tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTesting Your Limits Ch. 04

Testing Your Limits Ch. 04


Chapter 4

Your Lover Is Revealed.

With a contented smile you begin the drive home from the Gym, knowing that anyone who looks in your car window will see a very sexy lady, showing off her gorgeous body, with that 'just fucked' glow on her skin.

Although it is evening there is still enough light for the passing traffic to see into your car. It is a loosing battle with the coat. Steering, changing gear and using the pedals, all conspire to cause the coat to open up until you give up trying to cover your modesty. The traffic slows to a stop at a traffic light and a BMW X5 pulls up beside you. The driver is an older gent with grey hair and a lined face. He glances across towards you then back to the lights before almost giving himself whiplash turning to stare down into your car. Your coat is open to well below the under curve of your breasts ,your nipples are only just covered. The skirt of the Mac is also open exposing all of your thighs, but just covering the sweet V where they meet. The old guy is straining in his seat to get a better look, when the lights change and you speed away leaving him to stall at the front of the queue.

The thought of being seen excites you and you decide to be a bit more daring. As the traffic flows you see a lorry up ahead and pull into the outside lane to overtake. As you get closer you undo the belt and let the coat fall open. Your breasts push forward as you arch your back slightly and your nipples harden in the cool air blowing from the air condition vents. You slow a little as you draw level with the lorry cab. The driver looks across and his lorry swerves slightly as he takes in the stunning view. You bite your lip as your eyes meet and a wide grin spreads across his face. You reach up, pinching a nipple, wink and put your foot down. He gives a long blast on his horn in appreciation as you drive away.

You arrive home without further incident and pull into your driveway. Opening the door you extend a naked leg to the floor and start to get out of the car. You see one of your neighbours watching you with great interest as he gets a quick flash up to your upper thighs. Entering your house you lean back onto the front door, a big smile on your face.

The next parcel arrives a few days later. It contains your clothes that were taken from the Gym, returned washed and ironed, along with a tastefully wrapped package and the expected note.

"I trust you enjoyed your drive home from the Gym. You will be meeting me tonight for a romantic meal. I will send a car for you at 7.00pm"

You open the package and find a stunning little black dress, a pair of 5inch black patent heels with delicate bows on each heel, matching underwear, including a dark pink satin bra with black lace trim and tiny G string. Sheer black lace topped hold ups are also supplied. You pick up the dress knowing it will be short but find it will sit tastefully at mid thigh. The neckline has a flattering deep V.

You have a quiet day at home before realising it will soon be time to get ready. You run a deep warm bath with lots of bubbles, light some scented candles and pour yourself a large glass of wine. As you lay back in the water the water soaks your body, your breasts just at the surface with bubbles tickling your sensitive nipples.

After half an hour you step out and pat yourself dry with a large fluffy towel. You then apply body lotion all over your soft skin spending extra time and care on your breasts and waxed smooth pubic mound. You want to run a finger through your pussy lips but manage to hold back hoping something will happen later.

In your bedroom you step into your new g-string and put on the bra. The rear string of your skimpy knickers sits deep in your butt crack and the satin material hugs your pussy, just covering your delicate folds. The cups of the bra support your boobs pushing them together to enhance your perfect cleavage even more. Sitting on the bed you roll the stockings up each leg and enjoy the silky feel on your skin. The lace tops gently hold your legs at the upper thigh leaving 5" of creamy skin exposed below your knickers.

Stepping into the high heels you look at yourself in the mirror and know you look stunning. Next you put on the dress and fasten the zip at the side. It is a perfect fit and shows off your gorgeous body in a sexy but classy way.

By ten to seven you are ready, hair tied up to expose your neck, light make up and your favourite perfume. On the strike of seven there is a knock on your door, which you open to find a uniformed chauffeur. You pick up your bag and follow him to the stretch limo waiting at the curb. He opens the rear door without a word and you slide in exposing most of your stocking clad legs.

After a half hour drive you arrive at a very up market restaurant. You are taken to the door where the head waiter is expecting you and escorts you to a nice secluded table. Two minutes later I walk up to you and sit down.

"Good Evening...You look stunning I am glad you accepted my invitation to meet face to face"

"Thank you for inviting me and for the clothes"

We look into each others eyes and you see a dark passion burning in my smoky blue eyes. I order food and wine for both of us. You are amazed that I seem to know your exact taste. Part way through the meal I reach across the table, smile, and pass you a smooth flat oval object.

"Stay where you are, but slid this into the front of your panties and push it down till it rests on your pussy"

Glancing around you take the object and slide a hand up your dress. Without too much trouble you pull your thong aside and place the smooth device against your lips which are already starting to get moist. It feels cool but soon warms up from your body heat.

We finish the main course and as the waiter approaches you feel the disc in your knickers begin to vibrate gently.

I wink at you and place the remote control on the table next to my wine glass. You rub your thighs together as the sensations begin to build. Reaching out I touch a button and the pleasure intensifies causing you to bite your lower lip to stifle a low groan. You shift in your chair and close your eyes.

"Look at me..."

You open them to see me holding the controls again, and pressing the button. Your eyes go wide, your mouth opens with a gasp at the feelings in your knickers sending waves of pleasure through your clit to every nerve in your body. Your chest and curves of your breasts exposed by your low neckline begin to flush a deep pink.

Suddenly just a couple of seconds before you are about to cum in the corner of a busy posh restaurant the buzzing stops. Catching your breath you look across at my smiling face.

"Not yet...but soon!"

"Waiter, can we have the bill please and we will take dessert with us."

The bill is paid and I take your hand to guide you to the door. As we pass the other diners the buzzing in your thong starts again but on a low setting just to keep you on edge. Will the other diners be able to hear it as you pass close to them?

Once outside you help me into the spacious back seat of the car and get in beside me. The windows are tinted to stop anyone looking in. The divider between the driver and the rear seats is raised so we seem alone as the car pulls off.

"I will take you home but first we are going to do a circuit of the M25."

I lean over and kiss you gently on the lips, then on your neck. You feel my hand on your hip as it moves slowly up your side, brushing the side of your breast as I grasp the dress zip between my fingers and draw it down.I pull the dress from your shoulders and down your body. Helping you lift your bum off the seat and the black dress slips off your legs onto the floor. My breath is taken away as I make no apology for staring at your sexy body.

The lingerie is exquisite and you can feel the cool leather of the seat against your skin. I remove my suit jacket and red silk tie before kissing you again deeply, our tongues fighting an erotic battle. I run my hands over your shoulder slipping a bra strap down with my touch. I lick you bare shoulder and unclip your bra with one hand. Your lovely tits are set free and your hard nipples beg to be kissed. I need no further invitation and lick and suck your nipples for ten minutes as you writhe against the leather seat. I move away and you arch your back even more, chasing my lips with your breasts.

I place my hands on your hips, hook a finger into each side of your thong and slowly draw them from your body. The still buzzing vibrator falls away as the material is peeled from your wet lips. I leave your discarded knickers hanging from your left ankle, caught up around your high heel. Leaving it there on the floor I raise your right leg up onto my shoulder and you bend your knee pulling my face into your pussy. The aroma is intoxicating and I run the tip of my tongue across your outer lips before plunging deep into your vagina as far as my tongue will stretch. I feel your hands on the back of my head pulling my face even harder into your wetness.

We pass several junctions on the motorway before I come up for air, I have brought you to a peak so many times only to stop short at the last second. You are laid back on the seat in a wanton mess. Your upper thighs are covered in your juices and my saliva. You are pulling hard on your nipples and watch me with lust in your eyes as I remove my shirt and trousers, (shoes & socks are already gone) and my white designer trunks are straining to contain the erection that is forcing the front away from my torso. You reach out and pull the waist band down releasing my manhood which bounces in front of you. The steel hard 6 ½" organ is aimed at your pussy and I grab your hips, pulling you to the edge of the seat. Like a heat seeking missile my cock head, slick with pre cum brushes past your labia and in one smooth stroke is deep inside you. I can feel your internal pussy muscles ripple around my shaft as I begin a steady pounding action.

You are soon panting with a fine layer of perspiration on your chest. Your stocking clad legs move up to clamp around my waist as I drill deeper with each thrust. You feel all the nerve endings in your pussy come alive as if connected to the electric mains and as I continue to rock in and out of you, you cum with a loud squeal that the driver must have heard. Your pussy floods with more fluid which drips out and runs down your butt crack to pool on the leather seat.

I pull out of you and move up, allowing you to take my cock into your mouth. You can taste your own juices mixed with my pre cum and lick me clean. Running the tip of your tongue around the head and across the sensitive end, before taking me back into your mouth, your tongue now playing with the ridge on the underside. The feeling is too much as you run your French manicured nails across my balls making them tighten, The feeling in my groin reaches a critical point and I warn you of the imminent release. Your only reaction is to raise your sexy eyes to look directly at me, and sticking out your tongue, catch the first two or three spurts of my cum before taking the head of my penis back into your mouth to swallow every drop. I slump next to you on the seat and you fold your gorgeous naked body into mine for a warm embrace.

A few minutes later the screen dividing us from the driver is lowered and he informs us that we will soon be home. He smiles and winks at you but you make no attempt to cover your sexy exhausted body. Before the screen raises the driver passes back to me, a DVD.I pass it to you saying,

"A little reminder for you of this evening, it is a film of everything you have done in the car for the last hour. I have a copy which I will edit for my collection."

I help you into your dress as we pull into your road. The lingerie and disk are put into your bag.

The car stops outside your house as I give you a deep kiss.

"Until next time....."

You leave the car and enter your house with moisture still running down your inner thigh.

Turning on the light you are surprised to see a huge display of red Roses and sprays of white Gypsophillia tastefully arranged in a crystal vase. The card attached simply says....

J x

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