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Texas Romance


Craig had been working in panhandle of North Texas for 2 weeks. He had been living out of a suitcase and spending 12 hours a day in a beef plant in a town called Cactus. There were few places to stay and fewer places to eat. If you did not like Tex/Mex you had a problem. He was sitting out by the pool catching up on some paper work one Saturday morning in the late spring. The sun was warming his bare back as he worked through the efficiency reports. A shadow appeared over his shoulder and he thought it was cloud. He felt a presence and turned around to see a Latina woman shyly standing behind him. Further back there were a group of other women watching the encounter. They were all apart of the motel staff and he had seen them during his stay. She apologized for the intrusion but wanted to know if he wanted anything to drink.

He smiled at her and said he was fine but he did appreciate the break. Her name was Jackie and she was about 5 foot 4 with full rich black hair, chocolate brown eyes and a round face with smooth light brown skin. Her figure was almost girlish in description. She had small breasts and a thick waist. Her behind was well developed but spread. Her generous thighs supported her body with ease. No she was not a candidate for Miss Mexico. He glanced back at the other women and decided that a little privacy was in order so he suggested they take a walk and asked to see the "special rooms" he had heard about.

Jackie and Craig went into one of the more upscale rooms and just talked about how nice it was. Since she had been bold enough to approach him he asked her for her phone number which she readily supplied. They left the room and continued to walk and talk but soon her break was over and she had to return to work.

All through the day Craig thought about her and around 9 that night he called her. They spoke briefly but her family kept interrupting her. In exasperation, he suggested she come over to his room. In a few minutes there was a knock on the door. Craig's heart was pounding, as he was afraid of just what kind of genie bottle he was opening here.

Craig opened the door to his room and Jackie came in wearing sweats. He saw a car leave and she explained that her brother had dropped her off and would pick her back up. They sat on the couch in the room talking about each other's lives. The temperature and the tension in the room began to rise. Craig felt his heart was going to burst if his dick didn't first. In an effort to settle things he leaned over and kissed her. In the wink of an eye four arms were intertwined as two people, virtual strangers, were suddenly locked in a lovers embraced. Their lips and mouths greedily worked on each other and soon their tongues came out to play. He felt no bra as he hugged her tight but he did feel her hardened nipples against his chest. At a moment of rest, he asked why and she said it's your eyes. They are so blue.

Parting, they stood up and began to undress. Jackie stripped off her top and exposed her plum size breasts. The areolas were almost as large as the breast itself. Her nipples were small and blunt yet firm and aroused. She peeled off the yellow sweat pants, which revealed she had not worn any panties. Craig's mind was blown away by what he was seeing. His eyes focused on her pubis, which had only a faint covering of black hair. As she stood there he undressed himself slowly partly in shock and partly because he did not want to disappoint her. After all she was plainly giving herself too him freely.

When his cock sprang out of his pants she took it in her hand and stroked up with a gentle up and down motion. He asked her to stop for a moment because his pants were around his ankles. Laughing she pushed him down onto the bed and quickly finished removing his clothes. Jackie stretched out over him and he rubbed her back his hands as they French kissed passionately. His hips lifted up to rub his aching swollen reddish purple cock against her nearly bald slit. She moved that slit up and down teasing his cock inn response. For how long this went on is hard to say for suddenly Craig rolled her over and Jackie stretched open her thighs to welcome his manhood.

Craig vigorously thrust his rod into her cunt and was deterred by its tightness. Jackie was flipping her hips trying to help him in but she was so unbelievably tight. Jackie was not a virgin but she was blessed with a tight cunt both resisted and rewarded a determined male shaft. Sweating and humping Craig with determination pumped his organ to its fullest extent into Jackie's steaming hot cunt. The walls of her love tunnel closed around it like a hot velvet glove. Never, even on his wedding night had Craig experienced such a tight cunt. His total focus was on fucking her deeply through the clasping flesh. Jackie, rolled her head and her hips. Her thighs rose to cross her legs over his ass to help him provide more pushing power. Had the bed not been on a pedestal it would perhaps have broken under the strain.

As he fucked her deeply he thought how he did not want this to end until she was satisfied but that was going to be difficult because of the friction of her tight pussy. Still, he fought with will power not to climax until he thought she had. Had needed not worry. Jackie came with a howling sound that was unmistakable in its meaning. Plus her juices flooded out of her pussy easing the pressure which allowed Craig to fucker all the harder until at last his swollen cock burst and filled her with hot jets of thick sperm. Jackie heaved Craig off of her and reversed her self so she could suck out his come. Craig, quickly coming to his senses, opened the petals of her womanhood and exposed her clit, which he attacked with his tongue. Jackie climaxed again and squeezed her strong thighs around his head holding his mouth in place as she took additional pleasure.

So began a short lived but intense relationship. Craig's work brought him back to the little town regularly for a while. Each time they would get together and sometimes they would just date without sex and other times they would go off into to the dessert and make love out of doors. Jackie liked to have her asshole played with as he ate her pussy. He would rotate his finger around the delicate opening tickling the little hairs and causing the opening to open and close. Spreading her ample cheeks wide with his hands he would lap her crack probing at the opening lubricating it. Jackie loved the attention her ass was getting. From there it was only a matter of time before she was on her knees taking his cock up into her ass. Honestly he could not tell which was tighter her ass or her pussy. With her pussy she could squeeze the muscles to milk his cock from the inside.

Outside, only the ghosts of the trail riders heard their screams of pain and delight or, tension and release. What both of these two average people did was enjoy sex in it purest form. Finding pleasure in each other's bodies justified all that they did. As all things do end this story ends too. One day, Craig did not call her while he was in town because he was with some other people and was afraid. Jackie was greatly offended by this and stopped seeing him. He tried to apologize but she just disappeared like a setting sun. Craig's heart was broken though he knew that he would never forget her and hoped that one day she would forgive him.

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