tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTesting Your Limits Ch. 01

Testing Your Limits Ch. 01


This is the first story I wrote a couple of years ago for a female friend of mine. It's written for a female audience but I hope you guys might like it too. It might be a bit tame to start with compared to many on this site but please bare with the plot as it gets more raunchy as the chapters develop.

Chapter One. Just the Start

You sit at your desk working at your PC, your office mates could not dream of what was in your mind. Today you are wearing a nice smart office suit. Grey jacket & matching knee length skirt. Your legs are under her desk clad in sheer black nylons. Black court shoes & 1 ½" heels. A model of respectability. Your white silk blouse is quite thin but under the jacket causes you no concern.

Until a few days ago everything was mundane & normal, that is until you got in contact by chance with me.

You have a little secret, an itch that needs scratching, something you have not admitted as yet to yourself. My guess is you want to be controlled. Till now you have been in charge but to submit to another's demands has lit a spark inside you.

You see a flag on you email from me, & check around to see you are not overlooked before opening it. You read my latest request....I never demand....as I think you will comply for your own pleasure.

The request is simple. Go to a supermarket on the way home & I will text you a list of items to get.

An hour later you are in the local supermarket carrying a basket when your phone bleeps to signal a new text. You blush & look around as you take in the items you are requested to get.

Strawberries, Chocolate, Whipped cream, candles, baby oil & pack of condoms.

You hurry around the store picking up the items trying to hide them under a magazine you have added.

Five minutes later you put the items on the check out belt by a till with a lady in her late 50s serving. Your phone bleeps again.....

And a cucumber!

You wince slightly & run to the salad area. When you return the till operator has changed, now it's an 18 year old lad who smiles at you as you add the item. His smile grows as each purchase is scanned. You are blushing deeply when you pay & he says,

"Have an enjoyable evening!"

You rush out to your car & feel your knickers damp with excitement as the seat pushes them against your aroused body.

The next day is the weekend so my request can take a little longer. Your partner is away for a few days. I know you are a very sexy woman with a fantastic body, but you are happier to hide in a crowd?

Today you might not get the chance. The postman delivers a package you are not expecting so you take it to your bedroom to open it. You find inside a shear white g string, light blue skirt & a white button up blouse & sandals....together with a note.

"Today you will be going to Lakeside shoe shopping. You will wear only what I have provided. You will take your time & brows a few shops before you choose. You are to buy some sexy heels, at least 4" high & find a male shop assistant to help you. Remember I will be watching...."

You have breakfast & shower, apply light make up & dry your hair. You slip on the thong & pull it up you thighs. Is soon settles against your pussy, the flimsy sheer material doing little to cover you lips. The string back sits tight in your bum crack.

You slide your arms into the short sleeve top & begin to button it up till you realise the top few buttons are missing. The blouse is a good fit & flatters your trim figure but will only button up leaving a generous cleavage with the top button fastened just below your breasts. The skirt is next & fits tight around your hips but flares out slightly at mid thigh, from where your l stunning legs are exposed.

You slip on the sandals pick up your bag & drive to lakeside. Another phone bleep.

"Park away from the shops at the edge of the car park"

You find a suitable place & then walk into the Mall. You attract lots of glances from the men & a few of the women. You look very stylish. Very sexy without being slutty.

The shops are quite busy as usual as you start to look in the windows of the shops. You notice your reflection in the glass & smile at how good you look; almost forgetting you are under instruction.

You venture to the upper floor & are a bit surprised to see a few men close behind you on the escalator all trying to peek up your skirt. You blush a little & skip off the top of the moving stairs causing your skirt to flick slightly higher. Another phone bleep....

"Go to the food court buy a coffee & sit at the third table from the left. You will find an envelope underneath..."

You buy your drink & head for the table, its quite high with a tall stool next to the glass balustrade.

You hop up onto the stool letting your legs part for a second to get comfortable. A guy on the escalator smiles as he peaks more thigh than you think.

You unstuck the envelope & read the note.

"Find the shoe shop one floor down & to the right....There are some stunning red heels in the window with ankle tie straps. There is a male assistant...ask for his help but make sure you give him the best view he has ever had fitting shoes.....Have fun"

You find the shop & see the shoes, the male assistant makes a B line for you without being asked...not surprising by the way you look.

"Can I help you Miss?" he enquires his eyes already roaming your hot body, undressing you with his eyes.

"Yes please can I try the red heels in the window in a size4??"

"No problem take a seat towards the back & I will be right with you."

You sit down & 30 seconds later he returns. He is in his mid 50s & not your type at all but the situation is getting you excited. He sits on the low stall in front of you & you place a foot on the slope. You lean forward To remove your sandal & the guys eyes go wider as he looks at your breasts only just contained in you shirt. You swap legs & your skirt rides higher up your thigh. The assistant is sweating slightly as he helps fit the shoe. His hands take a little too long holding your calf while he secures the ankle strap.

Again you swap feet for the other shoe to be fitted, but this time you let your knees fall apart 6 or 7 inches. The guy tries to concentrate on the shoe but his eyes are straining to see into the shadow under your skirt.

With both heels on you stand & walk towards the mirror, giving an extra wiggle of the hips as you walk. You fingers play with the hem of the skirt as you twist your leg back & forth to admire the shoes. They do look hot.

You return to the seat. The salesman is almost drooling..

Sitting down you hitch your skirt higher up your thigh, sit back & place a foot back on the stools slope.

"Yes these are fine I will take them"

"Very good miss. Let me help you remove them.

He kneels down in front of you & you feel his breath on your knees which part slightly more. WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Your brain screams but your legs spread even wider. Now at least a foot apart the salesman has a clear view of your g-string. The white sheer lace has gone completely transparent with your juices & he can see every detail of your delicious lips. He swallows hard & leans forward.

"Not today honey" you whisper & close your legs.

He coughs splutters an apology & stands up.

"Do I get any discount on the shoes?" You ask.

"I'm afraid not miss as they have already been paid for before you came in!!"

You leave the store as your phone bleeps again.

"Nice show ...you look stunning....Time to go but when you are half way to your car remove your thong & hang it on the rear view mirror as you drive home."

You look around but cannot see me. You know I must be close & want me closer. But that will have to wait for another time...

Chapter 2 is coming soon and things get a lot naughtier!

Thanks for reading, please vote if you can or leave a comment.

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