tagLoving WivesTesting the Husband Ch. 02

Testing the Husband Ch. 02


During the course of my relapse of malaria Amy was a great help. Of course, neither she nor Mark would mention to me their little tryst and I was careful enough to observe that they seemed to avoid each other when they were around the house together. A part of me was happy to see my husband staying away from this young woman, but seeing them together had triggered something in me.

For some bizarre reason I'd enjoyed seeing my husband fucking this girl on my bed. A part of my mind was wondering why I'd done this and risked my marriage and my family to pursue a curiosity. Another part of my mind kept replaying their tryst over and over as if on DVD. In a way, it reminded me of the passion Mark and I had shared when we were first married.

When we'd married my body was trim, my breasts were pert and shapely, and my belly wasn't creased by four pregnancies worth of stretch marks. I'd even done a little modeling back in the day and a few of the better pictures hung around the house as if to remind me of my halcyon days. It was great fun when Mark and I had first started dating and he'd get jealous over the looks I'd get from other men. I loved his possessive side and I loved the fact that he loved me so much.

Our engagement was quite traditional and we planned a wonderful wedding for a year away from the day we announced our plans. There was to be a band and caterers and a photographer and three hundred of our very closest friends.

We decided to visit Mark's parents in Salt Lake City for Christmas and planned to leave my parents house early in the morning and get to SLC by midnight. This was back when the speed limit was still fifty-five so it was going to be an all-day drive. Things went great until we got to Winnemucca, Nevada. A snowstorm had come up and we were in no way equipped to handle it in my little Tercel.

After making calls to his parents and mine we were planning on spending the night in the car since we didn't have the money for a room. Dinner consisted of cheap hot dogs and soda at one of the casinos and, after dinner, I found a quarter in the ladies room and decided it had to be lucky. Without telling Mark, who hates gambling, I found a slot machine and dropped the quarter in it. I stared at the machine for a moment and whispered a prayer and pulled on the one-armed-bandit. It was fascinating as the little wheels spun around and slipped into place. As the lemons came up I thought that I'd wasted a quarter, after all, lemons can't be good, right? Four of them, it turns out, paid five bucks!

The slot attendant came over and paid me and told me to "play it off." I loaded the thing up with five quarters and pulled, expecting to lose the buck twenty-five. Nope. Four "Peppermill" logos came up and locked into place and then all hell broke loose. Bells went off and lights were flashing. I started crying thinking that I'd done something wrong and then I noticed the slot attendant smiling at me and people were slapping me on the back. My tears turned to joy when I found out that I'd won over five thousand dollars!

The casino 'comped' us a free room and after we put away our bags Mark and I had a great dinner in their restaurant. He got over being mad at me for gambling when I pointed out that we could give back the money and go sleep in the car. Gambling didn't seem so bad after I put it that way.

We got back to the room and found a magnum of champagne waiting and I couldn't help but pop the cork and have at it. Mark didn't care for the champagne so that left me having most of it to myself. And being polite, I couldn't waste it once it had been opened so I ended up quite bombed. Turns out that Mark thought I was cute when I was tipsy and we were soon on the bed making out. One thing led to another and we were grinding against each other in just our underwear.

Mark freed his cock from his boxers and I felt it poke at me. I reminded him that we were going to wait for the wedding night and we went back to grinding and kissing. He poked at me quite a bit but made no effort to get my panties off, being a good gentleman.

I remembered him getting seriously into the grinding and then he rolled off of me and went to the bathroom. Me, I slipped right on into a booze induced haze.

The next morning I awoke to a humoungous hangover and the crotch of my panties sticky and soaked through. Weird. A shower was in order and I got right into the hot water and cleaned up. The headache needed a big Motrin and breakfast and a lot of water and that all cleared away the cobwebs. Not long after that Mark and I were on the road again.

Christmas was great with his family. We even stayed for New Years and went skiing up at Park City. It was a really nice time.

The next month my period didn't show up on time and I gave it very little thought. Then my tummy got very sensitive and I was nauseous all the time. When my second period failed to show up I went to the doctor.

Yep, I was pregnant. I knew right off exactly what it was that had soaked my panties at the hotel and I called Mark. He married me at the court house the next day. It's always been funny for me to think that I was eight weeks pregnant when I lost my virginity on my wedding night!

Our marriage didn't start off with the whole 'newlywed' thing and I always felt that Mark had missed something. Really, our first ten years were filled with my pregnancies and then with newborns and toddlers and diapers and etc. We never had a chance to have the fabled newlywed sex life that is one of those great things about getting married in the first place! And now, at this point in my life, I wasn't all that interested in sex anyways.

But was that fair to Mark? Of course not. And that's where I made my mind up about Amy becoming Marks' outlet for his manly needs. The only problem was getting Amy to cooperate.

After their first tryst Amy had avoided Mark and she'd made a few efforts to just avoid my family altogether. I complicated things for her when her mom, Donna, told me about Amy's dad being laid off from the factory and the highly likely chance that they'd lose their house and have to file bankruptcy. They needed thirty-two thousand dollars to get out of their hole and then they'd be able to make it on Donna's salary at the school where she worked.

Mark and I are very humble about our financial status and no one other than our accountant knows that thirty-two thousand dollars is a small fraction of our holdings. Not long after we were married my father passed away and I inherited his modest estate. This was the late eighties and the whole tech thing was just beginning to bloom and a friend of mine approached me with a plan to provide capital for a small company in Sunnyvale with big dreams. It was a huge risk, but Pixar turned out to be a wonderful investment.

After talking to Mark I called up Donna and told her I needed to meet with her and Amy for a chat. We hooked up for a nice lunch and over salad I discussed having Amy move in with us to help with the house for a year in return for a cashiers check for thirty-two thousand dollars. Amy was resistant to the whole plan and since she couldn't offer an honest reason why she didn't want to live with us she gave in, saving her parents financial asses.

It was later that night that I realized I'd bought a slave. Or at least an indentured servant. Quite a novel thought, actually.

It was Saturday when Amy moved in with us. She took over the first floor guest room, a suite really, and went right to work on the laundry and getting dinner ready. Her family was breathing a sigh of relief with the reprieve from ruin and she was here to pay us back. I suspect she had her ideas about what was in store for her, but I don't think she knew just how accurate those suspicions might be.

Mark got in from his office just in time for dinner and was clearly uncomfortable with having Amy there right in front of me. The two of them exchanged furtive little glances but never held any eye contact. The friction was evident and it wasn't like there was a passion between them, it was just too damn awkward for both of them.

I mulled all of this over as the weeks went by and was disappointed to see Mark and Amy settle into a comfortable routine of avoiding each other. The awkwardness went away as they established their boundaries and I began to wonder if their first time was their last time. Of course, I was pleased that my husband was loyal to me and I was also pleased that Amy was keeping her hands off of him. But I became more and more obsessed with seeing them fuck again.

The answer came to me when I was checking my e-mail one morning. It was one of those goddamn spam messages and I was about to click it out of existence when a light went on in my head. I clicked the link to the website the spam advertised and then called the 800 number on the screen. Just as the message promised, my order was processed without any hassle and they readily accepted the extra money for next-day delivery.

I arranged to make dinner the next night, telling Amy she needed some time to herself. Since I needed her out of the house before the delivery arrived I gave her the keys to my car and $200 and told her to go shopping and get some new clothes (which she really did need). She was all too happy to accept my offer.

The delivery brought along the special ingredient for the dinner I had planned and it was all I could do to stop myself from making dinner right then and there. It was a long afternoon of Oprah and Dr. Phil before it was time to get working on the stuffed bell peppers. I'd decided on the stuffed peppers as everyone would have their own pepper on their plate. Mark and Amy would have bell peppers with mozzarella on top while everyone else got cheddar...and one less ingredient.

Hannibal Smith once said, "I love it when a plan comes together!" and so do I.

Dinner went off perfectly. The stuffed peppers were quite a hit and every plate was polished off before the dessert came out. I skipped on wine realizing that it might have an adverse effect on the something-extra in the dinner. I'd rented a movie for the night and we all sat down for an hour and a half of a nice romantic comedy before calling it an early evening. Mark and Amy were clearly uncomfortable during the movie and it wasn't because of their past!

Mark was particularly happy to go to bed early and was unusually cuddly as we pulled up the covers. I felt him poke at me from behind and I knew what he wanted. I knew I was about to miss out on a great thrill with him, but there was another thrill I was planning on.

"Honey, I'm just not in the mood. Sorry."

He sighed deeply as he got out of bed and pulled on his robe. I figured for sure he'd go to the bathroom to get his problem "in hand" and I gave him maybe a minute before I got up and went to the bathroom myself. I opened the door and his hands flew up to the sink to wash up, letting the folds of his robe fall almost shut. His rock-hard cock poked out visibly and he made a clumsy effort to cover himself up. I chuckled as he excused himself and went downstairs. He was going out the door as I told him I was tired and was sorry for not being able to put out for him...poor baby.

Couldn't fuck his wife, couldn't jerk off, where would he go?

I gave it ten minutes and went down to the library. The library is next to the guest room, which had long ago been the nursery before we had to build the second floor of the house. There was a door between the two rooms that was set into the paneling, more of a forgotten door than a true hidden door to be accurate. I wasn't surprised to see the old door open a crack and a light shone through.

Mark and Amy were talking and I was hearing snippets of their whispers.

..."we can't! Not again, what if...finds out?"

..."never been so fucking horny..."

"I'm not safe...baby?"

Mark got up and dropped his robe, exposing his naked cock. I don't think I'd seen him that hard since we were in our twenties!

Amy was a little louder now.

"Mark! We can't do this! Oh...shit...no, Mark..."

He pulled her to her feet and even as her mouth uttered the proper protests she stood still as his hands pulled her panties from under her satiny black slip. He went to kiss her and she turned away, but not before he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. She sighed as he kissed her neck and made no effort to stop him as he pushed the slip over her head to let it fall in a shiny heap on the carpet. The two of them were naked now and I felt myself getting wet with the anticipation.

He ran his left hand down her left side, bending down to catch the back of her knee. Then he gently lifted and guided her foot to perch on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed.

"Oh, God...Mark...we can't..."

Her protest was completely ignored by both of them. She readily complied as he placed her hands on the footboard of the bed, bending her over just enough. She now had both hands holding on to the bed, one foot on the chest, and one foot on the carpet. Mark didn't need to hold her still as he brushed his firm cock back and forth through her wettened pussy...the Viagra I'd put in their stuffed peppers did it for him!

Impatiently, he got his cockhead into her just enough and then took her by the hips as he began to fuck himself into the very willing girl. I had a nice view of the two of them from the side and was treated to seeing Amy gasp with each of his thrusts into her trim body. Her long blonde hair swayed with their mating and it was entrancing how it flowed back and forth in time with the plunging cock.

"Ummm...unngghhhh!," announced Amy as Mark gave her a deep thrust and crashed his cock into her cervix.

There was nothing even remotely romantic about their mating: it was pure sex. Amy arched her back to allow him painfully deep into her body and her face alternated between a mask of torture and then sheer pleasure. Mark, too, gasped with his exertions as it seemed he wanted to fuck the girl so hard he'd get his whole body inside her pussy if he could.

Mark pulled out and picked Amy up around her waist and virtually threw her onto the bed. She collapsed into the puffy comforter as Mark bounded onto the bed right behind her. She rolled over to look up at him just as he grabbed her ankles and held them up to his shoulders. They locked their eyes together as he positioned his cock at her wet pussy and just stopped for a moment.

She drew a breath, as if to say something, when he plunged himself deep into the girl again and began a desparate fucking of her. I could see that all he wanted in the universe was to pour his essence deep into this willing female and release the pressure that had been building in him all night long.

His efforts weren't wasted on Amy, not one bit! I was terribly envious of her as she started to moan and writhe on the bed from the assault on her pussy by my chemically inflamed husband. I found myself masturbating furiously as I watched them start their overture.

Mark was fucking Amy so intensely that her pert little boobs were keeping time with him like little mounds of jello.

My own release came up and washed over me as the two lovers fucked just feet from where I stood. I gasped as the pleasure overcame my senses and when I looked up the two of them were staring at me. For the brief moment that Mark had looked at me he'd never stopped fucking the object of his lust and he quickly turned back to her, collapsing on her body and grabbing her neck as her kissed her. Amy was too far gone to care about me and he fucked her right over the edge.

"Huunnnh! Huuunnnhh! Huunnnnnhhhh!....Ahhhhhhhh!!!"

Her feet were up in the air on either side of my husband's body as he suddenly thrust into her and held himself, then he thrust again and held...


He made a few more feeble thrusts as his cock continued to throb its cargo into the girl. I looked at them, unable to look away, as they completed this act of carnal lust. Finally, Mark relaxed on top of the girl and caught his breath even as his hand kneaded her firm little breast, right in front of me!

He rose up from her just enough to look at me. His cock was still in her and it was plain to see. We caught eyes and he asked a question without uttering a word.

I silently mouthed, "I love you."

He did the same to me and then he gave Amy another thrust as they began act two.

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