tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTesting Your Limits Ch. 03

Testing Your Limits Ch. 03


This chapter can be read alone but it follows on from the theme in Chapter 1& 2.


Two weeks pass and the anticipation is killing you.

At work you are called to reception as there is a delivery for you. You have forgotten that it is Valentines Day and are surprised to see the large bouquet of red roses and bright red package and card. You are the envy of all the other girls, you set the flowers aside and open the card.

"Tonight I want you to go to your gym and do a full work out. I have provided a new outfit for you. I will send more instructions later."

You open the package to find a new Lycra leotard with a black and white panel down the front. You smile as you know I am aware of your routine, Monday night is Gym night!

Work finishes, you head for the gym, enter the changing rooms and select your locker. You are alone as you strip off your outer work clothes to reveal the sexy black matching underwear set you had selected that morning You unclip your front fastening bra and your gorgeous round breasts are set free, your nipples harden slightly at the exposure to the air. Next you slide your bikini briefs down your toned legs. The gusset sticks to your moist folds briefly until pulled away as you bend straight legged to remove your panties. You stand up just in your black patent heels and see yourself across the changing room in a full length mirror. You know you feel sexy but the reflection confirms you look good too.

Reaching into your bag you pull out your new outfit, including trainers. You step into the leotard and pull it on slipping your arms into the straps. Looking back at the mirror you are stunned by your look. Still in heels which you quickly remove you look at your body. The outfit is a perfect fit, at least where it covers; cut high on the hip with a deep vee to your pubic mound. A reasonable amount of cleavage is showing but the arm holes are cut low exposing the curve of your breast to the sides. The white front panel reaches from just outside your nipples and tapers down to your crotch. It is not a thong back, but your cheeky bum is struggling to stay contained. If possible you look even hotter now than when naked!!!

You move into the gym area noticing the looks from the other members. The men's eyes look straight through your outfit while the women all know they are out classed. You start a few warm up stretches before hitting the treadmill for a run. You feel your heart rate increase as you hit your stride. A good looking hunk in vest and shorts smiles at you and starts to talk, but before he can say hello you tell him you are busy.

You move on to the rowing machine and notice your body heat increases as you tone your arm and leg muscles. After ten minutes you stop, stand up, and walk to the thigh trainer. You sit back and grip the hand holds and knee bars and start pounding the weights. Your knees go from squeezing the bars to wide spread as you pump the iron. You feel the bottom of your leotard working into your crack and pulling tight on your vagina lips.

You take a breath and gulp some water but some drips from your lips drops down your chest.

As you look down you freeze at the sight!

The moist sweat from your hot body has soaked into your outfit turning the white front panel almost transparent. Your nipples and areola are pushing into the material, their darker colour prominent against your thrusting breasts. Further down you see the dark line of your trimmed

pubic hair also clearly visible. Blushing deeply you run to the changing rooms followed by a hail of wolf whistles.

Back in the changing room you rush to you locker and open the door. You are again shocked to find you locker empty except for a small towel with another note.

"Time to hit the Unisex Sauna. Stay at least 15 minutes, wear only the towel, it's against the rules but that's tough."

You pull off your outfit, peeling it from your hot body and put it in the locker. You wrap the towel around your body and find that if you just cover your nipples, the lower edge just skims the lower curve of your butt cheeks. Trying to cover the best you can, you slip into the steam filled room, finding it empty. You move down to the far end and sit on the wooden bench. This action tugs on your towel making your tits pop out. Pulling the towel up only exposes you lap and pussy.

As you struggle with the towel the door opens, a young guy comes in just wearing shorts. He sits opposite you and gazes at you through the mist. His hard body is covered in sweat from the steam causing you to lick your lips.

He smiles and nods at you as you realise the towel has slipped again exposing a breast. You start to cover up when you see his hand move into the waste band of his shorts. He nods again and his hand begins to move in his shorts. You are so hot and getting turned on, you let the towel fall more, exposing both breasts to him. His movements continue so you move your legs slightly letting the towel pool on either side of you. You are fully exposed to him as you slip a finger over your dripping pussy lips. You jerk slightly as you touch your sensitive clit.

Resting your head against the wall you maintain eye contact as the guy pulls his hard dick from the waist band of his shorts and strokes the bulging head. You are both in a race to see who will cum first. Your fingers are a blur rubbing your soaking pussy lips. He closes his eyes, groans and shoots his load all over his stomach and up his chest. You are so close to orgasm and very turned on by the situation when you hear voices outside.

The guy stuffs his dick in his shorts winks and leaves the sauna. You are on fire but can hear others approaching the door, so quickly wrap up as best you can and head for the showers with juices running down your legs.

The changing room is still empty which is a surprise, and you find your favourite shampoo and shower gel next to the end shower stall. You drop the towel and turn on the hot water, stepping in to let the jet caress your skin. You drip gel onto your hand and rub your body, feeling the sensitive curves under your fingers and the hardness of your nipples as you soap your breasts. As you rinse the last of the shampoo from your hair the shower curtain behind you is pulled aside!

Before you can turn, I am there in the shower with you, holding you tight against the wall with one hand on the back of your neck and twisting into your hair for a firm hold. Your breasts are pushed against the tiled wall grazing your nipples against the hard surface.

"Do not look around. Do not speak. I will not hurt you. Just do as I say."

You nod as best you can in my tight grip. I pull you back against me and you can feel my erection growing hard against your bum crack. Moving my hands I adjust your position so you are leaning forward, your arse raised and your hands are flat on the wall. Warm water cascades down your back. I smile at the sexy intricate tattoo on the small of your back which accentuates your slim body.

With a sharp tug on your hair I pull you back and my dick slides deeply into your slick pussy. In one smooth movement I have you impaled on my manhood. I let you get used to the size for a few seconds before starting a steady deep rocking of my hips, and moving your body in a perfect match to mine.

Other women enter the changing room and you bite your lip to try not to make a noise, but the sound of my thighs are a regular smacking sound on your bum that would be hard for them to miss. Our rhythm increases as I pound you hard from behind. Breathing is more erratic as you push back firmly, feeling the head of my cock bottoming out in your smouldering vagina.

I feel my balls tighten and get that sensation at the base of my penis that I will not last much longer. You begin to pant and we thrust together harder and harder with my other hand I reach around and pinch your left nipple between my fingers. You shudder with pleasure and you feel an explosion inside. Your whole body goes tense than begins to twitch. Your pussy grips me hard and I feel your internal sex muscles ripple along my rod. Its too good, way too good, I can't hold out any longer and fire thick ropes of creamy cum into your you, 3, 4.....5 shots before I slowly pull out. Dribbles of cum ooze from your pussy, only to be washed away by the shower. I stroke the back of your hair and whisper in your ear.

"Remember, don't look around....Wait two minutes then go to your locker."

You hear the curtain move and I am gone.

On slightly shaky legs you stand and rinse off before turning off the jet. On the bench outside you find a large white fluffy warm bath sheet which you wrap around your body and pat yourself dry. Opening your locker, to find the contents changed again. Your handbag is returned and your sexy heels, along with a new trench coat you have not seen before....and of course a note.

"I hope you can still feel my cum inside you and that you think about me as it slowly drips down your thighs. Your clothes will be returned later. Drive home safely!"

An aerobics class finishes and suddenly there are a dozen or so women all around you. Nervously you drop the towel, slip on your shoes and pull on the Mac. All the buttons have been removed and you only have a belt to tie at the waist. You pull it tight, grab your bag and hurry to the exit, noticing the shocked looks and grins from the other women.

You are breathing hard again when you get in your car. The coat is a light cream and well tailored, but without the buttons it opens down the front exposing a large amount of cleavage and the inner under curves of your breasts. The bottom hem was knee length but sitting down had ridden up your legs and split open exposing almost all your thighs. You rub your bare legs together and feel another drip of cum escape and run into your bum crack.

With a contented smile you begin the drive home. I will know that anyone who looks in your car window will see a very sexy lady, showing off her gorgeous body, with that 'Just Fucked' glow on her skin.


I Hope you liked......Want more? Shall I submit Chapter 4?

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