. His hands traveled about her belly and finally, one hand drifted down to the tuft of golden hair.

I remember remarking to myself that Mark hadn't lost it. He sure knew how to thrill a girl and I got to see his old tricks in action on Amy. His finger quickly found her cleft and was soon busily working at bringing the girl to orgasm. The flush across her breasts and neck was all too evident. I was kind of jealous of her right as I saw her puffy nipples begin to stand out from her pert little breasts.

They were going at it for a good ten minutes when Amy just seemed to go limp. Mark fingered her even harder and ignored her when she tried to stop him from pursuing her pleasure. Her breathing came faster and faster as he worked up quite a rhythm between her legs. The hand that had tried to stop him now snaked around his neck and held him closer as her peak crested. She gave the quietest moan as the waves of pleasure numbed her mind to what she was doing with my husband.

Mark kept his fingers busy between her legs as he guided her over to the bed. He pushed the senseless girl face down into the mattress and then climbed on the bed himself. I knew he was going to work pretty fast and he didn't disappoint me.

He pulled Amys' hips up until her ass was lewdly aimed at him. Her arms were limp by her sides and her face was off to one side. Surely she knew what was going to happen?

He guided his thick cock at her wettened pussy and poked.

That woke her up!

The glow was all gone now as Amy dealt with a real male banging his cock at her pussy.

"Mark...no!" she whispered, "I can't, it's the wrong time!" She turned to look at him with the most pitiful doe-eyes I'd ever seen. And then she grimaced as his powerful hips thrust forward to meet hers. The cock that had fathered four children was now buried deep in Amys' tender pussy. Her complaints ceased with the reality of a cock plunging into her body. I looked at my husband as he enjoyed the feeling of the young woman and I decided right then to allow him this moment. After sixteen years of faithfulness he deserved it.

He gently deep-stroked the girl for quite a while, caressing her back and waist as I knew he was holding back the flood. I knew my husband well. His balls were heavy and full and he was getting close, I could see it.

Then he made his move. The signature move he always made with me when we were trying to have children. He got up on his knees and drew her up to his chest, holding Amy tight as he fucked his cock up into her body. One arm was sexily wrapped around her belly and another held both of her shoulders hard against him. He was going to hold her tight in place until he came. Amy was a smart girl and she instinctively knew what was coming.

He was.

She began to furtively struggle with him, quietly trying to escape his grasp and his plunging cock. If she'd asked, I'd have told her that struggling only turned him on even more. His head went back for a moment and then his hips began ramming her deep and hard. She was crying now with frustration and helplessness as Mark fucked her harder and harder. And then he slowed down. Holding the girl even tighter he rammed deep into her and held himself. She was being filled with my husbands' potent come and there was nothing she could do about it but cry.

There were a few more thrusts and then the predictable 'whoomph' out of Amy as he fell on top of her, his softening cock holding the come inside her body.

I was sweating as I watched them lay there together and then I realized it wasn't from the excitement...my malaria had really come back! I stole one last glance at them, seeing Marks' ass rise and fall as he began to give Amy round two.

Quietly sneaking back to my bed I fell asleep to the sound of the upstairs floorboards squeaking out a new tune.

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